Call this, Introversion extra. And yes I’m still on this Introversion thing of purpose.

Now this may not sit well with all introverts, but I’m sitting here just highlighting the thought of fictional characters. The ones we watched in movies, or shows, or maybe even sports entertainment. Sometimes we as Introverts I think may not get all the glory respect in the beginning, but towards the end, it’s all about respect. For this I have dug up some clips from Youtube about three movie I assume that many have in their collection.

The first is from 1985 in titled “American Ninja”. Now this was way before the American Ninja Warrior thing that is on the rise now. It’s all about a new recruit whom seems to have this heroic like attitude in saving a General’s daughter. But in between he gets ridiculed by his own unit in playing the knight in shining armor. But it doesn’t stop there, a known corporal  that sees this “hero” and decides to fight the new private.

Now you see here, Private Joe Armstrong (played by Michael Dudikoff) is this introverted soldier who is in the cross-hairs, but the extroverted Corporal Curtis Jackson, in which the late Steve James was brilliant for. Towards the end of the fight or “brawl”,  Jackson becomes the humbled man as he was to accept the olive branch that Joe extends. This was their new friendship that was mixed with the Introverted inner personality of thinking and planning, meeting the Extroverted outward brawn of provoking and execution.



The second part of this is still silent related. Snake Eyes. We know, about GI Joe. We all know that Snake Eyes was this new Joe that didn’t really speak. But his work for the Joes was always on point. Of most of the Joes, you probably guessed that Snake Eyes was this Introverted Ninja that showed no emotion, no pain, but he really kicked butt against a Extroverted Storm Shadow. Their rivalry goes back to the origins in which the pre-adversary of Snake Eyes was just coming up in the ranks. But in one training showdown, it was Snake Eyes gaining the top of the class and respect of his teacher. We know how the story goes after that. Sometimes those who stick with the crew, and are “introverted” will indeed go for the cause.



The last of the “Introverted Characters” – we all know. This is a “introverted” character has been dominating the game of wresting for over 25 years, and yes I’m talking about The Undertaker. Now, OK why this?! Not about the wrestling skills from Chokeslams to Tombstone Piledrivers. Or the different ways of speaking. Or when the late William Moody (aka Paul Bearer) says his speech and then turns his head towards to the Deadman. But here’s the thing: Everytime we see the character, was walking slow, having The Funeral March music in the background, staying focused on the ring and defeating the opponent. Lastly we see the kneel down of thanks, and he exits the ring with the fist up after the thunderous sound the the background. What was cool about that, WE LIKED IT! I read the book, “Introvert Power” and there was a passage in the book about Introverts loving the dark. Or liking dark places. That is where I’m drawing this angle from. I know that many might not like the dark. But the symbolism of the dark, and a character of the dark comes into play.

What does all this mean? What does this have to do with Introversion? Even though these are characters and actors, but it does pale in comparison in real life angles. Me personally, I’ve been labeled strange, quiet, anti-social, or many others. But I still did my work. Employment related. Volunteer related. Or solo related like going to the movies 90% of the time on my own. Going to Wisconsin’s State Parks and Forests. And also, defending my character, past education of degrees and school activities, and also me being a black man in America. Being attacked physically, mentality, etc. No matter if they were BLACK OR WHITE! And I let them have it in letters and verbal communication. Like many of of you Introverts, I too had that, but as I got older, like many of you, I know what it is. It took my parents to realize that around the holidays after all this time of me being learn how to talk or speak and not acting so shy or quiet all the time to realize, that Introversion was and is a card that came in to play. And even though that the card is now in play, it’s time to deal.

So I guess that me being an Introvert isn’t that bad after all.  And yes, the quiet discussion of this power, will continue here. No matter who cares or not. This is not a state of an emergency. It’s an on going theme! Even though that the uprising of the introverts are happening, it’s about time. So Introverts use that power. That quiet power of faith in all what you do. Educate those that need to be educated, and educate ourselves! You just never know.





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