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Check this out WordPress. Now normally I’ve been writing things about Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Black stuff in all. I keep it real here. However, this commentary I’m about to write about: is the late night local show that is really trending, 414 Video Spotlight. And also, later on, my take on Black Rock Music in a Milwaukee sense.

If anyone in Milwaukee or Wisconsin doesn’t know, this show comes on after midnight on Sundays. That will be like if you got done watching SNL, you switch over to the 414 Video Spotlight on Channel 24.

On the show itself, it features the host Melvin James, who gives the featured videos of the week which are all locally home grown. No matter if it’s Hip Hop/Rap or R&B artists that are peaking into the music game in Milwaukee. Now Milwaukee has this reputation of not supporting it’s local artists in all over the likes of Jay Z or Nicki Minaj. Well maybe not Nicki Minaj! But I’ve been looking at the videos over a year and I’m going to say this: the show is showing us Milwaukee’s Urban Music Talent. Ranging from Rodney Poe to the Hamm Brothers. All in between. The show is really is like a hidden gem that many I think in Milwaukee should be examining.  But however, like many things in life, it takes time. It also shows us that you don’t really need to see the well known talent in second place. I say this, check them out. Take it like, investing in your community or investing in homegrown gems. This is what the show in my opinion, has been doing. Granted it has been doing a good job thus far.

Also, for the commercials in between the breaks: all locally owned as indicated below. And plus these are well known companies and organizations are in in the Metro Milwaukee Area. And some of these companies, I have been in on a visit or business.

  • Nikavonni’s
  • Mario Dickens Creations
  • Athen’s Famly Restaurant
  • Mil-Town Printing
  • Amazing Moments
  • Serenity Funeral Home
  • John Amato
  • R&B Gospel The Purpose Ministry Team
  • I Heart Kids Childcare
  • The New Pitts Mortuary

And “Flex Your Rights” which is sponsored by Hupy and Abraham SC. The show had several video segments that everyone needs to pay attention to. The segments are real to a point. Ranging from scenarios in which what might happen in case anyone of any age encounters with the Police. The segments that stood out for me the most, in watching where a young man was waiting on a bus stop and the police were asking him questions about a recent graffiti incident. Even though the young man in the scenario had the comment of “I Didn’t Do Anything” scenario, the police took him into custody and questioned his recent actions. Another was a house party, in which young teens were on the pulse of being question by the local police of a recent drug possession. Here is the thing: the female who appears to be 21 in talking to the police was really a teen in which she gets arrested in her confession about the drugs in the home.

Like I said 414 Video Spotlight, is a hit. And if it goes on being a local sensation, it could generate to a greater cause of spotlighting the local talent. Of course, not everyone will jump aboard the local stuff and still go national like a Jay Z or Alicia Keys, but like I said several months ago, sometimes you have to invest internally. And I think 414 Video Spotlight is doing just that. So I highly recommend to any Urban Milwaukee Music lover to check out this show.

Now, I want to shift gears to for another topic. I was listening to a black woman rock artist Steffanie Christi’an on the internet several days ago, and she has good voice along with Rock Music. And after researching about her, and her digs in her native Detroit, her talent is on the rise. She was also featured in AfroPunk’s website article of her craft in rock music. Now if anyone has not heard of AfroPunk, it’s really a site online that is catered to those who are of African Decent and dig rock and roll with a slash of metal music. In which overall with rock music in general was started by blacks!

Now here is the million dollar question: when was the last time that Milwaukee had a rock artist or artists that were African American? I’m not talking about whom stopped through and journeyed on, BUT from here? Born here? Or migrated here in their younger years growing up?

I think it’s about time with the Milwaukee-Based Core DJ’s, Milwaukee Hip Hop/Rap Music, Milwaukee R&B/Soul/Funk/Jazz and Opera, the rock game in the city needs a black representation. Why? Not because of the loud bangs, or the guitars, or not in the element of where it ‘s mostly seen by white Wisconsin folks. Or the punk looks. It’s really about establishing a platform here that has not been tried or thought of. Just a hunch in sharing, other cities like Detroit and Brooklyn are on the Black Rock scene, and homegrown. But why not Milwaukee?

Knowingly the comment might migrate those who say, “oh that’s racist! Music for everyone.” NO! I just want to see more of my African-American Compatriots in this Midwest region that could dare busting up the barriers of getting more exposed to Rock Music. Clearly, when I listen to those of a Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz, Tina Turner, Betty Davis and others in the Black Rock game, it’s not about enjoying part of our creation, it’s about educating US, black folks.  Rock Music is not all white folks music, it’s generally Afrocentric with black creation.

So I say this: If Milwaukee’s Black Festivals/Affairs/Events can have more of the usual Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Blues and Opera, put the rock mix in to the music of Black Milwaukee. Just a thought in a idea to educate!