With the spring in full swing of the season, it’s time for another Three Way Dance: With  all the things I’ll talk about, two of the subjects will be Milwaukee related: the ongoing Leon’s Custard English Only debate, and this thing of the Milwaukee Flag. Plus a black employee at Home Depot got hated on all because the message: “America Was Never Great.” Time to boogie!

First Card: I’m sure in the country had heard or been to Milwaukee’s custard landmarks: Leon’s.

I’m sure many got the custards, the ice creams and a whole lot of stuff that many know. But most recently, as mostly everyone knows, Leon’s had been underfire due to their rule on “English Only”. Here is the thing: Leon’s is on Milwaukee’s South Side, in which that you will hear mostly is Spanish. Yep, you will hear spanglish over and over and yes, you will hear english. But the thing is, what made this legendary custard company, that is WELL KNOWN around Milwaukee, the Midwest, would go to a length to say, “Oh, you have to speak english here!” Techncially when you hear stuff like this, I would say that it’s insulting. No question that this is not just in Milwaukee. We know. Now, if this for those who think it’s most recent, it’s been happening for a long time. Part of this, and mostly it’s pure ignornce. Just admit it, Leon’s.

Now I’ve been to Milwaukee’s SouthSide and yes I’ve been to Leon’s once. Yep. One time. With me being Northside born, I’ve been to Kitts Frozen Custard near 74th and Capitol Drive, and also Copp’s on the far South Side. Yeah I know those places very well, as well as Culver’s. But however, this so-called ruling of English Only though, not cool for business. And the owner goes on TV and says his wife is Spanish, in all of this. REALLY!

When I go to the South Side, like Walmart on 27th, I hear folks not only speak english, but also spanish. I see English and Spanish words all over the store and I don’t hear all the so-call hate about everyone speaking english! Again, for Leon’s in my opinion, is not good for business. Now, the owner goes on camera and the media and says to the employees that help the customers out. What!! Oh now he wants to help the folks out. Ain’t that hypocritical! Will this lose customers? Already there are defections to another Ice Cream Restaurant that Leon’s had this mistake. Yep it happens.


Second Card: The on going Milwaukee Flag Saga.

America: This is what we Milwaukeeans are talking about somewhat changing up:


This is the current flag of the City of Milwaukee. Yes, this is Milwaukee’s City Flag and have been adopted since 1954. Now to the average folk, this is what we’re wasting our time on. A flag!

Historically, Milwaukeeans had made assumptions about having a new flag to display. Which goes all the way back to about the late 1800’s. Back then, there were designers that wanted to see a new flag to fly. Actually it was around Halloween in 1897 courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In it, there was a contest that had about 50 designs, and the winning design at the time was to receive $15.00 for the chosen project. That chosen project was awarded to at the time, to the late resident of John Amberg and his pick of the flag had “Steady Progress” printed on the front to symbolize the city at it’s reflection of it’s objective. That was his pick: “Steady Progress”.  Which was chosen in early 1898.

Speaking of the that: does Milwaukee need “Steady Progress” now? I’m not talking on a T-Shirt or a newer enhanced meaningful flag! I’m talking “Steady Progress” in everyday life! Even faced with Segregation, Fear, Unemployment, and any thing negative that Milwaukee currently harbors. Even also with all this messed up mentality of Carjackings, English Only strict rules, job developers making stupid comments and fearful remarks of making folks not coming back, and not even for the umteenth time (SPOILER ALERT) of not having an African World Festival AGAIN for the city!

If you agree with me, say “Steady Progress”!

This whole thing really started (in a 2016 way) that many had to go in on the flag as being horrible. And many words in a negative sense. Many in Milwaukee, even  that radio DJ/designer that started the “hot mess” arguement, probably didn’t know much about the flag’s history. But the daughter of the late alderman, Marian Steffan Koch, related to Alderman Fred Steffan commented the so-called “hot mess” comment:

“The symbols on the flag represented Milwaukee heritage,” she said in an email. “Yes, the flag is outdated. BUT … nobody has come up with a better design in the last 60 years, so I wouldn’t call the flag a ‘train wreck.'”

So those symbols on the Milwaukee flag represented the city’s heritage. Heritage of port, manufacturing, the good land, downtown, recreation, barley, and others. But did Roman Mars knew that? NOPE!

I’ll bet that he and many others, probably looked at the flag and made the remark of “Oh this flag sucks! What’s the purpose of this? Who made this crap?”

Folks, before you criticize all that hate about symbolism, know what it means, ok? Frankly, I don’t give a darn about this flag contest by June 14th, BUT if I were to design a flag for Milwaukee, it would actually mean something. Something like a past/present feel to it with the city’s seal or a well known symbol with the year 1846 on it. 1846 was the year that the city was founded. I say, keep the blue, have the seal of the city on the flag and have 1846 on the side.

But for historical reasons, I’m not touching it.


Third dance on the card: “America Was Never Great.”

I believe we’ve seen this: wp-1464027019571.jpg

Oh and the comments that went nuts. Folks on Facebook telling her to go back on a boat where she came from, and prompting her to be fired just because she had a hat on that says that message. Do they still have jobs? Hope not. And plus I’m deeply suprised that Home Depot stood up for the testamony as basis on that thing called the truth as mentioned above. Even to the still brainwashed minded of Fox News viewers. Yeah I said it!

I had to laugh at these “so-called” Patriots who shop at Home Depot and got all offended with a College Senior whom is about to graduate soon, whom works at Home Depot, get so pissed about her hat. What is up with black women and hats this year? We had Lalah Hathaway around Easter, wearing her late father’s Alpha Phi Alpha hat, and the Alphas went ballistic over her daddy’s hat. Divine Nine is that talk done?

Now we comeback to 22 year old Krystal Lake, whom is wearing the “America Was Never Great” hat, and the yahoo’s who somewhat love America mostly, had to call her out with death threats. ARE YOU CRAZY?! Over a hat! You guys whom are doing it are a joke! Ok, so the hat pissed you off but don’t know the real meaning behind the message. How sad.

Don’t like Home Depot all because of a Hat? You shouldn’t like them when your debit cards accounts got messed up when you made your transactions! Oh, don’t tell me you were crying about that.

Wait until I have to say about this more on the 4th of July. Plus also, the meaning behind the message, in my opinion that even though America had made some “GREAT” strides in it’s almost 240 years, and yes it made “GREAT” discoveries and also “GREAT” whatevers, but some of those underground stories of slavery, racism, can’t decide if folks want to be married in a “same sex” and or “interracial” type of thing, or being educated in the same schools, or attending the same church in a non-segregated or segregated hour, or many other things like killing unarmed black men or killing civil rights leaders who spoke the the truth, or preventing others to join clubs of fraternities or sororities due to skin color or humilitation, or making death threats over a HAT, guess what: NOT THAT GREAT! And you got a guy like Donald Trump running around with “Make America Great Again” things on his head and having folks being kicked out or mangeled. Man please! Like my former pastor used to say: sign of the end time.

So yes, America maybe labeled as “the land of opportunity” or “the greatest country on earth” in the eyes of many. But for some: The struggle continues! Even you hate Home Depot. Now I hear Lowe’s is open as well as Ace Hardware, and Menards. But if they pop up with some “America Ain’t Shiznit!” on their hats or buttons in a non-politicial plight, where you going to run next?







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