June 2nd has come and gone. And it was for one important reason: National Gun Violence Awareness.

Many in the cities, towns, states, across America was indeed lit in Orange in the support the safety behind and in front of the fire arms. Including my home city of Milwaukee was also apart of the one day Orange Awareness. Now for awhile it was wearing orange around Halloween. Or Thanksgiving or any orange related event. But for this, and the craziness of social media, the orange thing with this awareness has caught on. It really began in Chicago, where Hadiya Pendelton was killed near President Obama’s Chicago Home. The color orange, was a favorite of hers, and her friends and family carried that in memory. This was in 2013.

But now, the idea of the awareness of Orange, has caught on. And the reason behind of all this, killings behind those whom have guns and got away, and being aware that Gun Violence is nothing to play with. Many cities in San Fransciso, New York, Minnesota, Chicago, and many others lit their landmarks. Even also, Milwaukee did this:

Yep that’s my voice in the video and the scene was at the Lakefront near the Milwaukee Art Museum, and Discovery World Museum. Does Milwaukee look good in Orange or what?

It was a great way to show solidarity.

However, there is always those gun freaks. Had to put up all the 2nd Amendment thing.

Man listen: for all you “gun freaks” who feel that your 2nd Amendments are being barraged with your hatred of Orange, you’re being naïve and missing the boat. This has nothing to do with controlling your guns or controlling the 2nd Amemdment.  You must think all the controlling hoopla is effect you shooting of your Desert Eagles, your AK’s or your hunting rifles. Oh, you had to make yourselves known for having Orange Guns on June 2nd to feel empowered. Actually it makes you feel weak! And I’ve look at the Instagram pics of some of you posing with your Glocks or Smiths and Wessons, and machine guns like you’re somebody. REALLY?!

Hear me out when I say this: THE ORANGE IS NOT TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS! Your 2nd Amendment Rights that you hold dear so bad, is not making you giving up your bullets! Give it a rest, already!

What I’m trying to say is, you’re not hearing from those who have been  killed by gunfire. I had a relative back in 2002 that was killed by guns and trust me, for the last 14 years this summer I wish he were still here with the family. But his life was cut short and due to his non existence ending at 21, he couldn’t vote more, have a job more and many others And you also are not hearing from the countless others of those who were younger, that were killed by guns on purpose by those whom that are not on your NRA or Glock Club List!

Milwaukee is no stranger when it comes to Gun Violence. Let me remind the “Sgt. Tackleberry Gun Freak Wanna Bes” who act as posers on Social Media: in 2015, Milwaukee had 145 homicides. Go research it. And most of that, was dealt with Gun Violence. Chicago had 468 murders at the end of 2015. Overall, 2015 was the year that Mass Shootings happened. Don’t act all innocent. And most of them are black. Even BLACK CHILDREN!

Look, I got gun owners in my family and I don’t tell them to put up their Guns and Ammo. But they darn know about the use of SAFETY! Isn’t that what the day is about? SAFETY! Yes you can be safe without flashing your glock in public. I wonder, if all you gun freaks were to flash that, and in a wrong part of town, your funeral. And your chambers would be failing.

I’ll bet you’re the same folks who had to go in on President Obama in stock piling your weapons that he might come in and get them. Oh, let’s see: It’s been about 8 years and he has NOT came for your guns at all. Plus since he’s a gun owner, doing skeet shooting at Camp David, he’s being responsible unlike many of those who pose like fools on Social Media.

So what this is for a lot of us, that there is a day that many of can be aware. And since it has came and went, I’ll go along and say this: The Struggle Continues!

As long as their concerns about gun violence, and with the sake of the children being caught in the crossfire, it’s up to everyone to make sure that we are NOT playing! As long as their concerns about gun violence, and with the sake of the children being caught in the crossfire, it’s up to everyone to make sure that we are NOT playing!



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