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Before I begin the blog, let me send my condolences to the victims and those closely to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Or the #frankenstorm what ever it was called. Now mostly I would start off something positive but in essence I took this route in expressing sympathy.

Now then. It’s November 4th, 2012. Exactly 4 years ago this month, the then Sen. Barack Obama became the newly elected President of the United States. It was history in the making in which in my opinion was a historical mark in Presidential History. US History. And most certainly: BLACK HISTORY. Yes, I’m saying Black History not to drown the sound but to sound with glee. As I said many times before, I didn’t vote for Barack Obama “because he’s black.” Persay. I voted for him mainly for his enthusiasm and vision. The enthusiasm and vision in which America has not yet to come close to explore. The enthusiasm and vision in which none of the previous presidents never explored in terms of  making a way for the better of the country. Sure these last four years have it’s ups and downs in terms of the Republican House members blocking stuff that the President proposed. And did I mention the “blue dog democrats? The rise of the so-called Tea Party, and those who thought that Barack was supposed to wave the magic wand and make everything disappear. But here’s the thing, there were blocks in the road of that also. In the last four years, equal pay was signed into law, Same Sex Marriage was clearly valid most states, the Automotive companies restarted the American Economy, the Private Sector jobs rose to about 5 Million Jobs, the Economy is moving in the right direction in attempt to rebound the job growth, The new World Trade Center is taking shape,  the war in Iraq is no more, Bin Laden is dead, FEMA (uh oh) has  been given mad props in conjunction of Hurricane Sandy, the crackdown on Credit Card fees, the Afghan war will be over in 2014, Affordable Health Care and many more that I think the Obama Crew (aka the Administration) has really jolted.

But with the others that haven’t been done. Oh let me count the ways of 23 Million out of work, the debt is increased, and others believe that the counter folks like Mitt Romney and the fan base are believing. They also think that the President should have taken his 4 years to get it all cleaned up. Well they need to know something: you really CAN’T take the clean up in all 4 years! Sometimes you need to get more than 4 years to get things moving again. Just as reminder, when Bill Clinton left office, the stimulus was perfect! But we know what happened after that right? I’m convinced that the BUSH failed policies got us in a rut and well, the rest history. Is the Romney folks wanting this to happen, like YET AGAIN?

And getting back to the 23 Million out of work, if the backwards congress had any sense, that jobs bill would have been in effect right now!  But no, they have to be backwards to make the President look foolish.

As well as the Immigration Act, and even for those who have served in uniform.

Keep in mind this is the same Romney camp in collection with mostly Republicans that want to privatize things in America we use publically like the Post Office or FEMA. I want to say something about FEMA. When Bush was well “driving”, FEMA was late in getting to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Oh, yes Obama haters, I’m going there! And also the former head of FEMA and Fox News puts the blame on the President in their words “acting to quickly.”  WHAT!!! What do they mean “acting to quickly?” I mean if a disaster does occur, do you leave it rot or do you save it from further damnation? I’m just saying. Guess which denomination responds to disasters than any other religious group out there? I’ll give you a hint, I’m a 4th Generation of this congregation. Does the United Methodist Church ring a bell? If those don’t know: the United Methodist Church is usually the first responders in terms acting quickly to a disaster area. Talk about rethinking church.

Also in the last four years, the names of the roll call of socialist, radical muslim, Nazi, go back to Kenya mess, and others have given a negative effect on the President. Oh, and those who THINK that he’s the cause of Racism mostly right now. Get off the Fox News Soap Box. Smash it up with a sledgehammer and walk away. I don’t care if it’s brought on the Facebook Politics Group Pages. Smash it off. NOW!

Even Obama brought music to the White House in a new way in terms of Hip Hop, Blues, and yes singing Sweet Home Chicago during Black History Month. Just for the record, it was the Hip Hop Fanatics drove Obama to the Chair in a “partial fashion.” Why, more on that later.

Are we better off than we were 4 years ago? Yes and no. Why I say yes and no because, yes, we’re going in a positive direction but there must be more improvement for Obama to do in the NEXT four years. So this blog, me, and those very close to me personally, will once again load the dice on the tables and  “Bet on Barack” with 7’s and 11’s in terms of him, and the Obama Crew working overtime. You know what happens when you work overtime: more pay. Other Presidents have done it before.