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In the wake of President Obama’s victory this past Tuesday  alot or some companies feel that “Blaming Obama  is their solution to fire workers or letting them go just to save their worthless hides. Personally, they are just like the folks who like to post racial tweets and Facebook bad comments about the President. COWARDS!

And the companies? Well let’s see what the companies has on the “Blame Obama” list:

1) Applebee’s : Hold up. This is a family restaurant, right? Where everyone has to feel like they’re at home? Well apparently, Applebees’s CEO Zane Tankel, recently just announced that the company is firing employees and freeze hiring all because of President Obama’s Re-Election.  Talk about shady. So technically the CEO wouldn’t hire all because of not providing health coverage? Really shady. I mean yes folks have a right to work and earn, but maintaining their medical statues is FAR important to make sure that every employee is covered with some medical back up.

2) Papa John’s: I’m thinking Papa John’s is going to lose revenue on Sunday’s. Especially around football season. Their CEO, John Schnatter wouldn’t give his employees who work at the pizza places a reduction in work hours in the wake of Obama’s Re-election. And of top of that, he would raise the prices by three cents just to avoid the healthcare stuff that the President proposed.

Initially, these companies and others are just bringing out the woodwork that they are in denial about Obama’s victory. Just admit it. Mitt Romney talked a good debate game in the minds of others: BUT HE LOST! I told you Romney Fans. If I were a true Real Romney Fan and/or Republican Fan, I wouldn’t get so happy as of yet of that first debate. In other words: I TOLD YOU SO! For those who are still in denial that yet again President Obama is STILL the 44th President, and STILL the President, and STILL in the White House that blacks built, in the words of others: GET OVER IT. The same group of folks who keep telling us black folks to get over slavery, and it didn’t happen to you. Or the same folks that told that John Kerry got played back in 2004 when Bush was re-elected. Oh wait. Some of you reading this might be the same folks! Coincidence! And having this feeling of wanting to be “isolated” from the United States to “form your own country.” I mean our neighboring countries and others are gladly to hear to revoke your citizenship in all, just because Obama won YET AGAIN.

I’ll say this in the words of some of you who feel this way:


Does that ring a bell? Or this might be something from a movie:

“People say that if you don’t love America, then get the hell out. Well, I love America. ” – Born on the Fourth of July – 1989

I read the negative commentaries this morning on the Facebooks, the Twitters, Sherwin Hughes’ viewpoint on WNOV in Milwaukee, oh yes. I read and heard them all. So what those mean to tell me that those of my color can’t be a free world leader? Seriously?!!! I’ve seen black folks in Canada, Ghana or any part of Africa, including Australia or different parts of the globe, that are BLACK and Leaders. I’ve seen them through pictures. If they can flawlessly be leaders of their respective countries while being black, why can’t that be the same with the United States? Before Obama, black leaders were always on the scene. But not just in the Oval Office as President. This country had 43 White guys in the row to serve as the number 1 guy in the country, but when comes along Obama, some have decided “Oh, this is a sad day in America.” Because why, your guy didn’t get in? Or is it because you’re used to see black folks leading anything but the Oval Office? NEWSFLASH: All that changed after 2008.

Black folks, it’s time to tell ourselves and others that we can lead, direct, organize, supervise in any office, building, mansion anywhere. Including the White House. Many of us need to also realize that probably Racism is still a firewall in America. No matter what we try to achieve or maintain of being the first African-American this or that, or second. There will be the opposition of telling us that were still the N-words. Don’t let that stand in our way. It’s hard for me to write this, but it’s a reality. And that reality that most that are saying this, just couldn’t take the cake. Well you know what, previously BUSH was re-elected and I couldn’t swallow the oatmeal for days during the second term. But hey, Obama haters, I survived.

So the next time if we visit another country, most may ask:

“Who’s the President of the United States?” – President Barack Obama.

“Who was elected twice after George W. Bush? – President Barack Obama.

“Who got the troops out of Iraq, took out Osama Bin Laden and soon to be Afganistan?” – That’s easy. President Barack Obama

“In the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections, Sen. John McCain and Gov. Mitt Romney were defeated by whom?” – President Barack Obama.

“In the Military between 2009-2016, per say, who was the Commander in Chief?” – President (or Mr.) Barack Obama.

“And by the way, who was responsible of bringing back Master Lock to Milwaukee, and decide to do some nation building here at home, plus bringing in 5 Million Jobs and counting?” And do not say George W. Bush! Real answer – President Barack Obama.

So if those that are still denial, face the music. President Barack Obama may not be the President that favors you. But he is the President regardless. Like it or lump it Americans! You can still have those fake maps of the Conservatives winning more Red States and less Blue States all you want. But that will never change the fact that Obama got 332 Electoral Votes over Mitt Romney’s 206 Electoral Votes.  Plus getting the popular vote. In the words of a 90’s rap song: WHOOMP THERE IS!