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Oh, let me go in on this mess. There were fireworks on TVOne this past week via News One Now. Take a look:


Ok. This is for all the “Dr. Umar Johnson Conscious Maniacs” out there: stop the pain. I repeat, STOP THE PAIN!

For the last couple of days, you all have been so out of character about the “beatdown” that Dr. Umar Johnson got on News One Now this past week. I’ve seen your comments on Roland Martin’s page on Facebook, and the utter disgust that many of you called him a COON all because in your viewpoints, that Dr. Johnson got the hard questions hit at him on Roland’s Show. Oh that’s right, Dr. Umar Johnson is in a public spotlight. Of course he’ll called out on his lineage to Frederick Douglass and his family. Of course of course he got called out on the comments about black men marry white women and the distain about when the black men are out doing other things for other people, they forget that the women they know need help too: The black woman. Of course many have called him out on the subjects at hand. Even about Tim Wise and others. And his degrees! Really folks?

But this past week and even today, many of you still are calling out Roland to make that apology to Dr. Umar Johnson. Are you done now? Can Roland do his job and get on with his journalism and his frat life in the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity? Can he get on with his TVONE News One Now Life, his family life? Can he do that please? Maybe I think Roland and this is just my opinion only, personally does not need to apologize. Period. Or maybe in a sense he does need to apologize to the fans of him and Umar. But here’s the thing that many of you Umar fans need to know: WE GET CALLED OUT EVERYDAY! How many of you reading this blog that are fans of Dr. Umar Johnson and get called out everyday at your jobs, your households, your families, your friends, your pookies and nee-nees at the the family reunion? Let that sink in, as our younger folks would say.

Hey, I get called out. Where was the help on that? Hello?!!!!

CALLOUT: Let’s be honest, this will pass in two to three weeks. And after that, what’s next?

There are a lot more stuff happening in the black community than worrying about Dr. Umar Johnson being roasted on News One Now. Like really. When are we going to call out black unemployment? Our black health? Our black employment? Our black entertainment? Our black melanin popping stuff? Our various causes in our communities? Our education and finance? Our so-called true level of consciousness that many of us don’t have, or abuse and use? Even our black churches that don’t do enough than those that do enough? Our clubs, organizations, and even US? I would rather worry about those, and call out those causes than this silly crap between a black man who is a Pan Africanist and a Black Journalist asking those “TOUGH TOUGH” questions. Has Roland been called out before? I assume he has. But knowing him, he defends his record. All the time. We see it on social media everytime. I’ll bet many are like, “man Stephen you like Roland Martin so much, do you? All up in his fanbase and junk”. Well, maybe. I may not agree with Roland all the time, but he does have pointers to think about.  And that doesn’t need calling out.

But yo, we got bigger fish to fry for sure. Why don’t we Hotep that?



Where I’m going with this is really happened on Wednesday.

Know the show, Black-ish: you should.

It’s the same show that has Anthony Anderson on point. Talking about the use of the N-Word, Pops being afraid to go to doctors, Nepotism, the truth behind the use of black lives, as in Black Lives Matter, and many other issues and concerns and a comedic side when it comes to African-Americans.

But this episode called “Lemons” which had the family and company talking about the election, and the win of Donald Trump: Folks If you HAVE NOT watched this show, it was so powerful! It needed to be said and viewed upon no reason. And oh, this is the same Black-ish show that Donald Trump talked smacked about being racist in all two and half years ago. For all those whom are Trump supporters or even Trump himself, just to clarify: Black-ish is not racist at all. Stop playing!

The highlights of the show, was centered at Dre’s job where most of the conversation was centered around the election. And of course the one half of the highlight was the character Lucy voted for Obama twice, but swung her recent vote to Trump. She expressed that she wanted a female president to run the country, but not her. Her as in Hillary Clinton. And the later reaction of the assumption of her being racist for her vote and have black friends resonated  in a rebuttal of her chosen vote.

But the MAIN Meat of the second half was Dre’s viewpoint of America. These words as if not been repeated is this:

‘I love this country—even though, at times, it doesn’t love me back.’ 

Those words alone. I’ll bet many in my culture of African-Americans have probably been saying for years! Generations. Eras. Take notes, white folks. And the thing is yes, like Dre said, we’ve played ball. We continued to work in all. And the part Dre saying that even though he’s not shocked that Hillary didn’t win, or Trump got his upset win, the same situation didn’t change when it came to the state of Black America. And the thought that at times the way things go, not always the case when it comes to black folks. And the music of Strange Fruit was playing in the background.

Thinking back: those words of again, ‘I love this country—even though, at times, it doesn’t love me back.’ This reminds me of a quote by two black women whom said a similar quote. Research the Delany Sisters, Bessie and Sadie. And this quote:

“We love our country, even though it didn’t love us back.” 

Does that sound familiar?

It should! Many of us in the Black Community probably again have been saying that for years.

Now this whole thing about Black-ish being all about racist out of the mouth of our soon-to-be President is flat out ridiculous. Probably he’ll never watch another show of it because of the dialogue he thinks it doesn’t resonate with him. Clearly it doesn’t. What does resonate that the ongoing saga of this country’s DNA of racism will still be examined.

Now keep in mind that Blackish is not The Cosby Show. Not Family Matters or Fresh Prince. Nor any other show like Good Times. Blackish is in its league of its own and like many of the shows before it, the issues of black concerns are still relevant today! Did I mention that Tracee Ellis-Ross won a Golden Globes Award for the show? Like 44 years after her famous mom Diana Ross won hers? 

And even if you have a incoming President like Donald Trump talking smack about John Lewis about all talk and no action. Well we know the real resume of John Lewis is not as tainted like a soon to be 45th President.

For the 4 nights, the History Channel has been showing the revamped and still traditional version of Roots. The still saga of Alex Haley’s novel that has been read by generations of folks. If you are so way younger than me, you might not know what I’m talking about. Go to the library, or Amazon, or B&N Bookstore to get the book. Oh while you’re at it, buy the DVD’s.

For the four nights, we’ve seen all four parts of this thing, and even though that this wasn’t the original that came out after the year of my birth, the story of parallels with Kunta Kinte, Kizzy, Chicken George and others had not left. Us older cats we know the story like clockwork. Many of us can relate in some sort of way of the heartbreak of slavery, being separated from families, and being shackled, branded, whipped, controlled and many other horrible actions. We already know. But some of us, needed a constant reminder that these words of “The Struggle Continues”.  Does that ring a bell?

Now there are those had to argue that this reboot is not necessary. No need for it. But then again there are those feel is necessary because when the original came out, you millennials weren’t born! Sorry to say it. But now since you’ve gotten your firepower and advice from us proud Generation X Folks, you also have to be advised of this stuff is.  Some of you probably got the message. But others, have you?

I really hope that this “Roots Reboot” or the second format has you on your thinking skills that it’s not all glamour and glitzy. Many of our people had through pain and discomfort and split up from the ashes. This is no romance novel! This is a lesson that probably needed to be retold to every generation of black folks. Like what our grandparents and your great great greats have done for years! Don’t trip on this.

Now I know that many don’t like the reboot. Particularly one individual in mind: Snoop Dogg. Don’t get me wrong, I may like some of his swagger, and his younger cousin Sasha Banks is a great Women’s Wrestler, but here is one thing I have to say that his “opinionated commentary”, was for the birds.

Look here, you got a guy here had females with dog collars on for a show, blunts, gang past, making porn for flicks, oh don’t forget that when Pac and Suge Knight were examined after Las Vegas, everyone was like 20 years ago: Snoop better watch himself! This was way after Death Row records was very examined. Even after Tupac’s death.

But his recent rant is about the Roots reboot, and making a statement of protest. And some are saying that he’s thinking what everyone is thinking. All over Facebook and Social Media, I see this alot: WE’RE TIRED OF SLAVE MOVIES!!!!

CALLOUT: I need to ask and excuse my French: Who in the hell is WE?!! WE Who?!

I’m not on this so called “we” bandwagon here.

And alot of folks went after Roland Martin the way he after Snoop. If you missed what he said, go on his Twitter Time Line, or his Facebook Page. And folks called him a Coon. Wow black folks. I think the reason being, because Roland told the truth. Speaking of that, check this. Please check this!


In the words of Homer Simpson: “And that is that.”

Or was it? Some of the critics had to pop off at the mouth. Again!

And all the folks kept talking about these Hidden Colors movies that came out. Personally, I have not seen not one Hidden Colors movie documentary or whatever you call it. From what I’ve heard, it supposed to be this real truth documentary about what the history books or religion, or historical aspects didn’t tell you growing up. Are there other Black documentaries that tell you that?

Everybody on Facebook and Instagram or Twitter  is like: “watch Hidden Colors!” Or “Hidden Colors is the truth!”


If Hidden Colors is supposed to be this “truth of black viewpoints”, and if so vital, who funds the movie rights? Who funds “Hidden Colors” to be this “truth teller?”  And if “Hidden Colors is so cool right now, where I can I find it on Cable or Satellite? Like IFC? or some Independent Channel? Or matter of fact, has the AMC or Marcus Theaters, Black Owned Theaters, or a Budget Theater ever have SHOWN “Hidden Colors?” Don’t worry I’ll wait! Bring it.

The way folks parading around Hidden Colors online like a mean switch off the tree. That to me is like I’m being forced to watch it. Don’t call me a hater! For all you “Hidden Colors” fanatics that thrive on the flicks, I have an open REAL challenge for you: Provide me a CLEAR, CONCISE, and REAL SUMMARY about why I should watch it. Don’t give all the ghetto/slang opinionated thoughts! I’m too grown for that. Be real about it. Beat by beat. That is your homework assignment!

Everybody in the Black Community is saying like:

We are tired of slave movies!

I don’t hear the Jewish folks saying they are tired of the Holocaust. What do they say? Never forget. Sound familiar? I don’t hear none of our Chinese brothers and sisters hollering at what happened in June of 1989. Let me paint a picture for this: Tiananmen Square. Remember that? When that protest happened, and that one dude got ran over by a tank in Beijing? Hmm…….no complaints about that being forgotten. Everyone else has had problems with some sort of human erradication has never forgotten the pain nor feeling about the incidents. Even though it has not happened to them per se.

But when it come to our Black Concerns of Slavery or Black Dilemma, we’ve been told to forget about it. Get over it. Or in this case with Snoop: “F-Roots!” “F-Slavery!” “We need to show the positive stuff of what is going on with our people now!” I hate to say with all due resepct to Calvin Broadus, although it’s vital we need to show our black folks all the positive stories, WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET WHAT GOT US HERE! EVEN if it’s lynchings, slavery, racism, sexism or many other isms that is indeed slavery related! Paritially in the mini series, there were some Africans that did captured the folks and put them on the ships. Bet folks didn’t see that.

Again: same slogan of complaint, “We are tired of slave movies!” Guess what I’m tired of? Let me count the ways.

  • I’m tired of folks whom look like me being the enemy.
  • I’m tired of black women at times saying that all black men at Sh…..You know I don’t use that word.
  • I’m tired of all the whining that most are getting out of Milwaukee because of the violence, but knowning that VIOLENCE IS EVERYWHERE!
  • And I’m definintely tired of the whining of those who keep voting up for the candidate of choice and complain!
  • I’m tired of folks especially telling black men to go to the Doctor! WE KNOW!
  • I’m tired of those who feel to have this “High School Attitude” that they think they are still fresh like high school. Won’t work honey!
  • I’m tired of the Extroverted folks ALWAYS getting on the case of the Introverted being quiet. And having to apologize for it.
  • I’m tired of white folks telling black folks to “get over it.” When the talk of slavery happens. WHY?
  • I’m tired of the almost 70% black women that are still single with a mean streak of saying there are no good black men.
  • I’m tired of folks telling black folks that we aren’t enough. WE ARE ENOUGH!
  • I’m tired of folks who pass up their lineage of history. Family History. Am I right black folks? We do it to ourselves sometimes!
  • I’m tired of companies passing up applicants whom got all the credentials the right way, then hired the young hot chick or dude with NO EXPERIENCE!
  • I’m tired of companies who don’t accept new talent but make it harder for those to apply!
  • I’m tired of companies that don’t retain as much for seasoned vets that wants to learn and become viable! Like learning new technology over 40 without being kicked off.
  • I’m tired of companies judging folks because of their credit reports!
  • I’m tired of these job developers telling folks “you better not come back here if you can’t find a job” like 2004. Remember that Milwaukee Urban League?!
  • I’m tired that single folks are getting the shock treatment of pressured being married.
  • I’m tired of the old school traditional folks, thinking that distance education doesn’t work. It worked for me!
  • I’m tired of looking at all the bad stats about Milwaukee on Facebook. Um, what is the solution?! I’ll wait!
  • I’m tired of folks who don’t vote.
  • I’m tired of Scott Walker and the republicans coming up with all these stupid laws to get us afraid.
  • I’m tired of companies that don’t hire, or train, or retain African-American workers.
  • I’m tired of the folks saying the chruch is full of hyprocrites. Have you checked your hangouts and jobs for hyprocrites? They got them too!
  • I’m tired of all these Carjackings in Milwaukee now. Everytime I hear about these stories, reminds me of my late cousin Adrian Drew being killed all over again!
  • I’m tired of these Animal Activists praising the memory of Harambe the Gorilla, but not the child that was not harmed.
  • I’m tired of all the talk and no bark!
  • I’m tired of all this stuff that single folks are lonely. We’re not!
  • I’m tired of phone numbers calling you and they are scamming your money!
  • I’m tired of folks whom should feel about looking at the movies that it’s all flashy.
  • I’m tired of all the mess that our schools/colleges are getting into.
  • I’m tired of all the mess that churches have to deal with. And I’m not talking about the what goes on the inside!
  • I’m tired of those who think that Black Lives Matter is a farce.
  • I’m tired of fake memes on social media that makes no sense. I went there!
  • I’m tired of all the mess that neighborhoods and cities that must deal with violence and break ins!
  • I’m tired what I can’t watch and read in my own home, but I’ll do it anyway.
  • I’m tired of collection agencies harrasing folks for money.
  • I’m tired of family members putting you down and thinking you’re sensitive!
  • And the lasting thing I’m tired of: no love for ourselves. Yeah I said it!

That is what I’m tired of!

Even the devil getting busy in our minds to corrupt our communites!

Shall I go on?

Like my mother used to say I’ll give you something to cry about! Many are tired of all the slave movies. But I’m tired too. Of something else. Learn that, Snoop fans.

Folks have been saying also: what about the movies before slavery? You all better get onboard. I’ll bet many have been saying that for a long time. Which is nothing new. And I’ll bet there is a director, or producer, or writer that is somewhat is getting ideas to write about someone from that era that was before slavery. So is this will make thousands happy? Or in this case, will this be satisfied? Or better yet will all those whom are VERY CONSCIOUS will finally put their MONEY where their mouths are to support?

I got five words for that: Put up or Shut up!

Got it?

Fa’ Shizzle!



Image representing NBC Universal as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

Check it, folks. Late night is being upgraded.

As usual in life, things change. Since the Winter Olympics on NBC is about to be in the books, Jimmy Fallon can come on 11:30pm eastern time and 10:30pm Central. Yes, I know I’m tripping but I’ll say it here: The Tonight Show has been upgraded. And I must say I’m impressed. A little history in which this was the first time in 42 years that the popular late night TV Show was ever filmed and recorded in New York. This is like you been out of the city for a long time, but it’s time to come home to your roots! Ain’t nothing wrong coming home, folks. Plus the studio according to Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams was the original studio that former Tonight Show Host Jack Paar once started. So yes, the Tonight Show has come home! I will say in it’s first week between Will Smith, the FLOTUS, Justin Timberlake, and even U2 performing on top of the rooftops of the GE building, that this new Tonight Show is not playing. I mean in sense they are doing different with the classic show. Now to our older fans and my older readers who loved the Tonight Show for years, I get it. It’s not Johnny Carson, nor Jay Leno, Steve Allen, Jack Paar, and certainly not Conan O’Brien (yeah I said it!) This Tonight Show is like a remix.  I was impressed with the openings sequences and music. If you haven’t researched, the scenes were done by of all people, Spike Lee. Yes, the same Spike Lee that had run ins with Tyler Perry and produced Malcolm X made those opening scenes. And as far as the music, love and respect The Roots. They are the first hip hop band EVER to be the official orchestra for the show. Talk about black history month! Learn it new fans. Respect the history and the tradition.

Also: I have to say the video clips of the show have been catching on.

Oh and the one featuring Brian Williams and Lester Holt (can they get a music deal?)

And yes for the smartphone folks, there is a Tonight Show app you can download and take part in.

Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plus on the flipside, we know already that Jimmy Fallon is facing the competition, like Dave Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and others. They are next to beat. But I must say that Arsenio should not be forgotten, nor overlooked. I know many have paid attention to the 9 mini screenshot that NBC showed about the competition in which NBC’s own Brian Williams displayed and commented. Plus we know Arsenio’s commentary about not being mentioned in the conversation! Now for those who say that Arsenio was being harsh on Brian Williams because of his ego and “what about me”  response? Shush. For some strange reason, I have to agree with Arsenio with this one. No, not because he’s black. If you going to mention with competing for the number 1 spot in late night, you have to know what you’re up against. This includes Arsenio whether those like it or not. Don’t forget, he’s the last guy that survived against the long streaking night life talk of the late Johnny Carson.

Oh, the apology, look for it in the playlist:

The Fans of the Dawg Pound had to flood the NBC Nightly News phones about not including Arsenio! They called and well, it worked. Power to the People. What all this is, it revolves around one word: Fairness. Gotta be fair. Even if it’s your competitive nature.

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Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata (Photo credit: benzado)

Congrats, SNL. You have responded.

Since the tail end of 2013, the show was facing scrutiny about not having a black female cast-mate in the last 6 or 7 years. We know Maya Rudolph. But that not all we know. I remember Ellen Cleghorne from the 90’s. But by the time this week comes to an end there will be two words of taking down the notes: Sasheer Zamata.

Oh, and for you notebook writers, as usual write this name down:

Sasheer Zamata.

Got it?

I’ll say it again – SASHEER ZAMATA.

That her name, and comedic stuff is the game.

Now for those who are well think that this is just a easy thing, it’s not. Like I said earlier, SNL has been a void in the last 7 years or so without a black female castmate. And yes, we all heard what Kenan Thompson about SNL not looking hard enough for searching for a black female to do sketch comedy every week on a Saturday Night. But I think that skit that Kerry Washington did really let a fire lit under neath the cushion of the SNL Board of Directors per say and to get with the program. Granted that yes, SNL in it’s 38 years on the air has to maintain a fresh perspective of the change in time and eras. Just to think, that this weekend of that happened on a MLK Holiday Weekend.

So many might say, oh I’m using Martin Luther King Jr in this? Really? In a word, yes. It’s all about equality. It’s about fairness. I mean is this an opportunity country? I’m just saying. And on the flip side, there were some bold radical like and revolutionary moves that got this started up for Sasheer to get this spot on a longest running comedy series since 1975. Plus also, there were 3 writers that were hired and they were all African-American. Oh, I know that In Living Color has not approached that mark. Matter of fact it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, ILC was a cool show. Men on Films in all!

Getting to the meat of all of this, I looked at the show and even though she was in a few skits, but to me she did pretty well. Even though, and black folks we know how we are when someone of our culture gets that one debut we tend to have this notion of like “Oh she should have more skits.” in a critical type fashion. And on that, I was reading some tweets on Twitter about that. Really?!!! One thing to remember that we can be our own worst enemy when things like this comes up! Remember Don’t Sleep on BET? Just a warning, African-Americans! Also remember, this is her first break.

So African-Americans: BE PATIENT! Sasheer’s time is here and let her new career grow not only with talent. But with a grace and gift that the Almighty has blessed her with. Not only that, give her a chance! If those feel she’s been “token”, really you don’t know what you’re talking about. And to the SNL, the cameras are on point!

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Addio a James Avery, per tutti noi "Zio Z...

Addio a James Avery, per tutti noi “Zio Zucchino” (video) (Photo credit: KoFahu meets the Mitropa)

Since popping the cork and having saying Happy New Year, America has lost of its best actors, James Avery. Yeah, he was a November Sagittarius that played Uncle Phil very well. And Sparks, and the voice of Shredder of the first cartoon of the Ninja Turtles.  So this first blog letter of the new year is a tribute, but also black folks, we need to talk.

Dear Us Fans of James Avery:

Its me Stephen, you know that black guy out of Milwaukee that blogs with the 9000 hits? Oh yeah, Happy New Year.

We recently lost of our best actors. One of the Black actors that got his due through film and TV. No question I’m talking about James Avery. Many of us who watched Fresh Prince in the 90’s remember his character very well. UNCLE PHIL!!! We know. He made that character very interesting not only in a uncle sense, but a fatherly type sense. James’ acting to me was that take charge and keep folks in line. He was great actor during that period. Before that, not to many know but does anyone remember the late 80’s version of Ninja Turtles cartoon? Not the ones that is out know, but the ones that came out like 1987, 1988 – ish? He was the voice of Shredder and trust me, I had no idea that a black man made that character SOLD!

Just like Earle Hyman who was the voice of Panthro and Mumm-Ra of the original Thundercats back in the mid 80’s. He sold that in his voice so well. Black man!  For those of us in a life game sense, James’ race ended at 65. He don’t have to worry about no more open heart surgeries or complications of it. No more illnesses or diseases or walking around in a cane or wheelchair. None of that. He is a saint that has gone home. And even though it’s been a couple of days, but I must say, you never know when the time comes. Every New Years, I play a song called Ups and Downs by Snoop Dogg. Its a Bee Gees Sample from Love You Inside Out, but I must say it’s a reminder song that yes in life, and every year, there will be ups and downs. Even in 2014, there might be and will be Ups and Downs in all forms.  But also in the song, Snoop reminds us that his grandfather used to always say: Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and you have to do bad in order to do good. In James’ life, he probably went through the same storm. But he did his job.

Now I have to comment something here: And this is for the black folks who chimed on Roland Martin’s Facebook page. You probably saw a picture of Daphne Maxwell Reid who played the  other Aunt Viv between 1993-1996. And still folks talk about Janet Hubert of her from the first season. Didn’t she and Will had a squabble about him not making it in the film game? But as I was looking at these comments, some of them were decent. But the rest, you’ve got to be kidding! Many of the so-called commentary were too worried about her looks instead of respecting the remembrance. Really?!!! We worry about pics from Skype about a person’s look of being puffy with sadness and this is best you can say?!!!

I thought I wouldn’t say this, but…….#BlackFolksPlease!

This actress just lost one of the best workers in her craft and they have to rant about looks! This ain’t about looks. When you get old, you get old. That’s life. Period. Yes, we can try to detox the body or exercise like hell, but hey age can be a shellacking reminder of us our bodies are changing. So get over your sensitive selves! Jeez! Is this supposed to start up the New Year or what? Those that don’t know what I’m talking about, go to Roland’s FB Page and scroll on the tabs. I’m serious. Some of these folks really need to get a life. Or Get their lives in check!

In closing, let the legacy of James Avery live forever. Let his work and life and values show that we can be a “Uncle Phil” of our lives.



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I was one of the many African-Americans who probably didn’t watch SNL in a while that did watch. And laughed.

Two words: Kerry Washington.

We know that in the past 39 years of Saturday Night Live, only 4 women of color had been apart of the skits part of the ongoing comedic series. No question there were black males ranging from Garrett Morris (aka Stan, Junior King), Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoh and many others that passed through. Now since Kerry was on the show as a host, SNL better wake up! I’m Just saying.

I think it was a huge content for SNL to have a well known Black Actress like Kerry Washington to jumpstart something that has been in the drought since Maya Rudolph left the show years back.

For those of us who well……missed the mark, take a look of a rundown of Kerry’s skits. By the way, can SNL bring in more black females to represent? Better to “Change the Culture.” Even if it’s a legendary show full of comics.


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Saturday Night Live. This is for them.

The legendary show that has been in the households since 1975, has always been a staple of comedy before going to church. “Well isn’t that special?” says the chruch lady played by Dana Carvey, who also revived his role as George H.W. Bush, and also along with Mike Myers with Wayne’s World. Oh don’t act like you know. And of course, the Adam Sandlers, Kevin Nealons, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Ana Gastyer  and many others have made the laughing folks presentable. Even the late John Belushi, and Wisconsin’s own Chris Farley ( the van down by the river) made folks laugh.

However for the black female side, in the recent events everyone is talking about what Kenan Thompson said about the lack of Black Females not being on SNL. Wanna review? Let’s see courtesy of TV Guide:

“I don’t know. We just haven’t done them. That’s what I’m saying. Maybe [Jay Pharaoh] will do it or something, but even he doesn’t really want to do it.” And he also comments this: “It’s just a tough part of the business. Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”

Speaking of Kenan Thompson, he and Kel Mitchell had black history made when they were the first African-American duo to headline their own show on Nickelodeon, “Kenan and Kel”. Don’t act like you know.

In the history of SNL: only 4 black females were featured on as regulars since the beginning. Who were they you asked? Everyone has mentioned Maya Rudolph (who is mixed)  so many times. Very true. HOWEVER there were many others: Remember Ellen Cleghorne? She was a regular and black on SNL back in the 90’s. Plus before her, Danitra Vance came on during the mid-80’s, and before her, research this name: Yvonne Hudson who was around in the early 80’s, five years after SNL made it’s debut, and then being fired during the show’s midseason timeframe.

But recently, on Roland Martin’s radio show, NewsOne Now, (yep his show is coming up!!!!) three black women of Loni Love, Sommore, and Kym Wheatley had addressed the issue plus also to take a swipe at Kenan Thompson of what he commented about black female comedians not being ready for SNL. They went in on him like crazy. And with real talk!  Here is the recap of the interview that you should have paid attention to:

NewsOne Now Audio Podcast 10:23:13: Breast Cancer’s Impact On Black Women, Wildin’ Out Wednesdays

Note: you may want to click the link and fast forward toward the Widlin’ out Wednesdays portion of the segment.

Partially for summations, they have mentioned that the actors (male actors) to dress as women per say, but the show couldn’t access the authentic black female talent. Roland Martin also addressed the comment of where is SNL is finding the talent. Plus also Sommore, addressed the comment that Kenan should have gone out of New York per say and actually scouted or screened potential black women who can make you laugh. Speaking of which, that to me has been lacking alot lately. Where do folks who work in Radio, Television, or any company go and find folks who would be a top notch candidate for their companies? ESPECIALLY black men and black women? Now I don’t mean to interject race into the angle BUT, it’s already in the conversation. Plus also that’s also like saying, where are the black folks at? It’s just like there aren’t enough black men or black females in Firefighting. It’s a fact folks. Look at Milwaukee.

Back during the Emmy Awards was going on, the names of Kerry Washington, Don Cheadle, Alfrie Woodward, were nominated for their lead roles of TV shows or specials, BUT NONE OF THEM received any Emmy Awards. Kerry Washington, in my view, even though Scandal was and is a new staple of evening drama series, but was robbed for that. Yes I said it! ROBBED. It happened to Diahnn Carroll when she was on Julia before I was born, and Phylicia Rashad when she was on The Cosby Show.  Again, it’s for leading roles!  But not enough to get the Emmy. Plus also I think and believe that Hollywood is afraid of black talent. When you see Scandal, or what Tyler Perry did that got him on the map, they are afraid. Even Kevin Hart! His “Let Me Explain” movie that came out this year, was a hit. And I’ll bet the Hollywood think machine was hiding in the background. Oh yes, black folks can act. And a few have won Emmys for supporting roles and Oscars.  This is way before Halle and Denzel got those lead Oscars in 2002.

Speaking of that, when will Milwaukee have it’s own black TV Station? Yeah I said it!

SNL better learn, y’all!  I don’t mind tuning in once in a while to see what’s up. But in regarding this issue, it’s more like a wake up call.

Take a look at this graph courtesy of Media Matters:


Not to get off topic on another subject, why the recent hate on Melissa Harris-Perry having more minorities on her show? When you do the demographics, which race of folks who are mostly on Sunday Mornings Talk Shows? That would be White men and yes, white women. Which is on the high end, but on a low end, Melissa Harris-Perry’s show get those connections in which none of the other shows wouldn’t touch. In a recent review on the Huffington Post it states:

Six of the seven shows analyzed…have hosted white men at a significantly higher rate than their 31 percent portion of the population. Melissa Harris-Perry provided the greatest diversity among guests, providing a much higher rate of white women and African-American guests than the other programs.

So it’s the diversity thing.  And folks are mad at that? And what does Melissa Harris-Perry’s mother had anything to do with this? I will admit this: I didn’t know that her mother was of Caucasian race. Which means MHP is really mixed. But she is mostly acquainted with her issues and concerns with African-Americans. Sort of like President Barack Obama filled out his Census Form in 2010 and the race section he chose was African-American. And many folks were mad. REALLY?! I had a friend in High School, who I still keep in contact with, is mixed. In middle school, he was around things that were mostly white per say, but when high school came, the angle changed for mostly black. Did that effected me? No. Mainly it was his preference. So I’m not biased nor concerned. He is my classmate from High School who had endured many temptations, and now is fully working for those that had been in his shoes.

Time to learn today, people!

Time to switch gears from the politcal front.

Preachers of LA has made a debut on the Oxygen Channel. One of those women’s channels by the way. And it has got mixed reviews in which it’s mostly negative but some positives. OK a little positives. Has anyone seen this?

Now I know that there are ministers who do the word behind the pulpit each Sunday in the sanctuary. And sometimes outside of the sanctuary. No doubt that the show has everyone talking. Including Bishop T.D. Jakes. The bishop made a comment about the show in which he downplayed the show. And yes it’s his opinion striaght from the Dallas News’ section of GuideLive.

Now I know you’ve been watching that junk on TV and I want to tell you right now, not one dime of what you’re sowing right now will buy my suit. I want you to know my car is paid for, I want you to know I got my house on my own,” said Bishop Jakes in his fiery Sunday message at his Potter’s House Church in Dallas. He then goes on to make clear where his money comes from, saying “I have sold enough books and produced enough movies I don’t need your offering to pay for this little slimy suit,” before stating, “I am not from L.A., I’m from Dallas.

Again: that is opinion. Many start to agree with him from his stance on the show. But there are those who are criticizing him for allowing to have Tyler Perry to have his hands on him during a prayer a couple of months ago. And that was sending shock-waves among those who are not church going folks. However, I’ve seen Pastors having the hands laid on them for prayer or support. And trust me, that was no different from what Bishop TD Jakes went through. Do I like the show? The jury is still out. Really the jury is still out for me based on what I’ve been reading and hearing about.

With the pastors themselves featured, even though they are ministers of their own churches, they go though humanly problems like everyone else. No matter if it’s family, friends, or other debates against other pastors. Even having the luxury of having mansions & cars. And showcasing them like it’s a prime joy. Oh trust me, I’ve seen and lived through that. And yes, I know that many feel like: Really? What about giving the word, than having all this stuff that mostly folks would just spend a long time working for in a matter of years. For those who wants to know, my pastor drives a truck. A F-150 with the Black Ops on the side. The last thing he said after buying the Truck was this: “Trust in the Lord!” He was being real about it.  Not bragging or boasting. Now what I did liked about the first segments of the pastors who became pastors, they were in some bad times previously, but like every other pastors before them, they made a way for ministry of changing them and for those who have been there and done it. Even bringing in Gangsters who have been on opposite sides and forging a new connection spiritually. Have many churches done this? Do a Google search.

What is on Preachers of LA is no different of what is out here away from the Camera and the Reality Show universe. It’s has been seen and read about. Not a question in sight. And yes, I’ve heard about the pastors doing the ministry and not living up to the hype in all . I get it. I seen that in my church. Trust me, I have.

Will it live up to the hype? Only time will tell.

I had to wake up to this. As many today are out working for the clock, and others like getting back to school, we’re supposed to talk about the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Right? Well that has still yet to be celebrated.

HOWEVER: This morning on my Facebook, and Twitter Feeds, there is an outcry about two words: Miley Cyrus. And the VMA’s straight out of the Burroughs of Brooklyn, New York. By the way the Barclays Center is new, which must check out for my future NY visit. Plus, this is my 18th year watching the VMA’s since 1995. Yeah, I’m old!

Now many have not yet watched the VMA’s, but I’m assuming those probably will in a sense. But after that twerking she did last night, they might want to go under the hood for review. Now for those who are shocked or surprised, let me ask: why are they surprised? I can hear Tony Bennett saying over and over again: “What did you expect, It’s MTV!” If you or those have been watching this show for a long time, YOU KNOW that historically, the VMA’s do this all the time. Or in another sense of sensibility, it’s been done before. Go back to the 80’s like when Madonna did Like A Virgin, or the 90’s, when Prince did Gett Off and had his back side butt cheeks showing. Or maybe when Brittany Spears had her “Madonna Moment” or dancing around the stage with the Yellow Boa! And to add: Lady Gaga. Oh trust me, what Miley Cyrus did last night, in my viewpoint was nothing new. I am saying this because it’s the truth. Now many probably said that well, Prince and Madonna VMA shows were slightly different in their heyday. Which is fine. And true of course. BUT Historically, in between in my view, with the VMA surprised or shock factor, it’s really nothing new. Those who think I maybe off guard, but know your VMA history! MTV has it on their website so feel free to search. Or google.

Well, I have to comment this in a sense like this: it’s nothing new. The VMA’s in my viewpoint were known for this. And still known for it. It’s not your grandparents or parents Grammy Award show about getting dressed up per say and perform. With the VMA’s when it was first unveiled until now, it’s about dressing down to the jeans and whatever and still get a Moonman. Or try to get a Moonman. Or a Video Vanguard Award. In speaking of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award: I have to comment and ask. What is the length of time that an artist should be eligible for a Vanguard Award? I beginning to question how Justin Timberlake got his. Don’t get me wrong, I got respect for Justin.  But I think he should get that in a couple of years more. And there is going to be another artist in my view will come along and top 2013. Or someone from 2013 might say can you top this. I don’t have to like it. Nor I’m not defending Miley Cyrus. Nor I’m not defending those who Twerk. Twerking is nothing new either. It reminds me of the 90’s with the Doo Doo Brown dances. Or the Tootsie Roll. (don’t act like you don’t know!) Or part of that goes back to African dancing. Some folks probably might say, “it’s just a dance”. Well you better know the history! Just like when Melissa Harris-Perry schooled most of America about the history of the Harlem Shake!  And alot of folks got mad! Probably those who say: It’s just a dance. Let the kids have their fun. Yeah, I want them to have their fun too. BUT: they need to know the history about the dance and how it got started. Just like black music. I think Twerking is in the same line as The Dog dance. For you black baby boomers, you need to school me about the The Dog dance. I’ve heard of it, but never seen it.

And additionally, how come is it when blacks invented a dance like twerking or anything that is “afrocentric”, there is always another ethnic that is well known, has to do the same technique and made like they invented? And try to sell it without the deep knowledge? We better learn today!

Now, I might get pushed to say this: as I said before, there will be someone who will watch this VMA’s from this year, and maybe in a few more years, a new or well known artist might pop up and try to beat out Miley Cyrus. Think I’m lying? Keep watching the VMA’s for the next 10 or 15 years. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! And I want someone from the future who is just reading the blog I wrote about this to say, oh I remember 2013. But this person just trump Miley Cyrus bad! And I’ll be back to comment and say, what did I tell you?! And yes the parents will be having those discussions and having really to say. Don’t do that Miley Dance! And I wonder what will the preachers say. Oh, never mind.

I’m surprised that no one ever said this: MILEY, NO!!!!!!

Coming this week. I’ll comment on my viewpoint of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. And trust me, no one will not stay on the sidelines!