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As the month of March is in progress, so is Women’s History Month. And yes, March Madness is in effect, as well as the turning point of the seasons from Winter to Spring. Not exactly yet. And oh, for us every Sunday church buffs, we got lent. Nothing but 40 days and 40 nights until Good Friday and Easter. Oh again, what is up with Viacom killing their channels on DirecTV/AT&T and why is 45 tripping on Twitter like always. And racism? And sexism? Let’s go in. I’m scratching my head again!

Who’s giving up stuff for Lent? Like really?

For all the Women that really had to ask: why are YOU asking about International Men’s Day?!!! Now you know how the Men feel asking on your International Women’s Day!

Is it really Spring time yet? Or is it still Winter Extension?

Anyone in the United Methodist Church fighting back in the ongoing decision of the “general” vote?

Next question: Can all the Schools, specifically High Schools really talk about Prostate/Breast Cancer? I don’t see none of that.

So Milwaukee: we got the 2020 DNC Convention coming here next summer. By now, you should probably received a lot of information about how to work and volunteer. And plug your business. Now is the time to talk about Milwaukee to the world. Agree?

The American Legion this month turned the century mark! 100 years old of supporting Veterans and their Families! My late father was an American Legion Member here in Wisconsin. As well a few other African-Americans that previously served during wartime. And yes, countless other Veterans, and current Military. But the million dollar question is: what will the American Legion do to reach out to the next 100 years? Even to the younger vets?

Whenever I hear about the stories about the Freemasons doing good work and service through stories (like the Black Fraternities, Churches, Alumni Associations), it’s a good feeling. But recently here in Milwaukee, I read the Community Journal that the long standing fraternity since 1717 (Black Members came later since 1775) has had seen cracks in the wall: In terms of trying to get to the younger folks to join up. My question to the Freemasons, Shriners, Scottish Rites, Elks, Fraternal Order of Eagles, and others: what are you really doing to reach young men whom are you trying to get, and what are YOU doing to see what they are into?….And for the record, no one asked me about the Masons! And I’m my 40’s. But I know…….if I want to be one I have to ask one.

For all the Conservative types hating on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you are making her famous. You are giving her good press, but why do you bring the hate? Y ‘all are making her rich! And the same with Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and countless others that want to shake up the House of Representatives and also 45’s unkindly butt.

For the Women readers of the Spot: Will you continue to celebrate Women’s History everyday, or will March 8th or the whole month of March is just the only time to appreciate? Not trying to stir the pot, but just asking. I’m sampling that thing from Black History Month.

Did Tyler Perry really sent Madea out with a bang with the funeral movie?

Are the Milwaukee Bucks despite of the record, are making a case for a Playoff Push? Keep in mind: they were once a basement team that had poor records that nobody cared! Oh, just a surprise: Central Division Champs!

CALLOUT: VIACOM!!!!! You are tripping! What is up with the cancellation of your channels via AT&T/DirecTV?!!! If this keeps up more, there will be a consequence like dialing 888-250-5557. And after all this, what’s next? Sling? Hulu? YouTube Red? And now DirecTV would like to lower the bills with retaining the channels? My other question is, why don’t they let those who has been a customer more than 10 years to get a free reduction of their billings PER MONTH?

Hey, how about those Wisconsin Badgers Women’s Hockey team, winning the Natty? Or the Ship? Or their National Championship? Hmm..

So the Green Bay Packers lost Nick Perry, Randall Cobb and yes Clay Matthews to the off season. What will the rebuilding of the team contribute to the powerhouse overall for the 2019-20 season, which also is the 100th Anniversary of the Packers Organization and the 100th Season of the NFL?

So the GOP Lame Duck Laws in Wisconsin got blocked! HA! Why the tripping, GOP Wisconsin Republicans?

CALLOUT: For the Men’s BB March Madness, show of hands: who does NOT want to see Duke winning the tournament? They have won enough. (and had the “illegal W” against Wisconsin years back) #AnybodyButDuke

Does the BMCR or all Black Methodists for Church Renewal really need to agitate against the concerns of the current status of the United Methodist Church? Like the predecessors did over 50 years ago? Read about how they rejected a thing called TOKENISM!

Next month in April, after Easter, Mortal Kombat 11 is coming. Who’s buying? And yes, the Nintendo Switch is included!

Many folks still think Michael Jackson did the job by sleeping with young boys?!

I suppose that R. Kelly after the Gayle King interview is getting the massacred treatment?

In Milwaukee, there is an event called “Girls Day at City Hall” that takes place every March. So I need to ask ALL the Men in the Common Council, Milwaukee County, and the State of Wisconsin, is there a plan to have a day for the Boys in Public Service? Gotta to be fair! Boys need to see and do examples of civil service and be recognized in November for International Men’s Day!

Is there a specific reason why various white folks who go on to black social media platforms or black social media posts to get triggered?

Why is it so hard for the older generation of Church goers who talk about the future, in the reality of not talking to the young folks of what they want to see CURRENTLY in church?

HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE: So through the Milwaukee grapevine that the traditional before the 4th of July Fireworks on the 3rd might not happen this year and U.S. Bank declared last year in 2018 that it would be their last. Where was the warning on this? And also, which well known backer organization in the state that would STEP UP and actually pay up $350,000 annually to get the traditional thing going? Harley-Davidson? Kohl’s? Northwestern Mutual? American Family Insurance? Catholic Knights? Somebody step up!

Speaking of this, As of March 19th, 2019: International Men’s Day was 4 months ago. And also it will be on a Tuesday 8 months from now on the same Tuesday date. MEN and I mean MEN, DUDES, GUYS, BROTHERS in all, what will be your sole purpose of making THIS International Men’s Day be more meaningful and recognizable?! Don’t act like you’ll forget!

Many need to really ask: is being apart of an organization a networking need or a recognizable want?

Next question: Will the Brewers make a push to be potential Dark Horses Part 2 for the 2019 Season?

How is it exactly that many ask about jobs, but when looking, they get depleted after the search is done?

Speaking of newer M rated Video Games, will Wolfenstein: Youngblood really making a new impact on the Nintendo Switch? Wait until July.

So is the movie “US” by Jordan Peele is really stepping up to be a real horror film?

Every March 29th is National Vietnam War Veterans Day, in which is a day that is set aside for those who fought, served and/or died in uniform. After all of this: why did 45 had to sign it into law before Obama? Barack should have signed it first. And second with all the Honor Flights for the Vietnam Veterans that are taking place, where’s the love of them that were welcomed back over 50 years ago?!! And my late father who served recalled his viewpoints very well!

Oh yes, A black father stands up! What about this? Don’t trip!

And the last thing on the list: Cardi B just revealed that back in her stripping days, she used to rob and drugged men for the green backs in the clubs at 19 years old. Question….does that constitute for rape? Let’s be honest, if this was on the female angle, everyone would be on point in all. BUT…..since this was about men getting almost raped by a then 19 year old Stripper, it seems laughable. Women on the other hand would be asking “what if this was your daughters?” Now for this: Ladies what if this was your Sons, Brothers, Nephews, Grandsons, etc?!! Speak on that!

More to come.

We know the story of The Karate Kid. The same Karate Kid we grew up watching in the 80’s when Ralph Macchio was actually Daniel LaRusso in a sense. But in this series of the Cobra Kai, the rival Karate Dojo that Daniel faced….is slightly new. But or is it?


What were those quotes? We know those quotes!

Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?

Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?

Defeat does not exist in this dojo does it?

You are not trained to be merciful here, mercy is for the weak!


Find out on May 2nd. Oh, there are more previews on Youtube.

I’m sure that many in the country had already seen Barbershop: The Next Cut. Most of us had seen the first two since we were introduced to Calvin and Eddie. Plus Terri, Jimmy, JD, Dinka, and others. Plus yes Ricky and Issac. But on this third movie, the Barbershop is still on point. The most recent scenes of Chicago’s Violence issues hit home, and yes there is laughter. Plus the old beauty shop from the second Barbershop/BeautyShop is now one shop due to the recession. Even though the times have changed, the messages of lessons learned still ring true.

Now I’m not going to spoil the movie here. But I am going to say this: The lessons in the movie will be an examination of what we must learn from. From 48 hour cease fires to preventing our young black males going to gangs and squashing beefs of rivals.

My question is in all, is all the Barbershops especially the Black Barbershops are still the cornerstone or  staples of the Community?  And for the record I’ve had my haircuts in Black Barbershops, and still get them!

And yes in Black Barbershops, you will hear about jobs, health, entertainment, and if you’re lucky you might watch a flick. You ‘ll hear the old school, new school collaborating topics that everybody in the Black Community already knows.

But like the churches, community centers in all, in regarding this violence going around its time to take our streets back! Every Barbershop and Beauty Shop in America needs to take heed as an idea from the movie, to help out the violence that is plaguing our neighborhoods and especially our young folks.

We know the programs. But we need more!

“On a sidenote, Milwaukee is represented in the movie. Milwaukee natives (and Alums of John Marshall High School) George Tillman Jr  is one of the three producers of the movie, and Marcia Wright makes an appearance in the flick as well. So yes, Milwaukee Public Schools Alumni are at work!

Well It’s here.

The day is here.

October 21st, 2015.

The actual day in a fictional sense that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went from 1985 to 2015. For you younger folks who probably weren’t around in 1985, we’re talking about Back To the Future II, the movie that had came out in 1989 that was set between 1985 and 2015. What was the main feature of this Sci-Fi flick was not just the infamous Delorian that was the instant time machine, but it was also the futuristic look in which what would the world be like in the year of 2015. Many of the things and technological stuff that was imagined in 2015, we’ve come full circle so far. Even with a black man in The White House. So with that, I happen write this blog letter.

Dear Fans of Back To The Future, and those who like Technology so, so well:

It’s me Stephen, a Black Blogger from Milwaukee, and a fan when it comes to technology.

Well, we made it!

We have MADE IT!!! We made to October 21st, 2015!

So……….what really happens now?

In the last 30 plus years, there has been so much advancement in when it comes to the inventions, and creators of technological advances. We’ve seen the advancement of Cell Phones, Transportation, Communication, Voicemail, Social Media, Household Appliances, and many others. We’ve seen the forms of Communication and others get a boost or a shot of inventions to get us going to connect with the world. And oh, yes, even if it involves 3D movies like Jaws. Well may not like Jaws.

The second sequel that many of us got us all futuristic heaven, is really on the game plan. So what actually worked and didn’t work? What was the real deal and what was so, well imaginary?

  • Hover Boards are still in progress of ideas, but still maybe a reality. Except for Swag-ways that are coming up.
  • Delorians are still around with the sway bars. But now, self driving cars.
  • Drones are in the house.  From news to the average consumers that might not get arrested.
  • Video Phone Communications on Flatscreens, Skype and Facetime. Even Video Conferencing. Speaking of that, I experienced that in 1995! And picked it up in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005!
  • Fingerprint Scanning for smartphones, medical, and other ID’s.
  • Foods that are made small, that could be cooked to feed about 10 people happened.
  • As far as the Cubs finally winning the World Series against the Miami………that’s remain to be seen.
  • The clothes like the Nike shoes is still in progress but the lacing part, remains to be seeing.
  • Remember when the characters were talking through the sunglasses? Google glass made that happen…..sort of.
  • A scene where the decedent of the Hill Valley Mayor, makes the cars of then, customizing them to more relevant cars that can fly. However, customizing cars are still around.
  • The Antiques in the store that had the old Apple Macintosh is now considered a throwback.
  • There are some restaurants that have a 80’s feel to it. Per say.
  • And a host of others that yet to be determined. Even if us Americans have to wait until 2045 for the 60th Anniversary of the movie.

Yes, we have came a long way, with all the techs. But like any other day, when the day is over, we’ll go back being the same of’ society in which for those feel that humanity is on the improvement. Even thought that this day is still on the fun side of remembering the thoughts of a future, but we presently have to realize that our progress of working on a future is presently in tact. So yes, we have a future to work on.  Not just the flying cars, or soon to be hover boards, or soon to be teams that finally catches the big championships. But the work of getting things straight still lingers. That is a future is worth fighting for!

So be blessed on this #BackToTheFuture Day. Who knows, maybe the next future project or future this or that, will be much greater to travel!



Ok WordPress readers:

Pardon my interruption of me celebrating Black History Month.

I have not seen 50 Shades of Grey. I have not read the book 50 Shades of Grey. But before I get into the story of my point of view, let me alert that what I’m about to say may not be suitable for the general audience. Nah, I’m keeping it straight original in which I’m going on the hypocrites per say who bash this movie.

Personally, I’m not defending the movie in a way of getting on the side of right. My question to all those who actually bashed the movie, have you EVER seen the movie? No one paid their 7 or 8 bucks while snuggling up with their boyfriends or girlfriends from the Valentine’s Day Weekend? Hey fellas, I hope you survived that holiday of hearts!

Anyway, so 50 Shades of Grey is out and folks calling out the thumbs down things. Ok. But let me say this: 20 years ago in 1995, who among here has seen the movie Showgirls? Raise your hands! Stop hiding! Fellas who were single 20 years ago now married, got saved by Jesus, rocking with children in all, have you sneaked into the theaters and saw Elizabeth Berkley almost butt naked dancing in Vegas? For those who are in the Millennial group that are 18 now, the person I mentioned was an actress on the show called Saved By The Bell that many of us Gen X’ers grew up watching characters of Zack Morris or Lisa Turtle. And before he got into stabbing trouble in my homestate, Dustin Diamond’s character, Screech was a nerd. A memorable nerd like Steve Urkel.

Callout: Can I just be straight for a minute?

As a 18 year old back in the day, when riding around on the Milwaukee County Transit Bus, I saw a sign outside of the Times Cinema near the westside of Milwaukee that read this: “Art or Sleaze. You Decide.” Showgirls. Keep in mind this was 20 years ago. And no, I didn’t go in and see the flick.I was of age even though the movie had this “NC-17” movie rating. However, I did see the movie overall….in 1996 on cable. Yep I saw the movie that most had bashed in ’95 and yes it wasn’t just about sex, and almost innuendos. It was also about struggle where the character Nomi (played by Elizabeth Berkley) was going from nowhere to somewhere. It was also about confrontation, fronting, denial, being mad at the world, and also tripping over the star to getting the star in being the star. And domestic violence against the black character Molly was clearly over the top. But towards the end, Nomi becomes the main dance star in Vegas. Now for those who have not seen it, yes I know it’s been 20 years. Many have forgotten about it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t just read Wikipedia. Just see the actual movie. Pop it in the machine and press play. But you have to really, REALLY, REALLY grown to see it!

Way back when around 1992: I KNOW everyone probably saw, or tried to see Basic Instinct! And Sharon Stone, was not messing around! And she did not mess around in 1993 when she played a character named Carly in Sliver. It was a movie that had this Apartment that was full of hidden cameras and a secret location in the place that was set up like the batcave with monitors and such. Innuendos was crazy. In 1994, there was movie that dealt with Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Has the movie Disclosure featuring Demi Moore and Michael Douglas ring a bell in which MEN were sexually harassed on the job? Don’t laugh, ladies.

Also, speaking of cable: remember Real Sex on HBO? Yo, for those who know, if you grew up sneaking up past midnight to see show to see it, technically you are not the only one. I’ll admit: I’ve seen some scenes from Real Sex that blew my mind. Not out of enjoyment! But just in general. I mean the things they had on that show that had me dropping my jaw! I mean this was the 90’s close to the early 2000’s here that the earlier stuff was considered taboo. Nowadays, Real Sex is a throwback. And yes, I’ll bet those who actually doing the things now were probably taking notes on Real Sex for things like oh I don’t know: Red Shoe Diaries on Showtime? Come on now!

As they say, Real Sex, thats a wrap! Now for those whom never heard of the show, Google. (WITH CAUTION!)

Even those shows had those blow your mind effects and I’ll bet back then there were some haters and hypocrites per say that criticize them in every way.Technically, this is nothing new. Such as banning books in your local High Schools per say about Sex. Or related subjects to the matter of it. Oh yeah, just watch your local news. They talk about it all the time. But eventually to you now parents of high school students who like to come to the schools and demand to get your son’s or daughter’s cell phone back, and show up for graduation only, or those who think are safely out in the suburban schools where things are not that negative. think again! They may not get the gist now, but later on in life after they move out your house, they will see and read a future throwback of 50 Shades of Grey and try to analyze it. MARK MY WORDS!

Who knows, the subject of this, might come up in college when they get there.

But seriously, 50 Shades of Grey is out. And like Showgirls, it will be talked about for a while and then…… what next? Going back further actually 4 years after that, Eyes Wide Shut. Remember that when 1999 was in effect? Who saw that? Seeing Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman getting busy. Don’t lie! And those Zane Novels, even Trois. Now I’m going to say this: I got three movies of Trois on DVD. I am not kidding. Now for those who probably never heard of Trois, let me say this: when or if you get them, the flicks are not all about Sex or Porn. Similar to Showgirls almost, you’ll see almost rough starts, temptations, betrayals, lust, greed, envy, jealousy, mind games, tricks, and also there is a good ending. Plus also, the Trois movies are Black Independent films on the Erotic Thriller side. (no I’m not talking about Michael Jackson’s Thriller) And I remember when BET used to show those flicks! The flicks came out on video between 2000 and 2004, so it’s worth noting.

So yes, for those who are into the 50 Shades of Grey, and made it huge per say, in my book you’re off the hook. And yes those will continue to criticize the notion of one thing instead of the big picture.