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Just now ,this has been popped in my head. I’m scratching my head again about Milwaukee’s Big Gig. Summerfest is coming on June 27th this year kicking off #51. And yes, you fest goers need to get your gear on and being the attendees you are: Curious, interested, ready, happy, drunk, and yes going for a good time. Not exactly in that order. I’m not just scratching my head here. I’ve been scratching my head about this for a LONG WHILE! And yes, I used to work there. Oh, if you are a current Summerfest management worker, start taking notes.

Why there are folks wondering that Summerfest is 51 this year, and not 50? (Originally Summerfest actually had it’s planning ideas in 1966-67).

Summerfest as many knows attracts all kinds of music. How often does it attract Gospel music? For you the unfamiliar crowds, go to a Black Church to hear a gospel music choir or buy either Kirk Franklin or John P. Kee. Or Snoop Dogg’s Bible of Love. And by the way, I’m not a Gospel fan, but I’m doing you Gospel heads a favor here.

Why was it really hard to get Hip Hop/Rap acts to Summerfest, like in the last couple of years? Now it’s not a concern. And not many in the black community can’t relate to RATT or Whitesnake. Or even George Thorogood and the Destroyers. I’m just saying.

Is it really hard to get to know the free days? Especially if you coming home from work!

Just for the record, if you buy a piece of merch from the big gig, you know you are supporting local stuff, right? Just like the pins. I need a Summerfest pin from the 50th to my collection!

This is what Summerfest needs: Have a free networking day for the FORMER Employees. Can that be done?

What is that music thing with the headphones and folks are dancing around to DJ Music? Can Summerfest do this?

It appears that the change in music scenes around Summerfest go from old fashioned to the rave like style. Agree or disagree?

I need to ask this: when looking at the fireworks for the Big Bang, can DJ music be a factor? As well as fireworks on top of the US Bank Building like before and maybe…….The Northwestern Mutual Tower or the 833 Building?

Speaking of Black Music Month: by the way June is Black Music Month for those whom don’t know; who were the well known Black acts to perform at Summerfest? Local or famous?

And who is the latest well known now Black act to perform at Summerfest? Local or famous?

Should Summerfest have a free day for the American Legion Family? Like the free day for the Military and Veterans?

Wait a minute: This also came to mind. Summerfest needs an MPS Alumni Day and MPS Proud Day to support the Milwaukee Public Schools. Should this be a good thing? As well as other schools that are not MPS? And I’ll best many of the MPS Alumni probably got one of their gigs at Summerfest doing work long ago. Probably, still doing work!

Why hasn’t any member of the faith community offered or asked to do Communion to the patrons at Summerfest? Just a thought in asking. Not to bug those whom are not so religious. Look, Summerfest goer folks need prayer too. Getting to, in, and from the park!

Can Summerfest really put up a networking area for those looking for work for any job? Or just simply network with other businesses?

I don’t really have to ask this, but could Summerfest provide internships for those who want to get started in the management entertainment business? In any field? In any area? Plus ANY age?

Break Dancing, Dance Battles, Soul Train Lines, and/or Clean Rap Battles needs to happen at Summerfest. Who likes this idea? Consult the Rap/R&B Stations or True School.

Summerfest should need “throwback” sales. Like really. Is that possible?

Another crazy idea here; Summerfest needs drone photography. Yeah I said it. They’re everywhere. Who are the BEST drone pilots in the city that can do this?

We know The Hop is coming. That’s the Milwaukee Streetcar by the way. Will it be “Summerfest ready” say………2019?

Next question: This is for all of the Fraternities and Sororities. Should there be a Fraternity/Sororities Greek day?

Last question to think about: Should Summerfest have a “lifetime pass” for the patrons (or family members of patrons) whom been so loyal?

Later today, my survival tip on mastering the Big Gig is coming!

Usually I don’t do this, but I’ll try anything. Yesterday, we celebrated another MLK holiday. Full of speeches, breakfasts, parades, gatherings and also paying homage to King in various fashion. But mostly, we usually put away the stuff and forget. We usually have the photo-ops working and also – FORGET! But now, I’m scratching my head again. Even the first MLK Day under #45.

You realize that the cities like Atlanta and Milwaukee celebrate the King Holiday the most, right?

Remember the song, “By the time I get to Arizona” by Public Enemy? The very same song that was in protest against Arizona NOT recognizing MLK Day? (Reference John McCain)

Why has America labeled King as the “bobble head nice figure” when in fact he really was radical and revolutionized CHANGE?

MAJOR QUESTION: why do many us Americans recite that one line of “I Have A Dream” and NOT read the entire speech?

Was the FBI really jealous of King’s success and actually trying to go after him?

Remember when McDonald’s had MLK Commercials?

How many college students wrote about King and got scholarships?

How many former college students remembered writing about King and remembered the value of those scholarships?

Who remembers the hip hop songs that were Martin Luther King influenced? Hint: go back to the 80’s joints.

CALLOUT: Why do certain members of a political party, (Republican Related) always has to label King a Republican in which his father was a Republican? King was NOT affiliated with a political party. But did supported JFK for President.

Were there any other books that were King influenced that was revolutionary and radical?

Are folks still mad of having a King Holiday? You know which ones!

How many INTERNATIONAL Cities looked at the King Holiday?

You do realize that this April 4th, will be the 50th year since King’s Assassination? NOT HIS BIRTH!

The WWE has been saluting MLK for 25 years through Monday Night Raw. Did you know this?

Why do certain folks, whom like MLK Speeches, can’t DO the work like MLK?

Why did #45 made the King Holiday a national day of service while he’s not being truthful on his part?!

How is it that when the kids speak about King, the adults listen. Why is that?

For those who did the work like King like last year, have they done it this year to influence more folks to do great things?

Was Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity really in the house celebrating King in which he was a member of the organization?

Did the rest of the Divine 9 celebrated King in some sort of service acts?

And lastly: will Dr. King’s only Granddaughter be a new beacon to bring a new era of ideas to change the game?

Oh, let me go in on this: White Supremacy is a heck of a drug and it’s a drug that many of you white folks know all too well. Be honest. What began with a group of young white dudes over a statue with Tiki Torches, lead to a violent demonstration of protesting. And the thing is we know it. Everyone talking about the use of terrorism. Foreign and Domestic. This was an act of “Domestic Terrorism” when you saw a driver out of Ohio plowing through a crowd of protesters killing one of them at 32 years old of the name Heather Heyer. Or see some of the alt-right in Body Armor with Swat Helmets, Shields with Racial Symbols on it, Flags mixed with the Nazi signs and the American Flag Colors clashing with fights and yanking signs. Oh yes: Make America Great Again, not! Having all this again is about a freaking statue! A Robert E. Lee Statue! Really?!

This whole thing of the clash was like a throwback episode on Jerry Springer. For you younger readers, he once had Nazis and the KKK on his show many times. Oh and yes they were saying crap like “I got your mom in the trunk of my car!” Oh, don’t tell me you remember that! But this was no show. This was an act of criminal in our own backyard. For the clips of what I’m talking about, you might want to do a checking on Youtube and do a search of “Jerry Springer KKK” or something like that to view the clips. And I know that long ago many were getting mad at him on for having the Klan on his show. But then again, what we have seen back then, is no different from what we recently saw on Saturday. And oh, it was a long time ago to remind ourselves that they are still out there processing the hate that consumed the DNA of America for YEARS! We know it. Don’t deny it!

And these same folks again: whom were doing the “Tiki Torch thing”, are probably the same folks whom are in the workplaces, served as officers, have high positions of rank, neighborhood organizations, well known members or employees of country clubs, the bar after work for happy hour, and the scary thought: they are also at your kids’ universities or schools TEACHING or ADVISING! – Again, school is back in session. And for your students, that classmate of yours might be related to someone’s uncle, cousin, grandson/daughter and parents.

Did I mention that they root for the same team as you do? Yeah, let that also sink in!

And Speaking of the KKK: Former leader David Duke said this remark: “We are determined to take our country back. We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.”

CALLOUT: Take our country back?! Back from whom?!!! For all you White Nationalist and fans of them, this wasn’t your country, to begin with. Stop that mess. You are playing yourselves!

Most of every ethnic folk who are from other countries except the Native Americans are immigrants. For my black folks, our ancestors were slaves. Forced to learn new languages. Branded. Shackled. Loaded on boats forcefully. Get the picture?

Oh, let me go in on the leader of 45Land. I heard his remark about the “all sides” thing. Plus his Twitter message also was WEAK! It was weak and stupid! Many are saying that his remarks should have gone in and told these Alt-right, KKK and Neo-Nazi idiots that they need to chill the mess out! Did he call them out? No! He has not! And the strange thing was most of them probably voted for old man Donnie back in 2016! But the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe told them to “Go Home.” They are not welcome here. Don’t ever come back! Now that’s a real statement! And the fact of the matter is, #45 was just scared to admit that some of his supporters whom probably voted up for him the most were connected to the White Supremacists Groups and the dude didn’t call them out in this matter. Oh, he wants them to matter to him due to the one thing that matters: THE VOTES! That’s all there is! Nothing but the votes to get him elected AGAIN! The fools who did all that stunt mess on Saturday in Charlottesville must have been the same supporters who have voted up for #45. Think about it!

Also, I like everyone else noticed that the representatives of The American Legion were in the background. And many should have mentioned about a Veteran in Oregon was recently killed on a Light Rail Route. And the reason was standing up to hate speech. Where was the mention of that in The 45 Land White House? The answer, nowhere to be found! Totally lacking. And also, what is the American Legion’s stance on what has happened? As well as the entire Legion Family of The Sons of the American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary and the Legion Riders. Matter of fact what is this teaching the Boys and Girls State for the American Legion? Hmmm……Let that SINK IN! And don’t forget the Masons, Elks, and any other Fraternity and Sorority that may have those Frats and Sorors that might have this in them? Come on now, don’t speak at once!

The hate of this thing of White Supremacy is still at large like a bandit. And when the proverbial thing of the remarks, “There is no real racism in America” is really a smokescreen of overshadowing that it should not be in the discussion. I hate to say that it is in the discussion. Even when you are silent and don’t say anything. Your mouth and mind say one thing, but the eyes say another. Of course when you have that talk at the dinner table, and yes many of us will have the talk/discussion about the use of racism which many know very well, wait until the holidays come and you will hear the mess out of the family members that might spew out the N-word or be having this hate mentality against anyone that is not them! Tell me I’m wrong! This is an early spoiler alert for the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. You know its coming. And when it does come, what will we be doing about it?

In the last couple of days, the new 45 old Donnie President as we know, had called out the actions of the Neo-Nazis and Supremacist groups. But took too long in responding to the groups of being Neo-Nazi and Supremacists/Nationalists. He took WAY TOO LONG! Slow-stepping! Why? Like I said, many of them went to him because of the votes! #45 claims that he doesn’t know David Duke, but David Duke knows about HIM! That’s all there is. Plus in the last couple days, there have been parades in the response of the Charlottesville clash, even my hometown of Milwaukee had one in the Riverwest Neighborhood recently. And I’m sure that there will be many more anti-parades in the response of Charlottesville.

And about the toppling of the statues, that was crazy! Reminds me of the toppling the statue of Sadaam Hussein during the Iraqi Freedom War in the early 2000’s. And seeing a young boy, whom probably is about adult age now, slapping his shoes on the statue. But already, a statue in North Carolina has been well “toppled” and there are folks in the area (police) having the houses checked to see who done it. They are not playing!

So with all this, has America regretted voting for Ol’ Donnie? If Hillary had a different mindset of her campaign (which also should have come to Wisconsin) she would be the President in the Office NOW! But we have this Tycoon on a fake leader to worry about for the next three years and he’s off to a rocky start. For all those who are in the backwoods that voted him up, even to those who are other ethnics (including black folks) ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? If you’re not happy that stuff like this is going on and with all that mix of White Supremacy you know darn well the country is guilty. Remember that we should know that racism and all that racial stuff we know is part of America’s DNA. Let that AGAIN sink in!

There will be more commentary forthcoming after this.

Oh did you see the TV?

The 58th Inauguration of the new Administration has passed to you know who, which looked like a ghost town in Washington. But yesterday after looking at the remains, the Women’s March was like a new Tornado that swept in the bare spots that were heavily empty. I mean it was a jam packed wall to wall March and protest. In Washington, it was close to over 500,000 plus that shut the city down! Washington wasn’t the only city: New York City, LA, Seattle, Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boise, and Madison all had these demonstrations. Even London, Sydney, and not really thought about: Antarctica! Yes even Antarctica was in this demonstration as well.

Yeah, the March was cool. All the females from Gloria Steinem, to Janelle Monae, the Mothers of the Movement, Alicia Keys, which featured Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton was killed at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee in 2014. Even men like Michael Moore, Jidenna, and Maxwell all appeared.

Like I said: that was a jammed packed event not only for empowerment, but also directed at one man: Donald Trump. The same Donald Trump whom back in 2005 had the quote “grabbing them by the p*ssy” on a well known daily entertainment TALK SHOW of Access Hollywood! And many of the females at the time had on the same shirts or jeans with messages about “Donald can grab my ****** anytime.” REALLY!  Talk about Locker Room conversations. But many might know that it wasn’t all those who said it.

The turn up for the march of course went high of course. But online, the turn down of the march: MEN. As I was viewing the live feeds of the march on Facebook Live, there were men of course that were talking smack if you will about the march, there’s going to be a whole lot of sandwiches missing, back in the kitchen talk, or um some black dude on a black TV host Facebook page saying it should be stopped, and bringing up about America’s problems of overseas. WHAT!!!!

OK MEN: Settle down. It wasn’t our march. It didn’t address our concerns. And if I wanted a freaking sandwich, I’ll get it myself. Men: I’m sure we had our hatefest about this march of women hearing them roar.

But my question is: when are WE AS MEN are going to have our own march? Like for real.

When are we going to march about our concerns of immigration?

When are we going to march about our concerns of jobs and careers?

When are we going to march about our concerns of finance?

When are we going to march about our concerns of health – OOPS!  Many of us are scared about going to the freaking doctor to get checked, and having the females to take over. Really? We got reproductive things too!

When are we going to march about our concerns about VOTING RIGHTS and CIVIL RIGHTS?

When are we going to march about our concerns about our Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Nephews, Grandfathers, Male Mentors that need those connections to bond? SPECIFICALLY, BLACK MEN!

CALLOUT: Hey Fraternities: All of you. BGLO (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Sigma, Omega Psi Phi, and Iota Phi Theta), Service, and many others. What are you doing to reach out to Men, especially young males in your communities? What are you doing also to reach out to men that want to join your frats for life that want to help your cause? Not just the young crowds, but also the SEASONED VETS?

When are we going to march about our concerns about housing?

What about the MALE concerns of education? Besides that High School Diploma, job and not actually going further. Specifically with our sons, and other male relatives? Is college on the mind also?

When are we going to march about our concerns about: racism, sexism, body shaming (heck we body shame like crazy everyday), gun violence, the phobias of transgender, homosexuality, bullying in all angles, etc. Being single. Even Introverts, Ambiverts, Extroverts? Oh I know what it is: “We men don’t get all sensitive. Don’t bring that up to make us look weak.” Hate to say it, but it’s all ready out there. Females, stop laughing.  And don’t go all MLK and the dream with that one line!

When are we going to march for our OWN male needs? No disrespect to the women whom feel that the equal thing should be on the table, but the fact of the matter is, when I see all these women’s meetings and seminars, or events, where are the Men’s meetings? For example: in the church there are more reps for females than males. There are female meetings but not male meetings. There are females in the church per se whom support the church in sense of programs and events, but the men don’t. Except when the men might have a their own fundraiser and a day on Father’s Day to set aside to support.


If many of the Men, whom were watching the Women’s March in DC or in their Cities, did anyone of male folk actually steal some ideas?

Men, we need to get to work. Straight up. Enough about us on the things that we can’t touch, but what about the things that the women can’t touch, but we can to propel our concerns? Hmmm………..think about it.

And also: Educated!




So here we are.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the blog story that is traditional.

Like Sgt. Hulka used to say in the movie Stripes: “before we proceed any further, we gotta get something straight.”

I’m going to be taking this blog to new heights. It’s not just going to be the same old song and dance. Nope, that is going to be one and done.  It’s going to more that just one blog story. No matter if you are in America or in freaking India, be ready. This blog thing will get real.  If I got to get my Periscope, or own video thing on here to help my stories, well: that’s what I have to do. What does all this mean? It means that I have to get better with  the idea of blogging. I have to. It’s not just that thing that needs to be done, it must be done to improve. To inspire and yes, to get to the point of view that I need to display.

Yes folks will walk tall, shoulders back, chin up, conscious up to the 10th level, and of course this is an idea that would be benefical. I thought about destroying this blog and ending a 10+ year streak, all because of other concerns of boredom or that same story. But wait…..this could be a benefit to help and inspire. While many might think that one story from a blog is all there is, think again.

Stephen’s Spot is not just about one blog. Or one picture. Or one anything. It can be revolutionary, inspirational, conscious, fun, life experienced, or just plain normal. It’s not a one dance show. It’s one in the million that can be experienced if many take the time to read more than one. Now, I know many are just now discovering the blog based on what I written back in 2014 or whatever. But if you (yes you) the reader actually like what I write here, in a sense of right now, thank you.

Knowingly I can’t control what others might read, but by me writing more, and thinking more, it will be fully objectionable for me to carry on. I’m in the age bracket of 40 years old, and yes this age bracket will indeed test my theory and summarize.

So guess what: you want Stephen’s Spot? I’ve give you Stephen’s Spot!

So for now: let’s start my New Year’s Tradition of Stephen’s Spot that doesn’t need a repeat: What do want to see and not want to see in 2017! 17 things by the way.

First Five I want to see in THAT YEAR OF 2017:

1) Time to work folks. If this is the year that you will get that real job, the time is now. No more wasting time by waiting on others. It won’t work. We need to have a Career Awareness Month. We need to have better job fairs, career expos, have a “seasonal vet” career fair for the mature folks. Not that watered down stuff that many are getting. Even if you still have that degree in display, that many will pass up. Gotta do better.

2) If you got to get yourself checked. Do it. You know where the doctors are. As well as the dentists, eye examination folks and more. Matter of fact some of them might be near you right now.  And while were at it, we need to for real get educated about the issues of health. I hear say, “you need to do this or that”.  or “you need a flu shot.” BEFORE ANY THAT HAPPENS: ASK QUESTIONS! Forget what you saw on Facebook, know that real stuff first!

3) 2017 means that the New Congress will take over. If any of the new members screw up, get on their case!

4) You know that 2017 is a voting year. Oh you didn’t know this? Pay attention! It’s not the presidential election, but maybe some of your county judges or school folks will be running on the ballot. Do better!

5) Speaking of the voting thing, this would be a time to get your voter registration checked and/or updated to get ready for the 2017 election.  I want to see this happen even more. Plus in the future like all these health months, why can’t we have a Voter Awareness Month?

Next Five I don’t want to see:

6) I don’t want to see no one complaining about the lack of this or that in the church. If you don’t have a certain something going in your church then make something happen!

7) I don’t want to see black folks putting other black folks down. No matter what happens we must continue to look in the mirror and raise up. Jobs, contributions, etc.

8) Never EVER OVERLOOK THIS – Black Queens: you say you love us Black Kings right? Here is a challenge that you might not think. Cater to us for ONE DAY at a restaurant, or maybe give us a day that we might enjoy. Think it over! Many of you got Brothers, Fathers, Uncles, Husbands, Boyfriends, Cousins, Neighbors, and many other male influences that you probably know that need that appreciation! You guys go all out for your thing and we’re in the seats. Why not us?

9) I don’t want to see credit checks on black folks no more. Matter of fact, not on anyone anywhere with credit checks!

10) I don’t want to see those who didn’t vote gloat. After all, most you don’t like Donald Trump after he won, well guess what: Elections have Consequences.

Five More things I want to see:

11) I want to see more of us reinvest in our Alumni Groups. Not just for the class reunions and everyone also shows up broke, mad, left out and uninformed.And by the way, if you see an Alumni Rep at your class reunion, don’t get no attitude about your daughter or son in college needing money and you think that your old High School has no money. That will not work!!!! Just dumb. Have you heard of Scholarships, like churches hand out every year?

12) I want see the results of us doing the work. Not just the partial results of patting on the back and say nice work. But also what did it took to get the results needed. And if your employer is celebrating a milestone of service (10, 20, etc), give him or her the due of respect. It’s the right thing to do.

13) I want us non scared and scared grown folks in the Black Church Groups to talk to our youth. Seriously talk to them. Some of them need us to come to them. I don’t care if they are in the schools shooting basketballs or at the community centers playing Madden. Or double dutching or learning a praise dance. Even tutoring!

14) I want to see more black folks in the communities whom think there is nothing there to do,  start something! Stop complaining!

15) And plus, here is a thought: I want to see ALL fraternities, and ALL sororities to recruit and meet up with seasoned vets that can help out. Especially those of the black fraternities and sororities. All of the Divine 9 folks: From the Alphas to the Iotas and from the AKA’s to the Sigma Gamma Rho’s: Have a day in which YOU need to go out to the seasoned vets of those whom are 40 ish that want to join up to support the groups you represent. And also don’t be so judgmental about those whom are at that 40’s range.  Best place to find us: either at our church events, alumni group meetings, etc.

Final two: want not to see and want to see.

16) Of all the things I don’t want to see: enough of the blame on Black Lives Matter that seemed violent or racist. For all you Blue Lives Matter, or copying off the Black Lives Matter Movement, you will suck. Instead of hating on Black Lives Matter at least go to a meeting or hear from those who lost a brother, or sister or a parent that was black. Take notes Blue Lives Matter.

17) Get lucky! Get lucky in all there is. We know what we need to do, and what to do this year. So why not get involved! And the time is right now!

Happy New Year!




I gotta get this in. BEFORE HALLOWEEN!

Now I know that many are gearing up for the costumes, the parties, the Haunted Hayrides, Dances, Trick-Or-Treating, or many other things that go bump in the night. Even listening to the songs of the Monster Mash or Thriller.

First take from the Crypt: Again: what is up with the black faces crap?

I know there is some goober in America that had to dress up in a black face acting if they are black. Oh wait, there are. Has anyone seen this mess on Facebook? In which a white dude a hoodie with Tea and Skittles plus acting if it’s Trayvon Martin. Are we on this BS again?! For all of those who think that this cool or to do the mimics, it’s all about poking fun at those who lost their lives for no reason because they looked suspcious! That’s how I see it. Oh they might bust out by saying that “It’s just Halloween!”. But you’re making fun of someone who lost their son!

It’s been like before, I know. But seriously, why is the black race always the punching bag when stuff like this ALWAYS happens?

There are going to be those yet again who don’t understand. And those who might say the “I have black friends” speech. If you really have black friends who might be offended, would you care? To those who like this. On Facebook, I saw a pic that displayed this and I want to show it here. Actually it’s from a video clip from youtube called “Cultures are not Costumes!”

And after reading about this whole thing, it’s becoming very apparent that the look-a-likes are just that: Wannabes. And the thing is it perpetuates that fabiric that is taking place now when it comes to the preverbial sensitive misunderstanding about one’s culture. Many are probably offended because they can relate to something that is really personal. Of course it is! We see it EVERYDAY! Not the usual every Halloween Season. I know that Halloween is all about the fun. About the Imaginary. About embracing the side of your haunting displays. About the Jack-O-Lanterns, the Draculas, The Bride of Frankensteins, The Wolfmans, the Gargoyles, The Skulls, The Haunted Houses, The Monster Mash, The Costume parties without feelings, The Simpsons doing their traditional Halloween Shows, the Michael Jackson repeats of Thriller, the Movies of Jason, Freddy, The Crow, Blade, Jonah Hex, and yes the time that Martin got scared crappless in 1992. We know that Halloween is all about the imaginary. Even getting Halloween Greeting cards. Speaking of that, where’s my Halloween Cards, darn it?!!!!!!

Now, to all those who are so, so religious: those who are so Holy that this is a sinful day to celebrate: it’s all in your head. I’m a Christian and yes, I do get in the fun of Halloween while doing the work of God in my community. But that’s another story to read on the grave vault. For you Blackface morons who just love to stick to the face of adversity, you really are hurting! How would the black folks feel if they went whiteface? Hmmmmm…………something to think about.

The second take from the crypt: What is or was up with the Iotas? Also known as the the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity?

Now I’m kinding of late on the scene, but there was a video that was displayed in which their Alpha Chapter was featured in which they have a comment for all those in the Divine 9 that made fun, or made jokes about them, in which they don’t exist. But after reading the comments and the summary of the story, it clearly states, or my inference that the Iota’s had to make noise. Not bad noise coming from them. But the noise in which the other guys had all those comments and those name calling things like “Iota who?” Or all the butt jokes about being the UPS Guys in their traditional Brown and Gold colors.

And by the way, I’m in no means of defending this Fraternity. You might want to “webcache” the site via google for this one.

OK. So many feel that the Iotas, the 1963 Formed Iota Phi Theta was on the hyper sensitive feelings that took stabs at the Alphas, the Ques, or others that given them the hot seat. BIG DEAL! Is that breaking news now?

Can I ask this question: Did any of you, in the Alphas, Phi Beta Sigmas, Omegas, or Kappas, ever met an Iota in your life? Be honest!

Or let me ask these “horrifying” questions:

  • Have any of you in the divine 9 ever invited any Iota member to your Fraternity/Sorority functions?
  • Have any of you went to school with an Iota Phi Theta Member? I’m not just talking about college!
  • Do any of you go to church with an Iota Phi Theta Member?
  • If the Divine 9 is supposed to be about the movement and to uplift and support each other, why always chewing them out?
  • Have any of you competed in a stepping competition to an Iota? AND LOST?!
  • Have any of you worked or work with someone who is an Iota Phi Theta Member? Either on the job, volunteer projects?
  • Are any of you related to a member of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity? BE HONEST!
  • Have any of you went to an Iota event. ever? If so, when?
  • Has anyone from the Iotas invited you to their events, meetings of community, or any other gathering?
  • I know some probably have asked about their building traditions. Have you really gone to their website and to read about it? Oh, and I’m sure you have a book by Lawrence Ross that details all of the Divine 9 groups! Yeah, that book. DUH!

Some of you need to get on board. Like TODAY!

I know that many are probably have said or had said that you got all these groups out here making jokes about who could go the hardest or those being left out of the parties, but yet you still got innocent black men, young black males and females going through unemployment, not being able to get checked, not being able to vote, can’t afford a home due to discrimination, and many other factors of concerns. Even being dragged out of a school desk by a deputy. And oh, you crack jokes about a fraternity that had been the butt jokes because they were founded in the 1960’s. Speaking of that, you do realize that next year, in 2016, it will mark 20 years since the Iotas were added to the NPHC? That should mean something. But to many of you, it probably won’t.

You guys talk about “Iota Who?”. What about “Alpha What?”, or “Kappa When?”, “Omega Why?” or “Phi Beta Sigma Where?” Uh-huh! Lecture that!

For you: the Iota Phi Theta: I know you’ve been on the receiving end of the jokes that floored you for so long. But it’s time to stand up. I’m not talking about beating up the Alphas, or the Sigmas or the Omegas or Kappas in a Street Fight. You guys have to stand up and let these folks know that yeah “so what we were the last to come”. But you’re still here!  52+ years strong like the centaur you guys are!

You are not dead yet! You still have to push the envelope. You still have to raise the bar!

That’s right I said it!

It needed to be said!

Maybe this video of yours that got taken down was probably a way to let those know…..they had it coming! It was a matter of time for it. Nevermind the so-called butt jokes. Because like any other groups, or Fraternities, or even Sororities, there is always someone that has to act a freaking fool. And some of YOU frats or soros know it!

Get it together, folks.

Oh, the irony in the Month of march. Thus far it’s about March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and yes spring is coming. However, in the same weekend of Friday the 13th, the punishment of the suspended SAE Fraternity Members continued as well a dumb fight in a Brooklyn McDonalds. Plus, why Pastor Creflo Dollar should NOT get a jet for the church as he thinks. Oh technically, the madness is here and it’s ironic.

First, as many know thus far, the SAE Fraternity Members of the Oklahoma Universtiy are officially gone. All because one of the members who was chanting the proverbial, “there will never be a n*gger in SAE” song. But there are those comment that the students shouldn’t be taken out of the school despite of the word being scripted over, and over again. What that means is, there are those who some what use the N-Word need to be punished alright. But in a sense of relation to blacks in all, and the brotherhood bond, why couldn’t some of the fraternities invest in the Black Community (mainly the white Frats) and actually donate their time and effort to work in the Black Community! Plus the idea of all of having them to take African-American History, and almost every single course of BLACK HISTORY as possible. Oh yeah, they need to! The firestorm of this banishment should serve notice that when you use words or things to degrade others being a put down, then maybe that portion needs to be clarified, talked about, and summarized as much as anything else. Now, when the song was sung, and the SAE fraternity members were just saying it like it was enjoyment, they probably don’t know who or what prompted them to sing that. They say they were drunk (OH REALLY?!!) We’re blaming alcohol on this? Stop the freaking pain! It doesn’t matter if they sung the song with Jim Beam or Grey Goose, they sung it! Period. And they are paying for it. Now word ialso that the Alumni of the SAE Fraternity have gone out to get the lawyer who was once hired by Timothy McVeigh after he blew up the Federal Building in 1995. Just a thought, the Oklahoma City Bombing’s 20th Anniversary is next month. Scary. What will the Fraternity accomplish in terms of one or a few knuckleheads chanting a song about lynching black folks and not inviting them in club to establish that “brotherhood” that they have been preaching about since 1856? And will this be the ultra matter of resolve? We’ll see. Just keep the finger on the pulse.

Second: Fighting in the BK.

I know when the letters of B & K come up, it’s Burger King. But not really, it’s really about Brooklyn and the 5 girls fighting against one at their local McDonalds. We’ve all seen it. 5 girls against one. What is this, a handicap match? Now everyone in the darn restaurant is looking at the fight and yes there well those who had to get it on the camera phones in all. But if that’s the case why didn’t no one, (AND I MEAN NO ONE) stepped up and actually broke up the fight? Are we that blood thirsty for real? I mean you got 5 girls here, beating up this one chick and had her head stomped! Really! MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! NONE. Were there any responsible adults in McDonalds that stopped by and made sure that no one should have gotten hurt Now one the real, all five of them have been pressed charges and similar fashion, and one of them, Aniah Ferguson is a gang member. She stabbed her Brother, made threats to her grandmother, and have a list of crimes and again: only 16 years old!!!!!!  WHY IS SHE STILL OUT AND GOING BACK IN AND GOING BACK OUT? Oh lord have mercy! These young ladies may not have much of a future all because of stomping and gang tackling this one teen in a McDonalds restaurant after school! And don’t say, or hashtag #BLACKLIVESMATTER on this because it don’t matter at this point! IT DOES NOT! Neither does the stupid “Stop Snitching” Rule. Throw it out the window. Aniah Ferguson better need to know and be saved by Jesus NOW before it’s too late! I hate to get churchy, but I’m sorry. This young lady (and I mean YOUNG LADY) needs to get help somehow, someway NOW!

Back in my day, it was one on one after some folks want to trigger thoughts in my head. We fought! But now, with this new mentality, everybody wants to jump in to get famous. To the parents of those girls who had to get their way, can you please call the boarding schools and get your daughters disciplined? I mean dang. Or, be like when you send your sons off to Boot Camp, the girls need to sent off to boot camp also! Yeah I said it. If you can send the boys off to boot camp after their run ins with the law, then that must happen for the girls too. I know it’s March and it’s Women’s History Month. But I’m sorry, that doesn’t matter at this point. What matters the most, is discipline! And unfortunately, tax payers like me and others in America will be fitting the bill for it!

And the third dance card: Jet planes and pastors.

I was going to say something on Facebook about Creflo Dollar, and this idea of his congregation forking over 60 Million Dollars. But no, I’ll do it here. Well, let me say this as a giving, volunteering, gift talented, 4th Generation, Black Man that is part of the United Methodist Church: NO!!!!! Absolutely NOT! Ok, a Jet. Really? If anyone in that church or MegaChurch deserves a Jet, it should be the members themselves period. Or on a similar fashion, here is a part where I play devil’s advocate. If Creflo Dollar the Pastor, wanted to raise 60 Million Dollars for his congregation to invest in something, it should be as follows. Oh, and non-church going folks, you’ll like this from a church going person:

1) Scholarships for the college bound students.

2) A new business to start up that is beneficial to the chruch community, or maybe NEW JOBS!!!!!

3) Homeless Shelters or Homeless Apartments.

4) Transportation purposes to get the church members to and from church in a faster fashion.

5) Assist a neighborhood project.

6) Investments in stock and bonds.

And….I can go further and further.

Since then, the Pastor had removed the website that promoted the Jet. And many like before, there were critics whom had to say that “this is why I don’t go to church and its all about the money”. WELL I hate to say that EVERY BUSINESS you see and work with, party with on Saturday late nights and donate to are about money too! Don’t front! Many of you probably spiked up the St. Patrick’s Day parties at the bars and clubs per say and the folks still reaking up the finances. Well, if it took a lot of interested folks on a day where St. Patrick allegedly banished reptiles from Ireland, with the bars packed with fans, green and beer, how many of you probably pack a church on Sunday Morning by just showing up?! Don’t worry I’ll wait!

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, look for that in my next “A Blog To” series. And guess what, it’s aimed at a group of folks that need to listen up: African-Americans. Or the African-Americans whom don’t acknowledge the tamarite of Black History Month, but rather go green on March 17. Oh yes,  I WILL go in!