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I needed to repost this blog from 4 years ago. August 2nd, 2012. Back then, it seemed that the hair haters of Gabby Douglas had opened up wounds about a hair. Now, yet again, the same hair haters had to comeback and say some smack about Gabby’s hair. ENOUGH OF THIS! Especially if you’re black. In an upcoming blog after the olympics, I’m going to go hard in which the hair haters must surrender. Right now, I’m on a break. But I’m coming back in a direct mean letter to all this hate of Gabby Douglas. Not just for the Hair Haters, but also for the “Overly Patriotic” and you know who you are!

Gabby’s Cool. Stop worrying about her hair!!

I don’t know if anyone had paid attention to this but…..When Gabby Douglas and her Fierce 5 crew won the Gold Medal in Gymnastics recently at the Olympics, there were some bashing of her in regarding her hair. Oh, really?!!! To those that bashed Gabby on that, you need to get a life! Stop It!

This kid just did something positive for the country and here it is that folks are worried about her hair! I mean when you do sweat, your hair is effected by that. What is up with folks, excuse me; Some black people who do this in a negative fashion? No matter in person or virtually like Twitter?

What that tells me that there are pathetic folks who are just well….here it is again “extremely sensitive” about stuff that they feel is well “offensive”. How is Gabby’s hair is offensive to Blacks in terms of what it supposed to look like? Talk about “GHETTO!”

What a joke. I say this, worry about your hair! Also what do we know about Gabby Douglas in general? Guess what. NONE of us never knew this kid before the name came out, along with her talent. The Olympics are not a fashion show. This is like “serious business” here. No I haven’t competed in a Olympic games but I respect the hard work and dedication to get to that point. It’s just like getting the WWE Championship. Sometimes you have to through folks like or dislike just to get the belt!

Don’t like Gabby’s hair? So what. Move on. Just do the thing of respect that the almighty has sent her do and to express her gifts as an Gymnast. Her hair is not that important right now. And by the way, she is competing in a Women’s category for Gymnastics, but she’s still a kid.

Grow up!

It’s time for a Double Take:  This is the post Easter Edition. If your belly is full from all that Easter Dinner, then it’s time to hit the track. Get out and jog. Ok back to the thing: Here we go. Time to put the world events on play and talk about Milwaukee and part of Wisconsin.

Take one: Us folks in Wisconsin are scratching our heads about the attitude of Senator Chris Larson. May I add, he running for office in Milwaukee County. Via the County Executive seat held by Chris Abele.

In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Black Radio Stations 860 WNOV, there have been a distain message about the words like this to Senator Lena Taylor in regarding this:

“Are you on your meds today?”

Meds? What Meds?!!! Really?

And the last thing that our Senator said that “Enjoy your last day here!”

This was made public and also via Text.

For the last couple of days the news of this incident has hit not only WNOV,  but also the Black Milwaukee Newspapers. The Milwaukee Community Journal also picked up the story in a long sentence via the title, “The World According to Chris Larson” and all this stuff that has been noticed and publicly summarized is coming out. Matter of fact, it’s really out. It’s been out. It’s been out since day one. Now we got this election coming up on April 5th, and yes we got decisions to make. However, I will NOT support any candidate that has personal gut check thoughts, mean spirited feelings toward another person, like Senator Lena Taylor. I’ll say this, I’ve seen her work and ideas plus accomplishments as a State Senator. And a black mother woman! Now also, another scene in regarding Chris Larson, is about former State Senator Nikya Harris-Dodd’s Hair. Really?! Being all nappy. Seriously?! And I’m reminding myself that this is a Election Season.

For all you Chris Larson fans, that you probably casted a vote for him, I know he’s your pick. But if he is really your pick, YOU BETTER HOLD HIS ACTIONS VERY WELL like you “checked” Lena Taylor. And you know who you are! Speaking of that, let these videos do the talking in which has everyone paid attention:

Exhibit A: This one was on March 20th, and yes there were some folks who felt that an apology was need to commence.


Exhibit B:  This is the most recent one.


In this clip, it was like fireworks about to be set off! With this “apology” coming from Chris Larson to me was kind of weak. I don’t think if he’s sincere with an apology that has the black community on high alert. I don’t know if he knows that his “apology” is coming so late after all of this. All of this about Lena Taylor, Black Hair, and anything that black period in Milwaukee in a negative effect is so dumb. And also may I add that this on the side of the Democrats in Wisconsin? There are those in the state, that has been widely pointed out, that like Republicans, Democrats can be jerks and racists too. Especially those who are “Progressives”,  “Liberals” and so forth. Just saying. Now for you Republicans and Independents folks, don’t come to me and say I told you so! I’ve been knowing this! Thanks to the black radio stations and networks.  Like I said, I’ve been knowing this. And also, I’ve been knowing that there are some who are willing to “Sellout” to get their jobs saved for endorsements. Trust me, I’ve read about it. Even it concerns black politicians and yes black reps. That is what is happening here! And that makes the community even more scarred like those who don’t like working with black folks at the jobs. Or placing the black kids in other schools, or yes even the church, and also that particular group that they think  wouldn’t fit in. Trust me! I’ve seen it and read about it. What this angle of Chris Larson, Sen. Lena Taylor, or many others who aligned themselves to be saved up for that safe box for him or anyone else to go against things, will be realized, it was all dumb and stupid!

And again, an election is coming up.

Take two:  This hat though. REALLY?

As I was eating my dinner on Easter, I turned to this pic of Lalah Hathaway wearing a bucket hat that had the Greek Letters of Alpha Phi Alpha on it.

This is the pic that was deemed upsetting straight from Instagram.


I need all of you Alpha Phi Alphas to settle down. I need all of you A Phi A’s to help me to understand while your mottos and quotes are: “Onward and Upward”, and “Ice Cold”, and saying the numbers of 06! And being in the first of the Divine 9 that also says “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All” with the seven jewels booming, why the HELL are you upset about Lalah Hathaway wearing her father’s hat of your Fraternity?! Many of you I bet didn’t know who Donny Hathaway was until you read his name!

CALLOUT: Like my mother used to say, I’ll give you something to cry about!

All she was doing was paying respects to her father. What is wrong with that? Nothing! I can understand the rules and regulations that the attire you wear is only for you. And yes, you worked hard for it. Some of you were “pledged harshly” for it. Admit it. But why the uproar of this? Have the lessons of your founders influenced this to be idiots of a hat?!

If I see you per say, wearing the Cross and Flame of the United Methodist Church (my denomination) and you wear like it’s nothing, I will call you out on it. I will school you no matter you had no knowledge of it! Or if see you wearing a UW-Stout shirt like it’s nothing, don’t expect me to get at you guys and asking do you know where the college is? Hint: its in Wisconsin. And that goes for the rest of the Divine 9 groups. You all supposed to help the uplifting and inspiration of the Community in all, but with this like any other groups, anyone can be a jerk and cry all because of an attire like a hat! Good Lord!!!

I still respect you. All of you have done work in the community, nothing but respect. And if I was part of that with this outburst, I just shut my mouth. It is pointless. That is not what I would agree to joining up.

Can I get an Amen?

I”ll bet many are laughing at this and saying that this “incident” is nothing more than a non-issue. What is a real issue: try voting. Try going to a doctor, both men and women who haven’t got one yet and fear of going. (Hint, it’s not just men fearing) Try clearing up a reason why Pfife Dawg’s death at 45 should not be a lone reason, but others like him should be mad because they’re names aren’t being mentioned the way they’ve checked out with precautions of Diabetes! Try going out and get lost folks back into Church. Try educating our young boys(and girls) not to drop out of school. Try finding a trade, a job, a house, start a family, raise/adopt kids, and I’ll bet many are not doing those because they don’t wanna be soft. Should I start a license to ill? Hell no! Or even tell Introverts like me that its alright not to apologize for being quiet.

Some of you, whom probably put Lalah Hathaway on blast over a f*ing hat must be those young frats. Older cats know well. Yeah I got respect for the Divine 9, and maybe probably getting a spot, but this you need to work on your skills! Lalah is not the problem. Nor probably didn’t know the rules. Who is the problem you ask? Alphas: Look in the mirror.

Get it together. You got kids watching.

I’ve been on the stories in Milwaukee and national lately. Really I have.

First, about Downtown Milwaukee. Recently, a vote for the proposed for a strip club has been shot down via the City of Milwaukee License Committee. The place is called Silk Exotic. Yes, for clarification it’s a strip club. A place where, oh heck, it’s a strip club! For the record, I have never been to a strip club in Milwaukee. NEVER. And I’m saying this as an resident of soon to be 37 years of life. Expect the age change by December 5th. Anyway, there has been this against thing against the club being downtown in general. Personally, I really don’t have much to say about it. But hey, whom I am to judge?

Already, there is a location of the club near Highway 45 and SilverSpring Dr. Which is near the Jokerz Comedy Club, and a Harley-Davidson Dealership. Plus there are other locations within the state. Already part of the no’s that don’t want the club have included the Milwaukee Bucks, The Marquette Golden Eagles, the Milwaukee Admirals (IHL Hockey Team here) and the BMO Harris Bradley Center Board all said negative that the club should not be downtown. Today, I read a column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and writer James Causey (an alum of my old High School)  commetned that Silk Exotic shouldn’t be a dilemma.

To deny a club just because a few people don’t like what it represents is wrong. If Silk wanted to open a club in the central city, I don’t think we would have the same outcry.

We have heard about this human trafficking talk in various forms before. But he does hit a nail on the head about the same style clubs per say, that are in or near the black neighborhoods also. Ever heard of the Cheetah Club in Milwaukee? Yes there is a strip club in that name on the North Side. Also, there is a Gold Diggers Gentlemen’s Club near Hopkins and Hampton. And  usually with these clubs, you really never hear nothing about them. And they are, once again in the black areas of Milwaukee. Oh and they are on Facebook too. Should point that out.
Plus on this hair thing: I think that some schools are WAY OVER Sensitive! According to TheGrio Website and many other outlets, a young African-American Girl is facing expulsion in her school all because of her hair being natural. And the girl is only 12 years old in Florida. Keep in mind also that the school is a Christian School. Uh-oh! Really?! And if the hair is not cut nor straighten, her days as a student would be over. Oh Really?!!!
Ask me this, how is a “puffy hair style” a distraction? Explain that to me. If the puffy hair is shaped or in this case in good taste with harm, I don’t see it as a distraction. I mean have we been here before? With braids, dreads, heck at one time, High Top Box Fades were a distraction. But they were all inherited in African-related styles. Even AFROS! A lot of us have heard of Ezperanda Spaulding. The jazz singer who plays bass cello, but her hair is big! I mean I know she’s grown, but hey she’s rocking her fro. Now what does that have to do with this young girl, Vanessa VanDyke that faced her school’s rules about her hair? Personally, this is not the only hair story in school that was talked about this year. Another girl this year, a biracial child in Georgia was teased in her school, because of her hair was in a weave form. And she was 8 years old. That is shameful!
I see this. It’s different. Not everyone is not going to school with straight hair. Some might go curly, braided, etc. If those don’t like it can kick rocks. The schools or some schools today are just one again “WAY OVER SENSITIVE!” All because some see things are Afrocentric is not them. Personally, it’s all hate. No, it’s more of misunderstanding just as equal as hate. Over some hair. Just last year, Gabby Douglas was ranted with her hair was pressed back in the Olympics. And who had the nerve to go on Twitter and rant? Young black girls, in saying “oh, her hair looks terrible, I feel sorry for her.” They ain’t helping nothing! Miss me with that mess. Please.
Just recently, in regarding Vanessa VanDyke, her “criticism” of her natural hair with her school was lifted. So yes, it was a victory. And I hope that victory should send a message that we send our kids to school to get an education, participate in activities and events.
But not being sent for some mess like HAIR!!!!