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Before us Americans get the cooking stuff out, it’s time think. Get your thinking caps on. With all the media mess going on from the flag to racism, we know food is source of healing. So is the mind preparing the food. But as always, I’m scratching my head again.

You realize that “Movember” really started with voting right? Way before the health awareness male mustache thing. Research!

Why is #45 wasting his time with LaVar Ball?!

Trump supporters: some of you realize that LeVar Burton is not LaVar Ball. How dumb is that?

Milwaukee, stop playing with the Streetcar questions. You know it’s giving folks jobs right? Quit playing!

I want to know: WHY are callers calling Churches for money?!!

Why are the Packers not playing good football right now you ask? – 5 words here – Anthony Barr injured Aaron Rodgers. Say it again and again.

What about those Wisconsin Badgers Football players?

So, Atlanta tore down the Georgia Dome. But why many are upset?

In a recent report, the Greater Milwaukee Area is not good when it comes to African-Americans. Do we know this like, already?

According to Forbes, it once stated that many HR’s look at resumes that get tossed after looking almost scary. What is the real reason why many aren’t getting the jobs?! Race, Credit Checks, Education?

So the Facebook group, “The Whole Milwaukee #1” is now getting noticed. So my questions are, why are those using it for swapping drugs, beat downs and not enough for networking with our people?

Speaking of networking, does the Milwaukee MPS Alumni actually know about it’s networking events and actually go besides the Alumni Reunions?

Is Mahlon Mitchell ready for real to run for Governor in Wisconsin? And you realize that Wisconsin never had a black Governor since it’s founding?

Did the black Veterans received much love on Veterans Day? Minority Vets don’t get that much love though.

International Men’s Day came and went on November 19th. Why is this day not honored enough in the United States? Close your mouths, feminists! It’s not about you.

Hey Sagittarius folks, our season is here. Ready to sling the Arrows?

So GOP, is Trump really that guy? Seriously?!

Again, why are we body shaming?! This ain’t High School.

For all you fans of #45, does the term embarrassing comes to mind?

Why is it always that there are more married couples retreats and not enough singles only retreats that don’t see marriage?

Who is responsible for these young girls and young boys acting a fool based on stolen cars, etc?

The recent victory for the Democrats in Virginia and some parts of America really sparked new heights. Is this the breakthrough for the midterms regarding the blue team in 2018?

For you crazy drivers in Milwaukee, why are you still cutting in-front of vehicles and causing accidents?

On December 5th, are you Georgia residents are actually going to vote?

Who really hates the Hallmark Christmas Movies? Asking for a friend!

For the Wisconsin jobs that have the 60,000 jobs unfilled, what are real skills and experience to have besides just having a High School Diploma?

Who is really shopping on Black Friday to get that ideal T.V.? That ain’t happening!

Why do many non-Native Americans had to jump on the bandwagon of not doing the Thanksgiving thing? You know which ones!

I need to know who is putting out this crap about Churches “supposed to have money” for those whom don’t know? Do they know protocol?

Every church men’s group should know about the safe sanctuary rules from sexual harassment to violent outcomes. Does your Church men’s group do this?

For those of us who have to spend Thanksgiving without a special loved one for the first time this year, how will we get through this? And the same for Christmas, etc? It’s hard for us. Even my family.

Why is David Clarke still running his mouth?

Are the black protest groups really that troublesome being on the FBI watch?

Why would those who go after Rep. Maxine Waters with death threats?

Is Donna Brazille being targeted unfairly after her book was published? Or just happenstance?

Why are the “so-called patriots” coming for Congresswoman Frederica Wilson?

Will the real truth about the late Sgt. La David Johnson please stand up? Don’t act like we don’t know.

I see alot of military hats and division hats, why not have hats for descendants of Veterans or Veteran Families? (sons, daughters, etc.)

What is the percentage of African-Americans in the American Legion Family? Not asking for a friend!

Is the cord cutting thing still going on well? Asking for a friend!

Should the month of November be also the month to spur the support of Veterans everyday?

Why is it always that Black Men, (good ones mind you) get all mistakenly for something that they didn’t do for years and years? Black women, you must explain your part also. As well as everyone else. From molesting, to harassment, to abuse.

For all those whom are so-conscious and running your mouth on social media: what is your motive for ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING?! Don’t talk about it, be about it!

Will Aaron Rodgers be stronger than ever? Just wait, Packer fans. Revenge is coming.

Why is it always a problem for men to talk about Sexual Harassment? Even if you have men in your life that went through it since childhood? This is not a joke!

Is Brett Hundley learning well? What about Joe Callahan?

Tired of reading the same ol’ stuff? Why not read something different? Hello!

If many complain about other people’s blogs, journalism, radio, TV, Online Podcastings, and others, why not start their own stuff to inform of what they want to talk about?

One of these days, I want to learn Skeet Shooting and Archery. Who is a great teacher? Where? Must be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Lot of folks might do the Black Friday thing. If you pack Walmart or Best Buy, why not the local small stores?

I gotta ask why did those in Wisconsin think that it’s a good idea to have a gun laws signed for toddlers or those under 10 to have guns in their hands for hunting? No!

Is Foxconn the real way for jobs in Wisconsin regarding black folks who CAN’T get to the jobs? Still asking that for a friend.

Twitter: I like you. Why is your app causing problems of logging in?!

And the final question before you start cooking: has the Black Friday feeling sunk in yet, or are you staying put?

Now you may resume continue cooking your Thanksgiving Meal.


Man, some of you NFL fans need to lighten up. Like really. All along we all know that the “blackballing” of Colin has reached it’s breaking point. Matter of fact it’s well passed that. By the time many read this, most of us will be looking at the games while many of you might be having a fit thinking of him getting a job. Who also didn’t vote up in 2016!

What is it about him looking for work when you have the average African-American Men and/or Women who are scrapping up work as in trying to find work EVERYDAY due to the hate of skin color or a dumb thing of credit reports? Explain that to me.

Last night, well this has nothing to do with this, but when the Packers started their Preseason, they didn’t started with Aaron Rodgers. Brett Hundley did. And he’s black.

So in that, there was his numbers or ratings being not up to par, an injury might have been a factor, and he had this theory of not getting resigned by the 49ers.

And oh, here comes the additional theories of not standing for the national anthem and assuming that the Stars and Stripes had or is oppressing black folks or POC’s. And many from the activists and even some of our Veterans stood in support of what he protested. You even had young Volleyball Black Players and Football Players of High School, kneeled. Plus a former pro Soccer player kneeled. And some of the WNBA players, kneeled. We all know. But was it worth it? But the person you copied of kneeling, didn’t even vote. That’s one of the reasons why the 45land leader is in office and it’s like a slap in the face! We know it is. And everything that 45 or ol’ Donnie is doing to reverse the policies and ideal decisions that President Obama did in his 8 years. That is a direct slap as well.

Folks are saying that Colin Kaepernick’s angle is in line with Rosa Parks, or Muhammad Ali. CALLOUT: I don’t think so. Colin Kaepernick will never be a Rosa Parks, or Muhammad Ali! We need to be clear! Never have, never will. What they did was real. Not all about me and disguising a theory about the flag in a wrong matter. But alas: Colin said that all his protest wasn’t about the flag, nor the military. It was really about addressing the injustice about the treatment that African-Americans get every single time. And the same treatment or treatments harbored us so many times and we know it. But many believe all that protesting is about him and not really much about others.

Now last year, I written a blog piece about the National Anthem in which I commented about Colin’s protest. Well here is a review:

Speaking of that: The Star Spangled Banner. The official theme song of America. For many many years, the anthem has been played, sung at events, played in solos and many others. And there were those got criticized of the Anthem being a disgrace to those serve in uniform. But I’ll say that the Anthem is good “on display”. But the author, Francis Scott Key that made the anthem in 1812, was also an owner of slaves! The third stanza in the Anthem, which no one hardly sings by the way, spells out as this:

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore

That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion

A home and a Country should leave us no more?

Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Well ladies and gents, let’s breakdown the meat of the third stanza. Now many are already saying that the stantza is racist. The words in the stanza: “No refuge could save the hireling and slave” some say that is so racist that it needs to be erased. But what did Francis Scott Key meant by this? Since he was a slave owner by the way.

  • The word Refuge means in dictionary terms as we know is related to Refugee, as being forced to cross national boundaries and cannot return home safely.
  • Hireling means: A person who works only for pay, especially in a menial or boring job, with little or no concern for the value of work. In a adjective sense: it also means serving for pay only, vernal, and mercenary. See that?

But when you put it all together in that ONE LINE: The Refugees of the slaves, our ancestors were forced in bondage, couldn’t return to Africa that had to be worked for menial jobs, with no concern for the work values of the jobs that was slave related. Henceforth: “No refuge could save the hireling and slave.”

Now that was last year, but this morning as I was listening to the radio , there was different definition about the use of words. “Hireling” in this sense was a reference to the British Soldiers and the “Slaves” was a reference to the American soldiers. There was a “stipulation” that if the slaves served under the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, they would granted their freedom. Same as the side of the British. If the Black Slaves served under the British Crown, they would be granted their freedom. And also we know that Francis Scott Key was the composer of the Anthem, but according the radio broadcast, he was mad by getting beat by the black troops during the time period. To be clear, it was about another version of Black Power! You might listen to WNOV on the Tune-In App for that.

Now that might sound kind of strange but the thing is this version might be kind of stronger than the first definition we heard last year. Why haven’t we really heard the third stanza of the Anthem before in school?

EASY ANSWER: It was never taught to us! Just like in all the extensive history we are just now exploring about the nation and yes Black History. All that extensive history that we didn’t know about that we just found out on Social Media, IT WAS NEVER TAUGHT TO US! NOT ONE EXTENSIVE SUBJECT!

We can blame all the same old “they didn’t teach us this stuff in school in all” but you know whom I really blame in all of this? Read my lips: Blame the curriculum! The same curriculum that circulates all the lessons plans that many of the teachers will be getting for your kids in the fall.

*Sidenote: Milwaukee Public Schools will start school on August 14th and September 5th, and most schools will have Uniforms.

But seriously folks, NFL Fans: I hate to say this in all, but Colin Kaepernick is not going to save you. I hate to be a hater for the “Colin Worshipers” who was all flashy against the Packers, went to the Super Bowl against the Ravens and LOST in the blackout game in the Superdome. And a season later his numbers weren’t all to par, he was injured at one point prior, and he was 2-1 against the Packers in a game that the 49ers lost 17-3. I told you Niner Gang. All that flashy stuff came and went! He’s a heck of a ball player, and since the plays of the Pistol he started, guess what? Everyone is going to use it and rename it the Lombardi Cannon or whatever. And of course his chances of getting a job dwindled, plus having a fear of getting cut by the team, and what does he do in between: kneel before the flag during the national anthem. And again, he didn’t vote! And many of the fans whom are now just WOKE, we have a guy name of Ol Donnie in the White House. Let that sink in.

Instead of worrying about Colin and his job, again what about those who are still looking like crazy everyday? And other issues of healthcare, the economy, drinking water concerns, not enough support for the church, or many of the concerns that are more IMPORTANT about everyday values! Again, he is NOT here to save you!

As many already know, the 2016-17 Season of the Green Bay Packers had its turn. But didn’t win the NFC Championship. This season was started out as slow as usual, but then got hot in December. They also rebounded with winning the NFC North Championship, a surprise rebound of their running game, defense had a thin concern of banged up injuries, plus a new thing called “run the table”.

So with that, here is my blog letter to the 13 time world champs and 17 time division champions Green Bay Packers.

Oh, it’s been a while, but I do my best!

Dear Green Bay Packers,

It’s me Stephen. A black blogger by hobby and still one of the fans that still supports.

First, I want to say thank you for a season that can run the table. Now  I know that you had your vacation started after the NFC Championship loss to Atlanta. I should say the same Atlanta Falcons team that NOW knows what you felt after losing big period. It’s not a good feeling to lose we know, but as I look at the entire season, there were positives.

And yes I like the idea about Ty Montgomery was used as a running back most of the season, Davante Adams improved EVEN MORE THIS YEAR, and Jared Cook was used as a weapon in Aaron’s arsenal. Plus we know that it was expected that Jordy Nelson was making that improbable comeback this season, EVEN WITH BROKEN RIBS! Not too many can’t do that.

For the Defense: well…..the defense needs to be less exposed for next year. I know that many or some may not be back in the 2017-18 season, but for those whom are remaning can certainly improve to be more combative in the upcoming season to be.

I know that the NFL Draft is coming up and plus there will be picks that might linger in the weak spots in the future spots in the D. Might I make a suggestive idea? I want to hear this: “For the first pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select……………TJ Watt from the University of Wisconsin”. CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?! Think about it. We know he’s JJ’s and Derek’s brother. And when TJ was playing with the Badgers, he was a beast as a linebacker. So for example, if Nick Perry gets traded, or Julius Peppers decides to retire, get TJ Watt just in case! Also the Cornerback/Strong Safety points MUST be stronger than this season. The opponents of other teams exposed the positions and that was part of the downfall. They need to make the safety points very improveable  to be not very exposed a lot. Micah Hyde and Morgan Burnett can’t do it by themselves. And neither Damarious Randall. But I’ll bet that Damarious will improve by next sesason standards to be a strong CB. Plus it could be a revived point for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

As well as the season, well let me say this: I had some predictions that Jordy Nelson will be a comeback. He did. I predicted that the Packers will take back the NFC North Title. They did. And had a decent record of the Season, in which it was hard, but they did. As for the Playoffs: Finally got the Giants off the back, and dealt with the Cowboys in a win in their house!

And as far as Atlanta: after being torched twice by a team with “buzzsaw potentials”, yes it does make you humble. But look, now they have to be really humbled because the New England Patriots made them look foolish in the Super Bowl with that comeback!


Finally, as I close: I want to give a special shout out to Sam Shields and James Starks. As many already know that they have been cut in the now offseason. They were both a boost for the Running Back and Cornerback positions. And helped the Pack in getting a Superbowl win in Dallas back in 2011. To those who like to hate the Packers: hey we hate you too! But in a respectable manner. Just remember who owns more NFL Championships in historical history! So yes of course that the Packers will take a vacation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers will reload with new talent and revised talent to Minneapolis via SuperBowl 52.




Right now, the Green Bay Packers, (aka the team that everybody loves to hate because of them being 13 time Champs) made the playoffs.

Check out this video courtesy of the Wisco Kidz: Run The Table!






I’m just going to let loose. This is the last “Scratching my head all this time” thing. Actually its the last story in my 30’s. But don’t worry since this is the 12th month and the birthday is on December 5th, yes I’m going to keep writing when the 40’s happen and yes there will be a SPECIAL Sagittarius Check in for all of us Sags born between November 22nd and December 21st. So with that, I’m cutting to the chase right now!

Since when did the real racists have a say when Donald Trump became president?

Have many stopped sleeping on the Wisconsin Badgers Football Squad? Oh, yes they lost to Michigan and Ohio State, but guess what Michigan fans, no disrespect, but your squad got beat by IOWA! And you’re crying about a tiebreaker with Jim Harbaugh’s rants about refs. Hold up, he needs to look in the mirror when his then-49ers torched the Packers with crooked zebras!

Can the Packers really “Run the Tables” in another attempt to get to the playoffs? Run the Tables, Relax and Chill fellow cheeseheads. #GoPackGo

If the Badgers win the B1G Championship over Penn State, is there a STRONGER WAY to get to the Rose Bowl and actually WIN IT?

Is 40 the new 20 like many said?

Hey Sagittarians: It’s still our season. Are we having fun or what?

Now Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke might be a potential pick for Trump’s Homeland Security Position. BUT you know that he had folks die in jail without water this year, right?

Milwaukee is now a Blue City in a RED STATE. How will this workout, as if many times before?

Remember when Colin Kaepernick was kneeling  during the Anthem? Why didn’t he vote?

Why is it that the NES Classic Edition is so hard to find AT WALMART? But when you go to Gamestop and try to buy it for $80.00. REALLY?!!

Is Amazon Fire Stick TV really the business?

Last year, the Coloring Books for us grown folks were a hot seller. What’s next to come back for the Christmas season for the grown and mature? And it’s not just the VR machines.

This year, we all heard about DirecTV Now. 100+ Channels for 35 bucks. Now here is my question: Can us on the DirecTV thing who are sick and tired of paying about $100.00+ per month can actually be traded to pay something less cheaper with the new DirecTV Now?

Did anyone actually were thankful by reading my Be Thankful blog for Thanksgiving?

Here’s something to scratch on: What about those who say don’t buy anything during the holidays, but those who will buy the items anyway?

Yes I agree that Black Dollars Matter. Which really it does. But whom is having a hard time understanding that?

This past Tuesday was Giving Tuesday. Who donated to their Alumni Groups?

What is the biggest stigma of misunderstanding of when turning 40?

OK I have to scratch this one: Many are saying that Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy or others are better than Empire. Look I can respect everyone’s opinions, but what’s better than Luke Cage or Sons of Anarchy? Monday Night Raw?! Black-ish? I have to say this: the next couple of shows coming out, will be better than Luke Cage or them other shows. Mark my words.

What about them Milwaukee Bucks so far? Don’t sleep!

You know that the Nintendo Switch is coming out like next spring, right?

We got those lists coming out for 2017. Are we going to follow it?

Who is really hooked on those Hallmark Christmas shows right now? Come on now, please confess to Father Stephen! Admit your confession!

Will this year be the best Christmas ever? Since Obama is leaving office next month.

Speaking of that: Will you really miss Obama?

What will be your BEST and WORST of 2016?

Have the Introverts really got respect?

Why has 2016 had NO CHILL when famous most recently have passed on?

Who was the real deal in Milwaukee this year? No I’m not picking Sheriff David Clarke.

Who was the real deal in Wisconsin this year? Nope sorry Scott Walker!

Since Christmas is coming as usual: Who is the real Scrooge you know that needs a butt kicking right now?! Go get those three spirits.

Since 2016 had no chill, what about the unemployment and the underemployed of black men and women had NO CHILL all along?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: has anyone caught those who murdered that college student near my Alma Mater of UW-Stout?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: what about the still health concerns about black folks?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: What is the deal of the same ol’ tired stigmas about black on black crime that the “you know whos” had to bring up when police shootings happen?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: what was up with cultural black organizations had to shut down due to funding in America?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: Why did those who say they were for Hillary, but were backing Donald Trump?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: who is really having a hard time finding work? Especially in Milwaukee?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: Why there are those who feel that ALL CHURCHES are about money?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: Who is the biggest hypocrite? Those whom do church, or the job, or the streetfolks?

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: what will the black folks who voted for Donald Trump will actually get in his 100 days in office, or 4 years? Not much!

Since 2016 had NO CHILL: Why is Wisconsin’s rural areas have the stigmas about city folks?

Do you realize that leaving one place to another might have implications of seeing the same old racism yet again?

Most of us are still reeling from this so-called election where hardly no one voted up enough. Who is really at fault for NOT VOTING? And will this not carry over in 2018?

Speaking of 2018, will this be the last year of Sheriff David Clarke and Scott Walker?

AND the last question before I turn 40: Will you or might you believe that anything is possible to go hard even further?  Despite anything?

Bonus Question: Should the blogging I do should be added to the Milwaukee category on WordPress? I looked at that and it’s completely DRY! 

There will be more coming out. 










This seems to be the talk of the town:

“Aaron Rodgers is off!”

“His game is off.”

“He’s not the same.”

Oh we know it’s the talk of the town.

We’ve seen the lost when the Packers had on the Old School Jerseys at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau. And also, previously at Minnesota in their new arena. But many are still asking and wondering why Aaron Rodgers’ game is off with the Packers O Line.

Before I get into that ask yourself these questions:

How many times has Joe Montana been off?

How many times when Michael Jordan’s game was off?

How many times when Kobe Bryant’s game was off?

How many times when the likes of Walter Payton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird ALL HAVE BEEN OFF their games?

How many times has Wayne Gretzky’s game in Hockey was off?

What about Gabby Douglas, or Billie Jean King, or Venus or Serena or any other athletes that have been off?

Can anyone tell me why?!

Why I am saying this you ask. It seems that oh boy “Aaron has a problem being off.” We’ve been off to, so what? I’m saying is that right now, it sucks. Of course. But why is it sucking?! At this day and time?

Yes, I’ve looked at the Dallas game, and yes Aaron was at times on his game but not fully on his game, and that was exposed. I get it, Cowboys Nation. But guess what, it’s going to happen to Dak Prescott sooner that later. Bank on it!

Before I get into that ask yourself these questions:

How many times has Joe Montana been off?

How many times when Michael Jordan’s game was off?

How many times when Kobe Bryant’s game was off?

How many times when the likes of Walter Payton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird ALL HAVE BEEN OFF their games?

How many times has Wayne Gretzky’s game in Hockey was off?

What about Gabby Douglas, or Billie Jean King, or Venus or Serena or any other athletes that have been off?

Can anyone tell me why?!

Why I am saying this you ask. It seems that oh boy “Aaron has a problem being off.” We’ve been off to, so what? I’m saying is that right now, it sucks. Of course. But why is it sucking?! At this day and time?

Before I get into that ask yourself these questions:

How many times has Joe Montana been off?

How many times when Michael Jordan’s game was off?

How many times when Kobe Bryant’s game was off?

How many times when the likes of Walter Payton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird ALL HAVE BEEN OFF their games?

How many times has Wayne Gretzky’s game in Hockey was off?

What about Gabby Douglas, or Billie Jean King, or Venus or Serena or any other athletes that have been off?

Can anyone tell me why?!

Why I am saying this you ask. It seems that oh boy “Aaron has a problem being off.” We’ve been off to, so what? I’m saying is that right now, it sucks. Of course. But why is it sucking?! At this day and time?

And you’ll be asking the same question. Colin Kaepernick has been off his game, and no it’s not because of him taking knees in protesting the Anthem. The other teams with potential profile players have been off too, but like many they are asking why.

Ok, back to Aaron Rodgers again. Yes, he probably already knows in his brain that his precision on the field, along with judgement is clouded with mistakes. He already knows it. As a matter of fact it’s been kind of known in a few years. Remember when Brett Favre WAS OFF HIS GAME, Packer fans? Oh we booed him, calling for his resignation to be traded or left behind with the 16 year reign in the Green and Yellow. But majorty of us in the Packer Nation still liked him anyway! Even he went to the Jets and the Vikings. Let’s be honest, what Aaron Rodgers is going though of “being off”, is the same thing that many football quarterbacks had gone through with their careers. We already know this. Why is this new? Was Bart Starr or Don Majikowski off in their Packer days?

So I say this as a “DieHard Packer Observer Fan” I want to give 3 words to Mr. Rodgers as well as the players on all sides of the ball: Careful. Precision. Judgement. On Offense. On Defense. On Special Teams. Manily this is for Aaron and no it’s not to blame on Olivia Munn. Plus I dare say for Mike McCarthy!  And about this jink that when Favre is around, it’s a problem. Technically it did happen when he was being honored by the Packers last year on Thanksgiving, and yes the Bears beat them in all the celebration. And the same thing happen this year as well. Can the old Gunslinger stop jinking ARod? Dang! I know this is silly of being in the 21st Century and having all this curses and Jinks. Only main reason why they stay it’s still around its all mindgames. Plus getting in the head of the opponent and signaling that it will never happen. Oh, the Chicago Cubs are in the NLCS and still the Billy Goat Curse lives. The only way the Cubs would “reverse that Goat Curse” is to do one thing: Win the World Series. Just like when the curse of the Bambino was lifted off the Boston Red Sox.

But what does have to do with Aaron Rodgers? Frankly, nothing. But the one thing that the December 2nd Sagittarius must break through is the slump he’s in. Get out of the funk. Enough with the though he’s off comments!

So the Packers are not dead yet. It’s still 10th month like the almost mid-season of the NFL.

G’s up Cheeseheads! We’re still in this thing.

Aaron is off. But he can climb back on to the Football thing he knows with new needed upgrades!

What was that word that Aaron said last year? R-E-L-A-X.

This year, Ty Montgomery said CHILL! CHILL! CHILL!



Oh yes. As I write this, the Summer Games of the 31st Olympiad has shut the doors. The Cauldron has been put out. And of course Rio De Janerio has it’s city back and yes, Tokyo Japan will have next in 2020 to host the games. For us Americans, I told you so that this was an “American Summer” in terms of racking up the medals from Gold, to Silver and Bronze. The Bronze medal in the past probably meant that it was a sign of why this, to it’s better than nothing. The sportsmanship between the countries still remain endless. For most, it was a way to break barriers, break stereotypes, break gender like stances of proving points, proving you still belong,  and most of all: getting a chance to stamp your name into Olympic Greatness for a established pointers. And even to have witnessed a thing called Black Girl Magic, with Black Male Brilliance.

What were my moments of the games: Well let me count the ways!

Swimming: SWIMMMM SQUAAAAAAD!  I kept saying that on Twitter and Facebook alot. One of my moments to take away was indeed Michael Phelps. I thought Michael was out of it years ago. But I was surprised he made his way back to win more medals Golds and Silvers to add to his trophy case. He did it his way in terms of proving to himself that even he had some concerns about this character, but still had a chance to compete in the games and doing the thing he does best: Willing medals. For the Women: Simone Manuel. She became the First African American Woman to do the thing in swimming by setting a new world record of 52.70 Seconds in the 100 meter race! Let me say that again: FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN to do the thing in swimming by setting a new world record of 52.70 Seconds in the 100 meter race. Later on, she also was the anchor of the women’s swim relay to win the gold for the U.S. Also she won two silver medals in the same event. For Simone also, it was a ground breaking victory for many reasons, not because she’s a woman, but also black. Many of us had to read about various times that black people weren’t allowed to use swimming pools. This is a true fact, white folks. And also, when Dorothy Dandridge was still alive, there was a time she dipped her toe in the pool, and when the white folks heard that, they drained the pool all because she was black! There were times that black folks had acid poured on them in the pools out of hatred just because they were black! For all you folks who think this is made up, or just fake, I urge you to go back into those history books again and read about why black folks had that against them and the reasons why it was. This wasn’t a joke. It was brutal and nasty. And I know when Simone Manuel won the Gold for the first time, it wasn’t just for her, it was for those whom were black and were brutalized by the Police. The area she’s from, probably had the scare about the Police stopping a pool party and also the teens were black. Not kidding here!

U.S. Rugby: Now for this, Rugby got  my attention. And the one player caught my eye was Carlin Isles. This dude made a name when he was doing track and field, but when he became this Rugby player, I had to watch this. I’ve seen the clips of him and this dude was running fast like crazy! Dodging folks in all. I’ve began to think like, he could have been a football player in the NFL shaking up the Defense, or taking INT’s. But in rugby, he made a name for himself and with his training, it was just the beginning. Even though that the Rugby team didn’t get a medal, but international folks: The US Rugby Team is just the beginning and they will get their medals. Only a matter of time. Plus also, I think Rugby will make a new impact on America just as Football has been doing for a long time. It’s just my opinion.

Track and Field: Oh the TrackSquad!  I am very impressed with the skills of Allyson Felix. She is now the most decorated female in US Olympic History via the Track. I’ve watched her 4 years ago in the London Games, and she carried her skills with the use of her speed for the track events. There was an article that she almost didn’t walk per se. But I’m glad of what she had to go through to get it done, it was done! In addition, her relay team had to bounce back from that baton mistake due to one of the Brazil runners getting in the way. They got their appeal and it was granted that they wanted to run again,and  after that, let’s just say that the rest is history.  For the Shot Put: Michelle Carter! If you don’t know who she is, you need to recognize. She is like the first black woman I’ve seen since Jackie Joyner-Kersee doing that event in a while. But the way that she did that event, I was like: WHOAAA! Never heard of her, but I’m glad part of the “Black Girl Magic” did infact worked for her as getting that gold medal.

In addition to the running: this is about the men folk. The first squad that ran in the preliminaries or the qualifying running, they should have NOT been disqualified. And this same group almost had the match won clean. But the baton passing on one second men’s  track  relay was indeed very clean and very coordinated and still dominated with the survival of getting another gold medal.

Beach Volleyball: Oh yes, Kerri Walsh-Jennings is a favorite of mine. No question she has been so dominate of the Beach VolleyBall game for quite sometime. The Beach Volleyball event has been around for about 20 years. And Kerri was good in most of the games. For this year, the Brazilians won the Gold Medal game in which broke the streak of Kerri’s wins of 26 games. However, she and her teammate were dominate in the Bronze Medal game and still walked off as one of best players in the game.

Gymnastics: I’m going to talk about Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas here. First, the Final Five were indeed one of the best gymnasts around and they brought the faith and fire to the Olympic Event. Of course everyone was betting on the Final Five to win along with Laurie, Madison and Aly. To me the strongest of the bunch was Simone. And this shorty of 4’8″ was no joke. She was just phenomenal and her first time in racking up her first five medal wins.

For Gabby, we know how good she is and very talented as she remains to be. But however, there are those who didn’t allow two things go: Her hair, and her hand over her heart. Now this is the point where I’m going to POP OFF! For you Gabby Hair Haters, you must be tired. Tired of her having her hair so pinned back. Tired, Tired, Tired. Your so-called jokes are just pathetic and stupid and I’ll guess that many of you are black women whom are just lazy and brainless just because one person’s hair hasn’t been so perfect all the time. What make you think that her hair ain’t perfect and yours is? Your hair ain’t all that!  I’ve seen your fake weaves floating around on social media thinking it’s OK. Sorry so-called black queens, your hair: PLEASE! You go in on Gabby’s hair as if you somewhat care. You don’t!  And you supposed to catch these future kings you impressing? For me, no thanks. And now, you think it’s a joke? Let me say this and hear me out clearly: YOU ARE THE JOKE! The eggs are on your face! And all of this with the mixed of social media with your tweets of Facebook posts is just utter nonsense. And many of you want to catch me for a husband? HA! Don’t think so. Your attitude does carry and it’s carrying a jealousy weight of self-hatred and a black people, it is a shame that the bitterness is being passed around constantly and 4 years later and I would remind those whom have kids: you kids are watching your every move! PATHETIC!

Speaking of that: for all you so-called Patriots in America, those who called out #CrabbyGabby: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!  Let me take a while guess: it’s the Gold Medal Ceremony and the national anthem is played, four of the Final Five had their hands over their hearts, and Gabby didn’t. And oh, you so-called jackals who think you know it all, had to go in on Gabby Douglas as being unpatriotic or unappreciative of being not to have her hand over her heart while the National Anthem is played. All of you racist pukes who feel this way, you need to stuff it! And thing is, some of you probably don’t do it yourselves! I’ll bet many of you WILL NOT do this at the Football games this fall or the Basketball Games in the same season. Many of you will not do it, and someone will call your carcass out about you hating on Gabby Douglas. Gabby DID NOT do anything wrong in this matter. If many of you so-called Americans found that OFFENSIVE: Remember, many of you have seen this picture:


Well, Well, Well: Someone must scream out DOUBLE STANDARD! Look, I know that the shot putters on the left got their medals and did NOT put their hands over their hearts. Can anyone say hypocrites?


Or you think this was offensive?  You so-called Americans need to grow up! Even this guy Donald Trump who, many of you think might make a good president on paper, is the same fool that many of you think he’s going to build a wall, or has the answers concerning African-Americans. Just wait I’ll pop off again in my next blog!  When Football season starts, if I see ANYONE who is non black, with no hands over hearts, I’m going to take a picture and I might put it here!

So who are we fooling, Americans?  We are fooling ourselves because many of us don’t even follow the protocol of what to do when to stand when the National Anthem is played. We don’t! I said many of us, not all don’t know this. Admit this, do we stand and put the hand over the hearts back in school? I’ll answer it: YES AND NO. More of the no. Why would I ask this?  Seriously, I ask this because many of us so-called patriots FORGOTTEN the ettiqutte of the response and procedure on how this is supposed to be done. Usually there is a rule that yes when you put your hand over the heart, that is for the pledge of allegiance. Many of us know very well when every monday morning back in school, we had to get up from the desks and look to the flag and recite the pledge. Now this was back in school. Now when the national anthem is played, of course some will put the hands over the hearts. BUT SOME WON’T. Either they stand, or those in uniform will salute. Or some will bow their heads like prayer. Or some will put their hands over the hearts and have their heads bowed. Or some will rise and stand for the duration of the Anthem.

CALLOUT: Um… this making any sense here?

If it is, you should know. If those who make a scene that it will do more harm than good and to mix it in with the likes of Gabby Douglas, you don’t know SQUAT! I said this on Facebook and I’ll say it here, Gabby Douglas did not do anything wrong in this so-called matter! She did not! If those of the so-called patriot crowd hashtag of  #CrabbyGabby on Facebook or Twitter because of the hand/heart problem, then maybe it’s YOU having the problem. Maybe it’s not Gabby’s fault that she didn’t disrespect anyone. The fault is on those who want her to fail. And those doing the hate, just remember: Gabby is 20 years old and did more in her 20 years of life than many of us wished we’ve done. Many of us WISHED we went to the Olympics and competed for the games and win medals and having the folks talking about us. Many of us WISHED we had to go to the training facilities and train up to stay sharp for our events and activities. Many of us WISHED we had the glamour! But did we do that? Let me say this, HELL NO!

Instead of jabbing at her about her hair, or the heart/hand issue, let’s just TRY to appreciate the fact that she did the job by her gifts and talents to get that shiny gold medal AGAIN for the United States of America’s Olympic Team. So what’s the fuss? Many of us are just self-centered of the hate along with racism, sexism, self-hatred, or many of us like I said wished to be like Gabby, but it’s too late now!

You may put in this hashtag: #LOVE4GABBYUSA. Should of had this 4 years ago.

Ahhhh: Let’s talk the sports that was so cool to get to see, Basketball.

Both the Men and Women played their hearts out and as we all know from the beginning that both teams maintained their undefeated stats per game and also grinned out to win the Gold Medals for the umpteeneth time. We know it was expected for Team USA’s Basketball squads to win and they did. But in between the game, there were some close shaves for the men’s squad against Serbia and Australia in the Pool Play that the Squad won by 5 points or less. Yes, the world squad is catching up and they get it by playing in the NBA. And yes, Basketball has gone global. It’s all over the place. Yes, there was a time in 2004 that us Americans were shocked by Argentina when the USA lost! Yes that was a bad taste in our mouths. It was nothing to with shoe endorsements. And I think also, that the team should have gotten better players then instead worrying about their shoe contracts. I respect what Carmelo Anthony stepped up to do. He was on that 2004 Team and had to get the bronze. But to come back in 2008, 2012, and 2016 to get the gold medal, that was growth! The Redeem Team of 2008 was like for them to redeem themselves to prove that we can win gold medals, and be dominate once again. In which they did. 2012 as we know, there was this debate about if the 2012 USA Basketball Team could be the originals from 1992. Let me school you young cats AGAIN. The 1992 Originals were like the fresh team of the nWo, it was something that it was never tried before of getting the NBA’s best to compete for the Gold. This team was on a mission at the time of what happened against Russia in 1972. That is when the Russians at the time got the Gold based on the controversial outcome play. At the end of the game, the Russians got the Gold, the other team got the Bronze and the US? Silver. In which they didn’t come out to accept. The Silver Medals weren’t award and they are in a lockbox safe somewhere that is untouched. The 1972 team felt they didn’t deserve to win the Silver. They wanted the Gold! The Originals’ mission to get the Gold in 1992 was done, and also it not only inspired more men to get the gold medals, but also paved way for the Women’s Team to get the Gold as well. Speaking of that, I didn’t watch much of the women squad in their gold run, but as collectively as they were, they was poised and dominate in their right to get the bar high as they can to win. For you young cats STILL think that the 2012 team can beat the Original 1992 team, stop playing! Go back to your rooms and play that Xbox because nobody don’t want to hear that mess. The 1992 team would slaughter and mame the 2012 team based on their experience and knowledge of the game. Would they do the same against the recent 2016 squad, most likely.

Also there was this criticism about the members selected to play for the USA Basketball Men’s Squad. Mainly from someone who knows what the squad is about. Charles Barkley needs to SIT DOWN! Look, yes he was on that Original Squad. If Sir Charles is really serious about the commentary of the current squad, why doesn’t he coach them?  Why doesn’t he go from the Commentators Chair on TNT, and get on the COACHING SQUAD to assist the Big Guns to handle that business! Come on Charles! Try it sometime! That I think is what he supposed to do. Of course he wouldn’t.

Speaking the 2020 USA Basketball Squad: I would like to see: Jabari Parker, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Steve Novak, and maybe, just maybe a incoming rookie from the College Game that is on fire. That is my pick for 2020. I know the analysts, have their picks but this is my own option to view.

Other sports: I’m going to go with Fencing. And Ibithaj Muhammad impressed me. Even though that she got a bronze medal with a Hijab on, I’m glad she stood up and tested the waters. On Instagram, way back in Black History Month, I posted this:

Guess what? I called it!

Another was Dylan Farmer who got the silver in the Fencing event. Like Black Girl Magic, Black Male Brilliance was working. Over 30 years ago, an African-American, Peter Westbrook won the bronze medal in the 1984 Summer Games. Since then, he’s been teaching fencing in his native New Jersey, but where he first learned it? In the inner city!

Water Polo: for the females, I have to go with Ashleigh Johnson, who was the black woman out there with the Female Polo Squad winning the gold medal. And just to ask, would African-Americans take an interest in Water Polo Sports?

Boxing: Why wasn’t this name has been mentioned alot like the others? And I’m talking about Claressa Shields out of Flint Michigan. Yeah that one. The one that made history again this year, in the same sport of boxing! She’s not Laila Ali, but she sure did dominate. And won the Gold Medal.

Finally for the squad: US Shooting. Kim Rhode, Virginia Thrasher. Winning gold with Air Rifles and Clay Shootings. Now I need to ask this question: why aren’t many in the African-American community per se, are not in categories like this one? Whats up? I looked at the roster of the USA Shooting and not one person of African Descent is not on that squad. Got to think about that in 2020 when making that trip to Tokyo.
Now many are probably asking  well you got the Americans. What’s up with the International folks? Usain Bolt of Jamaica, no surprise. Like 4 years ago he dominated the sprints then and closed out in 2016. Mo Farah of Great Britain: no surprise again. Still owned the gold like London. And to add, Oksana Chusovitina the only woman out of Uzbekistan to compete at age 41. She was competing and winning medals long before either Simone Biles or Gabby Douglas were even thought about. When I though about her, I thought about Dara Torres when she competed in the games at age 41!!!! Remember her?

Now since again the Olympics have been closed, yes there have been those moments. But check this, the Summer Games out of the United States has been an American Summer! I told you so. And the final medal count was followed with the Americans: 46 Gold, 37 Silver, and 38 Bronze. And plus more women competed from the US did in fact complete that notion!

And in addition with the Gold Medals: This year’s Team USA racked up 1,000 golds in it’s team history. Yep. It was an “AMERICAN SUMMER!”


With still being the month of Black History, we’re already in full swing about the ongoing learning stuff about our black figures and events that we know and soon to be known. With the rise of the introverts are on full swing, many folks whom were and are black have made or making great strides of political achievements, sports, activism and other fields of choice.

We know their names like I said, but they were and are Introverts! So who were they? Who are they?  Let’s go with it.

This introvert was apart of the Civil Rights Movement. She was as we know was one of the black women who sat on the bus and refused to be moved, but also working on as a Secretary of the NAACP and a Seamstress. Many  have called her the mother of the Civil Rights Movement: Rosa Parks.

This introvert was a megastar of millions. Entertained millions of fans! Made a breakthrough of new Videos, broke millions of records.  Even though was a bit shy, but when he was stage, he was at home: Michael Jackson.

This introvert is labeled as the “Greatest basketball Player in the World”. Won 6 NBA Championships, 2 Gold Medals, Multiple All-Star, did a video with Michael Jackson,  and many are still buying his shoes. Yes, I’m referencing Michael Jordan.

These introverts are for the Social Conscious folks. Yes you can introverted and be apart of the struggle. Since the on going review of the Black Panthers has been a hot button topic for the last 50 years, this may be a shock to those are or were apart of the movement. Recently, I watched the PBS special on the Black Panthers, and there as question that popped in my mind: Were any of the Black Panthers Introverted, or Introverts? I combed through the net by the use of articles in which I googled the idea question. And yes like many things that pop up online, I got my guess. In a book article called, Unrelated Kin: Race and Gender in Women’s Personal Narritives, a name appeared in the page online by the name of Gloria Abernerthy. Now I have not heard of this woman, nor her upbringing of her family or extended contributions to black history, but part of this was indeed with the Black Panthers. According to the book, the author(s), Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis and Michèle Foster described Gloria at first a “natural introvert” by the time she turned 17 years old. Around the same time she joined the Black Panthers in 1968. And even though she was one of the “comrade sisters” in her support of the programs and assingments in the Party, she like many other African-American women in the Black Panthers supported the organization with the roles provided.

Another Black Panther Party member that was on the introverted side, was one of the co-founders himself: Dr. Huey P. Newton. According the article Stephen Shames, whom was a Black Panther member himself, described Huey in his words at the time during the era:

Huey was more introverted. He was the intellectual. He liked to think about abstract concepts, the ideology of the Panthers. He was more the professor.

So after looking at the article, and more extensive summary of Huey Newton being this radical leader of the Black Panther Party, there was a side of him that was introverted with his thinking, his mind perspective, and also his well being of thought while leading one of the still well known, and sometimes understood Black Organizations in the history of America. Speaking of that, in between the movement,  he earned a Phd in Social Philosophy which also earned him the title of Doctor in 1980. Just two years shy of the Black Panther Party being disbanded. As a Introvert as described previously, Huey was a smart brotha! That knew his craft of activism in the era of Civil Rights, and his influence is often and reflected and reviewed today.

This introvert as we know is a first: First African-American President in the U.S. A One-Time senator from Illinois, Hawaii Born, Law Professor Educated, Picked two times, Married with 2 Daughters and I know whom we are talking about, that after 2016 is over, he’ll be missed: President Barack Obama.

Also, I am not a fan of this former NFL Running Back, and yes should have gotten the ball at the one at Superbowl 49. But in his preliminary interview Superbowl 48, NFL Network’s own and SB Champion, Deion Sanders (aka Prime Time) asked him these following questions in all:


Yes, that is the now former RB of the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch. In the beginning he admitted that he’s not that shy per se, relaxed, kicked back kind of person. But he did say he was about that action. In a sense of the game. So maybe, I’m not assuming but I’ll believe that Marshawn might be an Introvert in his own right. I’m not saying that he is, but he seemed introverted in a sense of gathering thoughts in the footage. Which also led him to a Super Bowl Ring.


Whom else is introverted, and happy, face challenges everyday, and black? Reference Issa Rae. You know who she is right?  We see her shows on YouTube, and HBO. She also has a book out now called The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” in which the book pens her experiences going through awkward situations of relationships, love, eating out alone, and learning to accept yourself. And yes, she is a Black Woman that is an Introvert. Even though I have not read the book, but heard of her, I guess I’ll be buying the book to see and to read from a Black Woman’s perspective on being an Introvert.

Going back to music again: we’re all familiar with Cab Calloway. The man gave us “Minnie The Moocher” a household single jam. We all seen him in the first Blues Brothers Movie. And also other films and shows. But in his autobiography, “Of Minnie The Moocher and Me” with author Bryant Rollins, the author describe that Cab had a “inward” personality:

He’s a very introverted man; he has all the love in the world to give, but for some reason in personal relationships he keeps a lot of it inside.

Hold up! Cab Calloway? Introverted?! Wow. Yes, he had his thing with the music, but when it came to relationships away from the stage, he was introverted to keep more things to himself. That blew me away! You just never know.

As I summarize this blog story, yes there are and were Introverts of Color, pertaining to African-Americans that were mostly listening, mostly thinking and less speaking, and even thought that yes there are some extroverted elements in Introverts, but they were still and are introverted, and their gifts mattered and influenced and continue to influence to inspire.

So yeah, black introverts had and have exist! Who knows? There might be more Black Introverted Men and Women that will support loud voices and causes in between of the movements, eras, generations and current state of affairs.

Oh, and one more thing: #BLACKHISTORYMONTH4LIFE with #IntrovertsUnite! 








Allow me to indulge you readers about the following word: Formation.

According to the dictionary, via, the word Formation means in two definitions of:

1) The action of forming or process of being formed.

2) A structure or arrangement of something.

Let’s take a look at last night’s Superbowl Halftime Show. Yeah, the one that had most of White America upset. And yes, some black folks seething upset. Oh yes, stay mad. Stay pissed. But still, stay up and don’t be mad about what is being said here. Beyonce did her thing with a couple of the lady dancers dressing up in a Black Panther-esque like value.

May I remind everyone: It’s still Black History Month.

The song Formation from Beyonce was like a unknown blast out of left field. No one saw it coming. Not even me. The video of Formation in which featured her daughter Blu Ivy, walking around with pride with two other spoke bravery and pride. Speaking of that, it reminded me of the pride talk in which my late grandmother telling  my sister to always at the time keep your head up and walk like a queen. My late grandfather one said that pick your head up and act like you’re so-and-so! So yes, me and my older sibling had that “black pride” talk since we were teens and kids! Learn that black folks of now!

Just to add, it also speaks to the added ongoing concerns of African-Americans that still face and linger today. Mostly with race, violence, and politics in a unapologetic sense. As I like to call it, NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY! NONE!

We all know what they are. But as a I was reading all those so-called comments about Beyonce’s performance, I get it, some didn’t like it. However, being that the wake up calls are in full effect: it did provided a message that many in the country and the world are still sleeping on. From the echos of Hurricane Katrina, the Police, and a black boy in a hoodie standing before the officers with their hands up.

For the live version which was at the Super Bowl: Beyonce’s jacket/performance was in symbolic for three reasons: homage to Michael Jackson, whom we all know gave that kick butt performance of a Super Bowl Halftime show back in 1993. And also this year of 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of the birth of the Original Black Panthers that started in the same bay area as Super Bowl 50. Via Oakland. Reference 1966 dwellers and haters. And when the dancers made the X on the field, it was in symbolic tribute to Malcolm X. All that right there, another added element of surprise for Black History Month 2016 in the 90th year of the February tradition. And likewise, the ears will bleed yet again everyday with enjoyment and lessons. And by the way, the outfits were also a semi-throwback to the 1960’s when there were black women then were in in “Formation” on a college Football field. Real Recognizes Real! Even for Beyoncé being southern born.

Well in this case, press play here. But be warned: this video does contain explicit lyrics so be advised.

Just to add also, there is a clean version here.

Well I hope those who actually viewed the footage didn’t get really offended. Ooops. I spoke to soon. There were those who got offended. Ever looked at the Eventbrite events online lately? The ones you can make tickets for the events of your choice. Well guess what? There is an ad out online about protesting Beyonce at the NFL Headquarters next Tuesday in NYC. This is so laughable!!!!!! Are you protesters really that serious?!! What did Beyonce did to you? Oh, the real question is why were any of you yahoos per say were watching Super Bowl 50 in the first place? Oh that’s right, you’re football fans. The same ones who you root for every Sunday per season after church right? The ones that YOU go to the bars after you hear the Sermons, right? Those of you who own the bars, clubs, and those who “supports” the so-called Blue Lives Matter folks, right? The ones you probably gave Obama hell all 7 years because he’s black, right? The ones who openly profess your past concerns in dealing and hanging and working with African-Americans in your neighborhoods or jobs, right? The ones who scream ALL LIVES MATTER, right? The ones who had to agree with the anti comments of Rudy Giuliani on Fox News, RIGHT? REALLY?! The ones who complain about staying in church all day and the clubs all night, right? The ones got the satellites and TV always perfected before the games come on with the homestay right? And to those fans who messed up Denver after the Broncos won, right?


Many of you have no idea what the message behind the music was really about. Many of you never probably to oversee the objective of what the music is telling about. And many of you will never understand why this style of messaging is still around in the first place!

Some of you probably in a sense are saying: SAY IT, SAY IT, SAY IT! I’m going to say it alright. And it will be unapologetic speaking in my own right. Pay attention and take notes! I’m about to slay this!

First, let’s get the whole Black Panthers thing straight once and for all: The Black Panther Movement was and is NOT carried nor connected to the KKK. Get it straight! I’m assuming that many of you heard of Afeni Shakur, you know the mother of Tupac? Guess what, Afeni is a former Black Panther Member herself. How do you think Pac got so radical in his words in Rap music? Hello! Another shocker, I was looking on Twitter and an well know funk artist of Nile Rodgers, you know from Chic, displayed a pic of him helping out the Black Panthers when he was 16 years old. And still, he’s one of the best artist that came out of the 70’s. HELLO!

Second, even though that the Black Panther Party had their “angles”, they also helped out those of the needy in the Black Communities way back when. Yes, even I as a black man had to admit it. They might have been crazy, but they had a heart to give back. So to the all of the former ORIGINAL Black Panthers that were misunderstood but helpful, thanks.

Third this song/video was more like of a rally support for the current Black Lives Matter Movement. Also a way to tell us black folks that we may have those black like Afros, Jackson 5 like noses or whatever, we are beautiful. What that taught me and reminds me that I don’t have to change a da*n thing! God made me like this, and I’ll accept that. That also reminds me what I heard in church, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Have some pride in our steps when we walk. For all those who keep dragging your feet on the ground, pick your feet up! Walk like you got some sense! Pick your heads up like you’re so-and-so as my late grandfather told me as a young man growing up in Milwaukee. You females, many of you walk like queens and act on it. Tell those to who don’t, do the same thing of having that pep in their steps. No matter if you’re Introverted or Extroverted, and BLACK you got this! With brains and yes brawn. Even in Black History Month and Beyond. No matter if you are a janitor or street sweeper, or a Business Executive, Mechanic, Owner, or a Entry Level Photographer or whatever, use that to be the best what-some-a-jigger thing there is. Even if you are a student.

And for the record, I celebrate “The Centerpiece” of Black History Month and reference the lessons learned of Black History always. I can be conscious with that. Just a heads up to the Black Conscious folks who read this blog. Go ahead and share it. Just saying. I don’t do one. Or the other. I combine the two elements to make it plain all the time. And also challenge ALL BLACK FOLKS no matter what you’re conscious meter happens to be, is to do the same. The gauntlet is already down, but will you pick it up? Just asking.

And fourth, don’t be surprised that many will use this in their confidence rally cries moreover. Yes, there aren’t that many songs now that are in the movement currently, but I’ll say here, put FORMATION in a 21st Century Radical Playlist. There have been playlists before that concerned with the importance of the Freedom Movements in the past, but this should take the cake.

Fifth, apparently there is someone who is not in formation, but is cool with it. I was reading Sports Illustrated’s The Cauldron column online and apparently, one caucasian female has openly admit something here, and the use of being on the sidelines cheering. Kate Forristall written an excellent column about the Halftime Show while working a photo shoot at the Super Bowl. One highlight of this commentary was this quote: Spot on.

It’s time for us to stop singing along — to Formation, to Kendrick Lamar’s Alright, to any song that has the N-word or celebrates blackness in a way we will never understand. Our ancestors signed away that right when they signed their names to contracts that said they owned human beings or signed tabs in restaurants that didn’t allow “colored people.”


That right there, is a start. This was the most highlighted quote on the article. If those whom are well, so All Lives Matter-ish or All of us need this to shield this and that actually say this, and to admit the truth, then we might get somewhere. In sense of listening. Understanding. And most of all acceptance. And this goes for black folks also.

Final thought: Remember when Michael Jackson had the song, “They Don’t Care About Us?” In which many labeled that song to be anti-this and anti-that? And many went hard against Michael all because back then, in 1995, he was hitting hard against racism and many other factors that we all still facing today! Was Michael telling the truth? Or just kidding?

So yes, it’s time to get in Formation, Black Men and Black Women. In various fronts. And also: FORWARD, MARCH!


“Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.” – Beyoncé







Looks like mood of the Packer nation has been night and day. From 6-0 to about 1-4 in total of being 7-4. The last two games should have been winnable against the still below Detroit Lions, whom have now been officially been caged free after being held down at Lambeau for 24 years. And…..REALLY?! The Chicago Bears on the same day of Thanksgiving. The same occasion in which Brett Favre got his jersey number retired. Ok enough of that. And me puking in my toilet. But seriously, what is up with the Pack? No team shouldn’t be 7-4 while going  (possessively) to a potential Super Bowl. Now don’t get me wrong that yes, there have been teams that mostly started out “super” and don’t hardly get at much. Clearly, the Packers are no exception. And for the record, I’m not just a Packer Backer Fan. I’m also an Observer. I see all the good, bad and ugly. Needless to say, they are still my team. No bandwagons. No wannabees. And most def I’m not one of those who live in Wisconsin and be a fan of those who against the pack. No perpetrators in my house!

So from my “Observer” standpoint what needs to be done to mend the damage that the Packers have received? I’ll get to that in a moment.

According to’s NFL Now they recently highlighted 3 fixes that the Packers need to have.

  1. Fixing the Passing Attack. I’ll agree that the passing attack is not as sharp. They need to resharpen their attacks with some new tricks to the arsenal. James Jones had NO (And I mean NO) catches against the old school rivals at all. And no, don’t blame the hoodie.
  2. Eliminate the Big Plays. Well to a point not really, but in this case they should make passes underneath. Almost like wildcat/screens like. We already know that Jordy Nelson is not playing. WE KNOW! But you can win games by lessing the big wide plays and just use the cherry picking plays just to get the offense started up. The more they do that, the more they get a chance for YAC’s.
  3. Protect The House. This is a hard thing to do, but you know what, The Lambeau Mystique must be revamped. Not just what it was, but what is should be: A PLACE OF FEAR FOR ALL OPPONENTS! Back in old days, Lambeau Field was a place of Blitzkrieg! And it can be yet again. The Get Loud Lambeau thing, I like it. We need to be loud as hell. But also very intimidating to those who dare to step in and mess up 1265 Lombardi Ave. No more of those soft crap stuff! It’s best to go hard.

Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has some ideas or comments:

“In the case of the Green Bay Packers offense, complexity has been something coach Mike McCarthy has been able to build on because of an elite quarterback, a veteran offensive line and lots of experience at wide receiver.


Over on the last five games — even in the 30-13 victory over Minnesota — there have been so many miscommunications, misfires and blown opportunities that the Packers offense almost resembles something completely foreign.

Typically in the NFL, the reaction to such play is “get back to basics.”

Also this from the QB himself: “But yeah, at times you think about being more basic if you’re having mental errors. That’s probably the disappointing thing. You’re late in the season now, and we’re having way too many mental errors.”

“You either got to figure out what you’re doing all the time, or you have to go to more basic stuff. We’d like to not be as basic and have guys not have any mental errors.”

Now here are my things that should fix the Packers:

  1. There have been some news about the team playing Video Games. REALLY! Cut that off! You are not going to win games by playing Madden all day. If those on the squad see all those plays they do on Madden, why not ON THE FIELD with better judgment! Come on guys! VG’s are not active simulators in real life as much!
  2. Davante Adams needs to wake up! Look he’s a good WR. But his open plays have been stunk alot. Davante needs his mojo revamped. Get open and just make plays to score. If not, I hate to say that maybe Jeff Janis might be the next man up for the spot. Who knows that maybe Jeff Janis will be the next man up. Speaking of Jeff Janis, keep him in the backfield returning kicks in case Micah Hyde couldn’t do it all.
  3. DB’s DB’s DB’s Now I see that the DB’s are working, but not enough. The rookie Damarious Randall can’t do it all.
  4. The O-Line needs hardcore Penetration for A-Rod protection. What for you ask? Not letting more sacks on Aaron to pile up like a mountain. Plus also the running game needs to be improved. Now, look stop all this talk about Eddie Lacy being fat and can’t run the ball. He can run. He can play.
  5. Speaking of Aaron: yes I’m putting him in this also. I still like this December 2nd Sagittarian. First: Get the mindsync of Jordy Nelson off the brain. We know. It’s a mindset that is distracting. Second, make judgmental decisions. Matter of fact better judgemental decisions! Now the defense of the other teams are taking notes and scripting what the Packers know. The Packers need to be extra ahead of their opponents in order to generate more wins. That would be like, the Packers taught the NFC North about evil. But not what the Packers know! And it’s starts with the QB. And Aaron needs to be more “RELAXED” than frustrated. And scared. Get it right Aaron. You’re not dead yet!
  6. Playcaling: Oh here we go! We all know that Mike McCarthy is not calling plays this year but Tom Clements is doing the second coaching. The playcallers need more schemes to improve. And this includes Dom Capers!  The playcalling have been well, “predictable”. Mix it up. Or maybe get someone who actually can advise plays of what the players can relate. Need to go back to the ol’ Kevin Green Playbook and get hardcore. Just saying.
  7. D-Line: GET AGGRESSIVE! And plus since some of the players got Beared up in Chicago, it’s time to upcoming likes of Jake Ryan and Jayrone Elliott to finally get more exposure. Yes, I know that the Vets are in the first peg, but still get those dying a chance to play with more ruthless aggression!

Yes they are struggling, but like with any struggling team, they will get better. They have to. No time to think about what should have been, but what it should be. And plus they need to be more back to basic of what they know best to be that competitive. With upgrades! But hey, the Pack is still the team of potential. In the words of the “Pack Daddy”: G’s UP!

So to the 13 time Champs: Get it together! We diehards and real Packer Observers are still with you for the long haul!  No wannabes allowed!