TBT: Retro Blogs from MySpace featuring New Thoughts – April 10th, 2007.

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Every now and then, I thought about the blogs I written in the past before “Stephen’s Spot” got started way back when. But I’m thinking about bringing in more Retro blogs that I writen when MySpace had Blogs. It’s been a minute, I’m about to go back. Way back when I wrote this:  One of them:  “It’s time for New Thoughts…..Again” from April 10th, 2007.

Hey folks, It’s time for some more new thoughts!!!!
New Thought: This is for the 19, 20+ year old ladies of MySpace:  Stop being fake</FONT>. I am so sick and tired of some chicks on myspace pretending to be near me. No you’re not! Like, Hello! I have not seen you in Milwaukee before! If you going to be real from your location, or where you’re from, &nbsp;put yourself on 1800USSearch or yellowbook. Ok your MySpace location is fine, but please be real!&nbsp; And take yourselves to church right now because some of you need Jesus!
New Thought: If you have more than one profile on MySpace, and you have the same pictures, and messages, “Hey..Just thought I would say whats up..I’m trying to figure out how to add music and video to my page.. I have NO CLUE lol…can u help? u got M-S-N or A-I-M? Add me on those, my info is on my page…I travel a lot and will be in ur area soon so hit me up on M-S-N or A-I-M..I’m just tryin to meet some new people 🙂 ur myspace page caught my eye… xoxox ” There is no reason to confuse the viewer about what you have on you, than against you. This goes for some chick or chicks named JuicyBella, HunnyBunzz, Sexxxie, BellaSexy, Jenny, Brandy, LilBrat, and Chickeee. Change your thoughts before the deep crap happens! – Could we say Patriot Act?
New Thought:Why is Nigeria scamming Americans? For years I heard over and over again that the country launders money to Americans to get a cut of “the deal”, and then the money goes nowhere! And why are they in Internet Cafes doing this? Folks, we don’t need Nigerian scams in America. Severe it at all costs! Protect your wallets, and your online profiles! This is also a thought for me to never visit there!

New Thought:  Keep Ald. Mike McGee, Jr in seclusion. I may not be one of the voters who decided to keep the Alderman in office, but I hope he, and his supporters got what he wanted, and not only that, he better be real this time. If he’s not, there are important four words to think about: Victory Offers Truthful Equality.
New Thought: Radio newscasters should stop using racial slurs. Don Imus upseted folks last week about his remarks about a female basketball team at Rutgers University. And said the “H word”. To add a stipulation for his two weeks from his show, have him to do community service, in the black community, in the central city by doing interviews of the poor. Hey, that firefighter in Waukesha, Wisconsin went through the same treatment. How’s he doing?

New Thought: I hate to say this but we need to stop complaing about Interracial Relationships. We are all God’s children. It’s a good thing that blacks and whites can come together in families in order to meet each other. Nothing wrong with that. And there’s nothing wrong accepting biracial children in your families either. If you oppose this “race mixing”, something is wrong with you.

New Thought:All Banks should stop passing out credit cards to college students. If you are a college student, or soon to be one again someday, and if you apply for a visa card, you think”jackpot!” You are also probably thinking, cool I can get some more cash! Free money for me! But, if you’re thinking about getting that “free money”, I got some words for you to share if you’re not working at a job: YOU WILL BE TRICKED!
New Thought:Since the holidays of the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day will come at a fever pitch more often, really there not just days off. Know what the real meaning is before your pitch out your barbecue grills, days of from work/school, and watching sports on your satellite or cable systems.

New Thought: For the parents, (I’m not one myself) if you are at home, or in the mall, or at Wal-Mart, don’t swear at your children. No one in the store or in your hood does not want to hear you scream expeltives just to “hurry up and go” or “put that **** down! And by the way, this goes for those who think that they can handle the pressure. Here are some solutions: Go back to parenting school, get saved by God, and come back happy folks.
New Thought: Milwaukee must stop complaing about the new transit system. For 16 years, the city has saved up $91.5 Million Dollars for the potential new light rail system, and some residents complain that the buses are better.No there not! You know for the city like Milwaukee is behind other cities of amping transit, it needs to “build it now”. I remember that same quote about Miller Park years ago and what was happening, oh that’s right to save the Brewers from leaving Milwaukee!

And finally new thought: When at a cemetery visiting your deceased family member(s) and you see another person&nbsp;driving over another loved ones grave, tell them it’s disrepectful. There is no fun in this. What did that person lying six feet under did to you? Absolutely Nothing! When you take the dirt nap, it could happen to you, but then again you wont know anyway.


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