Scratching my head all this time: many have asked for it.

Posted: October 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Have been away for a minute, due to family like related needs, but that is not going to stop me. I’ve been doing this for a while but it’s time for another of the scratching my head all this time thing, and trust me, I need to get back doing it. Plus those hard hitting questions will not be lightly seen or ignored.

How the hell are you going to “stay woke” and you abuse the word Hotep?

Has Aaron Rodgers really have been that off in the losses so far to Minnesota and Dallas?

Why many in the college football game are sleeping on the Wisconsin Badgers?

So everyone is taking knees after Colin Kaepernick’s stance. Anyone else?

Why is it that when the taking knees thing came about, there are those who are so SO full of patriotism that have all this hate?

Millenials and those of my Generation of X: WHY ARE YOU NOT PLANNING TO VOTE?  WAKE UP!!!

I’ll say this by the end of the year: Will you miss Obama?

Did Ohio State and Michigan cheated against Wisconsin?

I’ll call this out: Why didn’t UW-Stout’s 125th Anniversary didn’t include the Greater Milwaukee Area?

Is Halloween really that “Devil’s Holiday” that the overly hyped religious folks are still complaining about?

For those who like my blog (which is nice), why there are those still reading about Carl Zimmerman and Michael Hightower? That blog story (or my early blog stories that are best in all) DOES NOT carry the whole blog! Just asking in confidence.

If those who are late, why there at those who believe in conspiracy theories in thinking it’s real? Note to the Facebook folks.

Why is the Federal Government still on those whom are black, conscious, woke, and also that thing of telling the truth that will drive most Americans bonkers on Social Media?

I hear this a lot, if Milwaukee is considered being the most segregated city, then what does that say about America’s  DNA Racism Problem?

REALLY! Is Hillary Clinton really a problem, like Russ Feingold?

This is my question: Why hasn’t Donald Trump have been investigated like many had on Bill Cosby?

Will the Nintendo NX (now the Nintendo Switch) really be that reality that gamers really want?

Will the Old School Nintendo set be so cool again like the old days?

Hold up, I have to say this and it’s about the NFL. What is up when a player does the Bow and Arrow that gets a player penalized?

Plus about the NFL Throwback Unis: I get it why the teams of the football league honors the past, but do the dumbfounded, racist, brainless, non-historic observer and overly conscious fans have a problem with them? (i.e. Pittsburgh’s Bumblebee, Acme Packers, etc) Last I checked, the NFL IS NOT a fashion show on the field!

There has been a lot of talk about Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg commenting about Colin Kaepernick’s  knee and protest. Thinking its dumb. Oh, really?! Then explain about when President Obama’s viewpoint of the protest when he said that he’s expressing his constitutional right!

Will the Dallas Cowboys or the Minnesota Vikings get caught by slowing down and making a big mistake by not competing in the NFL Playoffs? Yes I am saying this, plus also they had their strides in the 90’s and 00’s.  Watch out Dak Prescott and Sam Bradford! and you the Cowboy/Vikings Nation!

Will many take heed about what President Obama said and actually have the folks whom lost black sons to violence in the streets, and those who have families that lost sons and daughters in uniform?

I have to ask this and it’s for all of you medics: What is it about the stipulation about those getting the “actual flu shot?” if those taking the “nasal flu shot?”

And for all those colonoscopy freaks: I’m approaching the age bracket where yes I have to get tested. Should I get the Virtual kind without the gas or the regular with the gas?

Is this a fact, should the Alumni back up their schools to invest in the community? Instead of liking posts on social media? Come on folks.

Does one story on a blog make up the whole story?

Is AT&T and DirecTV will infact score big with the deal of Internet TV?

What is it about Sheriff David Clarke and that stance of Pitchforks and Torches talk? 

And final question: who’s trick or treating for Halloween?










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