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Ok. It’s a three way dance that it’s long awaited.This dance though, is so legit that will make the old school dances come back like killer clowns on Halloween. But anyway: it’s on. Take a number and just relax.

First on the card: Peter Feigin, the President of the Milwaukee Bucks made headlines recently on the comments he made about Milwaukee.

And he quotes the following statement:

Very bluntly, Milwaukee is the most segregated, racist place I’ve ever experienced in my life. It just is a place that is antiquated. It is in desperate need of repair and has happened for a long, long time. One of our messages and one of our goals is to lead by example.

Well. He’s telling the truth.

This is coming from the President of the Milwaukee Bucks, that was stated in a Rotary Meeting in Madison. My question is, why is there are those who felt shocked and appalled by what he said? If anyone knows the city like a book, it’s a well known factor that the city of the Good Land does have factors about segregation and racism and those factors have been so examined too many times. It’s the truth! And I don’t think that Peter should not have backed away or peddled away from his statement! Folks, I know what Peter Feigin may have said that must have set off fire alarms. But there is no denying that those alarms about the ongoing struggle of segregation in a city that was founded by three socialist mayors like Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn and George Walker, and with the Festivals, the Brewers, Summerfest, and countless others.Yes Milwaukee’s ongoing problem with segregation still lingers. It’s not just black and white, anyone else of any ethnicity can be felt segregated while struggle. So I don’t feel that Peter Feigin shouldn’t be guilty of stating an ongoing problem that plagues the city. We in the city that are life long Milwaukeeans: we know. You former Milwaukee Residents that moved and never came back or rarely make visits, I’ll agree that you also know. Even if you rarely visit if you live in the suburbs, or Madison. But know this, the issue of this problem is not just Milwaukee, it’s all over the place. Sorry for the Spoiler Alert, but racism is in America’s DNA. No matter how scary it is. Is there segregation in Atlanta? Chicago? What about the Twin Cities? Texas? Or another well known city like NYC or Miami? Or a well known spot internationally? Come on now! Tell the truth! Even though the big whigs don’t want to admit it, but it IS the truth! Folks can back track all they want. Or tell those “dont’ bring that up!  Just do your job and don’t discuss it”. And for those who picked this up in New York, Chicago, MSN Websites, and many others that are a bit shocked on a journal scale, why are you surprised that Milwaukee has this problem?

Stop the pain!

It’s going to get brought up as a CONSTANT reminder that racism exist. It’s real as a headlock. In which I’ll continue more in the second card.

Second card: Yes: real racism does exist.

We all know this. Yesterday, I was listening to The Forum on WNOV. And as I was listening to a segment in regarding racism. We all know that yes, Milwaukee or this instance the Greater Milwaukee Area is no stranger to the effects of Segregation and of course, again racism period. As was listening to the segment, the exact segment about a certain caller whom believed that there is no such thing as “real racism”. After listenting to that one little snippet, this caller must be drunk! SERIOUSLY! And the caller is from West Allis. The same West Allis like where the Wisconsin State Fair is located. And West Allis like the areas of the outliners of the burbs in the area is mostly Republican. But the issue here is RACISM! For all of you callers or speakers whom call into a Black Radio Station clamining that racism doesn’t exist, then you must be AGAIN drunk! I had my experience of racism 6 years ago when I got a letter from Reed vs Dresser in regarding a Civil Rights Case in regarding the issue of the company that DID NOT allow African-American Applicants to train or hire to work for their company! This is true white people! I remember handing in a resume of mine way back around the mid-2000’s  actually 2006 at a job fair in Pewaukee. And also I applied for a job online (on Dresser’s Website) a year later to find work. Then August 2010 came which I got a notice that based on the results of the documented proof, I was one of the 300+ African-Americans that did not got a job based on the fact it was due to racism. So like many others who got that letter, I filled out a form with my detailed info, submitted a copy of my Drivers License in all and mailed both the form and DL Copy to the company in Florida. When October came, in which it was the day after the so-called holiday of Columbus Day, I picked up the mail from my parents house and one of the mail had my name on it. And it was from the Reed vs Dresser company and I was awarded a check of $5,000. I was BLOWN AWAY!!  And all of this was a direct result of me being a job seeker; no a African-American Job Seeker got disrespected all because of racism of looking for a job! In the Greater Milwaukee Area. And you got these so-called white folks who think that racism doesn’t exist. WAKE UP! I’ve mentioned this before on the blog many times, and it’s becoming a still constant reminder about that there are companies here in the area, as well as America that doesn’t want to hire applicants of color! What’s the Plan B in all of this? Either find a job that really doesn’t do the hate thing on hiring, or find your own job by employing yourself. Be your own boss. Be your own CEO. And when you do that, you are doing you. Nothing wrong with that. And your haters who refuse to hire folks of color will be embarrassed. And probably these are the same folks who are in HR are probably those who are doing the “judging hiring” of African-American applicants of not getting in. I’ll bet 40 dollars that is taking place in some of these companies that are looking to be filled with this concern. I told you so! Think I’m joking? Look at the rate of jobs that don’t hardly hire black folks within the last couple of years and that should tell those as proof of evidence. And oh, may I add that those who per se are telling those that there are those in the African-American Community are lazy, don’t want to work, yadda yadda yadda. But when the issue of race and employment (pre employment) comes up via the African-American prospective concern, that is another monster that still needs to be taken down. Even in the year of 2016 and beyond.

Third listing on the card: Millennials, you need to vote up.

For all the Millenials out there, even if you love reading my blog in your classes on your smartphones, I don’t usually ask this but why many of you between 18-34 are not planning to vote in this election? Really, what’s up with that. It’s obvious that yes we face the most difficult election that we know. And yes for President Obama, it’s his last lap as the number 1 guy in The White House. We know! And I know MANY of you probably have mixed bag feelings about the likes of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson all want that chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I know many of you probably aren’t going to vote because the issues probably don’t match yours. Well Millennials: what are your “Concerns” that is effecting you right now? Yeah hashtag that! Is that Bernie Sanders mantra got you down because you wouldn’t vote up for Hillary? Or are you ACTUALLY believe that non-voting will help your problems? Ummm… answer those questions is like being on the wrong side of the fence. Or in this case just making a case of nothing. You Millennial folk who are assuming that voting up will not change nothing or assuming that not voting will make you cool at home: STOP! Please stop thinking what your friends have been saying about voting wont work because IT CAN WORK! Ok so many of you don’t like all or some of the candidates. BIG DEAL! But still you have to make your votes count on the ballot by or on November 8th of this year! You probably have heard or somewhat read it on your smartphone or tablet that well: many men and women fought and died for their right to vote! Even black men and black women (especially to my millennial black folks) FOUGHT HARD to vote and with you not voting is like a slap in the face of Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X, and many others that all equal rights to voting is on the table and YOUR RIGHT to vote up is included! Frankly, I don’t care about the stances of Hillary, and yes Donald Trump scares me also. If many of you don’t vote, I hate to call you out on this but: many of you are acting selfish. That’s right I said it! Many of you in that age gap are SELFISH that many of you will not cast your vote in this election. Not only it’s selfish, or a slap in the face, but it is the ultimate disrespect that many of you will chose by not voting. On a personal note: SHAMEFUL!

Y’all on these social media sites and texting like crazy on your smartphones, and here you are not voting. Give me a break!

  • Do any of you care about your communities?
  • Do any of you ACTUALLY care about your Healthcare needs? Jobs? Your Alumni? Or that rent? Or those books?
  • Do any of you care about real jobs, not those Burger King/McDonalds/Pick N Save type jobs working for your teenager titles?
  • What about those causes that you ACTUALLY care about? And don’t say the environment only!
  • Do any of you care about the actual donations given?
  • What is it going to take, Millennials? Are you going to sit on Election Day, or WILL YOU ACTUALLY VOTE?!

When I was in your age bracket between 18-35 or 18-34 I voted up. I registered to vote when I was 18 years old in High School. Between 18 years old and now, I know that the use of voting still lingers. I first casted my ballot at 19 and also yes, like many others, Bill Clinton was chosen for his second term. Plus also unlike many who don’t know, I also voted in smaller elections like judges, school board supervisors, mayors, county executives, state legislatures, state senators, city alderpersons, governors, congressmen or congresswomen, referendums, etc. I’ve have done the voting thing since 1996 and I have NOT STOPPED SINCE! Me taking the day off to vote and sit at home is selfish act. You think it’s selfish for not going to the doctor is bad only? Think again!

Millennials, those of you coming after Gen-X like a dark horse: Between now and November 8th and I say this as one of those that got you started: GET OUT AND VOTE!!!! There are no excuses! Nevermind your plans for November 8th, and the post -Obama era, and nevermind about your personal feelings of who’s best and not casting a ballot. I urge all of you 18-35 or whatever TO GET OUT AND VOTE! Period. I don’t know what devil(s) you’re paying attention to, but the devil is a liar!

Hashtag that. I’ll bet you might not.




First Take: Let it begin.

I assume that every American in the country is taking notes of the Presidential Candidates to be, either the highly Republican choices of 16 to the Democrats ratio of 5. We know this. It’s been racking up for a while to do one thing: Either continue the path that President Obama set with his plans already in tact, or try to dismantle his policies and to go back to the era where the Republicans did before and spent American money, and going to debt. But there has been one X-Factor that ALL of them must be on watch for, and it’s a needed attention:

The attention of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Yeah, that movement. The movement that has been and still is gaining notice. You can’t deny it. This black lives matter movement is getting very serious and mostly, the Presidential Candidates NEED TO TAKE NOTICE NOW! For far too long, yes we the African-American Race of folks had our concerns (at a Maximum) that does not get heard, or talked about. And of course, we should be vocal about them all the time! We should be very vocal about this matter. And I know that the other side, and those who somewhat oppose the latter of Black Lives Matter, need to realize it’s not just making noise in front of the likes of Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley. Or even going on Scott Walker’s Social Media Page and flashing #BLACKLIVESMATTER all over it. It’s really about the activism that goes on with it. From the good, bad and downright ugly. All of this resurgence has been on the vocal front of the 1 year Anniversary of the death of Michael Brown Jr, whom was killed by the former cop, Darren Wilson who still has hiding places somewhere not to be shown. Yeah I said it! Even after a year, there are folks who are still defending him just because he did his job. REALLY?!. Plus that and the recent death of Sandra Bland, the issue of Black Lives Matter is not going out like a lamb.

Oh, yes. There are those, and those whom are black, are going to say “well All Lives Matter.” They can just shut their mouths now. I have a question about that: Do All Lives Really Matter? I mean do they really? Did lives mattered 70 years ago, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What about 9/11 with about 3,000 of everyday citizens that was killed in the old WTC? Oh, explain that Americans that care that All Lives Matter! Now I know that I can’t compare the two, but here it’s like the 9/11 was more of an International/National concern, than a Black Lives Concern. And for the record, there were about 12 African American NY Firefighters that died in saving lives on 9/11, and I ask: did their lives mattered being black? Just asking.

More recently, we all saw this:

And this:

By the way, this woman who was one of the first to interupt Bernie Sanders used to be on the side of Sarah Palin. And is an outspoken Christian and etc, etc etc, plus black. I’m sure many know by now…..Plus a former Tea Party supporter. Yes, there are Black Tea Party folks which stick to the wrong side of history per say.

Now I know many are sick and tired of this whole Black Lives Matter thing. Look here, when you or anyone that hears about those being wrongfully denied, or killed, or discriminated of any manner, and they are black, you know darn well that this is the part of the BLM movement that does matter. And the attention does not matter who you are! Everyone is going to hear it, no matter if it’s Donald Trump, Ben Carson (who really needs to WAKE UP!), Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and the other Republican Candidates. And yes this does goes the same with the Democratic/Independent party contenders also! This does not mean that the ideal matter of Black Lives Matter is going to be a mush. And it shouldn’t be! And IT BETTER NOT BE!

Second Take: This made the Milwaukee News recently. And I’m sure that you may have seen it. (Just a side note, Graphic words are included, be advised)

Now many around America had to be like SERIOUSLY! What has Milwaukee done now? Even this made the “Worldstar” Headlines on their website. Yes, this same motorcycle footage in Milwaukee recently, made the controversial and reactionary, Worldstar website. Now many have been looking at it in shock and awe. Mainly with the Milwaukee Cop swerving back and forth in the squad car. From my perspective, and I’m going to say this, both sides are a fault! Let me tell you why this is. When a Cop Car is swerving back and forth like that, with the lights flashing, it’s a sign that the officer is trying to get whatever emergency or response in route and he (assuming it’s a he) was trying to pass. Which somewhat caused one of the bikers to loose control. BUT here is the other thing and question: WHY DID NOT one of the bikers, OR SEVERAL BIKERS did not pull over?!

Folks, when squad cars, or Ambulances, or Fire Trucks, turn on their lights with the sirens blaring, you need to pull your butts over and let them pass! That is the law! I don’t care if you are a biker, trucker, the UPS Guy, FedEX Driver, or the up and coming Uber Church Van Driver, or any other driver, when you hear the siren, PULL OVER! Why is that so hard for folks who got a Class D or M, Licence? No matter if you are a Milwaukee Biker or an Out of Towner Biker, when the sirens blare, pull over and stop!

If some of the bikers actually done that there wouldn’t be no accident and mainly, none of the bikers wouldn’t get out and cuss at the officer and attempting to go postal. That would get you in the slammer! Don’t do that.

Driving must be restored with common sense!  And the same common sense MUST be planted in every single mind now!