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We might want to wait to see what being “woke” really is. Many of us need to really know. It’s not what it seems. Wanna be really woke? Act like it! By the way you might have seen this on Facebook.

Rachel Maddow: “While we are all sidetracked by Trump/Pence and the NFL, Trump vs. Puerto Rico, Harvey Weinstein & the Sexual Predation of All Hollywood, the Russian Hacking of the election, or the MLB American League Division Playoffs this week, it’s worth noting that the following bills have been introduced in the House of Representatives”:

1. HR 861 to Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (Like to breathe? This one is not for you.)

2. HR 610 – Vouchers for Public Education (which may end free public education as we know it)

3. HR 899 to Terminate the Department of Education (which may lead to greater disparity between states but nobody who uses public education ever moves so it’s all good)

4. HR 69 to Repeal the Rule Protecting Wildlife (nobody likes nature anyway, right?)

5. HR 370 to Repeal the Affordable Care Act (didn’t we already try this umpteen times?)

6. HR 354 to De-fund Planned Parenthood (because exactly none of your tax dollars go toward abortion services)

7. HR 785 – National “Right to Work” (this one is actually a ‘Right to fire you whenever your boss feels like it” law, and it would effectively end unions)

8. HR 83 – Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill (California should just secede now and take all its money)

9. HR 147 to Criminalize Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”) (because these private decisions should be made by your legislator and employer)

10. HR 808 to Impose Sanctions Against Iran (even though they are in compliance with the agreement according to those in the know)

*** Please copy/paste

Again, review of being woke.

Let me say this: Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers who are grinding. Those whom are old school, new school, community, and many others. Oh yes it’s your day and you probably had a blast.

For now, I’m scratching my head again.

So James Comey got fired by #45. The same one that took down Hillary and the so-called emails.  Are we suprised?

Oh I see that the class of 2017 at Bethune Cookman College did not appreciate the presence of Betsy DeVos. And the folks on Social Media (in an opposite sense) had to call them disrespectful or “they won’t get any jobs” speech. Who’s the blame? Not the students! And for the record, she did talked “smack” about the HBCU Schools! Let’s be real.

If you’re a black graduate from Liberty University and just heard #45 spoke, and after the stuff he pulled so far, what is going through your mind?

What’s it going to take to solve this? Seeing a bunch of folks protecting a statue with torches?

Really, Steve Harvey? You fired your staff and having this “shield” that you don’t want to talk? Dude, stop!

Is Facebook really that hypocritcal? You get your movie clips with music banned but they don’t remove a pic with someone being hanged. Really?

Most recently, there have been alot of Sky Fox drones for news. Can there be more Sky Fox drone Jobs? Hmmmmm…..

In Wisconsin, can there be “Telepresence Jobs” and “Fab Lab Jobs” in the making for us over 30 years old? Training perhaps? With Bachelor’s and such.

Who is making all these so called memes about the Holy Bible and Slavery? Like the design and slave boats?

Does Wisco have a “Real Strong” candidate against Scott Walker? I mean a real strong candidate? No weak folks in 2018!

So folks hate these “spinning fidgits” that are being advertised. Being all distractive. How so?

Why I don’t see more POC in the Sons of The American Legion, Auxillary Legion or the Legion Riders? Especially in areas where not enough POC’s reside? I think they need to expand it more to the minority communities.

Milwaukee: did we enjoyed the 2nd Annual MPS Alumni Reunion?

Looking at the polls about the firing of James Comey. 29% only approve of his removal. What about the other percentage?

Milwaukee: what about that streetcar construction?

Why is #45 using the word “tapes”?

Glad to see that the Obamas are not going away. Good. Will the haters listen yet again?

Why is hazing still a problem in Fraternities and Sororities that lead to death? I don’t know it’s time to use a background check on the groups.

Dang, why was a 15 year old black teenager Jordan Edwards, who had straight A’s was recently killed in a car by a local police department in Texas? Did his life (black life) mattered? Oh I don’t hear the “All Lives Matter” groups talking now!

Ok. I have to say this: why was Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders took on the salary speaking funds that Barack Obama is getting?  Let the man get his paper!

Alot of the haters still hate on the Affordable Care Act. And those are supposed to be “Gun Touring Christians and follow the Good Book to screw others” in all. And I’m saying this as a Christian! Um….explain the details of why that about 29 million Americans should not get any coverage of pre-existing conditions. Explain why that those who are diagnosed with Diabetes, MS, Cancer, Heart Disease, or any other health concern should not get nothing to treat! Y’all making me run back to the medical folks for physical. Dang!

And the last question is…….. Mothers, are you blessed once again for Mothers Day? Enjoy and have fun. And always honor those whom are not here physically but around spiritually.

Speaking of which, I will be doing a Father’s Day Scratching head in honor of my father, and other fathers whom are eternally resting. And those whom have stepped up to the plate that act upon like fathers. It will be special. Stay tuned.

Oh, it’s time to for me to unleash some stuff here. And for this, I will not be held back on what is this about in all. Technically, the announcement of the Government Shutdown all because of the GOP ideals of stripping the now official Affordable Care Act out of the barn and into the pasture to be shot. Well guess what, the Affordable Care Act had gotten over a million hits since today, October 1st. And will continue to get more hits especially for those who didn’t have enough coverage, or no coverage to get into to see a doctor for physicals and of course the words of Health and Care!


Now the GOP failed to realize that going against Obama on this, maybe a grave mistake. A real grave mistake because look at next year, 2014. That year might be a execution style in which who from the U.S. House of Representatives will be gone into the unemployment line and if Speaker of the House John Boehner is on that list to be FIRED, I’ll say it here: he needs to be fired! I remember when the GOP in 2010 had a hat that read “Fired Pelosi.” All because of the whole health care set up. And it was the same set up when Congressman John Lewis was called out a racial slur and got spat upon all because the so-called Tea Party fans didn’t like the mentality of health care. Oh wait it’s not about healthcare? It’s Obama right. The first black president right? Why I’m not surprised.  This whole Shutdown reminds me of 1995 in the very same year that I graduated from High School that Bill Clinton faced the hot-seat of a Government Shutdown in parts of a potential Universal Healthcare. Then came that commercial in 1994 about “Harry and Louise” trying to accomplish to dump the Clinton’s version of HealthCare for all. And the elephants had to stomp all over that. All because they at the time was socialized medicine was about to take over. Can I say that they were copying Ronald Reagan’s notes? just like the leeches of the Tea Bagging Citizens who just had this imaginary sign of less government. Really?

And to those in the international community, please forgive America.  Really I am asking this as a citizen.

Out of my home state, Congresswoman Gwen Moore in DC had to comment about the decision that led to this “shutdown”.  She didn’t held back.

So technically, this shutdown was just a punishment for voters like me who voted up in 2012 for Barack Obama. If anyone deserves to be punished it’s not guys like me. The Republcan-Led Congress, and those in the Tea Party: THEY NEED to be punished. All because of their ongoing hatred against the President. since day one. Oh, and the thing about Reince Priebus and Michelle Bachmann having this notion of “supporting the veterans” is very sickening. Why I am saying this? I am a son/nephew of Vietnam Veterans. And Grandson of WWII Vets, Cousins of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and many others that have served in my family. As a son/nephew/cousin/grandson of those who have served in arms, I am stricken with disgust. I’ll bet many of you are who are sons, grandson and etc, are just a disgusted as this act. Yes, I realized that those who are WWII Vets want to see the WWII Memorial. Not a problem with that . But the folks who were welcomed were the same REPUBLICANS who wanted this Shutdown in the first place. Michelle Bachmann is a fraud! Sorry Minnesota, I know she’s your girl, but I’m just saying. And a far as Reince Preibus, from Janesville, don’t get me started! He is just as a fraud as Paul Ryan and Scott Walker in the same realm.

So in my view, are using the WWII Vets like pawns in a chess game to think, “Oh, we care about those who served and they deserve right to see their memorial.” Can I get the phone and dial 1-800 B.S.! Or hashtag on twitter #AmericansPlease! If the republicans cared about the Vets so much, why not help out the WIC? Or the support of the 800,000+ folks who aren’t working all because of the B.S. of them Shutting down the Government.  All because the hate on Obama, and the hate on the Affordable Care Act. Just to reiterate something here, I’ve been through the shutdowns in 1995-1996, so this is a second wind for survival for me. And no I’m not pleased with it. Technically it’s foolish. Now I know that there are those in the Republican group that want to distance themselves away from the shutdown decision. Well…..ok. But I wish those in the party would just make some common sense. Other than reciting in Congress, of Dr. Seuss.  This Senator Ted Cruz person, who ever he is, is really nerve racking. Yeah I said it, Texas. It needed to be said. All that “defund ObamaCare” mess. He can talk defending it all he wants to, but it is the law of the land.

Let’s just face it. The Republicans lost. They lost the last election against Obama. They lost the Health Care Debate. And they are whining up the storm all because of it. Now the Tea Party should know how it feels when most didn’t do scrap. And there are 81 members are holding the country hostage all because of this. Like I said, if those in the party are holding America in imprisonment, they need to have their jobs stripped. And what is the way to do it? Everybody in America, if you don’t believe in voting, you better start now.

Next blog on “the spot” a  letter to the 800,000 folks that are currently not working because of the shutdown. I got some inspiration for them. And trust me, anyone can pay attention.

For the last few weeks, I like many of you have been paying attention to the ObamaCare stories. We know already that the Open Enrollment will come up on October 1st, and also we also know that the Republican Party mixed with the Tea Party (so called) liked the idea to avoid a shutdown and defund the Health Option. All in the name of the stupidity of hate against the President. Now for those who are younger than me and feel that it’s not a big deal. Oh, I got some news for you. It is.

Dear younger folks who feel that Obamacare doesn’t apply:

It’s me Stephen. The black guy from Milwaukee who blogs in all?

Many of you feel that the ObamaCare package may not be a need for you. Many of you feel based on my readings, that doesn’t apply. Well I want to ask this. What does apply to you? I mean really. Forget about what you’ve been paying attention to. Forget about your blogs, your interests, your other things that your parents and others probably don’t care about. Don’t forget about your Health. Literately.

When I was about 23 years old, I was as the end of being covered by my parent’s health coverage. Back then the age limit was at the end of 23 years of age. And yes, I had to look for health coverage in which might be beneficial for me in the long run. Plus, yes, I had some “here and there” jobs and also had a mindset that this doesn’t apply nor feel that pleasing about me having insurance. Don’t forget I was 23. But in later years, after I sprained my shoulder working at UPS as a Package Handler, it was time for me to get to the doctors. And yes, insurance was a given thing. Fast forward to 2008, I was in a car accident in which my former vehicle, a 1993 Cadillac was hit as I was going to work. I wasn’t hurt in the crash. And my car was totaled. But for insurance wise I had to get checked out (minus the lipids) to make sure that I wasn’t harmed in any fashion. Do you see what I’m getting here? Yes, I know again it may not mean much, but it will climb up as you get older.

Partially, it’s a hard headed excuse not to take insurance. Nobody is not going to live forever. But for the time being, you have to get covered. Now this Affordable Care Act thing may not be your cup of tea, but it could be a beneficial standard. According to the website,, here is their summarized rundown of what to expect:

Benefits of the Affordable Care Act for Americans

Improving Quality and Lowering Healthcare Costs

  • Free preventive care
  • Prescription discounts for seniors
  • Protection against health care fraud
  • Small Business Tax Credits

New Consumer Protections

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Consumer Assistance

Access to Healthcare

  • Health Insurance Marketplace.

Benefits for Women

  • Providing insurance options
  • Covering preventive services
  • Lowering costs

Young Adult Coverage

  • Coverage available to children up to age 26

Strengthening Medicare

  • Yearly Wellness Visit
  • Many Free Preventive Services for some seniors with Medicare

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

  • Insurers must justify any premium increase of 10% or more before the rate takes effect

Timeline of Health Insurance Marketplace

  • October – Open enrollment begins
  • January – Coverage begins
  • March – Open enrollment closes
  • Future – All Americans have access to affordable health care.


Does this make sense? Or some sense?

I mean it’s really cut and dry. And I don’t think there are no “nightmarish” Uncle Sams coming out and checking you. For those of us who live in state in which the Governors said “no” to Obamacare (I.e. Scott Walker in Wisconsin) you will still get the ACA under the Marketplace option. Which is a way to choose your plan of health coverage. You have heard the phrase of “Pick your plan”. That is what this is, according to the website.

So the thing is you all need coverage! If those want to stay on the field for the next 80 years, it’s a beneficial time NOW to get checked and covered. Some of you have probably refused. Probably don’t need it. OR in this case, “I don’t need insurance.” Well, I hate to tell you, it’s more that meets the needs over wants. So you BETTER get checked up. OR get checked out. Your health is the most important thing going on. And it’s been going on since your birth. So, are you going to let it sit and wither away? Or what are you going to do about it after you get checked?




After many times debating about the Health Care Law, I felt a need to display this:

Finally there can be something for this. Now to those who think this is a raw deal, ask those who don’t have no coverage. I believe that every American should have affordable health care no matter what condition it transpires. Even those who live past 18 up to 26 years old,  and still on the parent’s should be covered.

The President often times said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. However, if you don’t have a medical plan, by 2014, those without it, will be able to get it. Now there are some naysayers out there, spefically those in “guarded republican states” will not take this at all. Specically a state I know well enough: Wisconsin. If I were a lenghty debater, Scott Walker would have a field day in terms of changing his mind. But obviously those like him are not going to budge that much. It it stubbornness? Yes. All because of having a President of color? I’m going there! And that goes for those like Rush Limbaugh. Didn’t he made a deal that he would move to Costa Rica if the Healthcare Act had officially passed and being Constitutional? Matter of fact, those who also pleaded to move to Canada due to the HealthCare change, need realize that countries like Canada, have free health care, in which I think is affordable. Bill Maher, once said this about France: “France has a better HealthCare system than we do, and America should steal it!” For those like Rush, ummm, a deal is a deal. MOVE RUSH!

I would say that this new HealthCare Act for 2014 can be a positive light for those who really need to check themselves healthwise. Especially those who haven’t’ been to the doctor in years, or just now going to the dentist! Like it or not, having a health care is not just a right, it’s a need. The first thing on your mind is your health, and the last thing on your mind IS YOUR HEALTH! Most folks probably did the Tea Party March in 2010 probably haven’t moved in years. It’s also the same year that mostly Nancy Pelosi and others carried that big gavel and actually made something with this. And I’m also reminded that what’s got them out of office, unceremoniously. So I’m assuming that those waved the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags don’t care about their health? Hmmm, correct me if I’m wrong.  I know some African-Americans in Milwaukee that don’t have health insurance or any type of health care. Where’s their rights to have some?

We all talk about jobs. But with “the jobs” should there be a decent HealthCare Plan? I’m just saying in general. So despite of the political views, there is one thing that shouldn’t be polictal at all: Decent needs for all Americans in Health should not be toyed with. Period!