Retro Blog: New Thoughts for the Second Weekend of Black Music Month – June 12th, 2010.

Posted: September 22, 2016 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Midwest African American Commentary, Milwaukee African American Commentary, Retro Blogs, Throwbacks, Wisconsin African American Commentary

TBT: Here is one of my Myspace blogs from 2010 around Black Music Month.

New Thought: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! After many many years, Johnnie Walkers in Downtown Milwaukee has closed. I want all those to take a look at my profile pic and notice the blue suit: That came from Milwaukee’s Johnnie Walkers.

New Thought: I smell blood. True Blood that is. Time to fire up the DVD Recorders and DVR’s for a were/vamp/human connection all summer long.

New Thought: Milwaukee, stop tripping about having different “Festivals”. We have Asian Moon Festival, African World Festival, Irish Fest, Festa Italiana, Mexican Fiesta, Arab Fest, Indian Summer, etc. If you were on Facebook, and commented about this and being Americans, look. If Milwaukee had an “American Fest” would that be happy? You can still be a full-blooded American while recognizing your heritage. What’s wrong with that?! And besides, Milwaukee is known for being “The City of Festivals”. Duh!

New Thought: If any Milwaukeean felt noise prone in the Air, complain to the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels crew. Matter of fact don’t complain, because this is what they do in order to protect the country. I didn’t hate on their practices.

New Thought: Cholesterol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always know your cholesterol number. Cause if you don’t, it might kill ya! Wanna go through it? Just take a simple blood test. Then exercise more. I’m telling you this because I had mine done, and well, have to start losing more weight.
New Thought: Enough with BP, BP, BP! I am so SICK of looking at the footage of the oil leak over and over again messing up the Gulf of Mexico. Just plug up the freaking hole already! And plus, if I were President Obama, about the statement of “whose A** to kick?” it would be BP’s. And the TeaBaggers, and the so-called Congressmen who stood behind George W. Bush for 8 years with an unfinished WTC Center, Hurricane Katrina and flew on a Air Craft Carrier with a banner in the background stating “Mission Accomplished”. That’s right I said it!

New Thought: Who the crap is “Amber Smith?!!!!!” And why is this “Amber Smith” want to chat with me on MySpace?

And in conlcusion, New Thought: I’m not a fan of Soccer but Go TEAM USA! I can’t the help the fact that oh, Stephen is a soccer fan? Frankly, I am not a fan of players kicking a ball from one goal to another, and having a announcer screaming GOOOOOALLLLLLLL! Nope not me. And I know that there are countless Americans like me in the country that don’t really care about the sport. Sort of like Hockey.

But for the U.S. Soccer Team, I haven’t really paid attention to them lately. I know this is a dumb question but are there any well-known blacks play for the U.S. Soccer Team? I’m not racist, but just a thought out well rounded question in asking. Just want to know. If there are black soccer players on the U.S. Team, I might take an interest. Just want to know who they are and what city they represent. You feel me?

Back around 2002, I didn’t know a lick about Vonetta Flowers, you know when she won the gold medal in Bobsledding? Every Black History Month I bring up her name because of not only who she was, but that one moment that has escalated in sports history by becoming the first African-American Woman to get a Gold Medal in the Winter Games. So no excuses about blacks can’t get the sport on frozen elements. The same can be said for Tiger Woods. In 1997, he made history by winning The Masters. And he was dubbed the first black to do this. And the same can be for Venus/Serena Williams that made tennis watchable.

So the irony of it is, it’s not me being like, Oh he’s full of it. NO! I just want to know in asking who are the BLACK soccer players, on the U.S. Team? Are they well known? That’s all.



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