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Preface: As we all know, the year of the horse, (aka the year of 2014) will be in the barn and rest for the archives. More like out the pasture. But before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve and making a box empty for 2015, I have once again decided to bring out the good, bad, ugly and the scratching my head thing for this year that has gone down. 2014 had a lot galloping like a Horse so many times around the track, but like every other year, it had it’s ups and downs. So with that being said in all, this is the list of 2014 that I think stood out. Call it the traditional Stephen’s Spot Annual Blog Review.

The Goods:

The Dow Industrial reached up to 18,000 points. Take that Obama haters!

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity turned 100 years old.

Mo’ne Davis was making pitches.

The Tonight Show got an upgrade: First, Jay Leno retires after 22 years on the show, using the famous line that Johnny Carson did when he retired by saying “I bid you a heartfelt good night.” Plus giving props to the show as being hardworking employees, and also Union supporting folks! Jimmy Fallon is the host now, relocating the show to it’s origin of New York after 42 years. The opening sequences was done by Spike Lee (historical black first) and The Roots made history as being the first Hip Hop Band to be the official Tonight Show music orchestra.

And on the flip side, Seth Meyers took over Late Night.

From the 2014 Winter Games: Elena Meyers, Aja Evans, and Lauryn Williams winning silver and bronze in bobsledding and they are black.

Tamron Hall became the first black female co-host of the Today Show.

Attention NYOnAir: I like your work. I’m following you!

Shoutout to Outdoor Afro for getting Black folks to rexplore the outdoors!

Not a resident of Seattle, but their symphony had Sir Mix-A-Lot doing Posse on Broadway, and Baby Got Back along with their Orchestra.

The Affordable Care Act (or for some who call it Obamacare) is actually working. Ask those that know.

The WWE Network was and is a hit. Plus Sting is a new WWE Family Member.

One city raised the Minimum Wage like $15.00 per hour. Clever, Seattle!

WWE’s Wrestlemania turned 30 with Daniel Bryan becoming the champ. Many had to watch, I know.

The Wisconsin Badgers Football Alumni in the Superbowl like Russell Wilson, Montee Ball, and others represented well. And the Seahawks won their first ever Superbowl.

Those Honda Commercials with the Action Figures, though……

Misty Copeland is my new favorite black ballerina!

San Antonio Spurs won the NBA Championship.

In Baseball: It was the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series against the K.C. Royals.

Batman turned 75 years this year, and Gotham is a hit. Plus the 1989 Batman movie turned 25!

The Ghostbusters movie of 1984 turned 30, while Ghostbusters II hangs at 25!

The Milwaukee Bucks got a new phenom: Jabari Parker. Plus new owners.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has a Podcastone show called “The Steve Austin Show” which is good! Plus the interview with Vince McMahon was also a highlight! Plus good ol’ JR (Jim Ross) has The Ross Report on Podcastone.

Transformers 4, Top Five, Ride Along, The Equalizer and Horrible Bosses 2 – not bad.

Not Catholic, but I think Pope Francis I made waves this year.

SNL got two black women: Sasheer Zamata and Leslie Jones. And a black dude named Michael Che. And SNL is 40.

The Haves and the Have Nots and Scandal keeps rolling.

12 years of Slave is a hit at the Oscars. And Wisconsin Native John Ridley was part of that. Plus Lupita snagging up an Oscar!

DefJam turned 30. The “Original” Transformers and Voltron (you younger folks dont know that cartoon) also hanged 30 years as well. For all the younger reader who weren’t alive when Voltron came out in 1984, the stores do have DVD’s. Or youtube.

Packers: Aaron Rodgers had a banner year with the Packers along with Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, and the White Lighting that making DB’s miss: Jordy Nelson. Plus scoring those 50 plus points at Lambeau! (Twice) #Team94 was at work along bringing in Julius Peppers.

For the season:

  • Seattle – The home opener was tough as expected.
  • NY Jets – The team beat Geno Smith by a hair.
  • Detroit – Part 1 in the motor city that the Lions won, BUT Aaron told us Packer folks five letters: R-E-L-A-X!
  • Bears – Part 1 in Chicago 38 points was nothing to mess with in the 190th meeting.
  • Vikings – Part 1 at Lambeau, PLEASE! And Julius Peppers was the man that night with 42 points in all.
  • Dolphins – Yo, Miami remember that “Dan Marino like manuver?” Aaron got y’all!
  • Panthers – Cam Newton and Steve Smith Sr couldn’t handle the Lambeau.
  • Saints – Yea they got lucky on their home turf.
  • After the bye week :
  • Bears – Haven’t you learned nothing from that 55-14 loss yet at Lambeau!
  • Eagles – They weren’t flying enough in that 53-20 loss at Lambeau
  • Vikings – Part two at the college stadium, really but still lost.
  • Patriots – Dang, has Tom Brady stopped cussing yet? And no, Revis Island was not a factor at Lambeau.
  • Falcons – They came close at Lambeau, BUT lost!
  • Bills – They got lucky.
  • Buccaneers – Oh I remember those “Battle of the Bays”  when Favre and Sapp was playing, but it was the Bucs of today walking the plank.
  • And……the Detroit Lions again at Lambeau. Still can’t win since Desert Storm ended like 1991!

As the last act of a Milwaukee Bucks owner, Herb Kohl gives the Bradley Center workers (from the food folks to the security) bonus salaries before stepping down.

Best for Business: AT&T and DirecTV hooking up.

The Simpsons turn 25. Woo-hoo!

Bow down, haters! Shonda Rhimes is a freaking black queen genius!

Harley-Davidson had the testing of the Project Livewire Motorcycles.

Those gas prices though: really, going down. Again: Take that Obama Haters!

The troops came home from Afghanistan after a long war since 9/11. But we know that the struggle continues.

For the Tech side of things: Google Glass, Fitbit Watches came in.

One thing I’ll say about Diddy, or Puff Daddy, he really killed the Commencement Speech at Howard. Even though he dropped out 26 years earlier.

For the Video Games: Bayonetta 2 is a hit for the Wii U.  And yes PS4 and Xbox had hitmakers as well.

Salt-N-Pepa and the Geico commercials. Just to think years ago, many thought M.C. Hammer sold out with those Taco Bell Commercials.

More black folks on TV: How to Get Away With Murder, Blackish, Red Band Society, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sleepy Hollow, Z Nation.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said the most powerful words this year: BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Prentice Powell. I wrote his name down when he was on Arsenio, and I was impressed.

In lieu of the retirements: Barbara Walters had hung up her interviews.


Well here in Wisconsin on the good side:

Kenosha gets the Amazon Distribution site up.

#ImSoMilwaukee was so cool to remember the days of no drama, fun, good jobs, and events in the city.

No Voter ID’s. Thanks to the Supreme Court.

The Milwaukee Streetcar is on the hot potato list again, plus the idea with the new structures coming soon to downtown. With job ideas!

It didn’t got positive coverage, but there was an activity called the “9th and Ring Thing” in Milwaukee.

Melvin Gordon was a force in the title for the Heisman Trophy. Even though he didn’t win, but he’ll be winning straps in the NFL.

Wisconsin Badgers Football were decent this year with Joel Stave/Tanner McEvoy doing the QB mix, Corey Clement running the game with Melvin, Vince Beigel, and the Defense getting their trenches on. Plus: Winning the Freedom Trophy, Heartland Trophy, and STILL Own Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Sorry Golden Gophers! And for those of Rutgers and Maryland fan bases: Welcome to the Big 10.

During the preliminary debates for the Governor’s chair, Mary Burke went on Black Milwaukee Radio more than once. Walker however had surrogates, but made no representation.

The Wisconsin Badgers owned the West! Both in Big 10 West Football and the West NCAA Basketball Championship. Plus the view of Frank Kaminisky. #OnWisconsin!

Shout out to Milwaukee DJ Dr. B for putting the jams on BEFORE the Packers games at Lambeau.

Uber and Lyft making moves in Milwaukee.

Colder’s Furniture with the “Step Up” jingle. It’s real fun with advertising.

Three of my Milwaukee County Supervisors: Khalif Rainey, Marc Weddle, and David Bowen all stood up and busted out with the #ICantBreathe T-Shirts, while expressing their liberties of the Dontre Hamilton case.

MPS has a new boss: Dr. Darienne Driver.

Community Retirements: Eugene Kane has written his last column for the Journal Sentinel, but will continue to give viewpoints for the Social Media stuff.

Here was a good thing: To those of repping V100, Jammin 98.3, WNOV, and many others in the Black Milwaukee area of radio, even online. Keep it up! I’m listening! 

The Mayfair Collection (part of Mayfair Mall)  near US 45 is nice with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and oh I should point out: a bakery.

One other thing: I am still blown away of the resurrection of Hot 102 online!

The Bad:

Racism struck again in 2014.


Columbus Short got fired from Scandal. Really, dude?

Jetliners disappearing. First the Malaysia flights and now AirAsia Airlines.

2014 was a high year of one of the worst stories to write and comment: Killing unarmed black men, while white police officers who did the job go free, EVEN after chokes being recorded on video.

Unarmed black women were targets also.

School Shootings in America that were in places that was not mentioned alot did occur.

If you got Sprint, you probably had a bad year.

Target and Home Depot got hacked.

2 NYPD officers were shot and killed while on duty.

VH1 debuted Sorority Sisters and got the NPHC Divine 9 folks upset.

When the new SNL cast member Leslie Jones made her debut, especially with her skit of the “slave joke”, folks (especially black folks) hated that, but Leslie fired back via Twitter.

True Blood ends on HBO after 7 Seasons. #StillTrueToTheEnd

Even though the Dow was getting high in 2014, the number of African-Americans unemployment remained high as well.

In Berkeley, Missouri: another shooting of an officer kills an unarmed black teen.

Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice got in hot water over spankings and domestic violence.

AG Eric Holder is stepping down. Plus I’ll say this, he isn’t a racist per say of going to Ferguson, and addressing the issues with the residents!

Blockbuster video: Rest in peace.

Wrestlemania 30 had the one match that I couldn’t watch: Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker and the streak broken after 20+ years. Sorry, WWE.

Donald Sterling and his racist remarks. And V. Stiviano had issues.

CM Punk gets fired from the WWE.

Don Lemon is not a favorite anchorman. Hate to say it.

BET’s 106 & Park on Live TV: Rest in peace. (Even though it will be online)

Jet Magazine in print: Rest In Peace. (Even though it will be online)

Arsenio Hall and Queen Latifah: their shows were cancelled.

If those who didn’t vote up, stop complaining!

And the bad side of things in Wisconsin: 

Milwaukee didn’t get Pabst back in town. No PBR’s, dang!

Former Wisconsin Badgers Coach Gary Andersen takes the Head Coaching job at Oregon State.

Polarized politics deepens worse in the state.

Racism and segregation still lingered.

If those who didn’t vote up in Wisconsin, stop complaining!

Unemployment maybe down in Wisconsin, but still up in the Black Milwaukee Area.

Talgo officially moved out of Milwaukee due to the politics of not having High Speed Rail. Not good if you were banking on better jobs for the state!

American TV, Nostalgia 1 and 2 Clubs – Rest in peace.

Former Milwaukee MPS Superintendent Gregory Thornton leaves the job for Baltimore’s School Superintendent job.

Plus, African World Festival was cancelled again.

Dustin Diamond, (aka Screech) gets arrested in the Ozaukee, Wisconsin area for stabbing. Really?!

2014 was a Midterm Election Year, and yes Scott Walker, Sheriff David Clarke and many in the republican side stayed base. Plus also nationwide, this midterm election was the lowest in the last 42 years. Sad!

Plagiarism: the only word that many felt Mary Burke lost.

The Milwaukee Bucks made one controversial move: fired Coach Larry Drew and in exchange for Jason Kidd.

In addition to the shootings: 3 young people under the age of 10 shot to death on a playground, in a house and on a relative’s porch! All in Milwaukee.

Who did I listen to in 2014? (Hint, no whack rappers, no Bieber mess, or boy bands):

Gary Clark, Jr. – If you haven’t heard this dude, he’s an Electric Blues player, and his Live CD does not dissapoint!

Kendrick Lamar – This dude woke up everybody in 2014!

Faith Evans – She had a new Album this year, Incomparable. Check either I Deserve It, or Good Time.

Jhene Aiko – The Pressure was a hit single.

Sam Smith’s song: “Stay With Me” was a hit this year on rotation. Any thoughts?

Mary J. Blige – If you don’t have The London Sessions, don’t sleep!

Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars and Mystikal. (YES that Mystikal!) Uptown Funk and Feel Right.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – Making up and Breaking up

Toni Braxton – Love Rollercoaster with Babyface was a hit.

Shelia E. – Mona Lisa. (Yes, Shelia E. had a CD out this year)

Mariah Carey – New joint this year, but Meteorite was a decent hit.

Janelle Monae – Electric Lady. Any Electro Phi Betas here?

The Roots – ………..And then you shoot your cousin.

Leela James – Fall For you. Who does NOT have this CD?

Lenny Kravitz – Strut.

D’Angelo and the Vanguard – This was a surprise joint, but 1000 Deaths is a must listen besides Sugah Daddy.

Jody Watley – yes Jody Watley! (and Dancer is on my playlist!)

Flo Rida – GDFR (Going Down For Real)

Prince and 3rdEyeGirl – PlectrumElectrum, FUNKNROLL, and StopThisTrain.

Liv Warfield – Blackbird, Stay – Soul Lifted. She has a voice!

Puff Daddy – I Want The Love

Michael Jackson – Xscape with Love Never Felt So Good.

Charles Walker Band – Soul Deep was a good single, plus they are from the Mil!

The Ugly:

Really, James Woods? He blames Rev. Al Sharpton for the NYPD deaths. Please!

Hold up North Korea and Russia: You all put Obama on blast calling him a monkey and or flashing graphics of him with bananas in all. Seriously, racism is crossing international waters.

And those chairs though that was shown internationally on the MLK holiday. Those chairs that looked lifelike came out of Russia. Don’t tell me you forgot about that!

An Elk Lodge at an LAPD Retirement Party had Gary Fishell to rewrite the words of  “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” to get on the bad side of Michael Brown. STUPID! This was a young black male died at the hands of the Police. Where is the conduct, LAPD?

Those MLK Holiday Ads that had his likeness in a negative fashion. Even twerking. You young Graphic Designers are too dumb to do this!

The Secret Service and the security of the White House. Come on y’all!

Fox News and the right wing media needs to shut up about Loretta Lynch and her affiliation with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Bill Cosby: I haven’t posted any commentary about Bill and the stuff has been going on. But I’ll do it here. I think this whole thing about him being a rapist is just flat out ugly. Already he had lost connections to NBC, his Alumni Board of Temple University, his honorary distinction of being a Honorary Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy, and many others that has a public connection with Cosby over the years. Even various women from Janice Dickerson (seriously?!!!) to Beverly Johnson, and even former Cosby Show cast mate Lisa Bonet all coming out of the wood work blasting Bill Cosby of these past incidents (alleged) that these women claimed he molested or raped. I applaud his wife Camille and his youngest baby girl Evin for standing up for him in his darkest hour. I hope and pray, that Bill Cosby does not go out like Joe Paterno. Remember when Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky had all those past relations in secret in molesting college boys at Penn State and it stayed secret for so long? Paterno died. Sandusky is in jail. This is just something I just thought about. But knowing most so-called Americans they’ll believe anything anyway.

The Polar Vortex this past winter was no joke, and yes Rush Limbaugh fans, it was real. In the words of Al Roker: Stuff it!

Speaking of that: why do certain white right wing folks had to comment about Idris Elba in saying that he can’t play James Bond because he’s black? And what it up with the hate against a “Black Annie?”

Next time:  Facebook group leaders or Admins has to warn folks about being deleted or removed, can that be in advance instead of without warning? (ie All About Sagittarius, The Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

I love my Facebook Sagittarius folks in all with the sexual beings stuff, but the sexual stuff can be toned down a bit you know! Really on Facebook! Some folks must be bored, not working, ain’t paying bills,  etc.

While on the subject of Facebook, those of us who got our videos removed due to their copyright notices, this is ugly as crazy. Write complaint letters please.

Ugly things that the Badger Residents faced:

91: The amount of homicides that Milwaukee had in 2014.

Sheriff David Clarke: For all those in Wisconsin, mainly in Milwaukee County, and even in the black community,  I must ask this question. Are you really happy with him right now? I ask this because he recently went on Fox News talking some smack about the ongoing Ferguson incident with the death of Michael Brown, President Obama and many other that the Republican party does not like overall. Keep in mind, this is a Black Democrat, appealing to the Republican Base. He even accused the President of widening the Racial Divide in the country. Oh stop it! If anyone is accused of racially dividing the country: it’s the bigots, the racists, the closet sellout negropeans, the mindless folks who doesn’t know squat. They are dividing the country. The same folks who “wanted their country back” per say. Those folks are the blame. NOT the President! So for all of you voters in Milwaukee that thought Clarke was cool per say, are you really satisfied with the vote you got? I say this to the supporters, activists, DJ’s in all. Think about it. And oh, he also blamed Al Sharpton for the Ferguson uproar and Eric Holder too. Go figure.

There might be rules for us Badger folks who are unemployment: start getting your urine samples ready!

I know this is ugly to swallow, but Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn told the BLUNT truth about the killings in Milwaukee in which the targets mostly are African-American.

The case of the stolen Stradivarius caper in Milwaukee.

Has anyone been to a job fair and saw a fight? I did. And it was ugly at Milwaukee’s Potowanomi Hotel and Casino.

Speaking of the home city, and the guns: We had a cease fire weekend back in the spring, and more shots rang out. From 1 year olds, to 5 year olds, to preteens teens, and to grown folks. No fun!

Milwaukee Sanitation workers were robbed at gun point. No Kidding!

Speaking of ugly: As much as I like the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team, but that lost against of all teams Ohio State University was just that. UGLY! Getting beat 59-0.


Scratching my head this whole time:

Have the Negropeans ever got it yet of they shouldn’t being ashamed to be black? – Reference with all respect: Raven-Symone.

When employers have said about “we can’t find anyone.” In relation to new applicants on the map. Have they actually looked hard enough? Or they are just being lazy?

Can Dish Network EVER get TVOne?

Record players are making a comeback and how will today’s folks will tell their kids to “STOP MESSING WITH MY RECORDS?!!!” ( Hey Millennials, that’s old school talk!!!)

Should there be a rule when folks who were homegrown born in all, made good money elsewhere, and then when trying to comeback to their homecity with promotions or events (nothing wrong with that), SHOULD THEY NOT get an attitude of making folks to come out? I don’t care if you’re a Milwaukee born person, went to the south and made good money and comeback home to force folks to come out and support a cause not worth knowing. There are folks HERE in Milwaukee that are on the grind everyday that are trying to be the best possible to help out. Now you know why it is? Watch yourselves, promoters!

Note to the “fair weather folks” in all: Many leave cold places due to weather and complain. But doesn’t that equate those hating the hot places go to cold places?

With all due respect to T.I. and Pharrell: they are good promoters with their art. BUT………..Why are they having a hard time in dealing with the reality of race?

Ebola was in the news. Who was SERIOUSLY well prepared?

Gotta be kidding me: KKK wanted the black folks to join up?!

Has Jameis Winston learned his lesson from all that altercation mess at Florida State?

So North Korea blames Obama for all the hacking and Internet shutdowns twice. And they throw shade of him with racism?!!!

Boston: with all due respect on the real, some of your sports folks acted racist this year. Why was that again with a black Canadian Hockey Player?

What was the so-called hype about Iggy Azalea being the greatest female rapper of all time this year? She hasn’t prove nothing to me yet!

From Immigration Reform, to the new deal with the US/Cuba: did the Obama Crew played the cards well despite of the haterism?

Are those in the Mary Jane States (yes you know who you are) having a ball with legalization with Marijuana?

Is Richard Sherman still that thug that many thought after the outburst he did against Michael Crabtree? Or what?

I know some Packer fans had to ask about Olivia Munn. Wait a second, who is Olivia Munn?!!!!

When MTV had the VMA’s on, did they actually KNEW who Robin Williams was?!

Was that Michael Jackson hologram really that creepy of “Slave to the Rhythm?”

Will Selma be a hit in 2015?

With all the “crimes” in the cities, what’s up with the drug problems in the suburbs?!!!

Should Roland Martin do more shows of a Bill Maher, a Dr. Phil, and others who don’t hardly get African-Americans like him on their shows?

MASSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA CALLOUT: Can we PLEASE use the “You’re” word on Facebook correctly as well as other forms of Social Media? Like for example, “You’re It!” Not “Your it”. Or “If you don’t follow me on so and so, you’re not welcome here no more. Not “If you don’t follow me on so and so your not welcome here no more.” We need to respell and check our words, folks! 

Really Sony? You didn’t like black actors like Denzel Washington? And you got hacked by the hacking nerds?!!

Can Facebook users please be polite and to kindly ask not to be so rude when game requests happen? (No need to be all dramatic and serious.)

Speaking of Facebook again: why do certain folks had to tell other folks to “stop getting smart” after a posting? Had that happen to me.

Was the phrase #ByeFelicia a new term saying you got kicked to the curb?

When William and Kate visited the U.S. (which was nice of them to visit) was it worth it with all the killings with the unarmed black folks being gunned down?

How will us Americans alike be with President Obama in his “4th Quarter” in 2015?

Is D’Angelo’s new joint a reminder of the 90’s? Besides Lady, Voodoo, Brown Sugar?

Speaking of President Obama again: when the issue of race comes up and many of us black folks feels that it’s killing us. So I ask: What do we want him to say?!!!!!

Are the protests of unarmed black men and unarmed black women being killed are getting attention in the cities nationwide, as well as worldwide? #HandsUpDontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe

When the MTV VMA’s happened after Beyonce got the last award before the show closed out, (probably winning the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award) and when Jay Z said she was the greatest living entertainer per say, has he forgotten about Patti LaBelle, Janet Jackson, and other black female artists that were and are blowing up before Beyonce?! I’m just saying.

So LeBron James goes home to Cleveland. Are you Cavalier fans happy?

Callout: Who did the Ice Bucket Challenge? Admit it. And who really donated to the ALS after finding out what it really is?

Did everyone had a chance to view the videos of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and the late Richard Pryor about being stopped by the Police and the beatings? (Hint, that was dug up this year after Michael Brown and Eric Garner died by the police)

Can the U.S. Mens Hockey team EVER get a black hockey player to help win the gold medal?

SHOUTOUT CALLOUT: For all my Sagittarius folks: was this year of the horse played the cards well, since part of our zodiac is a Centaur?

When folks had to dig up about certain challenges, or activities, and they tie that into slavery or bad incidents in black culture, WHERE ON EARTH IS THE MAIN SOURCE?!!

About that Fire Challenge: WHY?!!!!!!!!!

Who won the Gospel Challenge on Facebook?

Was Michael Sam really misunderstood as a player, or his gay lifestyle?

For those of us who go to Walmart in Milwaukee, what is up with the bootlegging folks? (All I hear: We got CD’s and Movies!)  Nobody has no time buying something that has your digital camcorder or computer virus on it!

Going back to November, actually the first Saturday in November, when many were watching SNL, did those who watched ACTUALLY wanted to see Prince or Chris Rock?

Can we African-Americans ever have a massive Mid-Term/Local Voter Turnout like the Presidential ones?

Why was Ald. Joe Davis of Milwaukee had to comment that The Milwaukee Streetcar had to be immoral, or in this case, racist? Plus comparing it to the Dontre Hamilton death? Really I had to shake and scratch my head on that one.

Was The Interview really THAT controversial?!!!!!

When folks comment about “being apart of the human race”, have they realized that it was black folks that started the human race, per say?

Is Annie a hit for the younger folks and young at heart?

Why are some folks are saying that Gov. Scott Walker is the “face of Wisconsin?” Knowingly his “state of the state speech” this year made no references about Milwaukee? And having NO Minorities on stage with him when making that speech?

Do I need to go up to UW-Stout and address the student body about real effects of Racism? Especially what happened on campus involving a Menomonie man making racial stuff against a 19-year-old black student?

Has those who accused President Obama of everything like unarmed black folks getting killed had realized that he is not at fault?

Can we grown folks let Sasha and Malia be teens for once?

So the FLOTUS spoke in Kansas this year. What was that fuss again?

Oh, is the State of Wisconsin really serious about bringing the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to Kenosha?

Booty is in! -Wait a minute, booty has always been in. Why is J-Lo and Iggy Azalea making it well known again, knowingly its been around since the first civilization of black people?

We all know that #AllLivesMatter, and #PoliceLivesMatter but why folks got to be against #BlackLivesMatter in a sense of being twisted and racist, which is not?

Was Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda song really worse like “Looking A** N*gga?”

Is the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls still available to chant? Even after some of the girls were rescued?

Callout: When Milwaukee had no African World Festival this year, an Organization stepped in and put up a “Freedom Weekend” Event for three days back in August. Not a problem with that. But here is my question: Why would the owners or promoters trying to make those in Milwaukee to come out based on the comments and negative thoughts on Facebook in a negative fashion? Especially trying to make those to come to a press conference on a Friday Afternoon? Folks are at work!!!!! I’m sorry I didn’t go to the event.

Speaking of snakes: What is up with those who want to be eaten alive by an Anaconda?!!! Those snakes don’t play!

THIS JUST IN: Governor Walker just commented about the protests in Milwaukee. And to think he just called them the “HOOD PEOPLE.” SERIOUSLY?!!!! And this dude along with Sheriff Clarke’s idea of bringing in the National Guard if things got worse. 

In Florida: An attraction called Machine Gun America is open. Really?!!!

Why was #MyBrothersKeeper was very concerned among black women who didn’t have a say so?

Flu Shots were in effect again. But why were they not effective enough knowing the preaching of getting one?

The theme of “breaking the Internet” was rated with Kim Kardashian showing off that you know what cover. But…….was it really that necessary?

Callout: Democrats, can you please get your git together and not lose your seats in a Midterm?!!!

That Aaliyah movie though. Why was it trainwrecked?

When a 26 year old black Milwaukee man raped a girl at 10 years old (which was recent and true), why do some had to bust out the mantra of #BlackLivesMatter on this? From both black folks and white folks via social media?

CALLOUT: Are Streetcars REALLY a so-called boondoggle, or scam just to segregate folks like High Speed Rail? Or is it just talk of starting mess of not getting things done or trying something new?

Why were and are certain folks had to “redline” job seeking folks because of their address on their resumes?

Will body cameras be an assist to the Police when crimes happen?

Has the attention of Dontre Hamilton reached the attention of everyone yet in Milwaukee, in America, and our International folks?

ATTENTION NPHC MEMBERS: With all due respect to the colors and letters you wear with your goals and objectives, can you please also get in the action of these protests of the unarmed black men and women who got gunned down? And Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity: word is that you had a hazing incident. Can you get your guys straight on that notion to clean it up?!!!!

Callout: Some folks had to bust out with the “Breathe Easy. Don’t break the law” slogan shirts like Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander. Um, really?!!!!!  Or should I say to comment: Was that really stupid of a public official to state her liberties or her inappropriate commentary on Twitter about a black man’s death?!!!! And she had to use the #AllLivesMatter #PoliceLivesMatter thing. 

Can the Consumer Drones, or Parrot Drones, or Radio Shack drones, or DJI Drones be good money makers for jobs?

Will The TSU Social Universe be a new force for Social Media? In terms of paying the user of postings, etc?

Same as last year: Why can’t folks can’t be real with folks who are real? – church, the jobs, economic status, sex, etc?

Speaking of drones, why folks had to be all scared about those being filmed? Here is what I know, whenever you walk near a building or in a store, you will be on camera. And cameras are everywhere. So what’s the fuss?

And………Will 2015 be the G.O.A.T. (not just the animal)?


New feature this year: My own highlights of the year.

For this portion, 2014 was not too shabby this year for me. Outside of me blogging and fronting,  and in addition to my community stuff, I was featured for a Hallelujah Moment for the Wisconsin Conference UMC for my church’s Love Is Part Two event in Milwaukee. In relation to the highlights in talking about domestic violence. It was a real eye opener event that both Women and Men must continue to talk about, even with the church! And also, on November 8th of this year, I was one of the local community folks in Milwaukee that was recognized by the Northwest Side Community Development Center as a 2014 Unsung Hero Award recipient. Yes, I am an UnSung Hero for my work with Photography and among other ties along with my ability in the Milwaukee area. So shout out to all of my Unsung Heroes in Milwaukee, as well as a shout out for all of the folks who do work and don’t hardly get recognized for any work that is hidden or not mentioned! Plus also my current Pastor and Church First Lady had about 14 years of their ministry that was presented. They were honored on December 7th in Milwaukee for their work and on a high note, their last day is December 31st, 2014.

For those who have read this blog like over 10,000 times with Tumblr – Thank you!

For those who have read this blog for support and shoutout for music and radio, – Thank you for reading. And as a token of appreciation, I have made a Stephen’s Spot Photography on Facebook, so feel free to check it out. Who knows, maybe in the near future I might do some photo spots perhaps?

As far as my Alumni Stuff: This is for the Marshall Eagles. Back in August, my Alumni 90’s folks was supposed to have an Eagles picnic to reconnect with those near and far no matter what year. Unfortunately, that was cancelled due to some dumb stupid rumors about gangs, drugs, amount of people and etc at Cooper Park. Note to the committee of Cooper Park, that was not forgotten! Your park is everyone’s park and it does not partake to you and you only! But on the good side, us Eagles partied anyway before Thanksgiving and had a ball downtown Milwaukee. Shoutout to Karma Bar and Grill for having us to meet up and party!

And as far as the UW-Stout Alumni is concerned: It’s been a while, but since the Alumni Board has a new regime with a new director of the Alumni leading the pack, (plus a new Management director and Chancellor) they have been to Milwaukee this year. And HOPEFULLY improvements will be in order for the next. I’m still interested in seeing more of the Blue Devil Alumni! #stoutpride


And now…..those who have passed on.

Robin Williams

Joan Rivers

Joe Cocker

Ariel Sharon

Mae Young

Jim Hellwig – AKA The Ultimate Warrior

Shirley Temple Black

Oscar de la Renta

James Brady

Harold Ramis

Mickey Rooney

Dr. Maya Angelou

Ruby Dee

Casey Kasem

Tommy Ramone

James Gardner

Henry Lee Jackson – Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang

Eric Garner

Michael Brown, Jr.

Tamir Rice

Marion Berry

Thomas Eric Duncan

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Ann B. Davis

Those who have died in battle, war or tragedy.

Nelson Frazier, Jr. (aka King Mabel, Viscera, first black WWF King of the Ring, Men on a Mission)


Locally those in Milwaukee/Wisconsin that passed:

Annette Polly Williams – Wisconsin Legislature, supporter of School Choice, proud to be black!

Fuzzy Thurston – Green Bay Packers Legend

Nick Contorno – Band Director, Marquette University

F. Tom Ament – Former Milwaukee County Executive

Edward W. Smyth – First Black President of the Milwaukee Board of Realtors, Housing Advocate

Jasper Mathews – First black massage therapist in Milwaukee, YMCA Worker (Longtime Worker)

Nakila Robinson – Spoken Word Poet.

Ernie Von Schledorn – Legendary Car Dealer. “Who do you know who wants to buy or lease a car?”

Sierra Guyton – 10 years old killed on a Milwaukee Playground

Dontre Hamilton – 31 years old killed at Red Arrow Park by former police officer Christopher Manney

James Foley – Journalist that was beheaded by ISIS, and Marquette Alum.

Michael Hightower – Radio Personalty of Jammin’ 98.3.

Carl Zimmerman – Legendary Anchorman of WITI.

Laylah Peterson – 5 years old killed at her grandparents residence.

Bill Thao 1 year old killed at a relative’s residence.

Ken Kamau – 27 year teacher for the Milwaukee Public Schools, Soccer Coach, and a 2006 Milwaukee Marshall Alumni Faculty member of the Year.

One of my church members, Thurman Patton passed this year at age 96. He was a member of my church for numerous years, and was a U.S. Army veteran of WWII. His funeral back in July, at Milwaukee’s St. Mark’s AME Church was celebrated as he was the last twin brother to be memorialized. The final moments of his funeral was the Committal, in which the members of the United States Army Folded the flag into the triangle to be given to the family. Plus out of no where: a 21 gun salute was included with Taps. Also one of the men, who fired the guns came in and gave the bullets to the family as part of the service. This was a first time that I witnessed a Committal service in person for the final salute of the late Thurman Patton. I salute him for his service as well as those who have passed on of serving this country.

In closing: 2014 was one of those years that we walked through pain, fire and brimstone like the years past. But there were along the way, there were positives, and great stuff that happened. I ask again: Will 2015 be really, the GOAT? Start making room the records for future throwbacks!

By the time this blog hits Wednesday, it will mark the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. 50 Years after Martin Luther King Jr gave one of the best speeches on all time: I Have A Dream. We all know it right? Many of us have it stored up and still recite the message about King having a Dream that one day his children would not be judged by the content of their skin but by the content of their character. I only WISH that would be more true today! Now for all of those who are “colorblind conscious” per say, even though the Utopia is not being built, I have a question, after you heard what Dr. King said, in that speech, or after you hear some of today’s folks speak after 50 years, will YOU be that same person going home after this? And will you be that same person going back home after going to DC with a new attitude? Or being the same person or persons who might have that same mindset?

I have said this many times before: what are the folks doing or will do to maintain King’s Dream? I want to ask that. Seriously.

I don’t want the same ole’ answers of which I think are watered down. I want to know, from those who say: “I don’t see color”. Or “I have a lot of Black Friends”. Or have laid off workers or fired workers of color. Still believe that fried chicken is the source of blacks, or have revised the voting areas to keep blacks from voting in a dumb factor, or no matter how hard black folks work, they are still being labeled as N*ggers. Yeah I said it. Or those who want to cling on to one liners of Dr. King from I Have A Dream, or any other speech he spoke without reading or hearing the WHOLE THING! Then yes I’m asking the serious question. And I don’t care if you’re Generation X, Generation Y, the Millennials, or those older than me. I don’t care if you strictly liberal, progressive, conservative, or like the ideals of being Republican and many others. And I don’t care if its those who are serving in uniform or had served in uniform, or doing community service, or being in a fraternity or sorority that is well known, or whatever:  I’m pulling a Kendrick Lamar and its call out time!  I got love for some, but I have to call out.  I don’t what you’ve done. I care about what you’re doing lately!

I care about what have you done to maintain fairness for folks like me who are still looking for work have done lately without taking me out because of race. I want to care about what have you done lately to make sure that those like me wouldn’t get hated on because of education, healthcare, voting rights, or better yet, trying to get a better house, or feeling comfortable working next to a guy or female who is either Gay/Lesiban, or been in jail and is getting help to recover. Or someone who is going through drug treatments. Or being a member of the Black Community. Or going through in feeding the homeless. Or making sure that our veterans are well prepared and taken care of.  There was a recent MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll in which had this buzzing:

An MSNBC Wall Street Journal Poll was displayed in question in race relations.

An MSNBC Wall Street Journal Poll was displayed in question in race relations.

Look at the numbers: At 54% – Adults agree with the statement. But only 19% of African-Americans  who took the poll, believe or agree with the thought. However that 79% under the disagree list, that is scary. Mainly no surprise. Now the parallels in this that there are those who believe that things are making strides: BUT still have to make improvements. And even not to dodge the on going issues of Race. That is a must talk. I don’t care if you are a business owner or and prospective employer. And speaking of that, I kept reflecting on August 2010, when I got the letter from Reed vs Dresser in which I was discriminated because of me being black trying to find a job with Dresser of Waukesha. And yes, they have made some changes in which the training and proper hiring in conjunction with African-American Applicants. But also this has to be a lesson in terms of ME as an African-American Male, that I have to be careful to send my resume to whom or what they may be sound in term of companies looking for future applicants. Mainly applicants of color!

I dare comment about this colorblind effect: If those who really believe that, and do all this hiring and supporting customers of color, and they don’t include them, then what does that mean? I’m just saying!

Many have made the trip to Washington DC. Leaving Chicago, Detroit, Texas, Milwaukee and others. And many have gone to the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall to hear voices from Ben Jealous, Tom Joyner, Martin Luther King III, Rev. Al Sharpton, and definitely Cory Booker. Plus the females were represented to speak as well as Rep. John Lewis. Lewis was just 23 years old, at the original and spoke as the last living speaker from that era. Plus, Asean Johnson from Chicago spoke as a 9 year old as he is.  I want to spotlight Cory Booker for a moment. He was talking for all of us who weren’t even born when the Original March of 1963 was commenced. Cory Booker told us Gen X, Gen Y, Millennial generation and others about stop being, fat, dumb and happy about we got our freedoms, but don’t still stand up for the beliefs. Whether you like it or not, yes we have made some strides, but the work ain’t done! He commented this in a fashion in which it had to be said: 

“My father when I was growing up said it very simply,” Booker said. “He used to look at me and say, ‘Boy, don’t you dare walk around here like you hit a triple, ‘cause you were born on third base. You are enjoying freedoms, opportunity, technology, things that were given to you bought by the struggles and the sacrifices and the work of those who came before. Don’t you forget where you come from.”

“You drink deeply from wells of freedom and liberty and opportunity you did not dig,’” Booker continued. “The truth of the matter is, the dream still demands, the moral conscious of our country still calls us, that hope still needs heroes.”

In other words: more of US need stand up. Many of us had the old folks telling us to never forget where we come from. AND not being ashamed about mother or granny making strides for us! Don’t be ashamed my fellow Under 40 Generation X folks. For you Generation Y and Millennials YOU BETTER NOT be ashamed about this. It’s ok to for example, listen to Jay Z, or sample a song from Otis Redding. But don’t forget how the music was really started in which folks like us have to understand. That goes for the Robin Thicke fans! I know that Blurred Lines is a hit. But the sample goes back to Marvin Gaye and countless others who made the music real than Jay Z or 2 Chainz anyday! I got love for Jay Z and 2 Chainz but I’m just saying!

Speaking of speakers: Yes, Rev. Al Sharpton. His National Action Network got this thing together. And plus, I really had to comment his viewpoints on Fannie Lou Hamer and Rosa Parks were spot on. The next time, younger readers of my blog, if your teacher or those in your family asks you about Rosa Parks, you probably might think of Outkast’s song from 1998. Rosa Parks was seamstress. Who refused to leave her seat on the bus in which her feet was in pain during the segregated south era. And yes she was discriminated, but though was not busted up of her faith. And as far as Fannie Lou Hamer was concerned, her role during the era of civil rights, formed the Mississippi Freedom Summer, under the umbrella of SNCC, or the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. And also was a Vice Chair Person of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. She was also an associate of Dr. King, and like  Dr. King, also criticized the Vietnam War. Fannie was also jailed and nearly beaten to death in June of 1963 in South Carolina. But she continued to her fight through Voter registrations, and mostly known for her singing biblical songs. She was also known as “Freedom Summer” who also welcomed those who were even non black in the cause back then.

So like Rev. Al Sharpton said: “Rosa Parks wasn’t no ho, and Fannie Lou Hamer wasn’t no B*TCH!”

Today: in Washington DC, near the Lincoln Memorial where the original march happened, the patrons gathered once again. Some were at the original. Most weren’t grown, and many weren’t even born. No I wasn’t at the 50th. I should have been there. But like many others I’m doing my part to advancing the dream as well. Many spoke today, including the King Family, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Jamie Foxx, Rev. Al Sharpton, John Lewis, Past Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Caroline Kennedy represented for the Kennedy Family, and yes, even President Obama who was the centerpiece. However yes, there is work to be done! No more of this sideline watching. Matter of fact, I want to let the folks know, who were around at the Original March, I RESPECT YOU! I respect you because many of you had to endure the B.S. of being hated on just for guys like me to not to go though that. But I do know that there is much more B.S. to tackle: Jobs, Education, Housing, Financial status, There are many ways of appreciation, but THANK YOU! I just only hope that those who would tell those thanks. Instead of acting like it just happened with slouching pants or a “Control” rap lyric. Or Twerking without knowledge!

So I’ll agree that the country has made strides so far. BUT like maintenance, it needs a lot of fixing. One positive thing I can say about this event, folks talking about lighting a fire underneath, this fire has been relaunched! Only this time, with a twist. They say that many blacks don’t’ have a voice now, who probably got all question asking, per say, but you have to earn it! Rev. Bernice King, quoted her mothers words of struggle: “Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.” So freedom can’t be won unless you have to work on it. And about marching, I have to give Obama Credit. Every time he mentioned about the single parents, those who in uniform, those in the community and many others are still MARCHING! Many of us who are younger or don’t have this knowledge about what’s up with marching? Or now folks are saying, Why are we marching? – Voting Rights, Civil Rights, and many other RIGHTS that most taken for granted. Even in this era. We better recognize!

Last Saturday in Milwaukee, I attended a gathering at Victory over Violence Park, near CYD. And many of my city’s past and present black activists, personalities, government officials were honored for their work and dedication. Even Vel Phillips. Plus also representatives from the Sikh Temple who were effected by the shooting last year in Oak Creek attended the event. Many had turned out for the event in which anyone in Milwaukee should have made plans.

The work still continues. For me: the sidelines are done. I’m not sitting down on the sidelines and not doing anything. Not me. I was raised way better than that. So I’m the game. Not just talking about it. But just actually doing the job! No I’m not an activist. But I do know what’s up that needs to be done. Period!

Time to march on. With more conviction.

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

Well here we are. For those of us who have the hoodies up, we know the deal. For those who criticized the thought that we should focusing on other cities, well let me say this: What is happening in Florida with the untimely death of Trayvon Martin, could be a prime example of what’s happening in America among African-American young men and women. We’ve all seen the case, and we’ve seen both sides of the table running the gambit. And even we’ve seen explicit graphics and WORDS displayed on the screen. So the auspicious of all things, that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon all because he looked a suspicious in a hoodie. Or look suspicious in general while carrying Arizona Tea and Skittles from a Gas Station  – in which he bought, not stole! To talk about hoodies, or hoods, wearing a hoodie does not make those suspicious looking. Guess what, If you dress up in a business suit, or a business dress, or having on a shirt with a collar on it religiously, and if you bring that negativity upon someone, that might and would change the game within confrontations. Basically what I’m saying is, your attitude would be defined. It’s not the hoodie that ticked off George Zimmerman, it was his attitude, along with the gun had that direct result of killing Trayvon Martin. Killing a 17-year-old boy who was going home. For those who are STILL wondering why Zimmerman was on trial, and why is he not at home forgetting this: Know this – he killed a child! PERIOD! This stuff like this goes on in America almost everyday and does it get covered like the Sandy Hook Shooting? or the Priests in the churches or Pastors in churches who commit acts of Sexual Abuse among altar boys or females and they stay hidden for so long until it comes to light like what, 30 years later?! In those thirty years, those priests would be long for dead in graves, or even long forgotten through secrets. And most today do see it and recognize. But for a case like this, not much. Why is that? Every case has to be brought to light.  But we know that mostly in America, that most won’t care. I can hear this now: that’s not my child, or I’m glad that’s not my child! And walking away in a snobbish manner. But what happens if it was YOUR CHILD? I’ll bet when the folks of the Jena 6 were on trial in Louisiana, folks (majority black) rallied support, while some wanted them to be out of the pasture. Just today, I was on Twitter, and yes, the conversation about Trayvon was on two fronts: Roland Martin and Geraldo Rivera. Yeah, Geraldo was still petrified on Fox News to believe that Trayvon’s hoodie was the result of his murder. And plus had to put Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the mix of accusing them of “racial boogeymen”.  Racial Boogeymen?!!!! (my head is turned slightly left with the right eye point blank stare)  However, on the side of Roland Martin, according to his tweets like he does every time when someone calls out the folks of their funk: he bring his – check out his website.  And expect Roland to #bringthefunk if you will, in September on TVOne, in a live show called News One Now. The same channel he hosts Washington Watch every Sunday.

Now both sides have had their say and the jury, whom was all  female, 6 people and 5 of the 6 jurors were White and mothers. One was mixed with Black and Hispanic. But all were employed in their 30s and 60s years of age. Mostly right now, many of you or those you know have turned your profile pics or profile related pics dark until the verdict is done, which is has.  And also, I think that the MEDIA needs to stop it with the so-called presumptions of riots. This gets me: whenever I see some or most folks who win championships, they had to turn the downtown streets into a war-zone. And I’m not going in on the ethnics who mostly are behind the bonfires and setting off fires after a team gets a win. Or a loss in Hockey! Or when a well known player like Lebron James left Cleveland for Miami, here come burning the Cavalier jerseys. Whuuuuuuut? – as the folks say now. Why direct that, the part of the riots towards blacks? Media, stop playing with the so-called predictions! I mean seriously. Yeah we talk about the L.A. Riots, the riots of the past during the 60’s, and so forth. There are those now, who want to express peace. If you want express peace without a doubt then do it in a fashion of doing it. Not just talking about it.

Next month, in Washington, in August, will mark 50 years. This year of 2013 has had it’s share of 50 years after the death of Medgar Evers, the revised reminders of Emmett Til, the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders making their way to DC to the March on Washington. Also, if you are a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, you will also be celebrating 50 years as the youngest Fraternity in the Divine 9. But mostly: the March on Washington and the infamous words of Dr. Martin Luther King of “I Have A Dream” will be long summarized. And yes it’s the best speech on the planet. BUT what has anyone from those who think conservative per say or think progressive or liberal who acknowledged King’s Speech, had done to maintain the dream that King wanted us to work on? I’m tired of those who say or quote King to get a point across, and DON’T SET AN EXAMPLE! This is what it’s wrong, right now. Too many reminders, but not enough action!

Plus also the 2013 year has had the screeching halt of Warren Ballentine, Judge Joe Brown and Michael Baisden. Plus where I’m at in Milwaukee, we lost 1290 WMCS, the Free Labor Press, the talks of Derreck Wiliams, Ernest Lacy, and now a black teen named Corey Stingley in suburban West Allis recently passed on, by the means of shoplifting. In regarding about Corey Stingley, more on that to come. Regardless of the verdict which was not guilty, there is one thing that is true. The vote will not bring Trayvon Martin back. And I know that based on the picture that is above, maybe a hard sight to see, but again: it’s the reality that is being dealt with. Sort of like when Emmett Til was in his Casket after being murdered for whistling to a white woman at the age of 14. And that pic was shown for ALL to see! For those who think it’s all about the Left Wing ideology to promote this based on race? It’s not. Stop the pain! This is about a child that was taken violently from his parents, his school, his friends, his church, and anything that dealt with the connection in a positive way that was apart of Trayvon Martin. YES, he was black! And yes partially it’s a red alert dealing and seeing racism as a result of this. I’m going there TODAY! Screw that “justice has been served” crap on George Zimmerman. Keep in mind, he MURDERED a 17 year old unarmed black teenager and got off scot free! Last night, there were commentary about George Zimmerman might run and hide. He better! Its like he’s got a huge bullseye on his chest. Or in this case, a bounty.

For those of us who are mad as hell, I want to address this to my African-American brothers and sisters, either you are a reader of this blog or just want to pass along for an RSS feed, it’s time to rise up. It’s time to rise the (you know what) up. Yeah, we talk about the 60’s, the old school SNCC’s, NAACP, Urban Leagues, the MLK’s  and the REAL Civil Rights Movement when it was really cracking. That was when black folks stood up! We need that back. We need that back in a sense of  today’s era of Technological, Social Media, era. In an era when the Voting Rights Act was shot down, and DOMA was risen up. Look here: I said this on my previous blogs and I’m still saying it: I appreciate the platform of our Gay/Lesbian Folks, but their movement is not, (I repeat) not no where near close as the original thing. This verdict has had a ripple effect in me as well, and yes, I am an African American male that is always on the watch! No matter where I drive, hangout, socialize, work,  display, and many others. To those who are apart of the BMCR, Black Fraternities and Sororities, Eastern Stars, Masons, Elks or any other well known group that has African-American members, or have been started by African-Americans, forget about your colors, your sides of fame, and or celebrations of longevity of who’s been here since the 1900’s – WAKE UP! I want address the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Folks. Yes, I know you are in Washington DC celebrating 100 years. Or should I say continuing to celebrate 100 years. I see you. I see what you said thanks to the internet. But like everyone else, you better rise up in terms of what your founders and customs have bestowed on you at a time like this. I’m just saying.  And also: 2014 is a voting year. Get out and VOTE UP! These crazy punk laws have gotten us in my view, very bewildered. We all better vote not just in 2014, in every single voting year out there. Every two years, we get to the polls no matter how big or small. It’s time to represent as if Obama is on the ballot! Some say that those who reside in the suburbs, may not feel safe in the city. Guess what: I might be afraid to go into the suburbs and might get recognized for a suspect. Double Edge sword swing mighty sharp.

And to those who are non-black. I want you to listen: while this encounter may not mean much to you, but I think you would have to understand of what it means to be black in America in terms of going through hard stuff like this. I also hate to say that many you have been brought up with values. I have also. Also brought up with clubs and organizations that you donate, or fences per say to put up. But I am here to tell you (I will be straight on this) and I don’t care if you are a business owner, a reader of my blog, or your friends blog list, or brought up in a good family of generational traditions, or whatever. I don’t care if you are in the military (yeah I said it) , or in a well-known college or university, if you are in a situation that your clubs, medals, good conduct, traditional values in which you thought was good for a while,  nor if you are apart of the debate team, or a well known fraternity or sorority of country clubs: NEWSFLASH – they will NOT save you! I want to be clear on this right now. They will not save you. Even playing or listening to black music or being Beyonce or Jay-Z will not save you. I’m being real. Even if you like the Right Wing Media, they will not save you. I’m just saying. And furthermore: this commentary of clothing is just pathetic. If those who think Hoodies are the problem, dead wrong. Guess what, I’ve seen folks who dress up in business suits, wing tip shoes, power ties, Khakis and Polos, business dresses (ladies)  and I’ve read about folks who dress like that, also can also be thugs, pimps, prostitutes, jezebels, dropouts, and guess what? It’s not always with baggy jeans, baggy shirts, and hats turned back to reflect the gang life. So like it is: it’s a basically an attitude approach! Also the discussion of race will ALWAYS have a toll on the table. The race card, as most call it will always have a deck in the shuffle. And the hyper sensitivity about those who say, “I don’t see color, I see a human being.” If you saw me face to face in a conversation, or in a public place, the first thing you see and the last thing you will see is my skin tone of black. I don’t buy the propanganish quotes of not seeing color. You will see color upfront whether you like it or not. But in a sense, you’ll see what I do in terms of doing work in my community the right way. Time to learn, America! To me, this striking thing is like turning the clock back 200 years. Didn’t we have a birthday? like July 4th? Like 237 years? They say that Justice does not work for black folks. Well I think, “justice” needs to listen up.  I hope that this does not last for about 3 weeks or less. I want this to be a constant reminder of as we go to work, school, our clubs and other functions we attend or donate. If you don’t remember what I just wrote, remember this: Justice needs to listen up. Period. Because if it doesn’t “listen”, we don’t listen nor respond. Just as the same to rally around our kids not just for school, but everyday. I don’t have any kids. But if I did, the watch will be on them all the time!

Part 2 will come this week.

By the way, I attached a link to a picture of Trayvon in which was passed around online. And yes MSNBC made a mistake of displaying the photo. Just a warning: if those who are really sensitive about graphic footages or graphic related footage, do NOT click the link labeled “constant reminder!”

I’m looking at MSNBC. And yes right now, they are at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. If those who don’t know, Essence is a magazine publication that is mostly geared toward African American women. You probably seen them around alot. However this event in New Orleans is not about promoting magazines, in a printing sense. This Essence Festival and the combination hook up with MSNBC for that last couple of days had me thinking: Why I am not there?! I’ve heard of the Essence Festival before through Jet Magazine, but never had to see it though an angle of the news or video. Yes, I know many of you have probably uploaded pictures or videos on Social Media or Youtube. Don’t worry I’ll look at them. For the MSNBC part of it, whether it was The Ed Show, PoliticsNation, NewsNation with Tamron Hall, or the hometown favorite of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, it was a different view in which yes, the event has now got the exposure. And also another reason to visit or revisit New Orleans! – Personally, my first visit to New Orleans was in 2001 and yes, I want to go back.

Speaking of the Ed Show: I was watching this young man named Asean Johnson. You may have seen him before, and I should point out, he’s 9 years old. Young, gifted and black.

Yes, this is 9 year old, Asean Johnson at a Teacher’s Union Rally in Chicago. Now this may come as a shock for some, but why would a 9 year old show up for a rally like this? Asean is one of the kids in Chicago that is in their Public School System that is also voicing his liberties about the problems in the schools. Also voicing his opinion about Rahm Emmanuel closing the schools and building more prisons. As I was listening to him, through the video and on the Ed Show, it’s aware that a young man like him is speaking out. Yes I know he’s 9 years old. A third grader. But he’s saying something. And I wish more young men and young women who we send to the classrooms Monday through Friday, other than asking “how was school”, or who won the game in gym class. I want to know also how are they are really feeling in the state of schools, with all the politicians or most like to slash education! You know what Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin, right?  However for this young man, he might have a future something great, as long as he keeps level headed with his family, friends, and community. And yes we ADULTS need to listen to our children! This is our future and the teaching should begin and continue now!

For the other angle with MSNBC and the Essence Festival, it’s not just about fun, it’s about serious issues like jobs, education, voting rights, racism, segregation and many issues that go often ignored or have a different angle of opinion. The Essence Festival, according to them, is about empowering African-American Communities. Plus also in 2012, MSNBC had a rise in viewership based on African-Americans. It’s a fact. Even though that this is just one African-American Festival of empowerment, but we need more and still stable more festivals like this to get out and empower our issues, concerns, and ideas that mostly no other festival can’t address.  Even if it’s Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Yeah I said it! – Milwaukee’s African World Festival? Maybe. The All-White/Black Affair – Possibly. But the regular Summefest. Don’t think so.

Even though that the Essence Festival is ending this weekend. But likewise, the struggle continues.

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Last time I did a “Three Way Dance” it was around Governor Scott Walker, a family legacy, and another issue that is mostly concerned. But now, I’m taking a step further. I’m going to highlight three things that should be subjected.

First Take: Kids Cussing. I was listening to and it was centered around kids using explicit language. Hands in the air: who have on this blog or any other blog, facebook posting, Instagram Pictures, or any other listings that deals with Kids Cussing? Or how many on the blog, had heard of kids cussing up a storm? Keep your hands up. Also, how many on here had ever stopped a kid cussing? I know the hands have to go up on this one. If those are who didn’t have the hands up, not to judge, but why not? Check this, if you go on Youtube and type in “Kids Cussing”, don’t laugh. Or in this case, I wouldn’t be typing LMBO acronyms on your Social Media pages as of yet. What I don’t understand is this: why are these kids in the video clip, cussing? Now you’re probably thinking, those are not my kids. But if they were yours, the spankings would be handed out. Oh I’m sorry, some of “today’s parents” don’t spank their kids. The bible does say spare the rod. Yes, when I was 2 years old I said the S word and got my butt handed to me. But yes: I was 2 YEARS OLD! I didn’t know that the S word was a cuss word, or one of those words that you can’t say. Now many are just like, “well they are just little, they don’t know.” And my personal favorite, “kids say the darndest things”. I call B.S. on the current Parents who allow this to happen! And those who just back away and don’t say nothing. But seriously, these kids  are supposed to be the future. Just like Whitney Houston said in her greatest hit: The greatest love of all. We know the song, right? And if they are really the future, it’s time to get at them NOW! And not only that, these so-called parents out here who allow this to happen like twerking, need to be called out of their B.S. and have that Come to Jesus Meeting. Some say that the now kids’ bad attitude are pointed at one Generation: Gen X. Well guess what, when I was coming up, I’ve heard folks older than me cussing. From Elementary school to High School. And some were Baby Boomers. I’ve also heard that if the child is acting up in appropriately, guess who’s the setting the pattern? And no it’s not just society. It’s the parents. So technically, if we want the kids of now to change, the change of us adults and parents need to change. And that change needs to start, NOW! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a youtube search “Kids Cussing” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Second Take: An 11 year old boy in San Antonio, sang the National Anthem, and was dressed in a Mariachi outfit. And during the song, the folks on Twitter had to get the hating. Hold up, why would ANYONE who want to talk smack about a 11 year old Mexican American boy who dressed in a mariachi outfit and sings the National Anthem. Those tweets of hate make me want to puke! SERIOUSLY AMERICANS?!!! We boo at 11 year olds now? And the boy is from San Antonio! Look it up. And I thought the Cheerios commercial outrage with the biracial family was bad. And speaking of which, are we that proud? And I’ll bet these are the same so-called Americans that like to be against everybody that can’t hang with voting, looking for a job, and more like looking for an excuse. But to hate on an 11-year-old, just because he sang the national anthem, that was pathetic! On and the 4th of July is around the corner. Pathetic. As I was looking at the tumblr website, and the amount of hate on this boy, I was just shaking my head. And it wasn’t just white folks hating. Black folks were hating also. And I’ll bet they probably removed those tweets after they got exposed. And check this, when the young man, Sebastian de la Cruz was on America’s Got Talent, he was hated on there also. All because, he looked Mexican. But he is American born. Wow!!! And I dare ask again, where that Post-Racial America again? Or that Ann Coulter quote about asking where are the real racists? Um, HELLO! Like Ice Cube said Check yourself before you wreck yourself. And I’ll bet those who had the Twitter hate on this young man, are wrecking themselves like crazy. Just a reference, I think he did a good job and did nothing wrong. Now to the haters: can you sing the National Anthem better?!

Third Take: June 12th marked the 50th Anniversary of the death of Medgar Evers. If those who never heard of Medgar Evers, go and study now. Go google his name, his causes, legacy and purpose. And no he is not featured on Lil’ Wayne’s rap tracks. Now the question is, why would America would pay homage to a man like Medgar Evers? There are Americans TODAY that don’t even know, nor don’t care about the causes he’s done. Yes, he was a member of the NAACP, but also served in the Military. He was a veteran in WWII. Research. However his name nor his work should not be discarded from history of what he provided and left behind. Also, he was just 37 years old when he was killed in 1963. Those of us who are 37 today, or about to be 37, we have a chance. No matter who you are. Myrlie Evers-Williams was on MSNBC with Al Sharpton and the discussion was yes was centered around Medgar Evers, but the other part, was a spark for the infamous March on Washington. She also commented about Jim Crow being alive in a Brooks Brothers suit. I will admit, Jim Crow has been reformed as Jim Crow Jr, in a twist. She also highlighted issues of voter suppression, and the current threats.

Look at some of the racist things that are still happening in America,” she said. “For instance when President Obama was reelected there was rioting at the University of Mississippi because of that. There are still deaths that take place. We look at those things that have happened to keep people from voting.

These negatives are not as pronounced as they were in the 50′s and 60′s because we don’t have people in the streets marching today,” she said. “But that’s serious.

And to those who say, there’s no real racism, might want to take a second look. In his absence, Myrlie Evers-Williams has taken up the role to spread her message and movement in her own right to make sure her late husband’s work is still in progress. Similiar in which Coretta Scott-King did after her husband was Assassinated. Al Sharpton commented earlier that segregation has not disappeared. Well, he’s right. Take a look at Milwaukee. I said many times that the city is the most segregated in the United States. And it’s not just black and white. Other folks of other ethnicities can be segregated also. And I know it’s 2013, that doesn’t make a lick of sense. There are at least 50% of African Americans in the city are unemployed, and the 4th poorest in the nation. And the issues concerning African-Americans in Milwaukee are far well ignored! As far as Wisconsin, as many of you already know: dead last when it comes to economics and jobs. And we have a governor who parades around in a letterman jacket with a high school diploma that was voted twice. Many in the state who voted for Walker are the primary reason why he’s in office, plus those who believe in the 250,000 private sector jobs talk might be far delusioned.  For blacks in Wisconsin, the state is the worst to house many African-Americans in the prisons! Yeah the quote Wisconsin is the Worst State for Black People is riding high even more. And also, the state turned down the project for High Speed Rail in which would have linked Milwaukee and Madison together. But Scott Walker said no, and the supporters said no. But what the “supporters” don’t understand that idea, also escalated the segregation effect that still lingers. Forget the quotes of “wasting government spending” or it’s a boondoggle mess. It’s really keeping the folks of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans or any Americans of color out of Jefferson County!  Not to pick on Jefferson County or and rural area of Wisconsin, just saying. Segregation at its finest. That will make your head spin. And just recently the Wisconsin legislature (republican) has passed a bill in which women in Wisconsin now has to be forced, FORCED to have ultrasounds before thinking abortions as well. And we know if that reaches Walker’s desk, yes he will sign it. But will Tonette Walker be forced to those ultrasounds? Will Alberta Darling be forced? I mean they are Wisconsin Women. I’m just saying. Oh and I’m assuming that Mary Lazich is proud of her argument? She is the main reason why it’s a hot topic in the Badger State. And no it’s not a theatrical outcry!

Now I know what I just partially said has nothing to do with Medgar Evers. But if it did, in a twist he would be all over that. Martin Luther King, Jr would be all over that. JFK, RFK and even Malcolm X and those who were assassinated in trying to tell the truth would be all over that just like Civil Rights, The Killing of Trayvon Martin, Derek Williams, Ernest Lacy, NAACP, The Urban League, Anti-voter suppression, and many other high ploughed issues that most are afraid to go after. They might do it for about 2 weeks. But after that, nothing. Some of today’s folks are saying enough marching. I say keep marching! Keep marching until it means a reason. Then take the militant approach. Just commenting.

Yep another three dance in the books. There will be more.

I had to ponder this yesterday. As we were looking at the footage of the young women who were abducted for 10 years, things have begun to surface. But the main question that was lingering on my Social Media pages was like, Did the neighbors noticed anything when the first got captured? No birthdays? weddings? funeral notices? Cinco de Mayo? Christmas holiday? or any other special event or holidays? And no one knew anything? Wow!

I was watching Rev Al Sharpton’s show on MSNBC, PoliticsNation. And during the newscast, several highlights previously that the 9-1-1 calls weren’t on record 10 years ago. The house where the abductions were held were in those homes that were boarded up. Not for sale. So it kind of hit me, I guess that was the reason why no one didn’t noticed anything suspicious prior to the events given. It better not be one of the reversal versions of “Stop Snitching”.

Now in recently events, things were turned up that the neighbors did indeed called the police of the illegal activity. But the question is, and I don’t want to call out the Cleveland Police Department, why didn’t they respond in a sense that the incidents didn’t shown? I know that Police Departments have a ton on their plates in terms of crimes and investigations. I know. But how could they miss this one, and having 10 years to figure it out? The crime in Boston, when the Marathon was interrupted with the bombings, the city was on lockdown with swat teams, armored cars, military-like presence in finding those responsible. That was solved in a week. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was captured and is being held in Federal custody, while his brother was killed during the investigation. But for this, 10 years? Now I know that the incidents in Cleveland and Boston are very different. And in different time frames. I get it. But the bottom line is, those who did the abductions, was almost like a 21st Century version of human trafficking. Or a revamped version of Slavery. They say that slavery is supposed to be dead and done in the past. But why did these Castro dudes, were doing this particular job in the first place? That part really baffles me.

In the house where the girls were, had chains and ropes All for 10 years. Good Lord. And nobody didn’t know this being odd and the way was used?

Plus also when Ariel Castro goes to prison, and since the prisoners know by now who he is, and has happened, there might be some prisoners are going to hit him first. I read stories about that. Those who get to prison and having a crime of housing young girls in a house against their authority, with 7 counts of  rape and kidnapping, his game would be over sooner than ever. Just saying.

Now to switch gears for Charles Ramsey. Yes, he should be hailed as a hero, or a Good Samaritan doing the right thing. HOWEVER, there’s always got to be a background info about a person’s past. Has anyone heard of the Smoking Gun website? The website that has all of the dirt about a certain celebrity per say with the crime data, background info and more. Well apparently while we were just praising Charles Ramsey’s heroics, The Smoking Gun revealed his past about him being a repeat offender as a domestic abuser. Go back ten years. Why would someone dig up this? Oh, maybe because some felt he’s a fraud, a fake or whatever. Remember when Tia Norfleet was given the hot-seat about her status as a race car driver? And guess what she’s still racing. And will be racing this year. But for Charles Ramsey, yes he may have done something in his past that wasn’t “GodLike”, but rescuing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, in the situation that they were in, that counts for a good check list for St. Peter. And he didn’t want to reward money. He made a suggestion to let the victims have it. A joy in blessing. Now many folks would call him out for that. But he’s thinking more of the women than himself. You hear this all the time in church and it’s biblical. Matthew 6:20 says: “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Technically, that’s what it is. And there should no other comments besides it.

Also the notion of being called a hero, should not be selfish, nor ashamed. Charles Ramsey felt that he does not want to be called a hero. He and Daniel Hernandez, who took care of Gabby Giffords after she was shot, in his words, humbly reject the word hero last year. During the memorial service in Arizona, President Obama looked him and said, “Daniel, I’m sorry, you may deny it but we’ve decided you are a hero,”. And expect that same notion to Charles Ramsey when the President meets him. If possible. Even though the thought of them deny the notion, but to the victims, they will never forget the help. And that lingers a lifetime.

Also on Facebook, I’ve looked at a question about President Obama hasn’t contacted Charles Ramsey as of yet. I know that the President has alot on his plate, but to my community activist folks, give him time, please! Don’t worry he will.

I have been called a hero myself. And do I reject that? No. That’s a joy! Even though I haven’t been in the military, or a missionary overseas, but I had my share of “heroics” here in Milwaukee among family and friends. So hey, if not like it, embrace it.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon Dilemma, with the bombs going off near the finish line this past Monday, yesterday there were journalists who had to alter their stories to get to the main point of a story. Either through Pictures or a live broadcast of making an arrest.

Personally, this is nothing new. I’ve seen it before and yes many others have seen it before. The media brings out a story per-say and it at least 90%, it will get it right. BUT in regarding this, not a good look. Not a good look for Boston, their careers, their objectives and really not a good look if you like to alter photographs and making it like the incident never happened.  Well it did happened!

Take CNN for example. John King reported that yesterday in Boston that the arrest had been made in regarding the bombing. Then he went far to say that a dark skinned man had committed the act. Hold up: How did they know that it was dark-skinned man without providing proof?! And second, why does it have to be a dark-skinned person to be on the pulse? I hope that doesn’t constitute racism. Or in this case: dealing the race card per say. Rev. Al Sharpton hit the nail on the head, when he went after on John King on his show PoliticsNation. Now say what you want about Rev. Al. Yes, he’s a preacher and for some he’s preaching hate, per say. BUT in this segment, he went in on this. Seriously. And by the way, MSNBC was smart enough not going for the trap like CNN did. Sensitivity my butt!

And speaking of extreme sensitivity: Pictures. Many of us seen the graphic photos of the aftermath of the bombing with blood. This was no movie. The New York Daily News is accused and was caught by doctoring a photograph that was graphic from the Boston Marathon. I think this is what I’m talking about courtesy of the Epoch Times. See the pictures by comparion that the picture on top was the real one. The bottom: fake.  I should warn the readers that this picture is graphic. Just a disclosure!

If I were in the photography business for real, I don’t EVER want my pics to be doctored for any reason. My intent will be authentic and real. Now to those who are “hyper sensitive about darn near everything”, grow up and change the channel! OK so not everyone likes blood. Remember 9/11? When the news networks kept airing the footage about the planes being hurled into the World Trade Center over and over again, and those back then had kids who are probably teens now, were asking is it happening again? Even though that footage was so graphic, and hellish on earth per say, but it was authentic and real. No need to be fake! Or to say, well we have children watching, or people might be sensitive to things like this. They do have disclaimers. And they warn you that this footage or clip might be this or that, be advised. The clip above is graphic, be advised! Just saying. Remember Oklahoma City? Like 1995 this week? That was one of the worst forms of terrorism acts ever. Real and graphic. The old Murrah Building after the bombing happened looked like an aftermath of a war in Beirut. And the people who had blood scars and scrapes were shown in newspapers nationwide 18 years ago.  Personally I didn’t read about any of the so-called sensitive folks in 1995 regarding this. Like many others my age I was getting out of high school way back when. But as a High School Student at the time, this was on our minds.

This picture thing we see now, especially on Facebook, we need to redefine our criticism. Like Bill Maher said last year “I don’t want to be in a country where I don’t want to offend anyone.” Apparently, America got all these freedoms and such, but we cower at times. We cower when we hear about get this: Dodgeball is a subject where OVERLY Sensitive Parents want it banned because it’s a dangerous sport. WHAT?!!!! So Dodgeball is dangerous now? Really? To those so-called sensitive parents reading this,  you gonna learn today! I’ll bet when you were there ages, you got hit by a ball. Call the wambulance! I got hit by a ball, but I managed to win the game. Don’t tell me we are raising the new generation now full of wimps! That’s right I said it. Or get this, many feel that using music in schools is a farce, or in this case all because they feel that schools should be a place of learning not having music. Reminds me of an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in which at a time columnist James Causey reminded about his days a high school student being involved in sports and other recreational activities. But his comments were bombarded with “I think music shouldn’t be in schools.” However I had to come to defense for the fine arts folks of my experience in Band, Stage Crew and Children’s Theater. FINE ARTS, MILWAUKEE!!! Check the books! The Yearbooks that is. And I got a band Letterman jacket to prove it. Oh yeah, I had a Band Letterman’s Jacket during my four years. No joke. And I heard about schools wanting to cut music out in 1993, when I was 16!

Some folks got to learn.

Like the old heads, I weep for this era. I do. I weep for those who don’t understand. I weep for those who plant hatred into children who think and believe that black folks are evil. I weep for those who don’t understand about Collective Responsibility and what it meant to be watched by those OTHER than Mommy and Daddy. I weep for those who had to be forced to be a certain lifestyle all because those who felt the old lifestyle wasn’t working. I weep for mainline churches who sold out, had pastors or priests having sex with young boys/girls, and talking about how to get young folks into the church courtesy of the old folks. I weep for the old folks who don’t seem to understand the concept that the younger folks are doing in which the plans of the old folks did back in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s aren’t computing with the kids today.They have to change with the times.  And I weep for my black folks who at times had to be disrespected because of skin color when driving behind a BMW, residing in a neighborhood in which another group of folks “had to get away from”, or having trouble getting to a job or finding a job, because it’s not a bus line because a certain politician had to cut bus routes and raise fares just to make the matters worse for them to get to work or school. Or because it’s like: they don’t want them, nothing to do with them. Some say that getting their own business might be a clue. But some aren’t ready for that.

Hey journalists: your move. Get the facts straight!

EXTRA JUST IN: The FBI have a picture of the suspects potentially might be leads behind the bombing: Dark-Skinned? Really?!!

A surveillance camera video grab of the two men the FBI have identified as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Now that the Inauguration is over for the Obama Administration, it’s time to get back to work. But before that, I want to go in on my commentary of the use of Family Bibles.

It seems that the use of Family Bibles have been this “clash of incompetence” when it comes to say who can’t do what. Recently today, Dr. Cornell West blasted the President for his Inauguration Day Ceremony in the use of the Bible that the late Dr. King once used during his tenure. Wait a minute. Seriously. A bible? Really?! This is the same Cornell West who was critical of the President in which he claimed that there was not help for the poor. Look. I respect Dr. West, but in regarding the use the King Family Bible, it was reported that the King Family requested that the President used the bible for the Inauguration, via Al Sharpton. Technically, the President had permission to use it and that’s that. Plus he signed the book!

All of this foolishness of who can or can’t, is just that: foolishness. Now I’m not knocking Dr. West because he’s a Professor or a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. I’m knocking him because of the dialogue that has become. The same with Tavis Smiley. Yes, I know he’s a Kappa Alpha Psi member, and has his own show, even he needs to stop hating too.  The reason he dislikes the President all because he never got an invite to the White House. I know these are well educated African-American men, but there is a thing called “getting permission to grant access?” I hear this all the time: I know that other races might go in on blacks because of the success stories, but this is no surprise in which you see 2 guys like Smiley and West go in on the President. Hey, even Dr. King had to content with those who are black against him too. I recall reading the letters from the 60’s in which they are on The King Center Website, and it’s listed all letters and other written documents that the King Family collected well after his Assassination. Even the letter that was written back in 1960 when he declared himself non-partisan. Technically, this was all their show just to say “Oh, I hate the president because he didn’t help the poor and didn’t say the word POOR!” Well he mentioned the word poor in his inauguration address along with the word “GAY”. And for the record, their Fraternity affiliations I do respect the work that the D9 Greeks put on. But I don’t believe their traits should not reflect that. My two cents. Same as if they were Christian.

Is it embarrassing? Most likely. Its just like the cliché in which trying to get ratings. If Dr. West and Tavis Smiley wanted to meet with the President head on, learn the lesson in which to just grant permission! Why is it so hard for folks to do this now a days? Is it stupidity? Yes! Wait I take that back: It’s beyond that! If they want to grant permission to talk to Barack Obama, just do it in a professional manner! It’s very simple. No need to go on TheGrio, Bill Maher, or of all networks like FoxNews to get the beatdown ratings up. Pathetic. Yeah, they might say they “I respect the brother”. No question, but however in order to do that, patience must come from within. Something that Dr. West, Tavis, and I dare say the Black Community Protesting in a gym with the signs up saying “What about the Black Community?” needs to understand.  I want the President to talk about the Black Community Conditions at the table too. Really I want too. But UNLIKE those, I’ll do it in a professional manner!

Since when I hear somethings that are completely well, strange? Think about it, when things occur doesn’t it have an effect on us by saying “are they for real?” Like, this past week, there was a story that Rev. Al Sharpton has something in common with the late Sen. Strom Thurmond. In the early historical archives, one of Rev. Al’s relatives, Coleman Sharpton, great-grandfather was owned by Julia Thurmond, the late senator’s relative. How could this be possible? I mean Rev. Al Sharpton has a “slave link” with Strom Thurmond? That is hard to be true. Now Rev. Al is planning to take a DNA test to see if the prophecy is true, about him having a “slave link” with the late senator’s family. This is strange, but how?

This is story that is not strange, but true. This past Sunday, the words Black and History have gotten more significant with the Oscars. Big ups to Jennifer Hudson, who won the Oscar for her Supporting Role in Dreamgirls. I didn’t see the movie during the holidays, but I heard that it got rave reviews, despite some critics’ opinions. Also, Forrest Whittaker, took the Oscar for Best Actor of “The Last King of Scotland”. His speech of his acceptance was very moving, and it collected his thoughts of how he got his way up from his upbringing. Other than that, it was a night of great expectations, such as The Departed getting the movie of the year. But earlier in the night, I felt bad for Eddie Murphy and Will Smith not getting an Oscar, but I had to reflect on what Coach Tony Dungy said to Lovie Smith after the SuperBowl: “Your Championship is Coming.” This I would say to Eddie, Will and any other overlooked black actor or actress that is continuing to wait in the wings.

The spirit of Bo Black is still in Milwaukee. She is still recovering from her brain aneurysm in which had effected for sometime. But her faith and spirit has enabled her to come out of her condition and live more. You know, despite of her critics who slammed her as a dumb blond chick, she stood out her leadership ethics. I never had a chance to meet the 1967 Playboy Bunny (although that never bothered me) but I worked at Summerfest for 2 years (1999-2000) and they were under her era. To me Summerfest has not been the same, despite of trying to get things done for the city such as concerts, etc. Although it has been 4 years since Bo’s departure, her spirit is in every person that has came to her in another way. So I think that Summerfest this year should dedicate it’s 11 day festival and 40th Anniversary to Bo and her accomplishments with the company.

So, I think this would probably be the sealing end to the second month of the year and hopefully March will spring up new opportunites and expectations for us to explore.