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Usually I don’t do this, but I have to call out my city right now. And if anyone feels that that what I am about to say based on a “governmental sensitive attitude” mainly it’s the truth. And I know from past experience.

I have a message Milwaukee: I am a PROUD ALUM of John Marshall High School. BAR NONE!

I am 1995 graduate of the school and PROUDLY I instill the Columbia Blue and Scarlet in me wherever I go.  I am the first and youngest member of the Alumni Board of the Directors and serve as Treasurer of the organization from the 1990’s decade.

I graduated from the same school where George Tillman Jr, Emily Pollard, Mike Gousha, Barbara Duffy and even a well known columnist here in the city also earned their stripes of achievement. Even well knowns like Mona Sutphen who worked under administrations of President Clinton and Obama.

Those right there, are proud things per say. But that is not the real story.

The real story is this. Apparently my Alma Mater 90’s folks had been accused and I dare say “thwarted” about a potential all class reunion that would have taken place, but in the eyes of those of a neighborhood association, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department, Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee County Parks had a concern about my alma mater’s gathering which would have been on a Second Saturday in August. Not to go into detail, the sensitive folks of these groups had it wrong about what kind of “reunion” was it supposed to be. The event was advertised on Facebook, and the sensitive folks had to react negatively about the words of “getting the hook up” in all with illegal alcohol  and many other concerns. The legality of this was and is NOT TRUE! Since then, the event was taken down on Facebook and there was an option of getting additional permits of presence of law enforcement and others.

This was supposed to be an Family Friendly event, bring your food, water and many others. And I really wanted to get the Alumni Association involved with this event. YES, the Alumni Association. And I was supposed to take pictures of the alums and guests to take place. Apparently, that was a non-factor to those of the parks, the neighborhood association, police or the sheriff. How do these folks know that the so-called illegal activity was supposed to happen?!!! Oh, I get it.  I really do.

Here it is!

This is one example of Milwaukee’s issues of addressing the concern of Segregation. I’m calling it what it is. Milwaukee is one of the major Segregated Cities in the United States and those individuals who threw a darn monkey wrench in a positive event just to save their own hides and jobs. REALLY?!!!

And don’t get me started about: “Oh, we pay our taxes, and we want to be safe from all the crime and drama.” SHUT UP!

Just Shut Up!

First, as a Black Resident, I pay taxes too. And I was brought up to help to keep neighborhoods safe. I hope the “Cooper Park Neighborhood Folks” can understand that. So technically as a native of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, I pay my fair share! Don’t get me started. And as far as the Milwaukee Police and Sheriff Department is concerned: I think they should have done a better job of finding out the real situation behind this. I don’t fault my Alma Mater folks on this. And I’m keeping cool on this. My advice to the Sheriff and Police, this “investigation” of my Alma Mater’s potential High School Reunion Picnic was out of bounds. I’m not on the planning committee, but I can say I knew the real deal support  of this event! It is appalling of what happened. And partially, I fault bad judgment. I don’t fault the deputies or officers as bad folks overall. It’s the bad judgment and miscommunication how it was interpreted. It’s sort of like gossip, or he say, she say, or they say. EVERYONE knows this! Even the folks who you go to work with encounters the same thing. And yes, the church knows as well. And we also know that words can get twisted or misused. My pastor once said you have to correct folks. Even if they have a badge.

It’s real sad there are folks, who feel that black people or any type of folks can’t have a good time these days. Always got to be negative. A real good time with all the negativity going on that might be making the 9:00pm news slot. That I call a thing that goes like this: Shameful.

Many in my 90’s Alumni Marshall Eagles are very productive in the areas of occupation, entrepreneurship, give back to the city in various ways of volunteering, owning their organizations, members of well known groups of service, financial, and many other occupations and jobs that they grasps since leaving Marshall well over and almost 20 years ago combined! And not only that, we were raised with family values!

So what’s the problem?

In regarding this in all: it is not over. My folks from High School will rise up and show out. And yes, those who don’t like it, will face the music of the truth. No matter what! Milwaukee, don’t underestimate the Alumni that soars with excellence! Even if you are a hater of the Mighty Eagles, don’t front on excellence!