I’m sure that many in the country had already seen Barbershop: The Next Cut. Most of us had seen the first two since we were introduced to Calvin and Eddie. Plus Terri, Jimmy, JD, Dinka, and others. Plus yes Ricky and Issac. But on this third movie, the Barbershop is still on point. The most recent scenes of Chicago’s Violence issues hit home, and yes there is laughter. Plus the old beauty shop from the second Barbershop/BeautyShop is now one shop due to the recession. Even though the times have changed, the messages of lessons learned still ring true.

Now I’m not going to spoil the movie here. But I am going to say this: The lessons in the movie will be an examination of what we must learn from. From 48 hour cease fires to preventing our young black males going to gangs and squashing beefs of rivals.

My question is in all, is all the Barbershops especially the Black Barbershops are still the cornerstone or  staples of the Community?  And for the record I’ve had my haircuts in Black Barbershops, and still get them!

And yes in Black Barbershops, you will hear about jobs, health, entertainment, and if you’re lucky you might watch a flick. You ‘ll hear the old school, new school collaborating topics that everybody in the Black Community already knows.

But like the churches, community centers in all, in regarding this violence going around its time to take our streets back! Every Barbershop and Beauty Shop in America needs to take heed as an idea from the movie, to help out the violence that is plaguing our neighborhoods and especially our young folks.

We know the programs. But we need more!

“On a sidenote, Milwaukee is represented in the movie. Milwaukee natives (and Alums of John Marshall High School) George Tillman Jr  is one of the three producers of the movie, and Marcia Wright makes an appearance in the flick as well. So yes, Milwaukee Public Schools Alumni are at work!


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