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Is that the slogan?


I ask again: is that the slogan?

That phrase of NEVER FORGET! has been so etched in our minds I can’t even count. We use it everytime when we think of the worst things of humanity that we encounter, or summarize every single time. We know this, because it’s a common thing. We adapt the usage of NEVER FORGET that it’s a constant reminder. From wars, to assasinations, to foundings, and even other concerns.

By which many Americans mostly know about the wars of WWII. Oh this: Remember the Alamo. Or, the most recent: NEVER FORGET September 11th. Of course we shouldn’t forget 9/11 like the Jews can’t forget about the Holocaust. The Native Americans can’t forget about The Day of Mourning in which their ancestors on a Sunday after Church were killed. Thus havin a disdain about Thanksgiving. And so on. But when it comes to us Black folks and Slavery: we were told to “Get over it!” Or “It didn’t happen to you.” Or you’re just playing the race card….This is not a race card thing. When we in the black community talk about slavery or innocent black men and women get gunned down in the streets by the police or by a so-called guard with a gun, of course WE WILL ADDRESS IT! Why, because it needs to be heard, summarized, not swept under the rug , or not forgotten about.

For many years, we’ve been suggested to NEVER FORGET, but however in “Americanized Commentary” in most things we’ve been told to get over it!  TOTAL B.S!!!

No tragedy should not be forgotten. NONE! Black folks, I’m glad we got this sense of not forgetting our history of figures and worst strategies. No question we should NOT forget about our version of what happened with Slavery, Unarmed Shootings,etc. We have been silent or told to shut up about it. NO MORE! If there is a story about findings that were covered up or sealed, you darn right it will be uncovered. Even the topics that non-blacks talk about on Facebook that they well get mad; WILL COME INTO THE LIGHT!

NEVER FORGET – That slavery actually happened. It was real. And the effects of it still lingers today. Just like sexism, or that thing called Body Shaming. And homophobia, and so on.

NEVER FORGET – Black Servicemen that served in wars the early to mid 20th Century, served in nations that were treated well. But when they came back home: TOTAL DISRESPECT!

NEVER FORGET – Black folks, OUR VOTE MATTERS! Just like every other vote should matter.

NEVER FORGET – Black folks will tell you all the time, that no matter what degree you get, or level of assurance to obtain, or highest position to get in the working field, yes they worked hard, but still: the N-word, or some non-POC will say something stupid to say in a racist manner. Let’s be real! And to add, the comment working twice as hard is so clear.

NEVER FORGET – That in addition to the Black on Black Crimes that many non-POC’s still talk about, guess what: White on White crimes do happen that is not overlooked!

NEVER FORGET – Black folks: the legality of getting to finish line has not been so easy for us. Too many obsticles that are still in play. Even in 2016.

NEVER FORGET – Conversely, not EVERYONE is your friend. Or loyal to your family members.

NEVER FORGET – Black Lives Matter talk is still out there. In telling the concerns that need to be talked about no matter who’s listening, and mostly it’s the truth. And, the idea of the talk has not been done before in this country!

NEVER FORGET – White folks: I have to say this in a “patriotic manner”. While you remind us black folks here in America that “We Are Americans”, period. We know this.

But many of us are NOT as Patriotic As YOU!

We’re patriotic to learn about our culture, our heritage, or purpose, or joys, when and how long we mourn, and may others that we know VERY WELL. We need NO permission nor pass to do this. In the words of Taraji P. Henson: We are enough!

NEVER FORGET – Besides 9/11, in which it should not be forgotten,  what about the destruction of Black Wall Street and many other disasters or wars, or bad distractions that MANY sleep on TOO MUCH!

NEVER FORGET! – For those who think that the church is all about money and that pastor behind the money or scams, just to let all know that there are churches in America, especially the Black Churches that really DO WORK! Not play work.

NEVER FORGET! – While many look at black folks as being thugs, some of the folks complaining forgotten that they are neighbors, friends, workers, bosses, advisors, citizens, community leaders and etc.

NEVER FORGET – Education is still a priority. Even college degrees that will point somewhere to propel.

NEVER FORGET – Even though many have made it, it took someone before them to prepare them to make it!

NEVER FORGET – Black media matters. As in black TV, Black Radio, Black websites, Black Bloggers, black etc.

So when I hear: NEVER FORGET out of the mouths of the you know that you know what. Well, yeah, but there are other things that WE SHOULDN’T FORGET about the other dramatic concerns and not the black things that weren’t so great. All stories should be told. No matter what. And not the response of “getting over it” or whatever. This NEVER FORGET mantra can go any direction. Even as I said earlier about slavery, racism and many others. THOSE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!




I know many around the world are mourning the victims that are either being remembered and also those who are being treated with injuries. Once again, Paris France is on the spotlight with the acts of concerns with the hit of Terrorism in the country.

Yes folks, it’s the second time in almost 10 months that the city was a target. This attack was yet again all of ISIS’ fault that caused this stir. But the real question is: Why Paris AGAIN? I’m going to say it twice: Why, Paris AGAIN? Some say it’s an act of War according to the French President. Some say it’s once again an act of Religion that continues to harbor the triggers of these acts. Are the folks saying that ALL religion is behind this? Or just this act in theory? Don’t always assume that Religion overall is always the enemy. With me coming from a United Methodist Church Background that is under the Christianity umbrella, I don’t shove no hate down the throat against anyone. That would be like me using a holy oil on someone that doesn’t want it.

The attacks on Paris per say is like attacking those who didn’t deserve to be attacked. Yes, Americans. France is our oldest ally. After all, it was France that backed us in the Revolutionary War against Great Britain in making America it’s own country. Yes we know. They even backed the country in which 9/11 attacks happened. We know. And yes many here in America had to switch on our Social Media Profile pics with the French Flag Overlay in support of the Paris France Citizens that were affected of the recent attacks.

Now I want to say that having a Hashtag and turning your profile pic in supporting Paris is OK. To those questioning that in a negative manner, I guess you don’t have a clue. Many of the folks who have done this, either have a family member or members that are living in Paris, working in Paris, or even spending education time in Paris for their Universities or Colleges. What is the HATE against that? I’m on my Facebook news feeds yet again, and I had to peep at some attitudes about those supporting the Paris thing, and not supporting the communities, or Kenya. Speaking of Kenya, that is where Barack Obama’s Father is from as we all know. But however for Kenya, as many “so-called conscious” folks knows, they had an attack in which over 100 plus of the citizens had perished earlier THIS YEAR IN APRIL! Probably killed. And when word got out for that, OH HERE THEY COME! They had to bust out the commentary about, “Oh you care about Paris, but forgot about Kenya or Beirut, or folks just forgot about Mizzou’s problem of racism.” REALLY?! For all you so-called conscious folks on the social media, be aware that death does not take a holiday. And to quote Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, “There are no vacations for The Undertaker.” When you woke up this morning, no matter when you woke up about whatever time zone you wake up to, did anyone of us in America knew about Kenya’s problem? Nope! What about those in Paris that knew about Milwaukee’s problems. Does the Paris Community know about our problems of Segregation, unemployment among black, health problems in all? HELL NO! This is just as bad facing terrorism as much as facing gang activity in the hood! Come on folks! And just to think, we’ve been here before. Think back to 9/11. That one morning that we all felt when those towers collapsed, and guess who was one of our supporters when the country was hit? France. What city in France? Paris. Yes, we know that Bush set it up in a sense that he knew those of a Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein that was on the sidelines cheering that we got sucker punched on that Tuesday Morning. The assassinations of MLK, JFK, RFK were bigger news back then that rocked the country to its core! And yes, my conscious black people, I know about 9/11/1801 when our black people were pictured with being hanged from a tree! I KNOW!!!!! All I had to do is to watch the pic on the most common Social Media Platform: Facebook.

CALLOUT: I have a question, where is the real story/references about 9/11/1801?!!!! I want footnotes, summaries, ACTUAL INFORMATION, and also real references that this actually happened. NO BS MEMES! NONE OF THAT! If those probably pulled that to just make folks read that on Social Media without any backup information, YOU HAVE FAILED! I’m not part of that young crowd readers without backup. I am a Seasoned Vet that wants the full detailed information! Challenges are being sent right now!

But on the support of Paris though. Yes there are those who are going to say, “You support a country that you see on TV but never support your own community.” Hmmmmm….I would like to agree with that, but partially I don’t. You never know that someone or anyone would support the Paris Community, and THEIR OWN at the same darn time! Just like the whole Trayvon Martin thing. But Americans, especially some black folks probably forgotten that what happened to Trayvon could happen in your community! The same with the killings in Beirut and Kenya, could be the same of some incident in the countryside where nothing happens. But could happen! I saw some pictures of those in Paris on Facebook that read: Black Lives Matter. Even supporting the I Can’t Breathe moniker. And this movement that some criticize about in this country, is being also talked about and supported in other countries like France.

Hell, there is racism in Europe. Anyone who felt that the #BLM movement is a farce? Watch it.

Finally, let me comment this. I’m not going to say it in French, but English. To the citizens of Paris, France. We hear you. You’ve been hurt. Rattled with violence. Shaken with pain. And had to start thinking about those that you lost in ways of saying farewells. Importantly, it is with this I say that you must rise up. And you will indeed rise up. No matter what ISIS or any other group that deals with terrorism thinks! Be up on your game. We know how us Americans felt on 9/11 and other events of terrorism that harbored the country, and yet our communities. So yes, Paris. There are those in the country and well as other countries will stand with you in prayer. (Even some of you might not like it, but still!) And we hope you will pray for the communities in America that don’t get enough footage about a school racked with racism, or communities in the African Decent areas are being target by the police. High Unemployment among African-American Men and etc.

Paris, Beirut, Kenya, and all other countries or cities being harmed with this terrorism thing: It’s real now. The struggle continues!

The Patriot Act.

One of the ongoing effects that continues to hinder our liberties and freedoms in terms of our communication.

Back in 2001, as most of us remember after September 11th, George W. Bush, signed into law the Patriot Act that allows our government to tap in to our phone calls, emails, and many forms of communication. Even also our phone records. And it was geared to be around one thing: The safety of our country. Many of us thought it was a wise thing. But if that’s the case, why is that most folks NOW are mad at the decision that was made by Bush 43? And yes here comes the blame on Obama. Partially, that shouldn’t be on the current President. The issue I am raising is the ongoing rant against Verizon Wireless. The National Security Agency or the NSA, under the Federal Court Order that phone records, no matter if it was to your mama or your doctor or best gambling bookie down the street, will be turned over to the US Government.

And again. I dare to ask, why are we angry at this?

I have an answer: We are allowing it to happen!


All this madness stuff really started and should be blamed on the Bush Administration. They are ones who had the idea, and they are the ones to blame way before President Obama got the chair. And plus, every single American whether you like it not, shares the blame also because most of us backed it up. This also reminds me when Bill Maher always talked about and ranted on George W. Bush in which he pushed through laws and regulations. Yes he was the genesis of the “Bush Attitude” of making wars happen, torture, deregulation, tax breaks for the rich in all. This was your boy Republicans, and you know it.

Now comes the Patriot Act of 2001, and over the years that Act was like an invasion of privacy. Of course it was about safety. But that’s not it. That act was more like a mere barrier. And now the Government wants phone records? And many of are mad at this? We should be mad because I think were the ones that didn’t stop it. Or sort of like putting word of Explicit Language in music. Oh yes, it’s about Freedom Of Speech and Expression. BUT, why is it still available? That because we allow it to happen! Notice the difference? Like the quote from Spider-Man’s uncle Ben used to say, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Does that ring a bell? Where’s the great responsibility of the Patriot Act, America? I have another quote for you and it’s a bit old school: Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Does this Sound familiar?

Who didn’t voted for the Patriot Act? Two words: Russ Feingold.

Remember him Wisconsin? The guy that was dethroned by RoJo, aka Ron Johnson? Take a look at the footage and judge for yourself.

If anyone had the chance to watch the Ed Show, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson a retired US Army Colonel, opened up about the endorsement choice of Colin Powell choosing once again President Barack Obama to retain the presidency. What the Col. said was straight off the cuff and clear to the point. The Retired Army Colonel spoke and slam his party, the Republican Party of their use of racism in regarding John Snunu’s words of picking Obama from the General. Obviously, it’s been said all this time. And I’ve been saying it. It’s not the plan, it’s the man. When Bush and Cheney left, Obama picked up the mess and continued to make progress and attempt to continue to plea his case. But on DAY ONE, when the President took office, the Republicans side made sure that they were to block everything possible to make sure Obama fails. That was part of it. However the Ret. Col. Wilkerson made claim on his case for another reason as I described previously. Justified it maybe, it was just another claim of Snunu thinking that Colin Powell picked Obama because he’s black. Question! Has anyone heard Colin Powell said that in his pick for Obama? No! Had anyone heard Colin Powell mentioned this back in 2008? Absolutely not. So what’s the deal?!

Colin Powell is one of the best generals that America had in history. Subsequently also, black history. And also, he is his own man. If he wants to endorse someone from a different party, while staying base as a moderate Republican, then that is his own decision. End of story!

Alright. Now what’s up with this so-called lie concerning the President with Benghazi? This lie about the right wing media’s assumption that the White House knew it was going to happen? And the hypeness of this making it like it was a scandal? Really? First my heart bleeds for those who were killed. No person shouldn’t have to go through that.  Even on the 11th Anniversary of the incident. During the second debate, the President was on point in his stance in conjunction on what happened, and to have Mitt Romney making it a “political issue” as usual just trying to get ratings. That was a slap in the face. And now it’s a month after the attack, and the Right Wing Media likes to play scandal stuff to make a butt joke of the scenario. Even on Twitter, I see hashtags of #ImpeachObama. Excuse me, but Impeach him for what?!!!!! For being black?!! Or Mixed?!! Come on!  All because most thought he “lied”? Most of the Republican folks are giving him the heat. Some are not – One of them is a Romney Supporter. Does the name Condolezza Rice ring a bell? She, like some others in her party is refusing to comment on the stance of Libya and did comment that those who work must finish the job investigating. And plus, Condolezza knows this stuff very well and had to bring the real talk truth on that channel of Fox News. So apparently, the President got back up not only from his administration, but also from those like Condolezza who again knows that predicament. Oh what? The Right Wingers are going to call out Condoleezza  Rice for her stance with the President? Sort of like that “email” got circulated through Social Media. Remember when Bush thought there were WMD’s in Iraq when the troops were in battle, and didn’t see a lick of them? Well who was lying on that notion?

Like the President said, those that committed the murders in Benghazi will be in his words: “brought to justice”. The same with Osama Bin Laden. And for the record, we know that the Seal Team Six made the hit on Bin Laden. But who gave the order? Come on Right Wingers, who gave the order to take out Osama? and plus, who advised the order to made it happen? Let me answer that: Obama gave the order. And it required an advisement from Joe Biden. Yeah, Bin Laden was on Bill Clinton’s Radar, then it was on Bush’s radar (blindly) but when it came on Obama’s radar, the game was over. Period! Why did I say blindly on Bush? I think it spoke for itself of concentrating more on Saddam Hussein, than Bin Laden. And Iraq WAS NOT a target! Really it was near the Afghan/Pakistan area where most of that 9/11 planning got started up! I don’t hear nothing like that coming out of Bush’s mouth. Nor Mitt Romney’s mouth!  Oh, and where was this coming from the so-called right wing fans that wanted wars? *crickets* *crickets*

I can see this now. It’s election day. Obama wins the event. And that so-called bogus 2016 Obama’s America Movie will be a flop in sales. That dude who made the movie has got issues on his own from his former employer, who worked at a college! Watch out.