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Oh you know I’m about to go in. 2019 was crazy! It had me on point, it had me on rotation, and it had me bugged out. But at the end of me asking these crazy questions we might understand it better. But…since this is the last Scratching my Head all this time of the year, but it’s not the last! So as we countdown to the last ticks of 2019, and we prepare for our Watch Night Services, All Night parties, and family gathering to usher in transition of 2020, and yes to get our resolutions out of what we want to do in all: you’ve guessed it, I’m scratching my head YET AGAIN!

Alright, who remembers any of my blog posts from 10 years ago like 2009?

Did Salt and Pepa really had to let go Spinderella?

Did anyone really pay attention to the fact that the 45 Administration is getting punked? And all this space force non sense?

Simone Biles happened this year. What was it?

You know that the impeachment process didn’t stop at level one, right?

What’s up with the Democrats and this inner circular war?

Which was worse in weather? Solar Vortex or the Polar Vortex?

How will Governor Evers in the first term actually give the Wisconsin citizens real results?

Remember when 20 years ago when Prince had the Rave UN2 the Year 2000 Concert? IN MINNESOTA?

Why was Lizzo had to go there in LA? Butt cheeks showing. Embarrassing!

And about #ADOS….why were they worked up for nothing without substance?!

Why is White Supremacy still a maximum programmed problem? Even if it’s a problem among black people in 2019?

What will be next for the Green Bay Packers that got into the playoffs and winning the North?

You know that again the Milwaukee Bucks are again for real, right?

So which folks in Milwaukee, has benefited of riding the streetcar thus far in its still free year?

Is the Fiserv Forum ready for year two?

What was the best car in 2019?

What were the worst jobs of 2019 that many will NEVER DO AGAIN for another decade or year?

Why did the black websites and Facebook Pages kept repeatedly on rotation published the same story about Roland Martin joining the Masons?

Level with me OWN viewers, what was the real reason why Love Is was canceled?

Was this the second year that many REALLY recognized International Men’s Day in November?!

For all of the Becky’s and other white folks that called the police on black folks doing civilized stuff this year and you know you did, where were your conscious minds at doing that foolishness in 2019?!

Did the #MeToo Movement reach its breaking point in a sense of things that backfired? Especially about Stacey Dash being arrested for Domestic Violence?

If you smelled like Marijuana all through 2019, and you’re in the store or were in a store, did you remember to wash up before leaving the house? Like seriously!

You realized that Lori Loughin messed up this year right with all that College stuff with the SAT’s?

Did Faceapp really get you with the Russian mess?

When will be the right time for many to explore NEW YORK for New Year’s Eve?

You realized it’s been 20 years since the Y2K Bug was a foul ball. Right?

Will the Wisconsin Badgers win the Rose Bowl FINALLY?!

What about those Packers so far? Can they be SuperBowl Ready? Yes, I’m realizing what I’m saying!

For all those hated Introverts, not understand Introverted people, especially BLACK Introverts, why you picked on them? Like seriously.

Will anymore Black Pastors meet with 45 in 2020 that embarrassed themselves in 2019? Trust me they’re coming!

So, Mortal Kombat 11 was a real hit. What will it actually take for EA to get a Madden game on the system? Still waiting!

What will it ACTUALLY take to get Bayonetta 3 on the Switch?!!

Most recently, I’ve seen black authors publish their books on Amazon about their Introvert experience in 2018. I need to see more. Can that happen in 2020?

Oh, this needs to be asked, Wolfenstein III was HOT in 2019. Will it be another for the Nintendo Switch?

Which jobs or careers were or are beneficial for the introverted crowd in Wisconsin in 2019?

In 2019, did many benefited using bitcoins or Stock?

When the Grads of 2019 had their moment of commencements, why were some were being touched by those after dancing or celebrating on stage?

Who has or is really learning from Roland Martin’s show online after one year?

This year’s Black History Month and Juneteenth Day was so pivotal with the 400th Anniversary of the Slave Trade. Has many really learned any thing about this besides going to Africa to get woke?

What was the worst interview this country has ever seen in 2019?

Was the Avengers, Terminator, Shaft, or Rambo were that darn good this year at the movies and on DVD?

CALLOUT: Why many black folks labeled the “Year Of The Return” a sham? KNOWINGLY many have not been to Africa?!!!!!!

Black Church folks, are you ready for the Watch Night Services?

Was not getting the flu shot that worst in 2019?!

Black Milwaukee, did WRRD 1510 lost its consciousness after Sherwin Hughes left in September?

So now the WWE got a new Intercontinental Title for 2019. Probably for the 40th Anniversary of the 1st win by Pat Patterson. But…………….which legendary title be next to upload for Raw, Smackdown, and/or NXT?

Black folks, why are we still saying the N-Word? Why is that really?!

In 2019: who got promoted?

In 2020: who will actually vote? Not just one time during the Presidential election!

In 2019: Did many actually went to the doctor?

In 2019: Did any of you retained your resolutions?

In 2018: Milwaukee, did you enjoyed the State Fair as well as Summerfest?

In 2019: Have any of you saved up financially for that nest egg?

In 2019: level with me, how many times that many of you DID NOT support your Alumni groups?

In 2019: Who did the most work in your community? Don’t say the same people!

In 2019: Who did no work in the community? They need to be called out.

In 2019: Who was the “Dark Horse” in your family, church, organizations, etc?

In 2019: who has a job lined up for 2020 that will be even MORE SECURE?

In 2019: Who wanted a job lined up that no one wanted but applied anyway?

In 2019: How many churches you prayed to, in order to be the best they can?

In 2019 : What influenced you to vote against the Republicans that many despised for 2020?

The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary turned 100 years old in 2019, right? I want to know how many African-Americans will join up and also, how many Sons of Black Veterans will join the Sons of the American Legion? Even Black Daughters the same with the Auxillary?

How many liked Black Lightning this year even more?

For all the Masons, Order of Eagles, Shriners, Divine 9, American Legion Family, Elks, VFW and others, based on what I have read this year regarding young folks joining your groups: what are you going to do about it and what will you do to get new members?

In Milwaukee, many of us have seen the sample of Light the Hoan yet again. Who made a donation in 2019?

Black Methodists in Wisconsin, guess what? BMCR made an impact this year. What did you think?

United Methodist Men in Wisconsin, you know there is a metro men’s group in town looking for “Men at Work”. Have any of you checked out any the meetings this year? If so, what did you think? If not, why?

So I have heard that some of the GM cars might be on the chopping block in the year ahead, which of those cars will be less to buy in the future? And what about Tesla?

I need to ask also, who will miss Empire? It’s the last season.

With all the retirees retired this year, who is next to go in 2020?

If many still did blackface in 2019 which was shameful, can many not do it in 2020?

Who actually “migrated” out of Milwaukee that moved to Atlanta or Texas just to get away from the racism but only to realize that racism is everywhere? Like violence?

If you hated Church folks so much in 2019, why keep talking about it?! Especially those who keep sharing those false memes?!

If many did this in 2019: Resumes. Did many kill it for job interviews?

Can someone explain again the bad connection between buying Christmas gifts and Tax Time?

In all of the 1,000 posts so far, what wasn’t mentioned?

In all of the 1,000 posts what was learned from you?

In all of the 1,000 posts did anyone ever to follow what else I had to say?

Which Wisconsin teams surprised many in 2019? Brewers, Packers, Badgers, or Bucks?

Of all the folks who passed away this year, who was the main person that didn’t receive much recognition?

Of all the folks who were honored this year for their hard work, even milestone work, who didn’t get any recognition after their hard work?

Anyone lost their job unfairly in 2019?

Who was EMBARRASSED HARSHLY in 2019 that will not go away? And will it take a long time too heal?

When folks in the United Methodist Church talk about the future of Black Churches how come many pass over it? And what is the main reason why many UMC objectifying the reasons of not including the LGBTQIA Community as being outcasts?!

And this is the last question before the ball drops and clocks out for 2019: What will you carry into 2020 that you learned in 2019? And also, what will you NOT take into 2020 that you went through hellfire and brimstone in 2019?

Now: let’s go party.

Happy New Year!

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By now, you had the turkey. You had the dressing. You had the cranberry sauce, vegetables, and pie. You’re probably stuffed with all the food. And yes, you probably went to a late night club and got started by shaking down those pounds, carbs and calories. Of course, that’s what Thanksgiving would do to you you fill up and you got to lose weight! Hopefully many of you have had a blessed Thanksgiving, a blessed time with your families and friends and strangers probably came in and see you have something to eat. And hopefully that maybe you’ll do the same thing for the upcoming Christmas season. And of course we have to talk about politics, 45’s crappy stuff, the ongoing problems and concerns about black neighborhoods, churches being so hypocritical, (which partially the good ones can stay afloat) and also your basic everyday road rage and folks driving to crazy and asking the same by the question what is your problem? And just the ad more walls and joys and concerns of holiday employment. Yes if you have not guessed it Christmas is coming. But guess what? I’m scratching my head again.

How thankful are really the things you have already, and willing to go for?

Question for Milwaukee, now we all know that mayor Tom Barrett it’s going to put his seat on the line for the fifth time. But the big question is will he able to retain it with the likes of Lena Taylor and Tony Zielinski. Plus voters that may or may not favor him?

Is the Milwaukee Streetcar really that pointless?! After one year?!

Okay this needs to be asked, which relative really sparked that conversation that you did not want to talk about at the dinner table on Thanksgiving?

You know this is going to happen which came first your football game or Macy’s Parade?

Milwaukee: the Brewers now has a new logo, as a matter of fact: they have brought back the old ball/glove logo that has been slightly enhanced for the ball club’s upcoming 50th season next year. Yes the Brewers are turning 50. Will this next era bring a thing called a Championship?

Already, the 2010s decade is vastly closing real soon, What was your best moment?

Okay this needs to be asked again: which families do and do not use canned cranberry sauce?

For those who may have been “triggered” on Thanksgiving, you probably read about the Indians being murdered after a church service on Sunday morning. And for those of you who probably have never had a chance to re-read the question you might have been triggered all the wrong questions. Did any of us ever had the chance to research the truth?

Which of you Facebook and Instagram users were so scared and worried about the transmissions being almost cancelled on Thanksgiving?

Who was not prepared for the “onslaught” on Black Friday?

For people who drive so stupid in Wisconsin roads, Wisconsin streets, Milwaukee areas, and I know who I’m talking about, when someone is trying to make a turn, or coming out the driveway, coming out of the garage , why do you honk your horn so bad? That right there is going to make you look stupid and irritated. Don’t be surprised if cars come equipped with cameras so they can record your every single driving mode get your license plate and check you. And by the way, that idea is coming for me in 2020 for my cars. Just wait. I’m not playing!

Is Black Friday really worth shopping nowadays?

For the sake of those asking and this is the only question asking why is it that a TV is mentioned on Black Friday the most? As everybody knows.

Right now, the Hallmark channel has it’s Christmas movies playing. And many of us are still wondering why. But you know something, BET, TVOne, and other channels have Christmas movies too. Can you check out those?

For all of my introverted readers, can any of us relate to this?

Attention Black Friday shoppers don’t mean to ask this but, you will be hearing this from your pastor on Sunday. Don’t get triggered because you know it’s the truth. Am I wrong or right?

Is the pressure of the WWE is really building from AEW wrestling?

For all of my UPS, FedEx, USPS, and many other delivery package drivers this holiday season take a look at this:

Now you really have to ask this one question, what kind of mess and crap is this? and the thing is the woman on the video had some crack was on drugs by the way claiming that her car was broken into so many times on outside of a house. Anything is try that turn into racism is really stupid. I hope that no black driver or driver helper this holiday season coming out should not want not and will not go through that type of stupid remarks of racism and many other factors. And this is one of the main reasons why race is still on the deck of the topics of tables in American households, classrooms, churches, the dinner table, the neighborhoods, the malls, the restaurants, and many other places we go and spend our money every single day. They say that the holiday supposed to bring up the good folks in everybody, but I have to remember they can bring out the worst in people too, and this is not about losing folks to death. Even racism place apart around this season especially for those who are trying to do some good deeds by deliver packages to houses or businesses every single day. And don’t assume that the influence of 45 is afoot.

For Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday, which is the best small business you go to support every single day?

For Cyber Monday, which online store you support the most everyday? and don’t assume it’s always Amazon.

For Giving Tuesday, which companies or donations you support the most? As in idea: DONATE TO YOUR ALUMNI!

Milwuakee, it was so naked without our former traditional Christmas Parade that lasted for so long. What will it take to get a new tradition like that to stick for another Generation?

Speaking of “the current Generation that doesn’t want to go on” what is up with Milwaukee restauruant Vitucci’s closing up after 85 years?

Now for you Millennials and Generation Z folks: What is up with this #OKBoomer mess? If any generation can go one on one the most, is Generation X.

For my Live Streaming Folks and I know you got this: Christmas is coming and I’m looking for a gift to save money and get the best live streaming device on the market. I’m looking at Amazon Firesticks, Roku, Android TV JetStream devices and that’s it. So I’m asking all of you, which is the best one you think is the best to buy? Drop a comment in the box or on Facebook.

Sometimes football players make bonehead moves. Myles Garrett. And also this Ole Miss Player, Elijah Moore after making a play, made a dog peeing gesture and costed him and the team the game vs Mississippi State. What was the point of that dumb move?

You know the Milwaukee Bucks are RED HOT right now. How far will they go for another playoff run?

So far, the Green Bay Packers had 8 victories and 3 losses. But this last loss vs a different San Francisco Team gave the Green and Yellow a worst L on the record. The last time they played the 49ers: Colin Kaepernick was playing and won 17-3. Yeah Niners, the Pack won that one. But December is coming and the team usually comes out firing the Big Guns the most in the birthday month of Aaron Rodgers. And mine. Will the Packers make a statement and bust out the guns again in the 12th Month?

And so far, the Wisconsin Badgers are undefeated at the Battleground. And they must go for the Axe vs Minnesota. I think the Badgers must use this as a chance to get redemption vs the Golden Gophers after this ugly L in the Mad City last year:

Will they do this? And keep in mind, it’s not the same Badgers team like last year.

In the next 8 months, Milwaukee will be home of the DNC Convention. Is the Brew City/Cream City really ready for full tilt in Democratic Blue?

For you non Milwaukeeans, yes we’re also called Cream City. Not because of cows or milk. It’s really because of the buildings that have a creamy look on them that blend in. Who knows? And you know why the Milwaukee Bucks have “Cream City” on the jerseys?

How about this interview between the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin? Very interesting to see on the WWE Network!

Is the confidence of Christmas still an all time high? Not weather wise I should say.

Just to add also, TV One is doing at Family Matters Reunion all weekend long. Yes, nothing but Urkel all day and night. Who’s watching?

If the decade of the 2010s were to end today, what would have been the worst and best moment? I’ll also save that next month.

CALLOUT: Black people: why do you still put a pic of White Jesus on your Facebook pages? Knowing the fact you know better that Jesus WAS BLACK! Speaking of “slave mentality” and “being on the plantation”.

Black People: you do realize that there is an African Heritage Study Bible that really details the truth in biblical times?

Uh-oh: there are names being purged from the voting records. You voters better get to your Election Offices to make sure you are straight with your voter statuses! Now will you be ready when the voting year comes?

All this technology stuff and google searches, and you can’t really read certain books?

And the last thing to ask: After all this weekend of Black Fridays in all, and the racism, and the good things to happen yet to come, what will the 12th month bring and to make sure that you stay afloat?

In the meantime: Happy Thanksgiving!

Call this, Introversion extra. And yes I’m still on this Introversion thing of purpose.

Now this may not sit well with all introverts, but I’m sitting here just highlighting the thought of fictional characters. The ones we watched in movies, or shows, or maybe even sports entertainment. Sometimes we as Introverts I think may not get all the glory respect in the beginning, but towards the end, it’s all about respect. For this I have dug up some clips from Youtube about three movie I assume that many have in their collection.

The first is from 1985 in titled “American Ninja”. Now this was way before the American Ninja Warrior thing that is on the rise now. It’s all about a new recruit whom seems to have this heroic like attitude in saving a General’s daughter. But in between he gets ridiculed by his own unit in playing the knight in shining armor. But it doesn’t stop there, a known corporal  that sees this “hero” and decides to fight the new private.

Now you see here, Private Joe Armstrong (played by Michael Dudikoff) is this introverted soldier who is in the cross-hairs, but the extroverted Corporal Curtis Jackson, in which the late Steve James was brilliant for. Towards the end of the fight or “brawl”,  Jackson becomes the humbled man as he was to accept the olive branch that Joe extends. This was their new friendship that was mixed with the Introverted inner personality of thinking and planning, meeting the Extroverted outward brawn of provoking and execution.



The second part of this is still silent related. Snake Eyes. We know, about GI Joe. We all know that Snake Eyes was this new Joe that didn’t really speak. But his work for the Joes was always on point. Of most of the Joes, you probably guessed that Snake Eyes was this Introverted Ninja that showed no emotion, no pain, but he really kicked butt against a Extroverted Storm Shadow. Their rivalry goes back to the origins in which the pre-adversary of Snake Eyes was just coming up in the ranks. But in one training showdown, it was Snake Eyes gaining the top of the class and respect of his teacher. We know how the story goes after that. Sometimes those who stick with the crew, and are “introverted” will indeed go for the cause.



The last of the “Introverted Characters” – we all know. This is a “introverted” character has been dominating the game of wresting for over 25 years, and yes I’m talking about The Undertaker. Now, OK why this?! Not about the wrestling skills from Chokeslams to Tombstone Piledrivers. Or the different ways of speaking. Or when the late William Moody (aka Paul Bearer) says his speech and then turns his head towards to the Deadman. But here’s the thing: Everytime we see the character, was walking slow, having The Funeral March music in the background, staying focused on the ring and defeating the opponent. Lastly we see the kneel down of thanks, and he exits the ring with the fist up after the thunderous sound the the background. What was cool about that, WE LIKED IT! I read the book, “Introvert Power” and there was a passage in the book about Introverts loving the dark. Or liking dark places. That is where I’m drawing this angle from. I know that many might not like the dark. But the symbolism of the dark, and a character of the dark comes into play.

What does all this mean? What does this have to do with Introversion? Even though these are characters and actors, but it does pale in comparison in real life angles. Me personally, I’ve been labeled strange, quiet, anti-social, or many others. But I still did my work. Employment related. Volunteer related. Or solo related like going to the movies 90% of the time on my own. Going to Wisconsin’s State Parks and Forests. And also, defending my character, past education of degrees and school activities, and also me being a black man in America. Being attacked physically, mentality, etc. No matter if they were BLACK OR WHITE! And I let them have it in letters and verbal communication. Like many of of you Introverts, I too had that, but as I got older, like many of you, I know what it is. It took my parents to realize that around the holidays after all this time of me being learn how to talk or speak and not acting so shy or quiet all the time to realize, that Introversion was and is a card that came in to play. And even though that the card is now in play, it’s time to deal.

So I guess that me being an Introvert isn’t that bad after all.  And yes, the quiet discussion of this power, will continue here. No matter who cares or not. This is not a state of an emergency. It’s an on going theme! Even though that the uprising of the introverts are happening, it’s about time. So Introverts use that power. That quiet power of faith in all what you do. Educate those that need to be educated, and educate ourselves! You just never know.




Promotional poster featuring The Ultimate Warrior

Promotional poster featuring The Ultimate Warrior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are shocked, Warriors!!!!!!!

The Ultimate Warrior, born Jim Hellwig was 54 years of age at the time of his passing. Most of us recently saw him being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, and having that last Monday Night Raw appearance addressing the WWE Universe in New Orleans. The news of the death has been circulating recently on Social Media and also regular Internet. For that, this blog letter is for us: 

To us Wresting Fans of the Ultimate Warrior, and fans alike:

It’s me Stephen. You all know. Black blogger. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We have had a good week of wrestling. And a concern week of wrestling. We all know that the Streak was broken. Not going to address that as usual. We are here to remember and to reflect on a different streak. The streak of life. The streak life of the Ultimate Warrior. Many of us in the mid-80’s and 90’s all remember well of the WWE (then WWF) Superstar legend used to come down to the ring in blazing speed, circling the ring, shaking the ropes, the strands tied to his biceps, unleashing his energy on the crowd and his opponents.

His calling of his speech promos: SPEAK TO ME, WARRIORS!!!!! (and also a snort)

No matter what he said in his philosophical style of dialect, that seemed at the time was like saying, dude was getting smart to fight. He was. He used that in my opinion to psyche himself up, charge himself up and either win or lose, he was ready. As far as the angles: Not only he had the match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 6, which was dubbed “The Ultimate Challenge”, he also had angles with Randy Savage at one point at SummerSlam 1992 and WrestleMania 7.  Here In Milwaukee that I remember, he whooped Jerry “The King” Lawler in 1996 at the old Mecca Arena, which at the time was his coming back to the organization. And yes, he was in WCW in the angle of his OWN (one warrior nation) against the stable of the New World Order.


The angle I truly remember sticking out the most: It’s two. For those who still have the WWE Network on point,  or Youtube, review the angle he had with Jake “The Snake” Roberts in trying to find out about the Undertaker’s Secrets. Most of us should remember that. For those that don’t know what the heck I said, let me break out the cliff notes. In one scene (if you watch) you might see a cemetery scene when the Warrior asked to be buried in a grave and having a skull to watch. And in another, Jake The Snake takes Warrior to a room. But this is NO ordinary room. Jake and Warrior enter the room full of snakes. I WISH I WERE KIDDING. If my memory is correct, Warrior sees a casket in the center of the room, he tries to open it but another of the snakes, Lucifer, in the room caught onto the warrior in a biting manner, and he slumps back against the floor in the doorway. And also, mysteriously, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer appeared and a evil grin on The Snake, was standing over the doorway. Don’t believe me? Look at it. And also don’t forget about the angle he had against Papa Shango. Who later became Kama, The Godfather, The Goodfather and etc. Learn your wrestling history, young bucks. And I think there was another angle story with the Warrior’s casket in confronting The Undertaker as well.


Plus also, he made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show back in 1990, promoting WrestleMania, and also his bout with Hulk Hogan.

Many of us remember the DVD, “The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.” In the DVD, there were superstars former and current that commented about the Warrior’s matches and angles. However that same DVD also caught the Warrior’s attention. He didn’t like it. Also the then “rumored death” of him and his brother came to take his place in wresting, that was talked about. But the Warrior on that story struck down that rumor being false. He was the Warrior. He didn’t die at the time. Crazy Stories. We all know.

Finally, as I stated earlier in the blog about his last appearance on Monday Night Raw. Even though he didn’t run to the ring, although he was in a suit and tie. Plus he had on a Warrior overcoat that he used to wear similar way back, shaking the top rope, and to hear him being in that old-school character with the Warrior mask on was noting priceless. In his last promo, he addressed about a man’s life going out. Many of us have already seen it and even in this time of remembrance it’s now legit.

Now to us, his death has come to a shock of turn of human events. And I know that there are those who feel like and I know this is going to get around, “Why has his death news has been important? What about those who die everyday, and even our troops who died in battle? Where is their last words on TV?!!” Don’t get me started on that. When a death is announced, of course those will come together. Those will comment more. Those will feel like it’s being overshadowed because my son, daughter, best friend or many other’s death didn’t get the recognition like the Ultimate Warrior’s passing.

To that I say this: B.S.!!!!

When folks die, they die! When folks pass on, those that remember; will remember that person of what that person did to influence. I had folks I knew died quickly. And they weren’t famous. But they were famous to me of what they stood for! And did I had a relative with a t-shirt with the face on it? Yes. So why are we tripping?

In closing, for the sake of the wrestling fans and those who have grown up wresting, and went in and out: Even though that Jim Hellwig is no longer here. And even the thought that his image of the Ultimate Warrior is no longer to reappear, he is still an influence that will be talked about for many years to come. No question many of us have an Ultimate Warrior influence to withstand all things or many things that get in our way. We don’t have to dress like him to do it, but as sure we can recognize going out without the use of fear and standing up to the cruel world we live in. Warrior ran his race for 54 years. He’s done.

Now, after all the burial, memories, remembrance, and many others, we still have to continue to fight on as if he were leading.




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By now, most of the wrestling faithful had seen the 30th installation of WrestleMania. This was another show in which it was a treat for the residents of New Orleans as well as the WWE Universe. By now, you probably watched the event either of Pay Per View or the new connection of the WWE Network. I’m sure many of you probably might a additional info via the stock. Now for me,  I’ve been watching WrestleMania since the 5th show. That ‘s WrestleMania 5 to you. The same WrestleMania when the Mega-Powers exploded when Hulk Hogan beat the Macho Man Randy Savage for the then World Wrestling Federation Championship. That was when the viewing interest started. And I know that the collection of it for me started from WrestleMania 9  to 29. But don’t worry, the 30th WrestleMania will be in my collection and yes, I’ll add it to the list.


A streak was stopped. The Undertaker’s streak of 21 WrestleMania wins is now stopped, halted, or blemished because of these two words: Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar a considered part-time wrestler, who also wrestled in the Octagon, did something that neither Jimmy Snuka, Jake The Snake Roberts, Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Diesel (or Kevin Nash), Sid Vicious, Kane (2 Times), Big Boss Man, Triple H (2 Times), Ric Flair, Big Show/A-Train, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels (2 Times) and CM Punk didn’t do. Beating the Undertaker in an event that is huge for the WWE in WrestleMania. That would be like beating the best player on the field that had the mentality to win matches constantly every single time. You see the event in the competitor with the knowledge every time, all day every day mind you, but even that can be done with a long line of victories getting snatched by one man, one move which will send a shock-wave of emotion of shock and awe of having a streak of 21 wins gone. I will agree to a point that streaks come, and streaks go. That goes for anything. The Green Bay Packers one time in the 90’s had a streak of 25 home victories in Lambeau Field when Brett Favre was at the helm of the Quarterback. But it was stopped by the Minnesota Vikings and a hot Randy Moss. But the Packers also broke a losing streak in Philadelphia by beating the Eagles in route to SuperBowl 45, and that erased a 40+ year streak of no wins since Vince Lombardi was coaching. And they still own Detroit since 1991 at Lambeau. The Milwaukee Brewers before 2011 never reached the post season since 1982, and a 29 year streak was broken.

Yo, I’m 37-0.  37 years single and no chick on my arm! NONE! I’ve been blowing my Saxophone for about 25 years since age of 12 and that is a streak. I go to the movies 95% on my own as a loner at the theaters. Still doing it!

But that match with The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, to me that will sink in like a funeral. Matter of fact the news of the streak made real headline news: Fox Sports for example, had this on their website with a pic of the The Undertaker on the mat, and in the background: 21-1. Many of the Wrestling Analysts probably had a thought about the streak being ended in probability of passing the torch. In terms of continuing to carry the stick to the next level. Sort of like when a legendary player or a worker who worked at the same job for many many years, now being replaced with new talent. Yes, that too is a streak that can end and begin. We all have streaks that can end, begin, and continue.

So in essence. The breaking of the Streak, is bad. If that were to happen on a different angle of winning and retiring, that would be respectfully well. But if the breaking of the streak means that a hall of fame bound Undertaker is ready to give others a chance of big time wrestling, in the present time, it’s a feeling of the burial. But like the city where WrestleMania was in New Orleans, when a person dies there, there’s a funeral, but when the casket and the funeral line goes to cemetery for burial and after all the final ashes to ashes and dust to dust commentary is done, there is no sadness. There is no weeping. There is singing and dancing and the party continues.

Undertaker fans: We can weep now. And get angry on Social Media. But remember this also, a man is not defined by a streak, he is define of what he has done before, during and after. I’ve watched the Undertaker BEFORE the streak and watched when is stopped. (old enough to remember) Also, even though that an almost 22 year streak got halted, there is one thing that can’t be stopped: memories.

And like any other streak, there will be one that might start, and one will end. Like Ice-T said in New Jack Hustler: “There will be another one after me, cause I’m a hustler!”


Yesterday, the WWE had it’s annual “The Day After Wrestlemania” on Monday Night Raw. But before I begin, I have to give a shout out to the folks who attended the IZOD center in New Jersey. Man, everybody is straight talking about you! Lord have mercy! Now if anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about, Monday Night Raw had the folks chanting names from Michael Cole, JBL, Jerry Lawler, even ECW and the late Macho Man Randy Savage. (i.e. RAN-DY SAV-AGE! then clapping 5 times) Oh check this out, I know that crowds cheer the good guys and boo the bad folks, but this crowd was cheering the villains like Dolph Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars (that’s Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) and even though he’s a becoming a crowd favorite, Ryback and his one liner quote of “FEED ME MORE!” was in unison. And by the way, the folks even were humming the music of new WWE Superstar Fandango. Now hold up, he’s a heel! Why would they hum his music? Having fun I guess.  What amazes me that the wrestling crowds of now might not be your father’s or grandfather’s wrestling days, but these days in the post Monday Night Wars, can go either for the hero or the villain  Plus also the chants do carry to other venues in various ways. Either it’s for a candidate, or a local team that wants to dominate.

Now I know that this is a bit much, but don’t be too surprised if you see this every Monday Night. Whenever a game or event happens. We know. Even World Star Hip Hop is talking about this.

The following footage may contain some dialogue that might not be suitable for several audiences. BE ADVISED!

Note to the WWE: Hire a DJ for Raw or Smackdown. Back in the WCW days, they had Philly’s DJ Ran pumping up the crowd during the Monday Night Wars, in  which we know that the WWE won. Have that also for Wrestlemania XXX, along with the band that plays on Bourbon Street, you guys know the bands like the one you see on Treme. Get Wendell Pierce part of festivities. He plays on Treme also. Just a thought.

And for who are real Wrestling Fans, you all better bring that energy and top what happened in Jersey. Nothing against New Jersey, but can another city top this? Can the BMO Harris Bradley Center, Miller Park, Camp Randall, Lambeau Field or any other venue top this? Better get started! Just like when last year when everyone was saying YES! just like Daniel Bryan.

Living Colour

Living Colour (Photo credit: BasL)

English: Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, performing ...

English: Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, performing on the Today show in 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If anyone had the chance to view Wrestlemania 29, you probably had a blast. Or attended Wrestlemania 29, same thing. And question  how do some get the tickets? I want mine punched! Based on my reading, was the first time that two African American artists/groups had performed on the same platform in a while. Diddy did his thing with a mix of his best Bad Boy songs, plus also Living Colour performing “Cult of Personality” in which wrestler CM Punk came out with.

Now it may sound strange, but I think this was my first time seeing Hip Hop/Rock artists of color coming out and perform at the show of shows. Just my opinion.

Previously, FloRida, John Legend, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Salt N Pepa, Little Richard, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Ashanti, Gladys Knight, Boyz II Men, Boys Choir of Harlem, Fantasia, Ice-T,  Run DMC, and Keri Hilson all opened or performed at a Wrestlemania. Just to add, Aretha Franklin did it twice for Wrestlemania 3 and 23.

English: Jack Swagger exhausted during his mat...

English: Jack Swagger exhausted during his match with Percy Watson at a WWE live event in Puerto Rico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh yeah I’m going to say it. All you conservative folks who wanted to take the country back, and wave the Don’t Tread On Me flags, guess what.  You have someone to cheer for. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Recently I watched Monday Night Raw and the “angle” had them both doing their version of the State of the Union Address. Actually it wasn’t real like Mitt Romney wanted to win the White House. Yeah I said it. However recently the WWE got “the dis” from the conservative media all because of the characters.

Previously, the WWE has been doing this for years. The late Classie Freddie Blassie aligning himself with the Iron Sheik. Or during 80’s there was Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik against any American wrestler based on their viewpoints. In the 90’s Attitude Era: The Hart Foundation was more than just Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. It also had Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith taking their international  stuff against Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, DX, the American Fanbase,  in a Anti-American fashion. They all lost by the way towards the end of 1997. And as for the black side of the WWE, Remember the Nation of Domination? Farrooq, D-Lo Brown, The Godfather, The Rock, (yes The Rock was a member young bucks) All black folks with the Red/Black/Green plus using the late Malcolm X’s phrase of By Any Means Necessary with the fists in the air. And yes there were two white guys rapping going to the ring as PG-13.  Even Sgt. Slaughter had his Anti-American run as WWE Champion, and most folks in 1991 wanted to kill him! Not a joke. Guys like the late Test, William Regal, Christian all had this Un-American thing with the U.S. Flags upside down in a distress signal. Even Lance Storm chimed in as a Proud Canadian vs America. Over in WCW, besides the nWo, there was a time when “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan once dawned “Canadian Colors” against the USA. Even for the Women: Trish Stratus used her Anti-American thing as in a comment of USA****holes. O yeah she said it. And never forget Muhammad Hassan. Which by the way the guy that portrayed the antagonist  is from Detroit Michigan! Hello. And here is the thing, most Wrestling fans in America liked this dude! Especially his character vs the Undertaker. Reference that. Also never forget the Billy and Chuck angle, and most thought they were getting married. Which also made the Gay and Lesbian folks upset, but knowing the WWE’s history of Storylines and Characters, they defended that angle and the rest is history.  Speaking of the Undertaker, remember the Attitude Era in which he used his symbol like a cross to tie up Stone Cold Steve Austin and it was hoisted in the air towards the end of a Monday Night Raw Show? Which was on TV by the way during the Attitude Era. Plus his persona was more dark and grim like a Modern Day Grim Reaper. How do I remember this: I watched it, recorded it and store it up for future references. Back in the day the Attitude Era was cracking with VCR’s.

Ladies and Gentlemen: all of that was an act. A mere act. I know for a fact with it mixed with Wrestling, you know it’s Entertainment. So I think the Conservative Media needs to check itself in a hotel and chill! Now word is, the WWE is inviting Glenn Beck to Monday Night Raw in reaction to this Jack Swagger/Zeb Colter Tea Party Angle. Based on their views of Jobs, Immigration, and the preverbal “whats wrong with America thing.” Really? And I’ll bet all the Breitbart fans, Fox News, Tea Party, and others who begged to take their country back in a foolish manner, well this Monday night is for you. Whether you like WWE or Pro Wrestling or not, it has been making waves from a entertainment standpoint. And just remember, it’s just a story-line! Still the WWE will still make money. My DVR will still be on stat, and the reality: folks like them will still be going and arguing over NOTHING!

This blog I wrote was from those MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs from way back. This year in 2012, the WWE’s Tribute to the Troops will celebrate 10 years as a show dedicated to the men and women who serve America. This blog from 2007 I wrote commented my viewpoint on why the WWE does this despite of political or money gains.
WWE Tribute to the Troops is cool, but important

Dec 24, 2007 | 10:39 PM
Category: Entertainment

In addition to my favorite shows and movies I like to watch around Christmas, the WWE had a show implemented to show support for our Armed Forces. The show is called “Tribute to The Troops: Christmas From Iraq”. For the last 4 years, I have enjoyed watching it because not only it’s wrestling, but to see the faces of our servicemen and women with joy and excitement. Yes those who were at the show, are wrestling fans that feed of that excitement and energy from the wrestlers and Vince McMahon. Despite of what Pro Wrestling has gone through this year, this show really settles in humbly. This year the programing has gone back between the matches, and the soldiers who tell their stories of inspiration, safety, sacrifice, danger and most of all pride in serving America. That’s right, during the segments of the show, the troops tell their stories of what is mostly positive, courageous, and not mostly talked about in the media!


If you’re wondering what came of this about, WWE superstar John “Bradshaw” Layfield or “JBL” originated the idea of putting on a wrestling show for the troops who are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The first show was in 2003, and it was a breakthrough to make it happen between the WWE, Armed Forces Entertainment, and the Armed Forces Divisions themselves. Since after that show, the WWE has gone back four more times to give our troops something to smile about from their daily duties. Either it was Stone Cold Steve Austin giving Mr. McMahon a Stone Cold Stunner, The Undertaker making an impact on his opponents, D-X winning against Umaga and Mr. Kennedy, The WWE Divas passing out Christmas Gifts or Wrestling, Rey Mysterio giving “the 619” to Mark Henry, Mr.McMahon giving a “mockery” to Santa Claus – (which turns into Stone Cold, Mick Foley or John Cena), JBL giving Chris Masters his signature move at the end of the show, and many more. Even WWE Raw Ring Announcer Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem while our Military stand and salute. By the way, this is what I didn’t know, Lillian is an Army Brat, and she can blow!

Over the years, the wrestlers have visited areas of Camp Victory, Camp Speicher, Camp Anaconda in Iraq and Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, to see and witness daily operations of what our troops go through. Such as flying around in the Black Hawk Helicopters for security purposes, shooting guns on the rifle range, touring areas where the troops are rebuilding schools and homes, riding in the Humvee into the cities like Tikrit for security patrol, practicing taking cover from bombs and mortar attacks, just a few. The wrestlers and production crew also got a chance to interact with the troops by setting up the ring and production areas. Similar like the WWE does each year in every arena, but they do it with 18 people and no pyrotechnics! They also display several flags of the world around the set to give that “global connection”. And yes the American flag is displayed! In the past shows, the wrestlers gone on tours to visit other bases that were once palaces that Saddam Hussein owned. And they visit hospitals which some of the troops get treated from attacks, plus memorials that troops set up for those who lost their lives in action. Most of areas they visited, most of the media does not get to see at all, such as viewing the approval of the Iraqi people and Afghanis that come in and help them out of respect. How many of us seen that on the evening news? And on the fun side they give out autographs and take pictures like they do in the States. On the flip side, the troops are seen having fun like playing basketball, performing rap lyrics, and immolating and interacting with their favorite wrestlers. Plus, one important factor is that they do swearing in ceremonies for re-commitment  for their units and their branches of serving.

The show also gives an importance of our servicemen. They receive a “slice of Americana” from the WWE since most of them couldn’t make it home for the holidays. And plus it gives them hope and support that keeps them going each time. “WWE Tribute to the Troops” is not just a wrestling show that shows up around Christmas. It’s an important show for our troops that are serving, and gives us a chance to learn that they have or are boosting the spirit of the Wrestlers of the WWE, and America. Just my opinion. The only reason the WWE does this, is not about politics, not about money, not about publicity, or the war in general. Or whether what the news media thinks. It’s about showing some love to those who are serving our country. That’s it! Despite of what the critics thinks about the wrestlers, Vince McMahon in all in a negative sense, you have to give them a ounce of respect for doing this show, for our military. And they volunteer their time out of their schedules to do this. The WWE says that this show is right up there with their main event show, Wrestlemania.

Check out more of the photos, videos of the show at And read the cover story of the WWE’s visit to Iraq from this year, from the Armed Forces Entertainment Website.

A Wolverine Has Fallen……

Posted: June 26, 2007 in Wrestling


Quote: "Wrestling has consumed my life. It’s my mistress, my passion. It defines a lot of who I am as a person." – Chris Benoit (1967-2007)

Those of you who are wrestling fans, I’m sure that right now you heard of the death of Chris Benoit. No doubt he was one of the best wrestlers to come out of Canada and yes, North America.  I had a privilage to watch Chris on TV like everyone else in the old WCW days, while I was still watching WWE. But the thing I watched the most out of him is when he came to the WWE in 2000 with Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, and the late Eddie Guerrerro. They were "The Radicalz" and they were at the time outsted by WCW in Chris’ view "Backstage Politics".  The things that stuck out the most here in Milwaukee, was Chris Benoit was interviewed on Fox 6 about himself as a wrestler, and his match at the Bradley Center. It was Taboo Tuesday, (later known as Cyber Sunday) and even though I wasn’t there in person but he and Edge (allegedly) won the Tag Team Titles from La Ressistance. It was the WWE’s first Tuesday Pay Per View since 1991, and it was the use of the Internet that got the votes going. And I think I watched Chris Benoit in act at the B.C. in a house show match. This I think was June 3rd, 2000.

To lose a talented wrestler like him, is strange. It’s strange that now he made the list of wrestlers whom passed on under age 50. Previously, in 2005 we lost Eddie Guererro. 8 Years Ago, it was the death of Owen Hart that hit the wrestling world hard. And 10 years ago, whom can about Brian Pillman’s passing at 35.

Now there would probably be questions of what was his personal reasons were and everything else. But the thing is that in his 20 year wrestling career, to me he was a solider! Yes he was canadian, but he was a soilder! He had that driven passion for what most folks need to summarize and understand.  I’ll bet he was told no he couldn’t win the big one, nor he was under 6’0”. I know about WrestleMania XX, when he won the World Title, the same title that he won at WCW during the "backstage politics". Remember the Ladder Match that was never talked about when he and Chris Jericho won the WWE Tag Team Belts? And his apperance with the Horsemen.

He once said that wrestling was his passion. Some folks would go and dis it, but he wore it like a badge of honor. Now his presence is gone. Sensational Sherri’s presence has been passed over a week now. But the last impression of passion, in which he instilled in the wrestling ring, will linger on.

Thank you Chris, for showing and presenting your definition of passion. I will miss all the Dynamite Kid Flying Headbutts, the snap-suplexes, even the Crippler-Crossfaces. But overall, thank you for being you. A professional wrestler with passion. Now you, your wife Nancy (Woman) and Daniel can wrestle for God and meet Eddie Guererro and catch up on old times. Chris Benoit, take your rest. You have earned it.