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Now I can talk. After all the mess. Most recently, our so-called President 45 had to question about folks who come to our country from poor countries. What has that set up a firestorm you asked?  Dude had the nerve to ask this ridiculous  question which is not so surprising:

“Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?”

CALLOUT: What kind of Ish is that?!

I know that had to be the most ridiculous question ever! Make that racist! It’s so ridiculous that many feared that it was deemed racist.  Why are many are so shocked about the statement? We all knew what we expected. Getting a crazy man like 45 into office being jealous about Obama’s success in 8 years. Let’s be real America, the hate is real. Matter of fact, the hate has always been real. It’s been real since slavery, since apartheid, since the wars fought, politics formed up and many other things that got the jealousy of the attitude that sparked. We know!

I thought AMERICA was supposed to be the “Land of Opportunity”.

I thought AMERICA was supposed to be this country where folks can actually come here and settle for new dreams.

I thought AMERICA was supposed to have this moniker of welcoming frontiers! BUT after what 45 said about Africa and Haiti being SH*THOLE Countries, I’ll bet those in Africa and Haiti had that feeling like, “this is what America thinks about us”. To our African and Haiti neighbors, NOT ALL AMERICANS think like this. AT ALL. Many of us got neighbors, church members, lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientists, construction workers and supervisors, communications, pastors, bishops, nurses, and countless other occupations that we know very well. Why is that so hard to understand?

Chris Rock back in 2004 described this in his comedy at the time called Never Scared:

Now if you swam here from some sh*tty country that didn’t allow you Bubblicious,  you too are American cos you overcame obstacles and made sacrifices to actually get here. You are a true American, OK? You really are. Don’t let nobody tell you no different.

I hope that many in TrumpLand 45 repeats this AGAIN with conviction. Even though that many of you won’t. Now you probably are saying, “why hasn’t Chris Rock said this recently? “UM……again this was said WAY BACK in 2004! The very same 2004 that many AGAIN that gave George W. Bush the chair for his misconstructed 2nd Term! Yeah you Bush Backers know it. Every pre-first Generation Immigrant American, even if you came from Africa and Haiti, you know the real deal why you chose this country to come to. Maybe you came because of Education, Jobs, or to bring something new to the table in order to have that great opportunity to thrive. Of course yes, you have done it, and in some essence still want to do. But we all know that the biggest mistake we did in November of 2016 is picking this dude Trump to lead our nation. That was and is now, a slap in the face! We can only blame us, matter of fact we blame the 50% of us who chose him over Hillary Clinton. Now personally, Hillary was the favorite (WITH EXPERIENCE) that should have been in the chair right now. OF COURSE, she also was denied of being this concern about the 1994 Crime Bill and many others that see negative. People, we need to stop. If this past election has not taught us anything, I don’t know what has.

Like Chris Rock said in 2004, don’t let nobody tell you no different. Don’t let this comment about your native lands of Africa and Haiti being well “Sh*thole Countries” all because it’s looked poor on paper. Many of you had to withstand the poor situations to rise up from that. I’ve heard stories here in America about Americans GROWING UP from NOTHING. And there are those whom became business owners, teachers, lawyers, doctors, even also Public Service and many others. We heard many time that America is the Greatest Country on Earth. A shiny beacon on the hill and many others. And yes there are times America gets caught in evil situations that should have not been in. It’s the truth. And does that make that a “Sh*thole Country?”

We better watch our words. Matter of fact, 45 needs to stop tweeting his!

Also, I should ask: Is America still that thing call a “melting pot?”




I was one of the many African-Americans who probably didn’t watch SNL in a while that did watch. And laughed.

Two words: Kerry Washington.

We know that in the past 39 years of Saturday Night Live, only 4 women of color had been apart of the skits part of the ongoing comedic series. No question there were black males ranging from Garrett Morris (aka Stan, Junior King), Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoh and many others that passed through. Now since Kerry was on the show as a host, SNL better wake up! I’m Just saying.

I think it was a huge content for SNL to have a well known Black Actress like Kerry Washington to jumpstart something that has been in the drought since Maya Rudolph left the show years back.

For those of us who well……missed the mark, take a look of a rundown of Kerry’s skits. By the way, can SNL bring in more black females to represent? Better to “Change the Culture.” Even if it’s a legendary show full of comics.


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Dear America:

First, I hope those of us had a good 4th of July. No matter what we did, in terms of Barbecues, Games, Families, Friends, Events, and Fireworks. Oh and yours truly had a sentimental holiday of reflecting the reasons why the 4th of July exists – TRUTHFULLY! But however as I was reading my twitter news feeds, Chris Rock wrote this in terms of  of his viewpoints. He wrote, as quoted: “Happy white peoples independence day [sic] the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.” When he wrote that, I’ll bet some weren’t happy. I for one understood what he  wrote. Now I know what your’e thinking. He’s agreeing with Chris Rock just because he’s and him are the same ethnic label. First off, I don’t have to agree with anyone with the same color as me. And vice-versa. However of what Chris Rock wrote, part of that is the truth. In other words, Real Talk.  I’ll say it again, part of that, IS the truth. It’s just like I wrote last year when the country was celebrating 235, in terms of the celebration, “but at what costs?” And in the blog, I referenced Frederick Douglass asking “What is the slave to the 4th of July?” Remember that? Now if those in the social media world (ala Facebook) who attacked Chris Rock for being racist, CHECK YOURSELF! Obviously, and apparently those who dissed him didn’t get the memo or slept on Frederick Douglass of the question asked. Frederick Douglass also said in his letter the following examples in which most would argue similar to today’s standards: “What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelly to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciations of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade, and solemnity, are, to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy—a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody, than are the people of these United States, at this very hour.” 

That’s what he said on July 5th, 1852. Exactly 160 years ago TODAY! As of the day of this blog.   Now I have read on Chris Rock’s Facebook Page that someone asked “when was the Black’s Independence Day and answered you have none!” – Can I reference Juneteenth Day, June 19th, 1865?  This occurred sometime after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Just a score, Lincoln was shot in April of 1865.

It’s very disturbing that those who accuse the Twitter Message of Chris Rock wrote, didn’t ask themselves what did he meant by that? I also said that last year, after the day is over, the same everyday problems will occur. Racial Profiling will continue. Discrimination against Americans of Color will continue in various examples. High Employment, and other problems that most of us Americans will still be a barrier to get around to the finish line. Even though this is the year of the Dragon, the Apcolypse, or when if Obama remains President, we can assure that this message of what Chris Rock said or tweeted shouldn’t put a damper of concern of Celebrating the 4th in a positive way.

  • Now, Did I have decorations outside of my residence? Yes.
  • Do I fly my flag and wear my Old Navy Flag Shirts, Of course.
  • Or, did I go to a event, or a movie on the 4th or before the 4th in Milwaukee like fireworks? Absolutely.
  • Did I wish someone a Happy Birthday on the 4th? Yes I did.
  • Do I appreciate the men and women who serve the country, and those had served? Always.  So for those who are serving, and have a feeling of being slapped, with all do respect, don’t get it twisted!

It’s just like I heard in church about doing God’s work, and having obstacles in the way. And yes, I believe that most of us in the 50 states and territories probably read the Declaration of Independence like a bible verse, and I dare ask, do we still uphold the values of us citizens? Like for example, we often say that hey, America is good country, but we continue to not hire that certain someone because of a certain skin color. Or descendants of slavery. Like HELLO! Lot of you probably are going back to the books or Googling “Frederick Douglass” and researching the links about his thoughts of the Fourth 160 years ago. Now you’re saying “well that was 160 years ago, and we’ve got a Black President now”. MAYBE! But you still have to realize the pain of what the country went through and is going through. Hey we all want to get to finish line, but right now, in regarding this, just as hating on Black History Month or anything that is considered well “Non-American likable”, it’s just like punting on fourth down. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. Let me put a spin on this: We: the United States of America MUST BETTER OURSELVES to hold these truths to self-evident, that all MEN (or Citizens) are and should be created equally! Like that?

Now, do we, the Citizens of America want America to continue to be the greatest nation on earth? Hire more African-American workers as well as those others trying to look for a house and a good paying job. Clean up the streets, Volunteer for a company or organization, Get our children safe and educated, have those coming from other countries that want to live here to give them a chance to learn and earn, get out and vote responsibly, end the constant bickering of President Obama and imaginary things of him taking your guns, worrying about the Birth Certificate, or his stance of Gay Marriage.  And stop becoming a racist in the country even more all because now hating a Black President! I went there! Is this getting the country to respect each other? Just saying in general.


Stephen’s Spot

There seems to be a buzz about the big news this week. Straight from the Oval Office and straight from the President. If you’re referring to his stance on Gay Marriage, it is. What I am about to say that might make you mad. It might make you feel whatever, and like always like a Sagittarius, I’m going to tell the truth whether it helps, or hurts. And for those who are extremely sensitive about this topic, I will advise you not to read this blog. Now if you’re not afraid, you have my permission to read on as usual.

Yesterday, the President gave his response about his view of Gay Marriage, and many like others have an opinion about it. There are many viewpoints from both sides for and against. And third option of truth. Yes, he does support it and I think I may have read a earlier clue in Rolling Stone about having equality for all families. The issue of Rolling Stone that just came out for May 10th. He described in context that after “don’t ask don’t tell” that he is working on fairness for the Gay and Lesbian folks in terms as being full fledged members of the American family. Folks there’s proof in the pudding right there. So that is one part of the news that rocked the nation sort of speak. I heard what he said on Good Morning America like everyone else, but my mind goes back to Rolling Stone, in my view.

Obama Kids Shaped President on Same-Sex Marriage

Now what is my stance on this? I’ll tell you . My stance on Obama’s viewpoint of Gay Marriage is fair game. Technically, I will say this as a Christian, a Citizen, an African-American, a registered voter,  and many other things that I label or connect to (OK I’ll put that on the shelf for a second as an individual). Here’s something I need to know: I have NO PROBLEM with President Barack Obama’s viewpoint of Gay Marriage in terms of support. NONE!  There might be those who maybe against it because of the stance of religion, or upbringing in families with the One Man and One Woman thing. Fine. However, speaking of religion, hate to provoke the thought, for those who say it’s a sin, or they’re setting a bad example per say, why is it always that I hear in church that you should “love thy neighbor” or my personal favorite, “judge not yet ye be judged”? Or what happened to respecting other people? My late grandfather once said treat people as if YOU wanted to be treated! That was and is REAL TALK! How many of those who go to church ACTUALLY keep that in mind each time, without bashing  or commenting the thought of some folks having the lifestyle of being Gay or Lesbian or involved with Same Sex Marriage? How many of those who go to work, ACTUALLY keep in mind about treating workers fairly with respect without bashing or commenting the thought of some folks on their job being apart of the LGBT community or Same Sex Marriage? Chris Rock once said if you don’t like gays, you might have a gay son. Or whoever you hate, might be in your family! Can I get a witness? How many of those who go to movies, the mall, the concerts, the clubs, a best friends wedding or funeral, special project or whatever ACTUALLY keep in mind about not talking smack about those who are in Same Sex Marriages? Just asking. Simply because it’s a humanity thing to realize that it’s just a way to keep peace and respect for all. And for that, can Bristol Palin do the same thing without bashing Sasha and Malia Obama? For God’s sake, they are kids! Bristol needs to check herself badly of what her previous situation having a baby out of wedlock, while being a teenager! (***KIM Effect = Keep It Movin***) All of this or part of this needs to ponder. I thought that this country of America needs to remind itself about the part of Declaration of Independence when it says that “we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” We see this every 4th of July, and sometimes in classes way back. But the more we read it, do we actually do this everyday? If that were to be the case, there wouldn’t be folks being racists, sextists, against the LGBT, or many other citizens who declare and take upon themselves truthfully as American citizens. No matter what they got in them.  Some of us probably have folks who are part of the LGBT groups. And they probably do everyday jobs to help their kids, families and community.  So what’s the fuss?

Frankly, the announcement itself I think wont probably last. We’ll go back by talking about the debates, the economy, jobs, health care, and many other things that America needs to understand of going to important issues. Sort of like if Tom Barrett wants to get Walker in a corner and boot him out by June 5th.  Obviously, this will be more talked about in various terms or examples. And yes it will be on the campaign trail. However since this is a “sensitive topic” and I’m going there as is, this NEEDS to be talked about without our heads being stuck in the sand for the next generation to ask “why this?”

Once again, do I have problem with this despite whatever? Absolutely NOT!  No reason to be.