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MK11 on the Nintendo Switch

I have to say that getting Mortal Kombat 11 was a must this year. Especially if you are a fanboy or fangirl of Nintendo that has been passed up way too long! The last time that Nintendo that had the MK game was way back around 12 years ago and it was on the Nintendo Wii. Plus also the system was passed up years later with the success story take over of the XBox and Playstation game systems. Let’s be honest, Nintendo was just forgotten in a sense that many should know about the games playing!

Now I also have to say that Mortal Kombat is a house hold name. Back in the day when most of you Millennials and Generation Z folks were coming up: this game CHANGED the landscape. I remember back in 1992 when the first MK game came out:

It was called “Mortal Monday”. And it came out on September 13th, 1992. That warcry though was the sound that many reacted to in the purchase of the game. And yet, that war cry of “MORTAL KOMBAT” was like the launch of the new era of video games. When the game came out of course, it was on like gangbusters. In between the debut of the game, the one concern of the product was the use of gore and blood. And that of course drew the ire of our parents and your grandparents Millennials and Generation Z, that a game like this is in your consoles. But then, the games started to have these ratings that the movies have as we know.

And to think, if you’re my age and slightly older, we remember when games didn’t have rating systems! We didn’t regulated it like playing Frogger or Space Invaders on Atari! Never had that. In speaking of that, back in our pre-Nintendo Atari games, yes we played the shooting games on the 2600 and never went out to blow someone’s head off. Never happened! And yet, strict parents who controlled you back in the day were the authority! If you are a Generation X reader and remember this well, you should know! Other folks, you never had this foundation.

But anyway….with me being a 90’s SNES fanboy: Mortal Kombat was on my system. And yet it was the clean version that sparked the revoltion. However when Mortal Kombat II came out a year later, the SNES version like the other versions had the blood and gore. Not like Sega’s version, but yet it was blood splatter city! However that seemed to get attention to those whom wanted to ask more. And at the time in 1994, the government as noted in the video clips were on the offensive in the ongoing concern about violent video games. And yet, the gaming folks regulated themselves with the rating systems we see today. All of this was going on when I was in High School in the 1990s. So for you Millennial and Generation Z folks: this has been going on little over 25 years and just to think that battle still rages on.

Now with that being out of the way, let’s getting back to talk and comment MK11. Overall, I’ve been playing the game since I downloaded it from the Nintendo EShop and yes, right out of the gate, MK11 was lit like Scorpion. Oh yes. And I’m assuming that many are still playing Mortal Kombat right now, perhaps? And yes many of you are probably playing it right now as I blog this post! And yet many of you probably had shared your videos for tips and spoilers right now just to show off or to help out. No matter what, everybody is playing Mortal Kombat yet again. I want to address the fanbase that has been forgotten the most: The Nintendo folks. 12 years ago, as many of us Nintendo folks know, that we had a last MK moment back around when the Armageddon version was still around. We’re talking 2007 on the Wii. And before that was the Deception in 2004. And yes, the Nintendo side was deeply out of the picture since. All the other systems and companies were on the MK 10’s and others. Why was this? Then as everyone knows it was to me about money for the popular hot systems. When the hot systems comes out, then comes the hot games. And yet madden is not on the Nintendo Switch. Why? Because the company EA wanted them to sell more units. But instead of getting Madden the company gave the Switch FIFA Soccer. Really?!

But yet, the organization remained steadfast with the game plays during the transitional periods. And of course when the news of Mortal Kombat 11 would be coming out back in January, I finally get to say: THANK YOU! Nintendo was dismissed for too long and yet it should be brought into the conversation. Not the convo of what was, but what it can be and should be. Even though the Switch was the fluid, it had to start the fire yet again for the brand to get going for the company. Oh and yes, you can’t have Mortal Kombat without Nintendo!

So yes, I’ve been playing the game for a week, and yes it’s good! With the tricks and Kombat Bonuses. And even thought I been working in all for the man, the game stays home until I play it. And unlike the systems of PS4 and XBox, the Switch as we know is portable and I can play it at the doctor’s office or any office if I want to. Of course! Shades of my GameBoy Days from the early 90’s.

So yes, Nintendo folks: this is just one spark in the fire that has started. And I must say it’s a needed spark to generate that fire for more flames to come.

In the meantime: FINISH HIM!

English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Toky...

English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Tokyoship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a gamer for the last 20 plus years or so, I’ve been in the stores, on-line, and at display shows, I am still fascinated about the gameplay of Nintendo. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo is still in the conversation for positive reasons, and also normal game playing reasons overall. BUT: in the wake of Madden Season and many others, it’s becoming a concern per say about the status of Nintendo and in my opinion, a now sense of urgency. Does Nintendo, or should Nintendo be more open and grasp the games with the adult crowd? We’re talking 18 and up here. And I know it’s a complicated question, but I believe that Nintendo should up the ante in terms of their units sold or they may have to do the one thing they haven’t done: Sell more of the units WITHOUT Mario and Luigi.

Dear Nintendo of America:

It’s me Stephen. A black blogger not by pay, but by hobby out of Milwaukee.

I’ve been a Nintendo Customer since 1988. That’s 26 years ago this month. And yes, I started out with the Mario Games, The TMNT games, Duck Hunt, Ninja Gaiden, Excitebike, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Adventure Islands, Batman, Mortal Kombats, The House of the Dead Overkills, and had my share of Hogan’s Alley and Madden Season. Seemingly, I’ve been a fan. And also I’m one of those older gamers that still plays not just for the graphics. I play the game just for what it is: Gameplay. Just playing the game and having fun.

In the last couple of years, yes your units from the original NES, GameBoys, Super NES, N64, Wii and now the WiiU have all been memorable. It has. But now as the changing times are here, and the competition is vastly aware with XBox and PlayStation, It’s time for the Company, the Units of the WiiU and the games themselves to CHANGE THE CULTURE!

What does that mean? With all due respect to the younger gamers, this is nothing against them. Ain’t nothing wrong playing Mario Kart on the WilU. But however for those of us who are way beyond 18, and having this sense of urgency to get the company to turn the page, it’s apparent that Nintendo should restock the weapons and get more games that can sell on the Unit.

For the unit. don’t get me wrong, the WiiU is a good system. But here is an option I think should be in the Nintendo Board Rooms: Sell additional units or new stock of units WITHOUT Mario! That’s right I said it. Sell the units without the Mario games. In this way I think the gamers should get another option than the usual $299.99 plus tax. The units should be sold about 1/2 or 3/4 or the price without the games and plus the gamers should be given to buy the games they really want.

Let’s say if the unit does sell for a well reduced price without including Mario for about (in a half price) $150.00, I think that might be a useful option for those who don’t want to pay $300.00 for a machine. Now if the unit was about three quarters, it would be about $225.00 per set. Again this is for the WiiU Units WITHOUT Mario! Partially if that were to happen, in my opinion, that would sell. Not only it would sell, but it would also help consumers to save money. But more importantly I think it would sell. This is just for the unit only. And I think it should get the numbers up per say, to get to a mark where it’s mostly needed. And it could be on the side.

Just a throwback: I remember buying the SNES years ago, and it was a basic set of the unit and controllers. No games. I remember buying the games separately because I didn’t want to get any of the Mario games. This was around 1993-1994 and it was at a store called Target! True story. 

Also for the games: I know. I know. The games have to be more open to the grown folks. We see God Of War, Call of Duty and many others that dominated the game units of Xbox and Playstation. We’ve seen them. But HOW will Nintendo get the gears going in because of this? What needs to be done is Nintendo must play poker and find a new way to sell the units. I’ve read about those whom turned down Nintendo say, “Sell more units”. Is that all they have to say? Really?! What are they ACTUALLY saying?

Yes I know about Madden 15 is not on the WiiU this year with an dispute of EA Sports. I’ve read about it. And I believe that both sides needs to realize that this should be a vital option to get the both sides to talk and do. Already, Nintendo will have Bayonetta 1 and 2 coming out in the Fall and no, I haven’t play Bayonetta. However yes, I have seen previews and it looks to be a good game. I am also familiar with Assassins Creed, ZombieU, Batman, Darksiders II, and many others that the grown folks should buy after work. Mainly those. Even also with Basketball, and many others.

But I’m here to say this and this only: Nintendo, you need to step your game up! And I’m not talking about basketball or football. You really need to get digging deep here and get moving on this!  Yes, I understand that the use of game-play is your bread and butter. And respectfully so, BUT: STEP YOUR GAME UP! You may have to tap in to companies that want to play poker along with you to get selling more of your units! I can respect your game. BUT in this era, you might need to change the culture with WiiU. And plus, if I was a board member of Nintendo, I would put that in the list of idea to improve revenue! Mainly surveying, focus group sessions, and many others that gears toward the older and should I say, “EXTREME GAME PLAYERS” that want to play!

And about the Madden Games, I want to address EA Sports right now! I don’t know what your beef is against Nintendo, but its time to work with them! Since the NFL season is back on the scene, haven’t you noticed that the coaches are using tablets now? With the Microsoft Tablets in which they and the players can go back over the plays of what was good and bad? Imagine for a second if Madden 16 per say were to come next year and the use of tablets were in play, that should invite the WiiU’s Gamepad in a new fashion to play once again. Use that option! Brainstorm with them! Don’t just sit there.

Nintendo: It’s time to open up. Really open up. Don’t just rely on the Mario’s all the time. Don’t just rely on the games for the Teens and Family. You need more adult related M rated Games to get more grown folks playing! I may speak for those who probably feel the same way, but I’m speaking for myself.

Time to play Nintendo. This time: PLAY HARD!



The Snake Year of 2013 is going to be slithered into retirement. But before we pop the champagne bottles and get drunk for 2014, aka the Year of the Horse, let me say that the year of 2013 was not one of those years in which the year wasn’t going to be messed with.  In a sense of normalcy. But right now, let’s review the good, the bad and the downright ugly:

The Goods:

  • President Barack Obama got sworn in as President yet again, this time on MLK Day. The second time that in a while that a Democratic president got the chair twice since Bill Clinton. And plus, Sunny Obama was introduced as another first dog.
  • Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight. Do they have a reason to be joyful after being captured for 10 years in Cleveland? Yes.
  • The Affordable Care Act. – You’re Covered.
  • Canada’s own, Rob Ford. Really?
  • During the Thanksgiving Holiday, Marissa Alexander was SENT HOME! Under House Arrest and monitoring.  And a new trial will be awaiting for her in 2014.
  • 2013 was  a year that the 50th Anniversaries of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, and a solemn remembrance of JFK were remembered and celebrated.
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority turned 100 years old, plus Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority celebrated 105 years.
  • Not a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, but they did beat the Niners in the “blackout” Superbowl.
  • Boston overcame some adversity after the marathon bombing, but the Red Sox still won the World Series.
  • Miami Heat repeated as NBA World Champions.
  • For the Wisconsin Badgers, A new coach – Gary Andersen, and a new tradition of pregame speeches shown before the games were implemented. Plus also the Touchdown Dance of Melvin Gordon and James White.
  • Mayweather is still the man.
  • MSNBC’s Karen Finney got a new show called Disrupt.
  • John Cena vs The Rock part II – yeah you watched it. Plus also, The Undertaker is still unbeaten at Wrestlemania like what, 21 Times?!!!!
  • The day after Wrestlemania 29, the fans and their chants.
  • The Green Bay Packers BEATING THE COWBOYS in Texas for the first time since……..1989.  Plus also, Eddie Lacy has been a stud thus far in the Running Back department. Take notes, NFL! In speaking of the Packers, during week 9 of the regular season, Aaron Rodgers suffered a collarbone injury and was sidelined for about a month. However, when December 29th came (27 days after his 30th birthday) he came back and won a winner take all game against a team that put him out: The Chicago Bears. Plus also, Donald Driver retires after 14 years in the green and yellow. And his retirement announcement was a first for public at Lambeau Field in Black History Month.
  • The Catholics got a new pope – Pope Francis I and plus, he’s a Sagittarius. He also quoted about Gay Catholics and their role in doing God’s Work: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”
  • The Milwaukee Bucks got a new Coach of Larry Drew. Plus the new coach has a family in the Milwaukee area.
  • For the technological side of things, AT&T got a new Go Phone – Samsung Galaxy Express. 4GLTE in all.
  • Speaking of Technology, remember back in the day when Knight Rider and Power Rangers had their characters talking into watches? Now it’s a reality, thanks to Samsung.  And on top of that, prepare to see Google Glass on your faces to surf the net.
  • Speaking of Wrestlemania: Diddy and Living Colour performed. And marked the first time that a well known black hip hop, and black rock artists performed under one roof.
  • At the theaters: The Hangover Part III, White House Down, The Internship, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, The Butler, Black Nativity – speaking of Black Nativity, it does have a Milwaukee Connection by the name of Jacob Lattimore.
  • Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey hooked up. Her network, his shows. Monster collaboration. Admit it: The Haves and the Have Nots was a HOT Show!
  • Kerry Washington rocked the house this year: Scandal, Peeples and SNL.
  • Jay Z and Beyonce brought new reasons to Music Album previews online. Putting out albums surprisingly on Smartphone Apps, and Itunes way before the stores. Talk about freaking geniuses.
  • What was trending? #blacktwitter and it was not racist.
  • The Essence Festival and MSNBC teamed up. And NAACP President Ben Jealous steps down as of December 31st.
  • True Blood! Enough said.
  • BREAKING NEWS:  GMA’s Robin Roberts became a member of the LGBT Community. Let her have her platform. As well as Darren Young of the WWE, Raven-Symone, Queen Latifah, and even Jason Collins. Plus DOMA is dead.  
  • Instagram got the videos working on Smartphones.
  • The Arsenio Hall Show returns after 19 years. With an upgraded Dawg Pound, Posse 2.0, and mixing the old school with the new. I have to say: never seen her perform, but dang Tiffany Haddish!  – Black Unicorns in all. I mean that in a good way.
  • Gabrielle Union’s show on BET “Being Mary Jane” was on point.
  • Kevin Hart’s movie – Let Me Explain was hot hit. Hey Hollywood, still fear black actors?
  • The March on Washington turned 50 years old. With commemorations from those who were there the first time, and those who be willing to carry on the spirit of the  march.
  • The Royals got a new baby.
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposed an idea to eliminate the use of Credit Checking for those who are looking for work, school, etc.
  • Henry Louis Gates gave us a new form of history – The African-Americans: Many rivers to cross. A series that EVERYONE should have paid attention to in regarding 500 years of African-American history.
  • The Real Husbands of Hollywood. So funny, so funny. Mitches.
  • Conan O’ Brien/Kevin Hart/Ice Cube – That Lyft skit was so hilarious! Facebook and Twitter continued to dominate.
  • For the Milwaukee and Wisconsin side of things: A streetcar project is in the ongoing works. Amazon would be added to Kenosha. In the Milwaukee Black Market Area – Tom Joyner, Rickey Smiley, and Al Sharpton’s shows have all have been replugged into Milwaukee Black Radio. The Milwaukee Courier and The Madison Times collaborated with a new connection in reaching out to our collective black communities. Milwaukee Native, George Tillman, Jr. came back to be honored for his work in film via the Milwaukee Film Festival. Plus also, the Milwaukee Public Schools sold the former Malcolm X Academy in conjunction to make that a future school, housing, and community center in the Bronzeville District.
  • Milwaukee’s WNOV became the lone wolf of Black Radio. Plus it was “upgraded” with extra hours and formats.
  • Harley-Davidson turned 110 years old, and Milwaukee was rumbling with lots of thunder and a sea of bikes. Plus also Director F. Gary Gray made an appearance at an IronElite exhibit.
  • South Beach Tow. Watched it. Bernice don’t play!
  • For Me: 2013 also marked the year that I made an “American Discovery” of meeting new Family members in Indianapolis. This was a breakthrough of the ages!  – my breakthrough award of the year. Got promoted to an Alumni Treasurer of my old high school, visited the 30 Americans exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum, plus my church made an transitional change to community in the Milwaukee County Parks.
  • Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, Man Crush Monday, Women Crush Wednesday – oh,  don’t stop the music.
  • Dream Defenders made an impact in Florida.
  • A new network made its debut: Al-Jazeera America, and the haters went wild.  Dumb Americans.
  • I get Selfies. I’ve been doing selfies, before Selfies became selfies! Yeah I said it. And no, Selfies are not selfish.


  • Teena Marie – Rare Breed
  • Jody Watley – Nightlife
  • Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N.
  • 2 Chainz – Feds Watching
  • Drake – Started from the bottom now we’re here
  • Adina Howard – Switch
  • Booker T (as in Booker T & M.G.’s) Sound The Alarm
  • Ciara – Sophomore
  • Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
  • Brand New Heavies (I still listen to them) – So You Remember, Lights, Addicted, Turn the Music Up, Forward,Lifestyle
  • Daft Punk (along with Pharrell and  Nile Rodgers) – Get Lucky
  • Eminem – Survival and Bezerk
  • Jay Z – Holy Grail, Picasso Baby
  • Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie, Take Back The Night
  • LL Cool J – Whaddup
  • Trombone Shorty – Fire And Brimstone, Shortyville
  • Wale – Love Hate Thing
  • R. Kelly – I know Black Panties is blowing up Female readers, but the song Shut Up has the radio buzzing.
  • Kendrick Lamar – Control; plus also he gets my breakout the real deal award of the year.
  • Chris Brown (for this one reason and reason only) Fine China
  • Tamar Braxton – Love and War
  • Not a fan of Gospel Music, but if you are: Tamela Mann- Take Me To The King. And many of you church goers probably do praise dances to that song.
  • Beyonce – Drunk ln Love

The Bad Stuff:

  • Racism still happened. Even though those who say we live in a “post-racial society” and possess no real racism. Get out of the gutters!
  • Rush Limbaugh had some supporters missed. No surprise. And some gained on his side.
  • The Michael Baisden Show ended at 7 years on the radio. His show was the real deal unlike some of the “conservatives” who don’t tell the truth. Plus his show was a favorite among African-Americans.
  • Beyonce had a lyric in a sample song that featured “Bow Down B*tches”. Ummm…….. that remains a bombshell of a question.
  • Speaking of Jay Z, dude got mad because Harry Belafonte called him and Beyonce out. – For Social Responsibility. A boy, really?!!!!! Good rapper, but……needs to respect the elders! And what was Queen Bey’s thing with the sampling recording from the 1986 Challenger Explosion?
  • Darius Simmons in Milwaukee was shot by John Spooner – who by the way is serving life in jail, which was gathered news after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in Florida.
  • Boston Massacre Bombing. And the city was on lockdown for a week.
  • A report of Aaron Rodgers as gay. I don’t believe in the B.S. Neither the writers who started the rumor. Dumb Americans.
  • Here in Milwaukee, one of black Milwaukee’s well known radio stations without warning, 1290 WMCS ended in Black History Month 2013. Leaving a void in Black Radio in the city. And many never heard of it. Wow, really Wisconsin?!!! Unceremoniously it was sold to a Pennsylvania  Company and having this assumption that Milwaukee needed Elvis. Now turned Martini Radio. And since then, I have NOT listened to the new WMCS.
  • Kim Kardashian/Kanye West – Oh, let me go in on Kanye: Dude was tripping. And the Confederate flag thing was tired. Can the spirit of Donda West come down from heaven and strike fear in this boy?!!!! How can a guy like Kanye go from Jesus Walks to New Slaves of Yeezus?!!!!!
  • Suge Knight/TMZ – About the N word category, Um, No……
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Stewart thought that the Underground Railroad actually had a train. DUMB!!!!! And she’s Hosea Williams Great Grand Daughter?!!!
  • A Milwaukee Brewers player admits PED’s: Ryan Braun.
  • Ex-Milwaukee Bucks player Brandon Jennings predicted the Bucks would beat the Miami Heat in 4 games in the NBA Playoffs. WRONG!
  • 102. The amount of Homicides in Milwaukee in 2013.
  • Milwaukee’s Bronzeville were not happy about a Dollar Tree in the area. It was supposed to be a local food market.
  • I never watched not one episode of Duck Dynasty. Even after the unappreciative comments.
  • Megyn Kelly and her racist angle about Santa Claus. Oh really?!!!! Anyone can be a Santa Claus in every family. Duh!!!
  • CNN had to let go Roland Martin and Soledad O’Brien.  But they found successes elsewhere. Roland got hooked up with NewsOne Now and Soledad has gone Starfish Media in helping AlJaeezra America.
  • Martin Bashir was let go from MSNBC. But about him commenting about Sarah Palin from him was the truth anyway.
  • Jason Newton, Portia Young, Shelley Walcott were all let go from the Milwaukee News Market and found new ventures. But there is a question: What is up with Milwaukee’s problem trying to retain well thoughtful BLACK News Anchors, besides Mike Anderson, Kim Murphy, and Beverly Taylor? Plus there was a forum about African Americans in Milwaukee News and Media,  but it was never reported. TV wise.
  • Best Funeral Ever. – Um, no. Don’t let that show back on TV!!!!!
  • MZ Transporation announced in 2013 that it will be overseeing the Milwaukee County Transit System. Plus it’s a Black Owned Company.
  • Milwaukee lost another form of communication: Labor Free Press Union newspaper and also The Onion.
  • So far, for the total job count in Wisconsin: 104,372. And no it’s not at 250,000 under Scott Walker.
  • Scott Walker’s book Unintimitated. Not a very good seller. Could that be a bad omen of not running for President?

The Flat OUT Ugly:

  • AGAIN! Black Girls Rock is not racist. Note to those who wanna know and having this #WhiteGirlsRock backlash. (Uneducated Twitter folks)
  • Government Shutdown. Really? Look out Republicans, 2014 maybe a bad year for the seats you hold.
  • The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act of the 60’s. But paved way for Marriage Equality in it’s place? Nothing against Marriage Equality, but really SCOTUS?!!!!
  • A shooting at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
  • The first snowfall prior to Christmas 2013 had 30 accidents. Including it made news.
  • Call out: Employers need to stop hating of what they really want in employers. As in labeling folks being overqualified, etc. Obviously, they better really observe what’s really going on. That was on going in 2013. – Greater Milwaukee Area, better take notes! No more of this mess of being out of sync. They know darn well that the MAJORITY of the city citizens need WORK!  Nevermind the competition nor what is on the resume! Employers need to stop the pettiness of those who don’t have a decent credit rating. This past Christmas season approximately 2 Million Families were on Unemployment Benefits and the stores were worried about their retail stock?!!!!!!
  • Call out AGAIN: Facebook users who pick and delete need to stop being so picky. If you unfriended someone based on what was said or displayed, then why did you friend him/her in the first place? Duh! People don’t think. The same with Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, and many others.
  • The name Emmett Till was resurrected this year not only for the misuse rap lyric of Lil’ Wayne, but also in the wake and death of Trayvon Martin.
  • A black male teen was accused of shoplifting a $300.00 belt in which he paid for in a store called Barney’s in NY. Oh really? And the store better smarten up it’s profiling options! And Jay Z’s response was?………..
  • Ani DiFranco said what?!!! That Solidarity is for White Women?!!!
  • A church was under fire for having a display replacing the baby Jesus with a bloody Travyon Martin model in a hoodie. SHAMEFUL! And on top of that, that church is under the United Methodist Banner. And to me, as a member, I am appalled and ashamed that here is again, Trayvon Martin is being used as a sign of stupidity. The United Methodist Church better come down HARD AS HELL on this church for this debauchery act!!!!!!!!
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke had to be a hater in 2013. First, he made a commercial of the wolf at the door in defending your home, and telling WNOV to tone it down with host Sherwin Hughes at the controls. The Sheriff is a high ranking official. Of course he’s a hater and will get called out! Duh!!! And, he rides a horse!!!!! (in my Sherwin Hughes/David Clarke imitation voice)
  • Justin Beiber retiring at 19?!!! Really? Enter the shoulder shrugging in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …………. Comment? Plus also he had to be stupid about Black History Month.
  • SNL got caught with a confession: no black women in the last couple of years, has ever been apart of the starting cast. They better learn and smarten up!
  • BLACKFACES.   NO!!!! That was flatout ugly and stupid. And those that don’t know the history better learn today!
  • George Zimmerman was found Not Guilty in shooting Trayvon Martin – ugly. And the profiling of young African-American males still lingers. Are you listening America? – And that was worth of losing your Social Media folks? Really?!!!!
  • Country Singer Darius Rucker gets called out by a racist tweet for his craft in country music. Um, do folks know that black people STARTED Country Music?!!!! – Dumb Americans.
  • As a member of the United Methodist Church and I must MUST ask this question: Why the hate against pastors like Frank Schaefer who was defrocked in the UMC? DEFROCKED?!!!!! And also, why are those old heads in the UMC don’t like the idea of E-Offering and E-Communion? Aren’t we supposed to “Rethink Church?”
  • Justine Sacco – Her AIDS Tweet was ridiculous. Seriously.
  • The Cheerios Commercial with the interracial couple received a barnstorm full of hate. Um, really Americans?!!!
  • The twitter fan folks in the NBA had to hate a 11 year boy, Sebastien De La Cruz,  for signing the National Anthem. Really? And everyone thought that this Mexican boy in a mariachi was about to shake things up. Clearly, he’s American born.
  • CALL OUT: Harlem Shake/Twerking – If those don’t know the history, they are lost! Plus for the Harlem Shake, Melissa Harris-Perry schooled those who “thought” they knew. And twerking, it started with the Mapouka in Africa. (black folks) Learn it, Americans.
  • Lil’ Wayne makes a video called “God Bless Amerika”, and in a scene he “stomps” on a American setting an uproar among the so-called America audience on the USA Today Website. Even wanting to hang him. REALLY?!!! STUPID!
  • Dr. Ben Carlson  on the ACA Act being tied to slavery- Um no…..
  • Christina Jenkins, remember her? She got a 10,000 check after her receipt was found with the N*gger word on it while working at Red Lobster.
  • Kiera Wilmot, Remember her? She was the 16 year old high school student that got expelled from her school for a science experiment. But she will be getting a Scholarship from NASA after Graduation.
  • Scott Walker writes to the Washington Post about what can Wisconsin can Teach Washington. Uh, what a load of B.S.
  • Nick Cannon got schooled by Joe Madison (aka The Black Eagle) in his response of commentary from Ted Nugent.  And Nugent doesn’t like black folks as much on his racist angle.

Scratching my head all this time 2013:

  • Black People – why are we are STILL saying “ratchet?”
  • This is nothing new, what will it take to get more MEN back in church?
  • Black People, why was a black WOMAN in a noose in a Halloween picture smiling that was passed around on Facebook?
  • What was up with the Bus Fights?
  • Why are Employers are researching folks who have bad credit, and not allowing them to get hired? And checking out their Social Media pages to see what kind of person they are? LEAVE THEM ALONE!
  • Why are Milwaukee County Residents at times of angles are Sensitive to Black Radio and still listen?
  • Why were Black Clubs in Milwaukee getting shut down by the likes of Alderman Bob Bauman, and those who had to jump on his bandwagon of hate against black establishments?
  • Hyper Sensitive people who criticize folks being on Smartphones, Ipads, Iphones and others: I have a question/suggestion – CAN YOU PLEASE GET YOUR LIFE?!!!! Ain’t nobody talking about you! Can you do that please?
  • It’s tired, but can Alderman Bob Donovan and the so-called antagonists of Milwaukee PLEASE shut up about the Milwaukee Streetcar? And the city can use the streetcar to move up IN THE 21st CENTURY?
  • Why was State Senator Ted Cruz had to bust out with Dr. Seuss’ book Green Eggs and Ham for about 21 hours all because of the Shutdown?!!!!
  • Was the Knockout Game really that over hyped like Punch Buggy Red? Wow Really? (If you don’t know what punch buggy red is, ask anyone who is Gen X.)
  • Wal-Martians!!!! What about that?
  • Caucasian folks, I like some of you, but can some of you please stop with the whole get over it phrases of slavery and racism? The more it’s talked about, the more it’s a lesson. And more of “you” need to listen to get out of denial.
  • When President Obama had his foot on the desk, shook hands with Raul Castro, and doing a “selfie” what was the haps? Really Americans?!!!!!
  • When the NY Times visited the spots in Milwaukee, why was Harley-Davidson NOT MENTIONED? And about their Benghazi reporting? Really?!!!
  • Was Windows 8.1 really THAT confusing or what?
  • When Nelson Mandela passed, not many folks knew about him. But the Paul Walker fans? Really? Not knocking the hustle of what was left behind.
  • Not knocking the fashion tip, but the punk look? Really?!! Just asking.
  • I asked this last and will do this year: Why do certain folks, fear folks who are real? And don’t even talk to them or come together? Like Sex Therapy Adviser Experts, Civil Rights, Race, LGBT, the Church, etc. Um, hello?
  • Can anyone explain this phrase of Cray? and also, Amazeballs?
  • If approved, will the Milwaukee Bucks new arena attract more to the population?
  • Why did the critics had to get an attitude when Oprah Winfrey had to tell the BBC about racism in America? Um…….it was the truth.
  • Preachers of L.A. had it’s share of the spotlight, so why are folks hating that Pastors have big houses and fancy cars? Oh, let’s not forget what Bishop T. D. Jakes said. But wait, the Bishop got caught with Tyler Perry(with all due respect)  had his hand on his head………….. and ask why? And why did Jesus had haters?
  • When Billy Ray Cyrus was giving his reaction about Miley’s  “twerking”, he wished for world peace. Ok, but really. Why not the real question of her behavior?!
  • Really Black Christians?!!!! Erica Campbell’s dress was not “holy enough” in a photo shoot? Define that please.
  • Will Mary Burke win Wisconsin in 2014 IF SHE CAN get the black support against Scott Walker?
  • Does Newaukee and Historic Milwaukee actually know black folks besides a few minorities and a LGBT representative?
  • When Rachel Jeantel was describing “Cracker A** Cracker” why did those in America got shocked? I’ve heard this before, hey reference Chris Rock! Plus also, Tom Joyner jumped in to help out in her education endeavors to an HBCU College of her choice. Anyone hating that?

Those that we lost: This year of 2013 was year that more legends and those that never got a chance to shine, were clocked out. As my mother would say, The saints are getting out of here!

  • Nelson Mandela
  • James Gandolfini
  • Roger Ebert
  • Annette Funicello
  • Richie Havens
  • Chris Kelly aka Mac Daddy (1/2 of Kris Kross)
  • Jean Stapleton (Edith from All in the Family)
  • Bobby “Blue” Bland
  • Jim Kelly
  • Cory Monteith
  • Lou Myers
  • Richie Havens
  • George Duke
  • Lee Thompson Young
  • Lord Infamous of Three Six Mafia
  • Leroy Bonner – Sugarfoot from the Ohio Players
  • Paul Walker

Here in Milwaukee, those have gone to glory:

  • Lauri Wynn – Civil Rights activist, educator
  • James G. White – Milwaukee County Supervisor
  • Ella Washington – Member of the Milwaukee Heritage Chorale
  • Al Culbreath – First black model in Milwaukee

And to those that I know:

Many of  you “West coast” reader folks remember Laura Weiss-Lampert. Probably through her work, and religious affiliation. Personally, I’ve known her since high school in Milwaukee back in the 90’s. She was a 1993 graduate of Milwaukee John Marshall High School and a positive member of the Marshall Band. Laura passed away on May 30th this year after a long battle of Metastatic Cancer. But a year ago, she left a commentary going through her illness she was facing at the time. A life long lesson to learn indeed. 

In Milwaukee, an adopted relative of mine passed at 15 years old, Amari Vann. She passed away back in the summer.  I want my younger readers of my blog to pay attention, even if you had to stumble on this blog with or without your parents permission. It concerns the issue of suicide. Many of you probably had relatives or family members, or maybe classmates/friends who probably had passed away of killing themselves for a strange reason. Maybe they were bullied, couldn’t measure up, or maybe something got in their way and caused them to blink and took their lives away. If anyone of you have a problem or a concern about what is going on concerning you, and might trigger something to do a suicide act, TELL SOMEONE! Tell your parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, ministers or anyone that you know that knows you! This is my “blogger plea” for you. And it needs no app, nor social media program to do it. 

Well here we are again. While many are cooking, and football watching, and parade seeing, and or I hate to say, trying to get those Black Friday Deals, alerts or planning to go to the clubs and to shake off those calories, and many other turkey stuff, let’s pause to see what are we thankful for. And keep in mind, some of what I’m about to write is all positive. Been doing it since the MyFoxMilwaukee Blog days. Y’all remember them days! 

If you have a good job, be thankful.

If you are active in your clubs or jobs, be thankful.

If you have a car that can get you to your job faster, be thankful.

If you don’t have a doctor YET, but still want to make an impression to get back to exercise and diets BEFORE seeing that doctor, be thankful that you can still care about your health.

If you volunteer your time out of your schedule, be thankful.

If you have been active with your family with all the difficulty, be thankful.

If you have a veteran to support in your life, be thankful.

If you support the troops, and staying active with their families, be thankful.

If you have decided to join the military, or a well known fraternity, sorority or well known organization that gives back, be thankful.

If you are member of Delta Sigma Theta, or Iota Phi Theta that has celebrated milestone years, be thankful!

And yes, if you are still active or support the NPHC, be thankful.

If you are getting help by trying to pay off your student loans that lingered you for so long, be thankful that someone wants to help to get your loans down.

If you have been approached by someone who wants to give you a job, be thankful.

If you have retired, be thankful.

If you own your own business without those bugging you, and you are successfull thus far, be thankful.

If you have attended a class reunion, be thankful that you went and got some ideas.

If your church has been flooded, and had to move where the folks are mostly, be thankful.

If your neighborhood has a good reputation of looking out for others, even in this 21st Century, be thankful.

If your house has been good on Thursday nights because of Scandal, and you let some folks in to watch, be thankful.

If your club or bar is hosting an After Thanksgiving dance off, be thankful.

If your store this weekend is part of the Small Business Saturday stuff, and you want to spend your money there than at Wal-Mart, be thankful.

If you met new family members in which you have talked so much about, be thankful.

If you got a new “volunteer promotion” be thankful.

If you had or will invite folks over for Football, be thankful that those don’t have TV’s can come over and watch out of love.

If you still do your talents and gifts of whatever, be thankful.

If your craft had to be upgraded for today’s standards, while educating the young bucks today, be thankful!

If you have been to the dentist or will go to the dentist, or will get checked up in any fashion as possible, be thankful that you might keep your teeth!

If you like what I’ve been saying on this blog, be thankful!

If you are from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or any part of Wisconsin that is feeling my blogs, I’m just thankful that you had checked in to see what I have to say. Even if it’s black related.

If you have visited 30 Americans in Milwaukee from this past summer and had the chance to see the different African-American exhibits, be thankful that you saw some fine art.

If you had the ability to create or pick up new ideas for your group or yourself, be thankful.

If you had or will register to vote for 2014 and beyond, be thankful.

If you had good interviews on the job, be thankful.

If you still fight for Civil Rights, and I mean REAL CIVIL RIGHTS, be thankful.

If you found a church home that you can grow with, be thankful.

If you believe that your city can be more improved with all the distractions, be thankful that you want to stay and help out to MAKE THAT CHANGE instead of moving out.

If you had moved out for better chances than the last city, be thankful that yes, you have to do what is best.

If you had family members, friends, neighbors, classmates, or close friends who recently passed this year and still miss them like crazy, be thankful that YOU can celebrate their lives by learning the lessons to move forward during this hard time of the year.

If you are in a relationship, or getting married, or got married to the one you love, no matter the race, no matter the sexual preference (LGBT) no matter the personality, be thankful. Gotta say that for a universal thing.

If you rep your Zodiac sign to the fullest, be thankful. Yes and it’s Sagittarius Season!

And……If you’re like me that is still single not looking to be taken, be thankful! Yeah I said it!

Finally, if you are one of those who work hard punching the clock, working hard everyday, getting credit, having the opportunity to showcase your talent, and getting recognized all year everyday, that is definitively saying BE THANKFUL!



The games of the XXX Olympiad have indeed been memorable. Like many before, new records broken, streaks have been alive and intact, and new folks of getting a shot of redemption, respect, and opportunities have been made. Plus it has been a social media blitz with the likes of Facebook and Twitter on a Positive Scale.  I can say that this was the first time in a while that I was so pleased with the chance to enjoy the summer games.

But before I continue: London, you have been a good host for the games. With me being as a fan of the Olympics, a US Citizen, rooting for Team America,  and many others that I can’t even catch up per say, I want to give you a “international mad respect” for being the host of the games. Plus like I said earlier, London is on my list of future International visits. Just so you know.

What have we learned: We can learned that nothing is impossible without God Almighty. Ask Gabby Douglas, or any member of the USA Track And Field Team. Speaking of Gabby Douglas, she I think will be a continued inspiration for a future generation. Not only that, with African-American kids hopefully. There has been this question of why she is the first African-American All Around Winner of Gymnastics? Um……she earned the right! Tell that to those of Facebook. And even though she won and trained hard for those medals, there’s always going to be haters talking smack. The old adage goes like, if you can’t say, or tweet something nice, don’t say nothing! All of this “hair” issues that most in the black community has a sensitive crap thing of, is nothing more than a mere barrier. It was also indicated that at one time, Flo-Jo, or Florence Griffitn-Joyner had the style of looking good with hair and did her events. But here is something that most forgot: Gabby Douglas is not Flo-Jo. Black people in America, who go on the social media hatefest, we need to check ourselves! I’m just saying. This again, is nothing more than sensitive crap. It’s not that serious. We are all trying to look good for everything, but the Olympics are not a fashion show! Instead of giving Gabby Douglas grief, along with her mother, give them some mad respect that she is raising a child to be a better citizen! Is that hard enough to understand?

And while were at this let’s learn from the rest of the US Team:

Lolo Jones: We know that she was doing her thing with the hurdles. And she trained and trained for the games during her 12 year career. But when you rip someone like her who had to go through constant struggles, that’s not fair. So she didn’t win. But I think she’ll be back in terms of redemption. And so what she’s saving herself for marriage? As long she’s able to keep a level head of responsibility, and ignore the media of what they think of her, she should be fine for herself.

Hope Solo: Yes, she’s got a gold medal. But I think she should be thanking Brandi Chastain. Just my opinion. I mean reporters rip athletes all the time, but sometimes the athletes need to ignore the media and simply JUST PLAY THEIR GAME!

Venus and Serena Williams: They’re not done yet. Their doubles victory proved that they are the best in tennis right now. For Serena, and to the so-called Sensitive Crowds, doing the dance like the crip walk is not inappropriate! And to those who just caught on what it is, do your research. Just because Serena grew up in Compton California doing the Crip Walk does not mean she’s a gang banger. I think the “crip-walk” was symbolic of her paying homage to the city she was born in terms of not forgetting where she came from. What would happen if I did a urban hip hop dance that paid homage to Milwaukee?

Michael Phelps: For a minute, I thought Phelps was tanking. Really I was. But with him, and picking up more golds and silvers to 22 medals, proves that even though he had his struggles, but he is still one of the best swimmers that can lead and anchor in the history of the games. And I’m surprised that guys like Lil’ Wayne is a fan. I’m just saying!

The Fierce 5: These young teens were having the time of their lives. I haven’t been this stout since the Magnificent Seven of 1996 – which had Dominique Dawes.

Katie Ledecky, Missy Frankin, Rebecca Soni, and the rest of the female Swim Squad: They are impressive. I would expect them to be a force in the next games and beyond.

Ryan Locthe:  I have to admit, Ryan, against Michael Phelps is a competitor. And hopefully can lead a new force for the men’s side of Swimming after him.

The US Track and Field Team: I looked at both of Allyson Felix and Tyson Gay previously. Allyson has been impressive. I picked her to win the gold and did. For Tyson Gay, he and others on the men’s track team earned the silver I think for redemption. They will be back. As far as Camelita Jeter, Dawn Harper, DeeDee Harper, Bianca Knight, Tianna Madison, Kellie Wells, and others on the female track squad, they were bosses with speed! No question.

USA Basketball: The women of Swin Cash and others, have really examplifed themselves as the best in their craft. They fought hard and survived to maintain being the best team on the globe for the 5th time with Gold Medals. For the men: I was going to do this on a new blog, but I’ll say it here. I do believe that this year’s team is not near the capacity that the legends stood out in 1992. The originals stood the standards that changed the way global basketball is meant to be challenged. I was in high school going into the 10th grade when the Dream Team was formed. Plus I was also schooled that they were on a mission to not only getting a mindset redemption cause of 1972, but also changing the landscape of basketball forever. For 1972, if most don’t know that was like a screw job in which the U.S. thought won the gold against Russia, but the controversial play of 3 seconds of that game is still being questioned today. Furthermore, it was America that reached a point of starting a new revolution in the sport by injecting the big guns out of the NBA. We know the rest of the story. On the flip side of being the Redeem Team is one thing, they have stepped up and winning back to back gold medals. OK, so which player or players were interesting? I’ll bet you are saying Kobe and Lebron. I know. But I’ll say Kevin Durant with his three point shooting also surpassing previous USA Basketball players in scoring, Kevin Love with his rebounding, Carmelo Anthony with his mixture of rebounding and making a high scoring of 37 points in Olympic History, also the incoming rookie Anthony Davis making the most dunks in Olympic history. Yes, they may not be the caliber of the 1992 Originals, but this team I like to call the Redeem Team II, the next chapter; in reflecting the tradition of calibrating a new revolution in basketball. Both the men and women of the USA Basketball Squads are still the best in the game right now! And also, this was last time we’ll ever see Coach K and Kobe. But I’m assuming that LeBron will like many others will be handed the keys in order to drive the car to new heights for Men’s Basketball. For the next coach, that remains to be seen.

Recently, I was on the USA Basketball Facebook page, and I viewed a picture of them participating in a Military Wreath Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. I had to laugh at some folks who think that they had no business being on the site in that ceremony. Really, Americans? You mean to tell me that overpaid athletes in the NBA, NFL, and others aren’t allowed to do this out of their time and schedules? We talk about like “I wish these overpaid millionaires would give something to our troops in all. All they care is about their endorsements and stuff. They have no right to be there on sacred ground!” I see you. However ask yourself a question: Are they Americans too? Were they born here? Are they role models that your kids look up to? Maybe the organization wanted to be there to show the athletes in a different light of doing something that has nothing to do with endorsements! Period. So I applaud the USA Basketball Teams of both men and women that engaged this action. And to those who dissed this on Facebook, or anywhere else, word of warning: Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it! REAL TALK! No matter if you served in the military (yeah I said it!) or if you just came here from another country, or if you just came to terms to be a patriot for the moment! I’m just saying to be real!

Now comes to the internationalism of things:

Team GB or Team Great Britain – good competitors and a way for them to hype up their country. One of the members I think was impressive the most was Mo Farah.

Usain Bolt – Dude is a character. But if I were him, I wouldn’t get too cocky of being the greatest or being a legend. Usain to me, needs more exposure in terms of trying to be the greatest. One of the things most have is this notion of being a GOAT – that’s the Greatest of All Time. Just because you have the records broken in all doesn’t make you an overnight great one; as of yet. Yes he’s got speed of a Jesse Owens and Michael Johnson. I’ll give him that. He is a boss. Not knocking him on that. But being a overnight legend or a greatest ever is highly debateable. He still has to prove himself, on a lifetime scale that is. Not just for the moment. And also, let me be clear to the Jamaican folks: I am not disrespecting him just because he is a native of your country. Period. I respect all folks who do things impressive. And plus, new rule: athletes should not interrupt those of getting a medal and having the national anthems playing. Total inappropriate! Give them the respect that they earned. Leave it alone!

Oscar Pistorius – He gets my mad respect of not only because of his disability, but at least getting the chance to compete.

Overall, the 2012 games have been very challenging and interesting. At least the games meant something to those who had the chance to put on the USA, Canada, Brazil, Jamaica, Great Britain, and many others to shine to be the best. I’ll give the international players credit. And I’ll give Team America credit for once again stepping up.

For 2016, I hope the American Folks should participate and compete to get more exposure in events of sports that are overlooked. I am reminded that with the African-American Athletes. After Gabby Douglas won her medals, blacks should start competeing in other sports of a Archery, Swimming, and etc, besides Basketball. If Lia Neal and Cullen Jones can do those on the swim squads, why can’t others? I think the use of promotion should be a factor for the future. However, I will expect to see more when the Summer Games goes Rio. Who knows, by then it could be more of “an American Summer.”

Let me give a shout out to the US. Soccer Team. Mainly to the US Women’s Soccer Team in this year’s Olympic Games. I’ve been reading this Tweet comments in between Soccer Player Hope Solo and NBC Analyst Brandi Chastain. The same Brandi that we all know or most known in 1999 did the penalty soccer kick and well did the shirt removing thing as part of the win. Talk about going beastmode. And I know that some are reading this is probably asking, who is Hope Solo?!!!

Now keep in mind, that was 1999. Fast forward to 2012 in the Summer Games, the current player, Hope Solo is feuding (via Twitter) against the former US Soccer Star player.

“Its 2 bad we can’t have commentators who better represents the game…Lay off commentating about defending and gking until you get more educated @brandichastain the game has changed from a decade ago,” “I feel bad 4 our fans that have 2 push mute.”

I kind of find this laughable. Matter of fact dang, is she still in High School?!  Ok, someone from the TV says something about a player’s skills, the player gets mad as you know what, and exchanges liberties over a comment from a sports analyst.

This sort of reminds me of what Ron Dayne went through in 1999 when playing for Wisconsin. It was the Badgers going against the Cincinnati Bearcats in a non-conference Big 10 Game. The Badgers lost that game and fumbled at least twice. And what did the media folks do? Criticized him badly. But the next couple of games towards the Rose Bowl the Badgers were dominant. Plus he won the Heisman Trophy. And to think there were a couple of CBS Analyst that commented that the Badgers were “the worst team to play in the Rose Bowl.” By the way that worst team was Wisconsin that WON the Rose Bowl! Knowingly probably Ron Dayne should have went postal against the critics of his game, but he let the game did the talking by just playing and winning. In other words, the fire was lit.

This is what Hope Solo has to do. If I had some advice I say this: Just play!!!!!! Screw what Brandi Chastain said and stop worrying about what is expected of her on her end. No matter what was said or commented either virtually or in person. Hope Solo: Just play your game. Period! Too many times we get worried about what that person said and take it like a bad rash. It will become a bad rash if you treat it like one. Shake it off! And get back what you do best and grab the gold.

That’s all needs to be said.

I’m sure that everyone in the world, no matter where you are from is watching the Olympics.  All it matters for one thing: trying to be the best. For me, it’s about rooting for Team USA ranging from Basketball, Shooting, Gymnastics, Swimming and Archery. Yes, I did say Archery!  And yes I did say Shooting.  But before I get into the commentary, let me give a ” international mad respect” to the citizens of London for hosting the events. I will say during the opening ceremonies, Mr. Bean was funny! I haven’t seen comedic stuff like that since Benny Hill! Oh no question, ranging from the Opening Ceremonies was decent of England’s history. But I would think that those in America (and knowledgeably) that part would be missing in concerning well, the Revolutionary War era. You know what I’m talking about. But furthermore, the scenes with children’s stories of Harry Potter and others was a decent look. Plus, the scene in which there was the creator of the World Wide Web was a catch for my eye as well. And after seeing what London has displayed, no question the UK will be a potential visit on my future vacation plans.  And to the Brits, what attracts me to England on a good way: Soul II Soul, Annie Lennox, Thandie Newton, Idris Elba, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Jimmy Page/Leona Lewis (remember the closing ceremonies of 2008 Games), Sir Paul McCartney, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, Naomi Campbell, Monie Love (hip hop) Stereo MC’s, Double Decker Buses, James Bond, (Daniel Craig) Judi Dentch, Michael Caine, and the shows and networks of Benny Hill, How Not to Live Your Life, John Wesley, The British Bulldogs, (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid) The Royals, and the infamous BBC.

Now I want to talk about the uniforms that Team USA wore during the Opening Ceremonies. I think every American needs to STOP TRIPPING! OK so the uniforms weren’t American Made and China Created. My question to those “American wannabe fashion police folks”, where was your creation? Where was YOUR uniform creation stuff for the Team to wear? So the Americans had suit coats, long skirts, long pants, Berrets, and having the name Ralph Lauren on it. Oh so now others are saying that the next time the Americans go into the Opening Ceremonies in 2016, they would be wearing the stuff “Made in the USA.” To those Americans who say that, you better get behind your drawings and fabric stuff now if you want to make a new American Impact in terms of fashion! Too many of us complain that “oh, it’s not this enough, or no that enough.” The berets sucked! Oh stop it! I’ll say this as an American, morely as an African-American, at least they wore something nice and clean AND PROFESSIONAL to the Opening Ceremonies instead of looking like thugs and pimps! And having the sagging pants like you see on the street. But the one thing I think would look on those uniforms: Add some gold medals. Now were talking!

I can’t make any predictions for Team USA, but I see the Men’s and Women’s Basketball squads getting gold. Again.

Michael Phelps will attempt to go out in a way to motivate others, along with Cullen Jones for the swimming crew. Hopefully with more hardware.

What about Gabby Douglas? She I think will bring a new era of Gymnastics in terms of her skills. And just to think, she is the only female African-American competitor on the Gym Squad. But I think she’ll do well for her potential.

For Track and Field: I know I’m thinking of Usain Bolt. Let me tell you, he reminds me a of mix of Jesse Owens and Michael Johnson in terms of speed. But on the American Side, I’m looking forward to see Tyson Gay, and/or Allyson Felix compete.

There are others in which I like to watch. But I’ll say that no matter how many medals that Team USA might get, as long as they are doing well they might be considered one of the best. I didn’t say the best, but one of the best that the world will see. I’m assuming that the others will gain on the American squad, but hey it’s the Olympics and it’s here. Everything else is secondary.

Go Team USA!

236698 new nike team usa basketball uniforms Team USA Announces Finalized 2012 Olympic Roster

I have been paying attention to this debate online about this discussion about the 1992 Dream Team and the 2012 Team going for the Gold in London. Now, I want to address this to the now Kobe Bryant Fans that think his squad would have the edge, and labeling the “Jordan Worshippers” wrong and in denial. Let me tell you. If that would have happen, the Originals, the OG’s would school Kobe and LeBron. Oh, yes, I would say that the 92 Dream Team, the team that everyone wanted to follow and immulate in basketball would school the 2012 squad. Why you ask? It’s the experience and the cailiber in which the 90’s had. Most of the Kobe Worshippers, and the LeBron Maniacs need to realize that they, (Kobe and LeBron) need to understand without guys like MJ and Pippen, who wore the USA Basketball Uniforms first, your guys wouldn’t be ballin’, and also winning championships and getting a share of Gold Medals. You guys say “Oh, MJ is overrated”. So is Kobe. So is LeBron. I’ll give them credit, they are good ball players. But none of them, would never be equal as talented as Michael Jordan. Not either like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Cylde Drexler, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, Charles Barkley, and Christian Lattener. Those guys stood the standards for World Basketball in an revolutionary way. Not the 2012 squad. And neither the 2008 squad. I went there!

To you new guys reading this, its about homage. Its about respect. It’s about honoring those who stood the standards.  Maybe what Kobe said was out of context, but should understand that he needs to respect the originals in terms of where he is now. LeBron, same thing. Others on the squad, same thing. Most today don’t respect that. Which is sad! That would be like in the Divine 9  Black Greeks, taht I’ve heard and read about the older Black Greek Organizations aiming at the members of Iota Phi Theta, that ‘they need to go back and talk to their founders”, and all the other stuff. Still their founders, most of them, are still living and giving advice. That’s like going back and talking to your grandparents and teaching you something that might enlighten you! Oh yes, I got respect for the D9 Black Greeks, but for some who say that, might watch themeselves so it wouldn’t be one of those “bite you in the butt things” one day examples. Also the same with Obama being pictured sitting in the exact bus where Rosa Parks once was warned about moving to the back. Again, paying homage.

Like many of you, I’ll be paying attention to the Olympic Games. And to see if the Basketball Team of 2012 would measure up to the 1992 squad. But I still believe as much as those as my age and up that this year’s squad will never measure up with the Originals. Sorry new school fans. I just feel that way!



What I am referring to is the recent NBA Finals that took place between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. But let me say that, I haven’t been on the angle of the NBA Finals since Michael Jordan retired many years back. Yes, when the NBA was on the high angle, it was Michael Jordan carrying the torch in which I think neither Kobe, or LeBron would never get.  I’m sorry that needed to be said. But I will say that even though that I haven’t paid attention to it, but it had been a decent season despite of the lockout. Like this year, the Miami Heat got their second title and a first for LeBron.

For the Oklahoma City Thunder, and you fans of the Thunder, this needs to be said to get it out of way in such. Your boys got beat. But they fought hard. Yes, I have been looking at them and I think that after the losses to Miami, they will learn from this and find a way to get better. It happened before. I think back to 1995 when Michael Jordan was in the NBA Playoffs and the Orlando Magic knocked out the Bulls. However, Jordan went back into the gym, got his form back in terms of his basketball skills and also it was the same year, the 1995-1996 season when they won at least 70 games. Plus having Dennis Rodman. That lead them to their 4th NBA title, out of their six championships. But the thing that got them through it was indeed one word that you Thunder Fans need to understand: Experience. That’s it. For the Heat, their experience of not getting a title last year was experience seeing the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Title on THEIR floor! So Thunder Fans, your time will come. But I think the Heat wanted this more for redemption wise than selfish reasons.

Speaking of that, what is up with the hate, when someone or a group wins a major thing, folks gotta hate? Sort of like graduation from college, new promotion, getting married, or getting that new car and show off their craft? I mean seriously, what’s up with that?! In the case of LeBron James, and what he had went through with Cleveland, making the decision of going to Miami in his attempt to win. And those that didn’t like the decision burn his jerseys in protest. Um…..this is hospitality and respect? This dude, LeBron is a grown man. Period. Whether he made a good decision that benefits him or a negative decision that does the opposite, we know that every decision is not going to be a good decision all the time! Many before LeBron did the same thing. Michael Jordan did it when he retired the first time, went into baseball, then came back and win more titles. For Shaquille O’Neal, he left Orlando in 1996 to go out west to the Lakers and win his share of NBA Titles. And I’ll bet those in O-Town are still steaming over that. I mean it’s a long time ago! I’m sure the feeling left the scene.  Whether you like LeBron James or not, he is a good ball player. And has a NBA Title to prove it. But he’ll be  nowhere near Michael Jordan. What LeBron needs to do is to be his own player. I mean it’s cool to learn from MJ, and looking up to him in all. But he needs to be “his own player”. However, I am happy for Dwayne Wade, who by the way, is a prodigy of Marquette University of winning his second NBA Title. And just to think, Shaquille O’Neal was leading a way for him to win a title years back.

Haters are going to hate. All because of what they don’t want others to have just because the guy won the contest that wasn’t favorable.

Bumper Sticker

An Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker. This display is not more than attack, and add more fuel to racism in America.

I want all of the readers to take a look at this bumper sticker. Take  a look. This is a prime example of the ignorance that those like to show in the era of Obama. Now your probably saying, that it’s just another everyday thing about race. No matter what era or year it is.  I looked at the sticker on Facebook recently and this is what I thought. It’s nothing more than pure racism example all because of this fear of a black president. That’s right I said it. One word: Fear. It’s the same type of fear that most Wisconsinites that back Scott Walker wanted the High Speed Rail dead, all because it’s a thought of a boondoggle. A thought that it would never work. Note to the home state, I’ll get to you in a moment.

The only way I believe that stickers like this one need to removed is to do one simple thing: beat it at the polls. We know the month and the date. And also we know the path that must be  done and it does NOT (particulary in Wisconsin) show a valid ID in order to vote. That in my opinion, is pure ignorance just trying NOT to get the ballot so the other folks win.  But I tell those that don’t let that stop YOU (as a voter) for getting the ballot and casting your vote. Even if it’s a so-called Don’t Re-Nig America Bumper Sticker. Whoever made that bumper sticker must be made it with ultimate nonsense. There, I said it!

The Second Front is a mini-version of one of those I told you so’s I was blogging about way back when. Don’t worry, I’m going to come up with another. Now this past weekend, the state of Wisconsin had it’s WIAA Boys Playoff games, and in the division 1 state championship, it was between Germantown and Rufus King High School. By the way, Rufus King is from Milwaukee and I have to say as a John Marshall Grad that it’s the number one school in the city, and I dare say the state to chase after. I mean I can talk Rufus King smack all day every day, but as a true alum of the Milwaukee Public Schools I will give them a ounce of respect. And yes their basketball team went 13-0 in the city of Milwaukee. But what I am about to talk about is not related. During the game , there were tweet messages coming from the GERMANTOWN side that were just ridiculous, courtesy of the article:  Ignorant remarks flood Twitter after Germantown beats King from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

One person wrote: “Good move by the WIAA to put two cops in front of the Milwaukee King students before they lose.”

Another person tweeted: “King dancers look more like strippers.”

“The nappiness of King’s dance team is astounding ghetto,”another tweeted.

I’m looking at this and I’m like “really?” Is this is what they really think? I’m not a Rufus King Alum, but as a Milwaukee Public Schools Alum I will say this: Look here  Germantown, or GTown, you may have won the basketball game against a good team, but guess what, your fan base was just pure ignorant! Here it is that you have to use a high school basketball game with all the ignorant chants that deemed racist and most you don’t know what that means. You talk about or tweet about the poor blacks in Milwaukee, but I’ll bet NONE OF YOU sittting out in the suburbs NEVER BEEN to the inner city of Milwaukee!  Oh let me get this, you would rather see the footage of blacks on a hot St. Patrick’s Day night per say, beating up each other on Water Street, while you like to ramble on about blacks and violence from your angle, while NOT seeing the good. Oh, for those who go to UW-Madison, I got something for you too: the next time if ANY person from Milwaukee says they went to a Milwaukee Public School, don’t be talking smack! Just because alot of you went to “perfect schools” before UW-Madison, doesn’t make you all that. I’ve seen folks that went to suburban schools and yes, alot of them have been successful. But when they talk racist smack, that is totally crossing the line. Especially in this state! And I’m speaking as a Alum of UW-Stout, Milwaukee’s MATC and Milwaukee Public Schools. I’m sure that the students and fans of Germantown High School are pretty smart.  But they better be careful about calling students from other schools strippers. Look Germantown, the Rufus King Generals Cheerleaders maybe “strippers” in your mind, but don’t front that they are someone’s daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins,and others.  Maybe those cheerleaders can be the next lawyers, doctors, engineers, or maybe the next politician. Sort of like Sen. Lena Taylor, who is an alum of Rufus King and an Alum of Milwaukee Public Schools. Don’t front!   And the boys basketball team are someone’s sons, grandsons, nephews, cousins, etc trying to get a good education and at least trying to make ONE DAY a future that most can be proud of.  For this, the word proud is not in my choice of words anymore. Instead of saying proud, I’m saying pleased or grateful.

Now you probably assuming that Germantown is not my favorite suburb. I don’t have a problem with the town. Not at all. I just have a problem with folks no matter where they are from having issues with certain folks of what they think or assume. That is sad;even in 2012. In the era of Barack Obama. In the era in which most folks think that Black History Month or anything that Black-related is deedmed racist which is nothing more than just false. The same folks in which don’t think that racism doesn’t exist! After reading what I wrote, and linked for proof, do you think that it’s not over? HELLO!

It will take an act of God, to clean this up! Not an act of Milwaukee Politics, Germantown rants, or so-called I want my country back mess mixed in with getting Obama out of office all because of act of fear! Speaking of which, what has the TV Media done to cover this story? I didn’t see  Fox6, Channel 4, Channel 58, Channel 12 covering this instead of covering the St. Patrick’s Day fight. Mad respect to James Causey, who reported the news of this, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. At least it was news that had to be reported and not overlooked. Just like the Trayvon Martin murder case.

Wisconsin, America, and others: need to work at this! And those out at GTown need to recognize. Just saying.