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Starting around November 1st, expect this to happen.

The Milwaukee Courier and The Madison Times, which are mostly the largest newspapers for the Black Community in the Badger State, will team up for a joint venture in which will focus on the issues and news in the state’s largest cities. From a Black point of view.

The Milwaukee Courier for those who want to know, is Milwaukee’s oldest black newspaper that has been around since 1964. For the Madison Times, their newspaper has been in existence since 1991.

Let me comment that this “collaboration” between the two black newspapers should be start of collaboration between our black communities. I also want to add that the Community Journal should jump in as well to get a three way dance of whats up in the black community in Milwaukee and Madison. Technically, even though I am Milwaukee born, black community based. But I wouldn’t mind reading about the black community ideas in Madison. So technically, I wouldn’t also mind getting black community ideas from Mad-City to feed to Black Milwaukee. And I wouldn’t the vice versa thing to get a Black Madison Representative¬† to feed Milwaukee new insights for the black community. I would welcome the idea of the brothers and sisters of Madison’s black community to share ideas. And I wouldn’t mind going out to Mad-City to take notes in their black community. Now I know that yes, I’m a Milwaukee Citizen, and yes I should be focused on Milwaukee. I get that. And that will continue to be a priority. And I know that could be the same for Madison. Word on the street that Madison hip-hop scene would welcome any rap artist to come, EXCEPT MILWAUKEE. Why is this?

Hmmmmmm……..that has to change per say. I hear it alot in Milwaukee.

However: lets get the collaboration going. No matter if its health, JOBS, economic growth, black churches, entertainment, black fraternities/sororities, and many more that all black communities have a buzz to talk about.

For more with the collaboration: visit The Madison Times.  And conversely, visit the Milwaukee Courier.