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Yeah, even though it maybe Capricorn season, but I’m still on the mind of my 9th House Zodiac Sign.

Since last year, or the last 2 years, I’ve been on 2 Facebook groups of Sagittarius and All About Sagittarius. I’ve mentioned this before. However, I’ve been seeing all these commentary stuff about being a real Sagittarius, or being a true Sagittarius. Now before many who are 9th house related come at me with the pitchforks and torches, I’m pulling a Kevin Hart from 2013: Let Me Explain! *Show me the fire*

On both of these group pages, I’ve read both definitions of others who lay claim of being this Real or True Sagittarius. I’ve read in relation to love making, sex, human relation of being bi-polar per say. Don’t forget, Sagittarius is a Half/Half sign. And most of the things they talked about were true, and some explicitly displayed WITH WARNING, but it begs the question: What REALLY defines a Real or True Sagittarius?

Let me put my spin on this, and guess what, it will not be on the pages. I don’t want those who say, “Oh you’re not a real Sag! FAKER!” Hey, I’m December 5th born, MITCHES!

  • Being a real Sagittarius is more than the Horse like thighs and hips.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius is more than show your “bi-polar side” per say against something or someone.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius IS MORE than being Grown and Sexy and trying to get busy in the bedroom.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius is more having a Horse like Male Exterior between the legs and having that being a man to impress women.

What do I think qualifies being a real true Sagittarius?

1) Being those in need for who they are and where they are.

2) Having to show respect towards yourself and others.

3) Recognizing Right and Wrong. I mean didn’t your mama teach you that? Or your daddy, or anyone had raised you since birth, NOT 14 years old?!!!

4) Recognizing your values that were given to you since you were born and raised. And to spin all of that into a positive form of the Zodiac.

5) And the freedom thing, yes we have that: but a thing that these folks that lay claim as being a real Sag is missing: RESPONSIBILITY! Many or some on the group page talk about the freedom part, but not responsibility. Yes, America is known for freedoms. But many forget responsible options.

I’ve read again that oh, were all adults here. REAL ADULTS should know better! About the blocking and reporting, why is on a page that is declared NSFW have to be interrupted by a few knuckleheads? I mean there are knuckleheads in all Zodiacs, and unfortunately there are those in the 9th house Zodiac have to act like fools to draw attention. One guy, had expressed about not using condoms while having sex. And may I add, he’s a black male in his 20’s. Is that being grown and sexy? I don’t what is. Matter of fact, if you’re considered “Grown and Sexy” you need to carry responsibility. I hate to say it. And plus, it shouldn’t matter in your 20’s, 30’s or better yet I don’t care if you’re darn near 50! I know some Sagittarius folks who are in these age groups and keep it real WITH responsibility. You wanna know? Ask those that I know. And yes, those post their pics up to show that side, but that might get them reported. And Facebook gives the authority to the leaders to boot out, delete, or warn ANY user of the house rules of the page! And those who get reported had to go into a temper tantrum acting if their freedoms got violated. But did they EVER try to read the rules and regulations?!!! Or it’s called reading the fine print! I know what it is: folks don’t read. And that’s the sad reality no matter what group it is.

Also on the positive side and there is a positive side, there are those who are respectable and watch their tone. Like talking about the weather or representing your birthday, your November side, December side, or your city. And by the way, between the two groups, I’ve been a male leading Wisconsinite in representing the state. So yeah, I’m being a real true Sagittarius in this area!

Like before, now there are going to be those who feel that their fun is being ruined all because of what they can’t express. And having the sarcasm of telling them bye like they own the page. Wow really? They don’t OWN the page, they never took the time to make the page, nor to create the page. Nor appoint anyone who is an administrator to help monitor the page. I know some are interesting folks, but what I’m saying they are just like including myself, regular customers going to a store to buy a membership product. That’s all this is! And if the violators took the time to read up and understood than this outbreak of screaming bloody murder!!!!!  I’m just being real as I speak. Between these two FB Group pages, its about 11,000 combined. But there are a few Admins. I’m giving those who haven’t been on them a sneak preview. But alas: you can make your own page that you can have about 7 Admins, and make all the rules and regulations all you want to, BUT there is a need of order that has to be implemented. With regarding this, its not just being a True Sagittarius, or a Real Sagittarius. It should be about A True REAL RESPONSIBLE Sagittarius. Draw the arrows and bows on that!

And on top of that: Accountability. Uh-huh! Now what?!

Still: Human Intelligence. Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius Soul, Baby!

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Sags in the building

Yeah, I’m still on the Sagittarius tip. Centaurs Baby!  Even when the season ends this weekend before the Capricorns take over the Zodiac Baton. However, I’m still reppin’ the 9th house to the fullest, no matter what season it is.

So this year on Facebook, I’ve expanded my Zodiac side sort of speak, to interact with the folks who share the same sign as I do. Yes, I have to admit, there are others who share the same sign of Sagittarius, have real deep perspectives about the zodiac. Yes, I know the qualities of a Sag Centaur in a sense, no question. But also the levels, and the turn up mentality when it comes to hold your breath……high sex drive.

I have to question, is this is what we Sags are? Really?

Now not to knock the hustle, but after doing some research on other sites, its mostly truth. Hey, I haven’t tried it. But it’s knowing to be true. Plus also during the inter activeness, there were folks from all over the place, no matter if it’s Chicago, Louisiana, my homestate, or way far in the Middle East. No matter where we are in the world, it was like going to a pilgrimage, in a virtual sense. So yes we have interacted. Like many other groups on Facebook, there’s always a hater or haters who had to open their big mouths and cry out attention like a whining baby! Twice on one Sagittarius group page, there were incidents of folks who had to comment about too many black folks who log on and not enough whites. REALLY?! Oh, here another in a comment about “trunk full of n*ggers” from a white dude on a Facebook Group Sagittarius page. Wow! Really?

To those who are non-black and have this hate about seeing too many blacks on a Sagittarius page and I’m saying this as a Sagittarius, congrats. You have demonstrated that racism still exists. You have demonstrated that your bitterness, and hatred among blacks is still a hot button topic that consumes this nation, and also this WORLD! And you lay claim that you’re not a racist per say. If you didn’t like what is, or who was or is on the group page, then WHY have you logged on and view it? DUH!!!!! Were you hurt? Did someone call you out and say Blacks Only on a Sagittarius Page? NO!!! Did I call you out and say no white punks on a Sagittarius Page on Facebook? NO!!!!  I begin to suspect that part of that hate, probably consumes in your families, or your upbringings! And I dare to say that I’m assuming that one of them is American and white is just felt that he got his ball stolen from him back in the third grade. Simmer down.  I’m not in charge of the Sagittarius Page on Facebook, but I will say this, just get in line! I hear the white folks all the time, just but in line. I’m just saying! This story is nothing new. Sort of like some of the White folks complain about Black Girls Rock and where’s the #WhiteGirlsRock show? Don’t get me started on that. I already said that a month ago.  Just to think also that the first Astrologers per say, were black. From navigating the stars, to become one of the best Astrologers. So we know.

On the flip side of Group Pages, there is another Facebook Page called “All About Sagittarius.” And I must say that it’s a fairly young page but still growing with 2,000 plus members. It’s a little more open but steadly growing in sense of what the topic, or a feeling per say. The Group page has also been hit with certain postings of in dealing with explicit graphic nature in which most was not that offensive for some. Many feared that the group page would get shut down in despite of the page’s status. Personally they didn’t effect me at all. Yes, I will say that it’s Freedom of Speech or Expression. Yes, Freedom of Speech is a right, and (I hope I don’t offended my Sagittarius folks on this page) a RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!! I guess someone had saw the explicit photos per say felt it was offensive and had them investigated. My question was or is, where was the Administrator of the page? Matter of fact, an enforcement of the page rules should have been intact. On the strange side of this, those who posted the pics, backed up the intelligence side of it that when a male and female do the intercourse thing, 9 months later yes human life is born. I get it. And it reminded me of this:


On the other Sagittarius Page, there were Admins and Owners who declared no NSFW’s. or Not Safe or Not Suitable for Work. That was the law. If breaking that law, like any other page, you will be banished. Period. Not coming back.  Also, there is another Sag page went up called “Upscale Sagittarius” which is for the Grown and Sexy side folks of the 9th house. This came up after the All About Sagittarius FB as a backup. And for the record, I’m not on that page.

And I should point out, that the group pages are closed, and the only ones who see the pages are the members themselves.

But overall, I may not like some of the postings, I just scroll. Or I just put up a pic of Naomi from the WWE, or maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin, whom by the way are Sagittarians. There are positives and well as the negatives. I keep my distance and character in check. Just like mama used to tell us “Don’t start nothing, so won’t be nothing!” And that doesn’t matter what sign or person you are! I see you Capricorns, Leos, Cancers, Geminis, Aquarius in all. Trying to peek at my blog. Uh-huh….Just kidding.  

There is nothing wrong chatting with a Sagittarian from California, or Afghanistan. Nothing wrong coming together and sharing up ideas or to network. Even to celebrate your birthday. I had over 30 likes and about 20 comments coming from folks who I never met, but have that Sagittarius connection virtually. But just anything else, there are those who want to mess things up.  But as a Sagittarius as I am, the bows and arrows are ALWAYS on lock and the network is still open!

We still got Swag.
Human Intelligence.
Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius soul, baby!

Network, fellow Archers! Even those that live in Wisconsin.