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Yo, what’s up with the bump in the night? You all know that Halloween is coming. Yes, I’m writing in the dark. Don’t judge me. But however, with the ghosts in and around my spirit, I had to bust this out like the Thriller jacket.

This one I have to ask:

Um….. I need to ask: who in the hell is Jackie Cooper?!!!

Um…for the female who thinks that blackfaces are not a problem: where have you been?!

This Trump supporter thought that racism ended before Obama came into office. Oh really?!

For the love of GOD America! Bill Clinton is not on the Ballot! Can we get this straight?! Jeez.
Why do many folks especially some black folks believe that racism doesn’t exist? Wake up folks!

You know that Election Day is coming right? Stop being scared and spooked!

So there are “Blacks for Trump” groups around, well can they explain the racial side of him?

It seems that those who were born in Milwaukee that left per se, still have bitter feelings about visiting their old stomping grounds. Here’s my question, did you actually helped your old stomping grounds before you left?  Or just a reminder that it via violence can happen anywhere?

Who REALLY has the upper hand in the World Series: Cubs or Indians?

So has the colors of Pink and Purple really sunk in this year? Being Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Who is really jealous of Tyler Perry all because of that Madea Halloween Movie? People get mad and still Tyler is making money. Which by the way to the HATERS: why are you mad at him? What is in your wallet? Your bank account? Yeah what’s up with that? (Crickets)

What is up the holidays that most of us don’t understand, and having this so called conscious mind that we need not mind doing? Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Yeah Church haters, I still hear all the negatives about all these ministers and members taking all that money and the cheating and such. Im not a minister. But AGAIN, where is the POSITIVE about Churches in general?! I don’t see nor hear that from you. Even on social media. Hmmm…….some of you must have forgot!

Yo Hoteps: are you really telling that truth, or just acting like it to get an impact? No need to get out the RGB for this one.

So some fool or goober in Madison during a Badger Football Game dressed like President Obama before Halloween with a noose and claim it’s free speech. You have no idea why racism is still alive. But however will this be added to “The Real UW” category? Knowing it will. Look for it.

With all this going, why do annual church conferences seem to skip over concerns that African-Americans knows very well? Explain.

Can we have no more email talk of Hillary?  Dang!

Why does it seems that those with “part time work” have “full time experience?”

Job Fairs to me in Milwaukee are getting whack. Yes, I said this! Where are the “Career Fairs” that matter?

So the Philadelphia 76ers said no to Sevyn Streeter’s just because of her “We Matter” Jersey. Oh why did they over react?

Remember 15 years ago that everyone dressed like a civil servant on Halloween? No Dracula. No Witch. None of that. And was still shaken from 9/11.

And I have one final question: Many think that Halloween is full of evil. Well you know that other holidays can have some evil components too right? Or even a particular day?
Have a delightful not so conscious Halloween!


Oh yes. As I write this, the Summer Games of the 31st Olympiad has shut the doors. The Cauldron has been put out. And of course Rio De Janerio has it’s city back and yes, Tokyo Japan will have next in 2020 to host the games. For us Americans, I told you so that this was an “American Summer” in terms of racking up the medals from Gold, to Silver and Bronze. The Bronze medal in the past probably meant that it was a sign of why this, to it’s better than nothing. The sportsmanship between the countries still remain endless. For most, it was a way to break barriers, break stereotypes, break gender like stances of proving points, proving you still belong,  and most of all: getting a chance to stamp your name into Olympic Greatness for a established pointers. And even to have witnessed a thing called Black Girl Magic, with Black Male Brilliance.

What were my moments of the games: Well let me count the ways!

Swimming: SWIMMMM SQUAAAAAAD!  I kept saying that on Twitter and Facebook alot. One of my moments to take away was indeed Michael Phelps. I thought Michael was out of it years ago. But I was surprised he made his way back to win more medals Golds and Silvers to add to his trophy case. He did it his way in terms of proving to himself that even he had some concerns about this character, but still had a chance to compete in the games and doing the thing he does best: Willing medals. For the Women: Simone Manuel. She became the First African American Woman to do the thing in swimming by setting a new world record of 52.70 Seconds in the 100 meter race! Let me say that again: FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN to do the thing in swimming by setting a new world record of 52.70 Seconds in the 100 meter race. Later on, she also was the anchor of the women’s swim relay to win the gold for the U.S. Also she won two silver medals in the same event. For Simone also, it was a ground breaking victory for many reasons, not because she’s a woman, but also black. Many of us had to read about various times that black people weren’t allowed to use swimming pools. This is a true fact, white folks. And also, when Dorothy Dandridge was still alive, there was a time she dipped her toe in the pool, and when the white folks heard that, they drained the pool all because she was black! There were times that black folks had acid poured on them in the pools out of hatred just because they were black! For all you folks who think this is made up, or just fake, I urge you to go back into those history books again and read about why black folks had that against them and the reasons why it was. This wasn’t a joke. It was brutal and nasty. And I know when Simone Manuel won the Gold for the first time, it wasn’t just for her, it was for those whom were black and were brutalized by the Police. The area she’s from, probably had the scare about the Police stopping a pool party and also the teens were black. Not kidding here!

U.S. Rugby: Now for this, Rugby got  my attention. And the one player caught my eye was Carlin Isles. This dude made a name when he was doing track and field, but when he became this Rugby player, I had to watch this. I’ve seen the clips of him and this dude was running fast like crazy! Dodging folks in all. I’ve began to think like, he could have been a football player in the NFL shaking up the Defense, or taking INT’s. But in rugby, he made a name for himself and with his training, it was just the beginning. Even though that the Rugby team didn’t get a medal, but international folks: The US Rugby Team is just the beginning and they will get their medals. Only a matter of time. Plus also, I think Rugby will make a new impact on America just as Football has been doing for a long time. It’s just my opinion.

Track and Field: Oh the TrackSquad!  I am very impressed with the skills of Allyson Felix. She is now the most decorated female in US Olympic History via the Track. I’ve watched her 4 years ago in the London Games, and she carried her skills with the use of her speed for the track events. There was an article that she almost didn’t walk per se. But I’m glad of what she had to go through to get it done, it was done! In addition, her relay team had to bounce back from that baton mistake due to one of the Brazil runners getting in the way. They got their appeal and it was granted that they wanted to run again,and  after that, let’s just say that the rest is history.  For the Shot Put: Michelle Carter! If you don’t know who she is, you need to recognize. She is like the first black woman I’ve seen since Jackie Joyner-Kersee doing that event in a while. But the way that she did that event, I was like: WHOAAA! Never heard of her, but I’m glad part of the “Black Girl Magic” did infact worked for her as getting that gold medal.

In addition to the running: this is about the men folk. The first squad that ran in the preliminaries or the qualifying running, they should have NOT been disqualified. And this same group almost had the match won clean. But the baton passing on one second men’s  track  relay was indeed very clean and very coordinated and still dominated with the survival of getting another gold medal.

Beach Volleyball: Oh yes, Kerri Walsh-Jennings is a favorite of mine. No question she has been so dominate of the Beach VolleyBall game for quite sometime. The Beach Volleyball event has been around for about 20 years. And Kerri was good in most of the games. For this year, the Brazilians won the Gold Medal game in which broke the streak of Kerri’s wins of 26 games. However, she and her teammate were dominate in the Bronze Medal game and still walked off as one of best players in the game.

Gymnastics: I’m going to talk about Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas here. First, the Final Five were indeed one of the best gymnasts around and they brought the faith and fire to the Olympic Event. Of course everyone was betting on the Final Five to win along with Laurie, Madison and Aly. To me the strongest of the bunch was Simone. And this shorty of 4’8″ was no joke. She was just phenomenal and her first time in racking up her first five medal wins.

For Gabby, we know how good she is and very talented as she remains to be. But however, there are those who didn’t allow two things go: Her hair, and her hand over her heart. Now this is the point where I’m going to POP OFF! For you Gabby Hair Haters, you must be tired. Tired of her having her hair so pinned back. Tired, Tired, Tired. Your so-called jokes are just pathetic and stupid and I’ll guess that many of you are black women whom are just lazy and brainless just because one person’s hair hasn’t been so perfect all the time. What make you think that her hair ain’t perfect and yours is? Your hair ain’t all that!  I’ve seen your fake weaves floating around on social media thinking it’s OK. Sorry so-called black queens, your hair: PLEASE! You go in on Gabby’s hair as if you somewhat care. You don’t!  And you supposed to catch these future kings you impressing? For me, no thanks. And now, you think it’s a joke? Let me say this and hear me out clearly: YOU ARE THE JOKE! The eggs are on your face! And all of this with the mixed of social media with your tweets of Facebook posts is just utter nonsense. And many of you want to catch me for a husband? HA! Don’t think so. Your attitude does carry and it’s carrying a jealousy weight of self-hatred and a black people, it is a shame that the bitterness is being passed around constantly and 4 years later and I would remind those whom have kids: you kids are watching your every move! PATHETIC!

Speaking of that: for all you so-called Patriots in America, those who called out #CrabbyGabby: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!  Let me take a while guess: it’s the Gold Medal Ceremony and the national anthem is played, four of the Final Five had their hands over their hearts, and Gabby didn’t. And oh, you so-called jackals who think you know it all, had to go in on Gabby Douglas as being unpatriotic or unappreciative of being not to have her hand over her heart while the National Anthem is played. All of you racist pukes who feel this way, you need to stuff it! And thing is, some of you probably don’t do it yourselves! I’ll bet many of you WILL NOT do this at the Football games this fall or the Basketball Games in the same season. Many of you will not do it, and someone will call your carcass out about you hating on Gabby Douglas. Gabby DID NOT do anything wrong in this matter. If many of you so-called Americans found that OFFENSIVE: Remember, many of you have seen this picture:


Well, Well, Well: Someone must scream out DOUBLE STANDARD! Look, I know that the shot putters on the left got their medals and did NOT put their hands over their hearts. Can anyone say hypocrites?


Or you think this was offensive?  You so-called Americans need to grow up! Even this guy Donald Trump who, many of you think might make a good president on paper, is the same fool that many of you think he’s going to build a wall, or has the answers concerning African-Americans. Just wait I’ll pop off again in my next blog!  When Football season starts, if I see ANYONE who is non black, with no hands over hearts, I’m going to take a picture and I might put it here!

So who are we fooling, Americans?  We are fooling ourselves because many of us don’t even follow the protocol of what to do when to stand when the National Anthem is played. We don’t! I said many of us, not all don’t know this. Admit this, do we stand and put the hand over the hearts back in school? I’ll answer it: YES AND NO. More of the no. Why would I ask this?  Seriously, I ask this because many of us so-called patriots FORGOTTEN the ettiqutte of the response and procedure on how this is supposed to be done. Usually there is a rule that yes when you put your hand over the heart, that is for the pledge of allegiance. Many of us know very well when every monday morning back in school, we had to get up from the desks and look to the flag and recite the pledge. Now this was back in school. Now when the national anthem is played, of course some will put the hands over the hearts. BUT SOME WON’T. Either they stand, or those in uniform will salute. Or some will bow their heads like prayer. Or some will put their hands over the hearts and have their heads bowed. Or some will rise and stand for the duration of the Anthem.

CALLOUT: Um… this making any sense here?

If it is, you should know. If those who make a scene that it will do more harm than good and to mix it in with the likes of Gabby Douglas, you don’t know SQUAT! I said this on Facebook and I’ll say it here, Gabby Douglas did not do anything wrong in this so-called matter! She did not! If those of the so-called patriot crowd hashtag of  #CrabbyGabby on Facebook or Twitter because of the hand/heart problem, then maybe it’s YOU having the problem. Maybe it’s not Gabby’s fault that she didn’t disrespect anyone. The fault is on those who want her to fail. And those doing the hate, just remember: Gabby is 20 years old and did more in her 20 years of life than many of us wished we’ve done. Many of us WISHED we went to the Olympics and competed for the games and win medals and having the folks talking about us. Many of us WISHED we had to go to the training facilities and train up to stay sharp for our events and activities. Many of us WISHED we had the glamour! But did we do that? Let me say this, HELL NO!

Instead of jabbing at her about her hair, or the heart/hand issue, let’s just TRY to appreciate the fact that she did the job by her gifts and talents to get that shiny gold medal AGAIN for the United States of America’s Olympic Team. So what’s the fuss? Many of us are just self-centered of the hate along with racism, sexism, self-hatred, or many of us like I said wished to be like Gabby, but it’s too late now!

You may put in this hashtag: #LOVE4GABBYUSA. Should of had this 4 years ago.

Ahhhh: Let’s talk the sports that was so cool to get to see, Basketball.

Both the Men and Women played their hearts out and as we all know from the beginning that both teams maintained their undefeated stats per game and also grinned out to win the Gold Medals for the umpteeneth time. We know it was expected for Team USA’s Basketball squads to win and they did. But in between the game, there were some close shaves for the men’s squad against Serbia and Australia in the Pool Play that the Squad won by 5 points or less. Yes, the world squad is catching up and they get it by playing in the NBA. And yes, Basketball has gone global. It’s all over the place. Yes, there was a time in 2004 that us Americans were shocked by Argentina when the USA lost! Yes that was a bad taste in our mouths. It was nothing to with shoe endorsements. And I think also, that the team should have gotten better players then instead worrying about their shoe contracts. I respect what Carmelo Anthony stepped up to do. He was on that 2004 Team and had to get the bronze. But to come back in 2008, 2012, and 2016 to get the gold medal, that was growth! The Redeem Team of 2008 was like for them to redeem themselves to prove that we can win gold medals, and be dominate once again. In which they did. 2012 as we know, there was this debate about if the 2012 USA Basketball Team could be the originals from 1992. Let me school you young cats AGAIN. The 1992 Originals were like the fresh team of the nWo, it was something that it was never tried before of getting the NBA’s best to compete for the Gold. This team was on a mission at the time of what happened against Russia in 1972. That is when the Russians at the time got the Gold based on the controversial outcome play. At the end of the game, the Russians got the Gold, the other team got the Bronze and the US? Silver. In which they didn’t come out to accept. The Silver Medals weren’t award and they are in a lockbox safe somewhere that is untouched. The 1972 team felt they didn’t deserve to win the Silver. They wanted the Gold! The Originals’ mission to get the Gold in 1992 was done, and also it not only inspired more men to get the gold medals, but also paved way for the Women’s Team to get the Gold as well. Speaking of that, I didn’t watch much of the women squad in their gold run, but as collectively as they were, they was poised and dominate in their right to get the bar high as they can to win. For you young cats STILL think that the 2012 team can beat the Original 1992 team, stop playing! Go back to your rooms and play that Xbox because nobody don’t want to hear that mess. The 1992 team would slaughter and mame the 2012 team based on their experience and knowledge of the game. Would they do the same against the recent 2016 squad, most likely.

Also there was this criticism about the members selected to play for the USA Basketball Men’s Squad. Mainly from someone who knows what the squad is about. Charles Barkley needs to SIT DOWN! Look, yes he was on that Original Squad. If Sir Charles is really serious about the commentary of the current squad, why doesn’t he coach them?  Why doesn’t he go from the Commentators Chair on TNT, and get on the COACHING SQUAD to assist the Big Guns to handle that business! Come on Charles! Try it sometime! That I think is what he supposed to do. Of course he wouldn’t.

Speaking the 2020 USA Basketball Squad: I would like to see: Jabari Parker, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Steve Novak, and maybe, just maybe a incoming rookie from the College Game that is on fire. That is my pick for 2020. I know the analysts, have their picks but this is my own option to view.

Other sports: I’m going to go with Fencing. And Ibithaj Muhammad impressed me. Even though that she got a bronze medal with a Hijab on, I’m glad she stood up and tested the waters. On Instagram, way back in Black History Month, I posted this:

Guess what? I called it!

Another was Dylan Farmer who got the silver in the Fencing event. Like Black Girl Magic, Black Male Brilliance was working. Over 30 years ago, an African-American, Peter Westbrook won the bronze medal in the 1984 Summer Games. Since then, he’s been teaching fencing in his native New Jersey, but where he first learned it? In the inner city!

Water Polo: for the females, I have to go with Ashleigh Johnson, who was the black woman out there with the Female Polo Squad winning the gold medal. And just to ask, would African-Americans take an interest in Water Polo Sports?

Boxing: Why wasn’t this name has been mentioned alot like the others? And I’m talking about Claressa Shields out of Flint Michigan. Yeah that one. The one that made history again this year, in the same sport of boxing! She’s not Laila Ali, but she sure did dominate. And won the Gold Medal.

Finally for the squad: US Shooting. Kim Rhode, Virginia Thrasher. Winning gold with Air Rifles and Clay Shootings. Now I need to ask this question: why aren’t many in the African-American community per se, are not in categories like this one? Whats up? I looked at the roster of the USA Shooting and not one person of African Descent is not on that squad. Got to think about that in 2020 when making that trip to Tokyo.
Now many are probably asking  well you got the Americans. What’s up with the International folks? Usain Bolt of Jamaica, no surprise. Like 4 years ago he dominated the sprints then and closed out in 2016. Mo Farah of Great Britain: no surprise again. Still owned the gold like London. And to add, Oksana Chusovitina the only woman out of Uzbekistan to compete at age 41. She was competing and winning medals long before either Simone Biles or Gabby Douglas were even thought about. When I though about her, I thought about Dara Torres when she competed in the games at age 41!!!! Remember her?

Now since again the Olympics have been closed, yes there have been those moments. But check this, the Summer Games out of the United States has been an American Summer! I told you so. And the final medal count was followed with the Americans: 46 Gold, 37 Silver, and 38 Bronze. And plus more women competed from the US did in fact complete that notion!

And in addition with the Gold Medals: This year’s Team USA racked up 1,000 golds in it’s team history. Yep. It was an “AMERICAN SUMMER!”


I needed to repost this blog from 4 years ago. August 2nd, 2012. Back then, it seemed that the hair haters of Gabby Douglas had opened up wounds about a hair. Now, yet again, the same hair haters had to comeback and say some smack about Gabby’s hair. ENOUGH OF THIS! Especially if you’re black. In an upcoming blog after the olympics, I’m going to go hard in which the hair haters must surrender. Right now, I’m on a break. But I’m coming back in a direct mean letter to all this hate of Gabby Douglas. Not just for the Hair Haters, but also for the “Overly Patriotic” and you know who you are!

Gabby’s Cool. Stop worrying about her hair!!

I don’t know if anyone had paid attention to this but…..When Gabby Douglas and her Fierce 5 crew won the Gold Medal in Gymnastics recently at the Olympics, there were some bashing of her in regarding her hair. Oh, really?!!! To those that bashed Gabby on that, you need to get a life! Stop It!

This kid just did something positive for the country and here it is that folks are worried about her hair! I mean when you do sweat, your hair is effected by that. What is up with folks, excuse me; Some black people who do this in a negative fashion? No matter in person or virtually like Twitter?

What that tells me that there are pathetic folks who are just well….here it is again “extremely sensitive” about stuff that they feel is well “offensive”. How is Gabby’s hair is offensive to Blacks in terms of what it supposed to look like? Talk about “GHETTO!”

What a joke. I say this, worry about your hair! Also what do we know about Gabby Douglas in general? Guess what. NONE of us never knew this kid before the name came out, along with her talent. The Olympics are not a fashion show. This is like “serious business” here. No I haven’t competed in a Olympic games but I respect the hard work and dedication to get to that point. It’s just like getting the WWE Championship. Sometimes you have to through folks like or dislike just to get the belt!

Don’t like Gabby’s hair? So what. Move on. Just do the thing of respect that the almighty has sent her do and to express her gifts as an Gymnast. Her hair is not that important right now. And by the way, she is competing in a Women’s category for Gymnastics, but she’s still a kid.

Grow up!

Guess what?

I did this for Mother’s Day. And now, just in time before Father’s Day. Now for every father in the building have a great Father’s Day to you all. But before that happens, I’m about to scratch my head again of the most recent events. By the way, there will be no same neckties! Not in that order.😉

Father’s Day falls of Juneteenth Day this year. Who’s down going after church?

AGAIN: If all lives really matter, again what is up with the still hate of Black Citizens?

For those watching Voltron: Legendary Defender, can you catch up on the 80’s version that Gen X knows?

For the LGBT folks: would you fly this flag?


Milwaukee: are you ready for Summerfest?

Still can’t stand the hypocrites in church huh? Do those have hypocrites in the workplaces also? Even at your owned business? Or the Hangouts? Don’t worry I’ll wait. Especially if you are on Facebook or Instagram talking comments.

Is Lebron James ready for another ring, or will Chef Curry have the final say in Game 7?

Look America: so you still can’t stand bathroom issues with the Transgender folks. My question is, when you were using the bathrooms at public places or at your JOB, haven’t you noticed that for years?

I need to ask: why many people think that the Steph Curry Under Armour White Shoes is ugly? Are we back in High School?!!! I can hear this now: Look at the white shoes! Look at the white shoes! Look at the white shoes! Lord.


The GOP is imploding. Good! Have they learned their lessons, yet all the mess out of Donald Trump?

CALLOUT: Why isn’t Children’s Day is acknowledged more like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? And Children’s Day is on June 12th.

Has the United Methodist Church listened to the concerns of the demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter movement out at the General Conference in Oregon? And WILL that same influence impact on every UMC Conference, and specifically at EVERY BLACK UNITED METHODIST CHURCH?

Donald Trump is still taking it to hole. A black hole. Will you supporters actually pull out of the hole?

It’s stupid. Those that hated Muhammad Ali for years all because he didn’t join the military, or being so radical. So what? Just because those didn’t serve, doesn’t mean they don’t get a pass.

If Milwaukee just now getting to the bottom of the lead pipes, why wasn’t this discovered WAY before 2015? And you know what I’m talking about.

Black folks: We should adopt the montage “Never Forget” in regarding slavery, or concerns or anything that those might say get over it. Just like jews with the holocaust. Can we?

We know the Orlando shootings made the worst list of massacres in US History. But… know there been others, right? Wounded Knee, Black Wall Street? Just saying.

August 9th is coming Milwaukee. Who is really ready to vote?

Wisconsin Democrat contenders Russ Feingold and Jason Fields want their seats back. Could this happen?

Is America really that great, that can be great again? or will we be down with the HRC?

Where are the “I Love Dad” Pics on Facebook?

Will the United States finally adopt “International Men’s Day” overall?

Will BET actually Bring it for it’s Prince tribute?

Sheriff David Clarke will fully endorse Donald Trump for President. OH REALLY?!  That truth will rear it’s ugly head.

MAJOR QUESTION: They say June is Men’s Health Month. I knew this years ago with the light blue ribbons. Why is this occasion is not as popular as breast cancer awareness month?

Dang what is up with these folks still trying to get folks hooked up in the wrong places?!

Can the Single folks have a national day or month without all the marriage hassle talk? Same stuff everyday.

I like seeing all the rainbow stuff glow on buildings in honor of Pride Month. Will this be more of this every year? Not just for those whom passed on.

Can Milwaukee have real meaningful jobs like of Chicago, DC, New York, LA, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, NASA, Instagram, WWE, or Facebook?

Again, no offense but why is Mother’s Day is slightly higher than Father’s Day?

Will the workplaces and the churches finally accept introverts? As well as more Seasoned Vets who can still be available to work and do more techie stuff over 40 years old like the Millennials?

Is Milwaukee ready to go through another missing element of African World Festival, AGAIN? You really can’t have a “City of Festivals” without black folks!

Midtown and Northridge haven’t been the same as usual in Milwaukee. What is it gonna take besides talking?!

I know it’s past, but can the sports universe remind Ayesha Curry that when Golden State beat OKC in the playoffs was considered “Rigged?”

We know the Milwaukee Streetcar is coming. AGAIN. But why there are those in the Black Community still think it would not benefit them? I need ask, are those IN the black community willing to work on the Streetcar project and later ride it in 2021 in Bronzeville? (Without complaining)


Everybody is still tripping about this “Father’s Day for Single Mothers”. Are we in the black community that sensitive about a darn greeting card from 2011? If I recall, I blogged about this 5 years ago. Go back and read it.fathers-day-card-for-mothers

Or is it we knew someone that was or is in that category?

The first time I heard “Happy Father’s Day to the Mother’s” was around 1996. And it was in church and there was no complaints. So look, we know that Father’s Day is for the Fathers. The Grandfathers, Uncles, Male Mentors, Single Dads, Male Cousins who are Fathers, Foster Dads, Godfathers, and anyone that looks out like a Father (yes this includes single mothers), Community Fathers, etc.

If you are single black man WITHOUT kids, does that make you a father?


Other than that, enjoy your day Fathers.


Oh you know I was about to comment this.

And yes, It’s Women’s History Month. That I really know. Salute to the female species..

Yes, this is the next issue of Ebony Magazine and it’s not the stories of the featured issue upcoming. But the cover story is featured with the four women all BBW and having a “golden chance” to display their craft. Yes, there have positives, and yes many have voted for displeasure of them, and yes, the health concerns of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and many other health related factors that are very common in men and women. Especially if you’re Black!

Now why I’m putting this on here? It’s it to influence the next girl to go big? No. Technically, it’s really about confidence. Confidence in you as being you. Yeah, I know that I don’t have to like it. But let me ask this? Why are many looking at this pic and hating? They know who they are. Just look at those darn posts of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others that lit a fuse of hate. If those fear heavyset BBW whom might be offended, then you shouldn’t look! What is so hard about it? Oh is the movement thing on the BLACK Magazine. Duh!!!!

Frankly, this is not new. Folks been making fun of Plus sizers for years. And in between its like ribbing, making jokes that hurts, talks about their mamma’s being fat and so on. Don’t tell me this! OK so they got it going on now. Being able to step out and actually doing something about it without any fear. The ribbers, well they are sitting at house, blasting their liberties and not making a dime!

Look, another thing, is freedom of expression. Whoops, did I say that? Is that in the American By-laws. If those of a Jasmine Sullivan, Gabi Gregg(aka GabiFresh), or any other person whom wants to do this thing, in this era to be free of fat shaming, or wanting to be free of anti-shaming anything, then I’m not going to stop them or anyone. Look, also. Nobody stopped Ashley Graham. Just saying.

Oh, and to those whom asked about, where are the whites, asians, or non-black female displayed, you do realize that Ebony Magazine is a Black Publication? HELLO! I said it’s a BLACK Publiciation? Many are not hearing this. Especially if you had to sound out on Facebook like a fool on Saturday night. Yes the magazine has had other folks of the non-black universe in it. But with this issue and the women whom are chosen to be displayed on paper, then guess what, it’s an issue and a movement that needs to be talked about. So, in translation: we know you care. But….. It’s not ALL ABOUT YOU! Get it straight!

Maybe the women in the magazine are Big, or Fat, or whatever. Are they taking care of their physique? Are they watching their weight? How often do they get checked by their doctors? Some might say, when do you see your doctors?! Or Dietians that rate your eats and drinks you consume everyday? Or there are those who “look out for their own people” but really do they really mean that? I know folks who say that at times might be true, but there are those just to make noise and don’t care.

So guess what, this blog, nor this issue is not to hate on the BBW’s. Also, I’ve read about skinny folks and husky folks could have genetic health concerns! So everybody got a health problem! And maybe with health solutions! What’s the haps?

Sidenote: There is beauty within.




Usually I do this around in December. But in honor of Black History Month, I’m scratching my head about the weird and strange mess that I’ve heard, seen and commented on. Oh, yes. It’s go time for the #BHM2016!

Black folks when we see postings like this on social media, do we actually mean it? Be honest!  Really, be honest:


They say Black History Month started with slavery. Are they really that correct?


With all the channels on TV, from ABC to the Spice Adult Channels, why many have to hate on BET, and other Black networks in which the Black Community must be informed?


This is real silly, what is the commentary about a White History Month, knowing its all day every day, than Black History, Asian American History, Native American History, Hispanic Heritage, and Islander/Polynesian History months?


You do realize, there are Black Introverted Men and Women right living right now? Not all are loud and/or Extroverted!


You do realize that Carter Woodson’s idea of Black History Month, then Negro History Week was originally started in the coal mines as a thought to record our stories after hearing the Civil War Veterans spoke their commentary? By the way, he was a Sagittarius with a mission.


You do realize that Chess originated in Africa?


You do realize that many in the supporting cast of the movements of civil rights were unsung and black?


Those gadgets we use now, and inventions with components of everyday use; you know were made by Black inventors right?


We say, we need to teach our children more. I agree. But can us grown folks reteach or brush up on Black History before teaching the babies?


That statue on top of the US Capitol in DC, the same DC was partially designed by Benjamin Banneker. You know that was made by a black slave, right?


That White House though: you know it was Black built?


For all those wars though, it was African-Americans served the most right?


All that Rock, Rap, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Punk, Metal, Instrumental, New Age, Blues, House, Folk, Dance moves and vocals were blueprints by black folks right?


When Marian Anderson sung Let Freedom Ring back in her day, it took FDR’s wife Eleanor to make that happen. You know that happened right?


For the Pyramids in Egypt, you know it was built by blacks right?


For all the #BlackFutureMonth recipients: you know who you are. And I’m not trying to hate, but you must realize that without the lessons and struggles of the past, there wouldn’t be a future. Are we on the same page with this?


You know that Black History Month is not all black consciousness, or not all #NewBlackHistory, Black HerStory, or not all #TheNewBlack? (Hint It’s all that with History!)


For all those that must have forgot: you know that Baynard Rustin was Gay and helped the March on Washington with Dr. King?


Speaking of Dr. King: you know he wasn’t just about “I Have A Dream”, right?


One positive note: Black History Month also empowers us to (in a everyday sense) doing #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackMaleBrillance or any Black Girl or Black Boy possible thing to grasp. Has this been done before to remind us?


You SHOULD KNOW: Black History Month is not all separating the human race or enforcing race baiting. Am I right?


You know that Black History Month should be in the curriculum in ALL SCHOOLS on ALL LEVELS, correct?


You better realize that Black folks originated the Human Race factor. Did you know that?


After reading this, many might say, we get it! Do you honestly really?


After reading this: you should realize that black folks are descendants from Kings and Queens. Is that correct?


I know many Americans (particularly white) are going to say, “You are American as me”. But there is that one flavor that black folks bring that are so different of African Descent to never forget. Is that real cooking or what? Its more American than many think!


After reading this scratching blog for #BHM2016: did you learn something about this?


And after reading this: you know you can celebrate Black History Month and Observe Black History at the same darn time, right? Plus also in the next four months you can celebrate Black Music Month like Black History in June? And the same for July when National Black Families Month comes around? Like Black History is more than American History but more really like World History?


And Black Folks: understand while celebrating this occasion, we are the beneficiaries of doing history, learning history, and preparing history. Can we still do this? No more cringing, nor getting all mad about the second month of the year. We are blessed (AND I MEAN BLESSED) to do this. Take part of this. And there are those whom are not here or not around that want us to be blessed in talking about US!


Now since this is the Black History Month version of Scratching my head this whole time, I hate to do it, but it needed to be said and done.



Well, Happy New Year!

Welcome to the year of 2016. So this is the year that is the Sweet 16. Be all end all. So this is this year eh? I’ve been hearing that 2016 is gonna be that year! REALLY. Are we really gonna do this? No matter what? Ok. Not trying to throw shade in all. I often say that the New Year is a like a blank check. What are YOU gonna do with it? What are you going to file in a empty box marked “2016” when the year is over? Better get started now. And guess what, 2016 will make you “vote”,  “leap” and “go for the Gold”.

We know its that time of the year that I think of various highlights that I come to mind in all. So for this, I’m going to list “16 things” that I want to see and don’t want to see in this Leap Year, Election Year, and Olympic Year of 2016.

Here is a that traditional blog yet again. So let me bust out my Crystal Ball. Nah, I’ll use my brain!

First Four I want to see in THAT YEAR OF 2016:

1) Heard that 2016 is that year that more jobs and pay might go up. If that’s the case, I want to see MORE African-Americans especially who have long waited degrees sitting at the house and actually want to work!

2) 2016 is THAT Leap Year. What to do for February 29th? Since its on a Monday that should be extra pay day. Or day off day. Whatever it is make your Leap Day meaningful for the next four years.

3) 2016 is THAT Election Year. Be ready to vote. Can you see that? I don’t care who you vote for, just go vote! Be aware of the changes.

4) If #BlackLivesMatter in 2015 was  important, then THAT MOVEMENT will matter even more in 2016. I would like to see those more who had enough of the cops shooting up unarmed black males and females to increase the pace of getting justice for those of Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and many others who felt that their loved ones shouldn’t been gunned down, or chocked to death. Or being responsible of being hanged in a jail cell after being arrested.

Next Four I DON’T WANT To See:

5)  I don’t want anyone of the non-black race thinks that when anything is “all black this and that” is racist. Even if it is #AllBlackLivesMatter. Or #EveryBlackLifeMattters or #MyBlackLifeMatters. Or something like #MyBlackLifeReallyDoesMatter. Even if the Black History Month Celebration and founding 90 years in making in February!

6) I don’t want to see nor hear about those on Social Media whining about game requests. If you see the requests you don’t have to take it. No need to get mad at the folks to get a scene online! Even though that Facebook is handling their business for it.

7) I don’t want to see folks alike (especially black folks) getting mad about a news report getting passed up. Even if certain countries don’t get prayed up. ENOUGH!

8) I don’t want to hear all these ANTI-CHURCH folks saying that ALL churches is all about the money! B.S. I’m assuming that all those bars, clubs, venues are about money too. RIGHT?

Back to the things I want to see:

9) Use THAT YEAR OF 2016 to get more Alumni back in their schools and colleges to support!

10) USE THAT YEAR of 2016 to get better insurance for you, your families in order to be insured! Medical, Dental, Vision, no Co-Pays, etc! And that goes for the already insured!

11) USE THAT YEAR of 2016 to receive more accolades, and honors that YOU have worked for!

12) USE THAT YEAR of 2016 for donations that you always wanted to do!

And a mix of want and don’t want to see:

13) THIS MUST BE THE YEAR that Credit Checks must be officially abolished! No more B.S. on this subject! And that goes for the jobs applicants, or anything that is job related that can be discriminatory. Especially when it comes to blacks!

14) Want to see in 2016: Better Innovation of work. We already have the tools and talent to do it, but still.

15) Don’t want to see: No more watered down solutions of our black men and programs concerning violence, and race. If you aren’t helping or supporting the cause you proclaim to assist, then you’re hurting! Plain and simple.

Plus, if those you know who are planning a fuss of a Reunion or Gathering and staying that they are not going to come or they felt left out in a mean way, tell them either to don’t come, or to BUTT IN and speak up! AHEAD OF TIME! Don’t need no foolishness!

16) And the last thing on the list to see: More coloring for the grown folks! All the stores have them. With Coloring Pencils or pens or markers. Hang on your walls at home or work. Or have them gift wrapped. Folks, 2015 marked a comeback in which Coloring Books are now made for us grown folks (not children) who go though the motions of work, stress, some stupid social media post, or anything that harms our concentration channels like every day. So yes, make 2016 a part II when it comes to Adult Coloring Books!

Overall, let’s get it, folks!

Happy New Year!

Make it count.

It has been so long since I’ve written a double take. For this notion I’m bringing it back to the game.

First Take: Serena Williams.

I’m going to say that yes it’s been awhile since anyone black in tennis has won something big. And that someone is Compton’s own, Serena Williams winning the tennis competition in Wimbledon. She has become the latest in the list to be the winner in the all around Tennis competition since Steffi Graf in the 1980’s. Yes, for those who don’t know I heard of Steffi Graf thank you. And through all her success, and along with Venus, she has elevated the game of tennis to a whole new level of sports competition.

But after all the wins in all, there has to be a group of haters always had to body shame her physique. First of all, what is the haps about this “Body Shaming”? Really? I’ll bet the right wing folks had to go in on her about her physique to think she took steroids in all. Um….no! I think it’s all about the hate that a black woman winning the sport of TENNIS in a white dominated competition to achieve success. Personally, this has NOTHING to do with her body appearance. I’ll admit, Serena looks good for who she is. And is a fierce competitor. But this shaming thing is just that: hate. Are these the same folks who were all out about the transformation of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner? Yeah, where are those folks at?! But I know what you’re saying, don’t compare the two. They are not the same. You darn right they are not the same! Hate on one person, liking the other! Does that sound a thing called perpetrators? You know what, this whole body shaming thing is like, you don’t like her or his body because it’s not like them. Folks have been body shaming folks since forever. Folks used to bother me back in my middle school days all because I had a big nose. That used to make me upset. Almost like bullying. I can’t help the fact that yes I have a slightly larger nose, simply because it’s part of my genetics. What your mama and daddy gave you, there was nothing you can do about it!  You can’t help it! It’s in you for life.

This whole bullying, body shaming is all nothing but feeling insecure about that person don’t have it all. It sort of like back then when the “jocks” or “ballers” or “player” had all the cute sides, while the nerds and those felt left out had to scratch and claw just to be like them! And they got picked by these insecure jack***es who were just ignorant!

You got folks today doing this mess? No surprise.

One of these days, when we all get old, gray, can’t go to the bathroom much, having canes to walk, in the nursing homes having stuff delivered to us instead of us doing the opposite, all of that will disappear! Your good looks will not save you! But your faith will. Some folks think that, man this black blogger is crazy. In the words of Bruno Mars, “Don’t believe me just watch!” And yes you could or do exercises to keep your body toned up. The mindset of these folks who do the “body shaming” are probably the same folks who are your friends from Social Media, your workers, your bosses, your teachers, that banker that gives you the side eye, and I’ll say those you probably looked up to in church, or some made up activist that somewhat knows everything, but they really don’t. Or some news guy or woman that had to open their mouths and being hateful all because they worked hard for achieving a feat. Where there are those who are just sitting around mad at the world. My advice, get up off your butt and actually do something to benefit your life. Can I sample this from last time: “Get your life!”

Now the second take: Scott Walker is running for President.

Oh, I’m sure everybody in America had seen the footage about Wisconsin. No it’s not the Milwaukee Bucks and the new Arena deal. It’s about the still, not very likeable, right winged republican, Koch brother hand picked player, high speed rail hating, no casino deal refusing, education hating Scott Walker!

Yes. I’m going there.

I said it many times I don’t like nor favor Scott Walker. I haven’t favored him since he was Milwaukee County Executive. Never!

And yesterday in the Red County of Waukesha, he made his decree of running for President of the United States. First: let’s review why Scott Walker is bad for business. Hush right wingers!


Oh wait there’s more. Courtesy of the Wisconsin College Democrats:

And this one:

This is only a few, but there are others out there that say the exact same thing.

Most recently, a black democrat was recently turned away from the event. And apparently, in a unorthodox manner. One of my Wisconsin State Reps, and Alum of my old high school, Mandela Barnes attempted to attend Walker’s announcement, but however, he commented this on his Facebook Page:

So I go to the Scott Walker rally, and as soon as I get in the door, a volunteer zeroes in on me to ask if I was alone and if I would like to stand on-stage. Now this could have been my moment for comedic/ironic gold, but I kindly declined. Then a few minutes later, I was pointed out by a staff person who recognized who I was and asked me to leave. I went from the top to the bottom before I even knew it. I was like a sore thumb and it brought about two distinctly different interactions, lol.


Matter of fact why I’m saying wait what? So the Republican Volunteers of Scott Walker’s rally scoped out Mandela thinking he would be on stage with the supporters, in which he kindly opt out. But then, one of the Staff individuals, asked him to leave?  – That last part baffles me. Why would anyone from Walker’s rally turn away a Wisconsin State Rep? SERIOUSLY?! Some say it’s the recall thing, or maybe because he’s black. I looked at some of the footage, and the majority of the crowd at the Waukesha Expo Center, are majority white folks. How many blacks? Probably a few. Yes there are black republicans in Wisconsin. But probably a few. Why is that many asked? Think about it!

NBC Black (a subdivision for NBC) highlighted three questions that many African-Americans might be asking Scott Walker. Note to them, you might want to rethink that. This dude of a Governor has dismantled things that most the public and poor relied on every single time. From his County Executive Days, there were access to areas of senior centers, parks and even the MCTS that Walker cut that many need to get to the jobs, etc. Majority of that, were black folks. Second, remember when indicated that Talgo moved out of Milwaukee after Walker got elected, and the Spanish Train Maker wanted to commit to build trains and house their facility in the Inner City near 27th and Townsend! That was supposed to be shovel ready. But the majority of the voters, fans and even Walker himself all said no. It’s a boondoggle. It will never work they said. That’s a load of bull. It was really a call sign to say, “we are revoking opportunity for black workers in the area.” Oh yes, I’m going there! That would have linked this state along with others in a Midwest Connecting hub for jobs, tourism, etc. WASTED WITH POLITICAL MESS! He also had revoked and refused to accept an offer from the Hard Rock Casino groups that would have turned the old Dairyland Greyhound Track around. But that was gone not to be forgotten. And now most recently there has been a rule about taking away weekends. As in you work on Saturdays and Sundays with no rest in all. NO REALLY!

Is this the kind of guy YOU want to support for President? Here me out Americans, no matter what Scott Walker is selling, DO NOT EVEN TRYING TO BUY! I am saying this as a warning. Now some might look at him as this cool guy to love, but America, you have been warned!

Don’t sleep!