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I told you so. I kept saying it. Over and over again. Oh, yes. Wisconsin maybe “open for business”,  but also it has opened to mobilize the Middle Class into action. It also has mobilized the unions into action. That  rookie Governor has gotten some fuel started. Now, I went to the website the other day, and there were alot of “we’re with you Gov. Walker!” Comments. Or “Thank you Gov. Walker” comments. Yes Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I’m talking about you. Now, I know there’s nothing wrong about establishing your approval, but when it comes to taking away employer’s rights, that is out of bounds. They say that the “tax-payers” won. Newsflash: they may say that, but they still lost! You see, Taxpayers can be union members also. They pay taxes as much as the so-called non union folks that work in private sector jobs anyway. So who you fooling? Me, You, the IRS, come on! I worked in union jobs and non-union jobs, and I still had to file and or pay up my fair share.  Big deal! In case you’re wondering, UPS is a Union Company with the Teamsters.

So all of this commotion. All of this drama of climax is all escalating. All directed at Scott Walker. First, went High Speed Rail. Second, Busting Unions of Collective Bargaing Rights. Is this the nation that we want to live in? Is this the State of Wisconsin that I want to live in? I thought Wisconsin is all about moving Forward like the state motto. Not reverting back before there ever was a Collective Bargaining. Now mostly it’s those who are still stuck in “boondoggle mode” that will continue to keep Wisconsin behind. All of this in my view will get recalls started up. And already, the Senate Republicans are on the list. All 8 of them. They all agreed with this notion and like before, elections have consequences! Even if the name is Alberta Darling.

Now since this happened, the 14 Senate Democrats have returned home. And already, Scott Fitzgerald commented that their act is all about them being cowardly and shameful. Well I think the egg is on their faces. They as in the Republicans. They also know the fact they pulled a fast one with that so-called Nuclear option of the repair bill that went 18-1 just to have Walker’s way. Over and over again, Scott Walker thinks that the state of Wisconsin is “broke” and there is no money. Liar! Even the Politifact Websites know this. They analyzed it, and it was proven false statement about the money woes.

Now I question again, why is Scott Walker governor?