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I did this last year in Black History Month. And it’s back again. So yep, it’s time to scratch the noggin and actually boil the questions. Oh yes, we know we’re in the era of that dude named Trump, and many of us might loose our minds. So now I ask, what’s next for the future of Black History Month? And many of us have been spoiled that it’s supposed to be everyday, but hardly: we black folks DON’T acknowledge our history EVERYDAY! WE DON’T. Yeah, we can do this after March and get all charged up, but might ask where was the energy during February? Hmm……It’s the same ole thing we encounter every time.

Are we still believing this statement? Be honest.

Why are those saying that it’s “National African-American History Month”, than “Black History Month?” Black History Month is now global, not just for the United States.

Is the whole thing about the 45th President saying that the word “black” is outdated true? Last I checked: BLACK is BLACK!

Someone stop me: when we black folks say we celebrate our people everyday or I’m black everyday, are we meaning this or just saying to get the monkeys off the back? Just be honest!

Someone stop me again: are we really teaching our children more about black history everyday? Be honest.

I asked this last year many times: Have you missed Obama?

Is Donald Trump really supporting black folks? Or should I say, those whom are on his side are black?

When was the last time that many took their kids to see a tomb of a famous African-American Figure than to see a  pair of Air Jordans at the mall?

When was the last time that many saw a famous African-American figure that was still dropping knowledge and took the kids?

How many more of the New England Patriots whom are black will not attend the White House?

Dang MSNBC! Why did you kicked off Tamron Hall?!

Is it just me, or is America wants to be driven by those in office whom do not have experience or just being dumb?

You do know that 2017 is a voting year, right?

Is the black media still on point?


I’m surprised that many in America didn’t know who James White was after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Um, did anyone checked the Wisconsin Badgers for Reference?

How hard will “The Quad” on BET will go?

Is it just me, or what has gotten into BET with the added cussing in movies?

Had everyone seen Hidden Figures? Not Hidden Colors. HIDDEN FIGURES!

Should AFROPUNK make a Milwaukee Visit? Take my money.

When will President Obama release his memoir? If that happens TAKE MY MONEY!

Black Businesses: are you holding up well?

Was Maxwell out of bounds for his remarks about including whites for Black History Month?

Did The New Edition Story on BET really sparked new ideas for biopics?

Should all of the black Alumni of High Schools or Colleges rock dashikis for Black History Month? Primarily with the school colors we know?

Who still reads books? Mainly African-American Novels?

For my Black Introverts, are we good? Are we are still holding up to resist?

This year in Music Anniversaries: 30 years of Jody Watley’s Real Love, Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody under the self titled Album, Whitney. Kool Moe Dee’s How You Like Me Now made the cut, NWA and the Posse made it’s debut by the group itself. Even Michael Jackson’s Bad was good.

25 years of R.Kelly & The Public Announcement’s She’s Got That Vibe and Honey Love. Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back. EnVogue’s Funky Divas of Free Your Mind, Giving Him Something He Can Feel, My Lovin’and Give it up Turn it loose. Mary J. Blige’s What the 411? Whitney Houston and The Bodyguard Soundtrack.  Boyz II Men (ALL FOUR OF THEM) serenade the women with the single, End of the Road. Also, Prince with the Love Symbol Album premiered,  and Bobby Brown had the joint Bobby out with Humpin’ Around as a hot single. Just to name a few.

20 years of Missy Elliott’s Supa Dupa Fly, Puff Daddy and Family’s No Way Out, Aaliyah had The One I gave my heart to and Hot Like Fire, Timbaland/Magoo debuted Welcome to our World, Will Smith was back with Big Willie Style, The Notorious BIG’s last album before his death: Life after Death, and Michael Jackson had the album out called “Blood on the Dance Floor.” Just to name a few.

15 years ago: Ashanti and Tweet both debuted with their albums, Musiq Soulchild had “Juslisen”, Meshell Ndegeocello had the album, Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape.  Plus Donell Jones had the joint Life Goes On, Will Smith was Born to Reign, Nelly had the joint Nellyville, Sean Paul had the Dutty Rock thing going, LL Cool J: 10,  Deborah Cox (one of my favorite black Canadian exports) had the album out called The Morning After, and Missy Elliott took us back in time with old school hip hop beats in Under Construction. Just to name a few.

And  10 years of Angie Stone’s The Art of War. Plus Timbaland took us a Shock Value favor with Keri Hilson singing hooks. What music are you celebrating….IN BLACK HISTORY MONTH?

This year in Movie Anniversaries: 10 years of I am Legend, Why Did I Get Married? and Black Snake Moan. 20 years of Men in Black, Soul Food, and Amistad. 25 years of Class Act, Mo’ Money, Bebe’s Kids, Diggstown, Malcolm X, and Trespass. 30 years of Beverly Hills Cop II, Leonard Part 6, Sign ‘o’ The Times, and Shaka Zulu.  What flicks are you celebrating….IN BLACK HISTORY MONTH?

This year in TV Shows that are Anniversary material: Martin. 25 years since WZUP, Martin Love the kids, get the steppin’, and many of the quotes that we know it like that. Also, Living Single debuted in the same year also of 1992. Plus, The Cosby Show ended the 8 year reign the same year.  Easy question: What shows are you celebrating in Black History Month?

Is Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots show still rolling with new ideas?

Will TVONE continue to roll hard with shows and news?

We keep talking about the firsts in Black History. Who’s next?

I’m not easily fooled by the phrases, Black Future Month, or Black Conscious Month. Nope. Wanna know why?

I’m not easily fooled by this notion of blacks not referencing the ideals that Africans were sold by their own and America ate up the idea of slavery commodity. Wanna know why? (Hint: Part of it is the truth whether we like it or not.)

When will all schools acknowledge Black History? Not just in the cities.

When all those who hate the idea of Black History Month actually stop hating?!

When will all those who don’t like the thought of having a Black History Month actually read what Dr. Carter Woodson wrote about the miseducation portion of us not knowing our history?

And yet again, how will all of this be worthy for our children, especially our black children that need to know this? Not just in school, but in the homes, and certainly in other areas like the church and community centers?

I learned black history in the house, school, and church!

So, Happy Black History Month! or #HapppyBHM2017 whatever many prefer.












This scratching my head blog will be something that I really want to do. Many of us has or had seen these memes and many or some have posted these memes as a joke or to mess with the FB friends minds. Oh like many didn’t know. So guess what, I’m scratching my head again and getting in some heads. Oh I would do this on Facebook, but WordPress is so very simple!



I’ll bet many like really? Should I call the Pastor about this? Really? And coming from those also who act foolish almost everyday at work?



Seriously, really?! Who should we thank? No REALLY?!!!



Who got some FB friends that need to be deleted, blocked or unfriended all buying the “racist” mess out of those Trump rallies? And the fights?



Oh really? Should we be afraid of these Easter Suits coming? Stop tripping! This ain’t new!



Black Pride is not scary nor racist! Why are some scared to hear the reason?



And many think and believe that the churches are the only ones that have those hypocrites. Get this, when was the last time you see hypocrites at work or at the hangouts?


I hear this all the time, “I don’t go to church because of the money”. Well what does that say about those companies that are about money? I.E. the big box stores? Or the games, or that Satellite or Cable Box company that many consume every month?


Oh Obama haters…..we all know that Nancy Reagan passed on. And you know that First Ladies attend the Funerals of the First Ladies. Other Presidents before Obama haven’t attended a first lady funeral. Why the haps on this?!!!



I ask this, why are there are those whom are NOT LECTURED enough about tithing? And part of that is on those whom diss the church on the lack of not telling enough? Matter of fact, do those tithe the clubs or the extra stuff at stores? Or that online thing or the other side hustles?



Um….Every year, get up early to go to the stores and get the deals, but can’t do the same for the Worship Services?



Attention Ministers and Pastors: you may or might have some folks whom might be called “free thinkers” and they somewhat know about everything in church about the church. Can you do a sermon about this title more?


This scratching meme’s is just a start. Oh, but guess what? I got more coming! Stay tuned for more. Minds and hair follicles may never be the same!






It’s a three way dance: the black music month edition. This dance will be focused on the summaries of Black Music Month itself, the remembrance of the Emanuel Nine that were killed in Charleston, and for you LGBTQ folks, I have a short summary and letter to you since the Marriage Equality is now open. And yes I will address the concerns, but most of all, I will address the ideas as well.

First Dance: June is Black Music Month!

Or as I like to call it, Black History Month Part II. The idea of behind Black Music was an act of activism, and purpose, and objective of the use and vision of celebrating the creation of Black Music in which many either play, perform, or just want to sample to make it their own without acknowledgement. Black Music Month, for the record, is not racist! It is not to separate anything from anyone. Every ethnic culture has a story behind the music that was created. And yes, black music is no exception. Research the co-founder of Black Music Month, yes there is a co-founder by the name of Dyana Williams. She is also known as the “Godmother of Black Music Month”. Of course anyone can listen to it, BUT to those who think it’s just music without any merit of recognition, appropriation, respect, and even dignified of reason should have their heads on straight! And for the record, Black Music Month has been around since 1979 when President Jimmy Carter was in office, but it also took nearly a decade plus to put Black Music Month officially in calendars and proclamations when Bill Clinton was President in his tenure! This year in Black Music thus far, like any other music year has it’s newbies coming out, while the old vets still have enough run in the tank. For the old vets, I’ve paid attention to Nile Rodgers with his new hit “I’ll be there.”  And with that bring the old 70’s funk in a new light, yes admit it, you have some funk in the playlist.

Second comeback for the vets:

For those who are still stuck on Beyonce, or any other “diva” that is a current fave making money, it’s time to bow down for just a moment. It’s time that Janet Jackson gets her crown back. By now, we have heard her voice of making a new rhythm nation, a new world tour, and new movement. I hope that everyone got the message! If not, to quote the DJ’s you’ve been sleeping. Just to think that 20 years ago, when Michael Jackson came back with Scream, and here we are in 2015 in the same Black Music Month, Janet comes back with No Sleep.

Thus, this song No Sleep should be on rotation on every single radio station, every DJ Club, Reunion, and those playlist that could use more dance music than the same ole’ trap music that many don’t like. But, if you like trap music that’s you, no disrespect. Did I mention that Jodeci made a comeback? And for you the 90’s born millennial folks, many of you were out of the womb when they were on stage. Just saying. For those who don’t know, check their hits. Many of us KNOW the hits!  And as for those we lost, this year it’s most likely that the remembrances of Ben E. King, Johnny Kemp and B.B. King will be hugely reminded that their music in Blues and R&B will most likely be summarized. Mostly I think BB King the most because of his influence on Blues and also on other music platforms (in which blacks started) that are still heavily rotated to this day. Black Music Month, like Black History Month, still matters and it still never ends.

Second on the Dance Card: The Emanuel 9.

We know what happened. And we all know who got killed in a Legendary black AME Church. This week, as we know, President Obama gave a eulogy about the life of State Senator and Pastor, Clementa Pinckney. For almost 37 plus minutes of the message, the President tied in all of the recent acts of domestic terrorism, racism, and also his version of the song Amazing Grace. But for this message, before the solo, he had to comment in which many should realize that Clementa found that grace that many of us are still looking for right now. His grace was not just making bills for putting body cameras onto Police Officers in his native South Carolina. His grace was also in the AME Church in which he began his preaching since a young age. From 13 years old to 18 years old, and when he was 23, he was in public service. Even being a member of his Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. In addition, the President said that “Our faith demands deeds, not just words.” Yes we say Grace and Peace, Giving honor to God, and many others, but those words demand deeds of us, the faith community each and every time we put in action for our communities in which we reside. And plus, they shouldn’t just be on a Sunday in the sanctuary. We know that many of our non-believers friends and family members who had the negatives to show in person or social media about church, but they need to realize that even though they are out, they shouldn’t denounce those in the church who are trying to better the building and congregation through them to make that difference. In other words, for you non-church goers, don’t denounce your friends, family members or acquaintances who are trying their DEAD LEVEL BEST to help improve the church from when it was nasty when you were there back in  your youth, young adult, or just there to visit and never got enough knowledge. We’re still learning. Even fighting Church District Superintendents against those who are retired pastors that have disabilities, or have majority experience that can be useful. This is going on in the Midwest region in a state that I will not disclose. And I know the state very well. At the end of the speech, the President himself did the solo that many viewed. For those who don’t know, the song Amazing Grace was written on a slave boat. It has history of talking about twists and turns, and going though trials and triumphs. Even though that the song was written back in 1779 by John Newton, but African-Americans backed it for spirituals and also notable music charts in the United States. So yes, Amazing Grace is not just some song that was made up to tick off the haters. It’s really one of those old songs that were, and are a call to action, just like “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” At the end of the eulogy, the President listed all the 9 Emanuel members that found their grace of what they went though before they were killed by the mixed up minded 21 year old boy (yeah I said BOY) Dylann Roof.

Finally this short letter is for the LGBTQ Folks: and yes it directed for you and to you. Everybody else, chill out. Since June is about Pride Month.

To the members of the LGBTQ Community, It’s me Stephen and I’m a black blogger out of Milwaukee:

We know! We know! Since the Supreme Court Ruling that in a decision that Marriage Equality is officially valid in all 50 states. We know! Now my thing is, well, I’ll let my Facebook post from last week do the talking:

I know probably everyone had commented about the legality of Marriage Equality. And yes the votes are valid. Personally, I’m going to say this: I have no haterism against the LGBT folks. I know many don’t agree with the lifestyle choice or decisions made, but I was reminded years ago in my 20’s that one of my late grandfathers once said, whom was an Emeritus of Sunday School: “Treat people as if you want to be treated!” That wasn’t just church, it was also in the house too. Another is a quote is familiar of not judging folks. Or in the book, Judge not! I know there are those who have this “hypocritical mindset” of people, places, things or ideas that they don’t understand or criticize. Of course, there are those in the churches (that many or some of us encountered) that probably carried that trait. However, this might be the first time that I mentioned this, but it’s not just the church. There could be other places who may have the trait of the “hypocritical mindset” also. It could be our surroundings, hangouts, clubs, jobs, other organizations, and many others that we go to donate our time, and etc. And we already know that not everyone is not going to be on the same page. I’m just saying! I read about this, I blogged about it, (amen!) encountered conversations at the dinner table of discussions. So I get it! Some might say, “really?” Yeah! Even though that the rule has been placed and it may not sit well with everybody. Which is expected. But, I’ll say this also: even though that the lifestyle may not be suitable for many, I’m still going to respect that person or persons. I was raised by this. And continuing to do so, it will be.I think I poured in my 2 cents! And by the way: The Struggle Continues!

For that, I say this as a Christian, a member of the United Methodist Church, an African-American Male, Straight male, a voter, a citizen, a person who has and still donates to functions and charities, Alumni, and most of all, a person who was brought up and raised in a well rounded, nuclear family household. And takes darn good Nikon pics!

Any questions? All I’m saying is, I was brought up this way. And I’m still a respectable person that does not discriminate no matter how Gay, how Lesbian, how whatever you maybe! Makes no difference. Plus, as an advice for a while to get accepted and respected: know this and remember it well: It takes respect to get respect. But other than that, no shade.



Dear America:

There was something historic that happened this week. No, I’m not talking about the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  I’m talking about Delta Airlines. The same Delta Airlines that now has 4 African-American Women flying airplanes and serving as crew attendants. Now, this is a historical moment due to the fact that for the first time, in the now Aviation era, that Black Women aren’t just serving as crew attendants. Or ticket attendants. Now it’s adding to the resumes of Pilots. I want to applaud the sisters for making that achievement in history, particularly Black History, because it’s been awhile since this name Bessie Coleman, and this group of the Ninety Nines, came into play as being the firsts of aviation for African-American Women.

Now I know that there are going to be some haters of saying “so what”. Or in this case, “why it gotta be four African-American females? That’s racist!” This moment in history with the 4 African-American Women is just as the same when a black polo team from Philadelphia last year won a championship – EVEN THAT was making history. It was not promoting nor encouraging racism of any kind. Now that this historical step for the 4 Women has been put out there, it is also general proof that not “all blacks are the same.” Some dude on the Real Milwaukee Facebook Page had to make a joke of that recently, which booted the person off the site. NEWS FLASH! Just because I’m the same color as let’s say………Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Greg Jennings, does not mean I’m the same person as Greg Jennings. Or take a female like Milwaukee’s own Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Yeah, we’re African-American. But we don’t think the same. Get the picture?

So if I am on a airplane with the four women, no I will not be exposed to that Kevin Hart movie of Soul Plane. I would exposed to professionalism, equality, and common courtesy. That’s it. I expect that in all services of businesses and organizations.  And to top it off, I want that in ALL businesses! In conclusion, let us be mindful that African-Americans have come a long way in making things possible for this country. There were times that the so-called judgment audience still believes that all African-Americans are all bad, stupid, lazy, can’t find a job, sagging pants loving, can’t graduate from high school or college, have to be ballers and rappers and etc. But I will say that African-Americans CAN go to college, finish high school, don’t have to be thuggish to impress, and CAN get the jobs as much as the Caucasian audience. Or any Audience. Oh, did I mention that businesses at times can hide behind racism and stereotypes too? Reference what I went through back in 2010.

In again, African-Americans had made history, and now still making history.


Stephen’s Spot

Just read this week on the web that a pioneer in the Video Game Industry passed on this week. I never heard of Gerald A. Lawson, and plus, I never heard of him being a pioneer of Video Games. Now, why I’m using black and pioneer along with video games? African-Americans have come a long way of making and inventing things that most of us continue to use now. But for this man, this is ringing true. I had no clue that we (as in African Americans) never thought that Video Game Cartridge Creation was part of the list. Matter of fact, why wasn’t it was part of the list? And also, why was it not mentioned along with the inventors who coined blood plasma and others. This reminds me of the unsung heroes that never had their names recognized. I’m glad that NewsOne Media broke this story because this gives readers like me a chance to say – Wow! Now this is good reading. And plus, everyone including African-American needs to recognize the real of why stuff like this matters. This man, created consoles when most of us weren’t even born yet. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Commodore 64, Coleco, weren’t even thought about!  The younger gamers are probably asking,”what’s a Coleco, and a Commodore 64, and a Cartridge?” – Young ones, ask your parents. Without these game systems and products, there wouldn’t be a Xbox, PS3 or a Wii. Real recognizes Real.  So now with this, it’s most likely that there will be another thank you to the African-American community in regarding of what this man had accomplished. The gamers past and present need to pay a great gratitude of someone like him. That’s right I said it. And also, another idea for the schools, students, children, and adults, and those thinking about going into IT and making video games, or cartridges that door has been opened, and it’s time to go and to rediscover what was made, and to continue the progress to move forward. I know there are blacks are involved in the gaming field, and are continuing this opportunity to grow and adapt. But after reading about Gerald Lawson, and the work that he did, it’s mostly need that this story needs to be told.

I know it’s April, but I’ll say it anyway: Black History. Pass it on.