Allow me to indulge you readers about the following word: Formation.

According to the dictionary, via, the word Formation means in two definitions of:

1) The action of forming or process of being formed.

2) A structure or arrangement of something.

Let’s take a look at last night’s Superbowl Halftime Show. Yeah, the one that had most of White America upset. And yes, some black folks seething upset. Oh yes, stay mad. Stay pissed. But still, stay up and don’t be mad about what is being said here. Beyonce did her thing with a couple of the lady dancers dressing up in a Black Panther-esque like value.

May I remind everyone: It’s still Black History Month.

The song Formation from Beyonce was like a unknown blast out of left field. No one saw it coming. Not even me. The video of Formation in which featured her daughter Blu Ivy, walking around with pride with two other spoke bravery and pride. Speaking of that, it reminded me of the pride talk in which my late grandmother telling  my sister to always at the time keep your head up and walk like a queen. My late grandfather one said that pick your head up and act like you’re so-and-so! So yes, me and my older sibling had that “black pride” talk since we were teens and kids! Learn that black folks of now!

Just to add, it also speaks to the added ongoing concerns of African-Americans that still face and linger today. Mostly with race, violence, and politics in a unapologetic sense. As I like to call it, NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY! NONE!

We all know what they are. But as a I was reading all those so-called comments about Beyonce’s performance, I get it, some didn’t like it. However, being that the wake up calls are in full effect: it did provided a message that many in the country and the world are still sleeping on. From the echos of Hurricane Katrina, the Police, and a black boy in a hoodie standing before the officers with their hands up.

For the live version which was at the Super Bowl: Beyonce’s jacket/performance was in symbolic for three reasons: homage to Michael Jackson, whom we all know gave that kick butt performance of a Super Bowl Halftime show back in 1993. And also this year of 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of the birth of the Original Black Panthers that started in the same bay area as Super Bowl 50. Via Oakland. Reference 1966 dwellers and haters. And when the dancers made the X on the field, it was in symbolic tribute to Malcolm X. All that right there, another added element of surprise for Black History Month 2016 in the 90th year of the February tradition. And likewise, the ears will bleed yet again everyday with enjoyment and lessons. And by the way, the outfits were also a semi-throwback to the 1960’s when there were black women then were in in “Formation” on a college Football field. Real Recognizes Real! Even for Beyoncé being southern born.

Well in this case, press play here. But be warned: this video does contain explicit lyrics so be advised.

Just to add also, there is a clean version here.

Well I hope those who actually viewed the footage didn’t get really offended. Ooops. I spoke to soon. There were those who got offended. Ever looked at the Eventbrite events online lately? The ones you can make tickets for the events of your choice. Well guess what? There is an ad out online about protesting Beyonce at the NFL Headquarters next Tuesday in NYC. This is so laughable!!!!!! Are you protesters really that serious?!! What did Beyonce did to you? Oh, the real question is why were any of you yahoos per say were watching Super Bowl 50 in the first place? Oh that’s right, you’re football fans. The same ones who you root for every Sunday per season after church right? The ones that YOU go to the bars after you hear the Sermons, right? Those of you who own the bars, clubs, and those who “supports” the so-called Blue Lives Matter folks, right? The ones you probably gave Obama hell all 7 years because he’s black, right? The ones who openly profess your past concerns in dealing and hanging and working with African-Americans in your neighborhoods or jobs, right? The ones who scream ALL LIVES MATTER, right? The ones who had to agree with the anti comments of Rudy Giuliani on Fox News, RIGHT? REALLY?! The ones who complain about staying in church all day and the clubs all night, right? The ones got the satellites and TV always perfected before the games come on with the homestay right? And to those fans who messed up Denver after the Broncos won, right?


Many of you have no idea what the message behind the music was really about. Many of you never probably to oversee the objective of what the music is telling about. And many of you will never understand why this style of messaging is still around in the first place!

Some of you probably in a sense are saying: SAY IT, SAY IT, SAY IT! I’m going to say it alright. And it will be unapologetic speaking in my own right. Pay attention and take notes! I’m about to slay this!

First, let’s get the whole Black Panthers thing straight once and for all: The Black Panther Movement was and is NOT carried nor connected to the KKK. Get it straight! I’m assuming that many of you heard of Afeni Shakur, you know the mother of Tupac? Guess what, Afeni is a former Black Panther Member herself. How do you think Pac got so radical in his words in Rap music? Hello! Another shocker, I was looking on Twitter and an well know funk artist of Nile Rodgers, you know from Chic, displayed a pic of him helping out the Black Panthers when he was 16 years old. And still, he’s one of the best artist that came out of the 70’s. HELLO!

Second, even though that the Black Panther Party had their “angles”, they also helped out those of the needy in the Black Communities way back when. Yes, even I as a black man had to admit it. They might have been crazy, but they had a heart to give back. So to the all of the former ORIGINAL Black Panthers that were misunderstood but helpful, thanks.

Third this song/video was more like of a rally support for the current Black Lives Matter Movement. Also a way to tell us black folks that we may have those black like Afros, Jackson 5 like noses or whatever, we are beautiful. What that taught me and reminds me that I don’t have to change a da*n thing! God made me like this, and I’ll accept that. That also reminds me what I heard in church, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Have some pride in our steps when we walk. For all those who keep dragging your feet on the ground, pick your feet up! Walk like you got some sense! Pick your heads up like you’re so-and-so as my late grandfather told me as a young man growing up in Milwaukee. You females, many of you walk like queens and act on it. Tell those to who don’t, do the same thing of having that pep in their steps. No matter if you’re Introverted or Extroverted, and BLACK you got this! With brains and yes brawn. Even in Black History Month and Beyond. No matter if you are a janitor or street sweeper, or a Business Executive, Mechanic, Owner, or a Entry Level Photographer or whatever, use that to be the best what-some-a-jigger thing there is. Even if you are a student.

And for the record, I celebrate “The Centerpiece” of Black History Month and reference the lessons learned of Black History always. I can be conscious with that. Just a heads up to the Black Conscious folks who read this blog. Go ahead and share it. Just saying. I don’t do one. Or the other. I combine the two elements to make it plain all the time. And also challenge ALL BLACK FOLKS no matter what you’re conscious meter happens to be, is to do the same. The gauntlet is already down, but will you pick it up? Just asking.

And fourth, don’t be surprised that many will use this in their confidence rally cries moreover. Yes, there aren’t that many songs now that are in the movement currently, but I’ll say here, put FORMATION in a 21st Century Radical Playlist. There have been playlists before that concerned with the importance of the Freedom Movements in the past, but this should take the cake.

Fifth, apparently there is someone who is not in formation, but is cool with it. I was reading Sports Illustrated’s The Cauldron column online and apparently, one caucasian female has openly admit something here, and the use of being on the sidelines cheering. Kate Forristall written an excellent column about the Halftime Show while working a photo shoot at the Super Bowl. One highlight of this commentary was this quote: Spot on.

It’s time for us to stop singing along — to Formation, to Kendrick Lamar’s Alright, to any song that has the N-word or celebrates blackness in a way we will never understand. Our ancestors signed away that right when they signed their names to contracts that said they owned human beings or signed tabs in restaurants that didn’t allow “colored people.”


That right there, is a start. This was the most highlighted quote on the article. If those whom are well, so All Lives Matter-ish or All of us need this to shield this and that actually say this, and to admit the truth, then we might get somewhere. In sense of listening. Understanding. And most of all acceptance. And this goes for black folks also.

Final thought: Remember when Michael Jackson had the song, “They Don’t Care About Us?” In which many labeled that song to be anti-this and anti-that? And many went hard against Michael all because back then, in 1995, he was hitting hard against racism and many other factors that we all still facing today! Was Michael telling the truth? Or just kidding?

So yes, it’s time to get in Formation, Black Men and Black Women. In various fronts. And also: FORWARD, MARCH!


“Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.” – Beyoncé








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