Time to breaking the clubbing shoes on, it’s the three way dance. And based on the tile of the subject, I’ll be like the DJ and get the music warmed up and just hit the beats. Meanwhile, GET ON THE FLOOR!

First on the card: Stacey Dash MUST RETIRE!

You probably heard all the shade that Stacey said this past week. All the shade about well, BET, Black History Month and her so-called viewpoints of segregation of OUR BLACK historical perspectives and networks. Oh really? Talk about Clueless from 1995. She is one of the epitomes of CLUELESS. As if! Well let’s review what this “Clueless” actress turned Fox Correspondent had to comment. Hold on to your hats:

I’m certain that many had to be like, “Really?” However Stacey isn’t the first nor the last person had try to call a cancellation of BET or Black History Month. There have  been countless others before that had that notion and the ending result, is the fact that they ALL FAILED. 11 years ago, Morgan Freeman, said on 60 Minutes that he doesn’t want a black history month, he wanted a “American History Month”. Oh, yeah there were those who agreed with him and failed. Adrienne Curry, America’s’ Next Top Model had stirred a fire storm and I was one of those who was well, fed up with commentary about her so-called ending of Black History Month or BET and she had to echo the words of Morgan Freeman saying the same thing. Then she talked about that it was not her intent to end TOTAL FAIL. But now we come once again, and this Clueless star has the nuts to say, oh we need to end BET and Black History Month to desegregate us per say. Check this, if she’s out to destroy Black History Month or BET or anything is black related, then ask me this, why was she was on various covers of Jet, King, and many other platforms that were indeed black related, on a BLACK NETWORK like BET? Plus, someone had to school her bad:

In the words of Walter Cronkite: And that’s the way it is!

See, this trips me about about folks, especially some black folks who go on these platforms and strike down on their own. They will get roasted. I don’t care how bright you are on a republican network like Fox News, you will get roasted. Well, Stacey has been on the list by those roasted, and it took another shooter like Roland Martin to floor it. When Roland had to go and google or dig up the ghosts of Stacey Dash’s Black Picture and Magazine Past, he brought the truth. Oh, he wasn’t the only one, her  cousin, Damon Dash (They Cousins?!) went on air to comment that his cousin to “stop cooning” for Fox News. Hello! Her ex-husband, called her out on Instragram about this same issue, also concerning their son! Whom is black! She is out here “throwing shade” per say about BET, Black Awards and all, but she’s been on the platform in movies and shows ON BLACK NETWORKS! Like AS IF?! She’s being paid to say those things. Is the bank account dried up?

Spoiler Alert for the haters: Black History Month turns 90 years old next month in February and there will be folks celebrating the accomplishment thus far of Black Culture from abolitionists to activism. From those whom can’t that could. From the Introverted to the Extroverted in all things in work, play and do. Speaking of that, in Black History Month, I will highlight some figures that I think stood out as Introverts that shook up the world. Be on the lookout for it. We know this is an everyday thing, but there are those who are literally clueless that need to brush up and their heads need to be examined! Yeah, we know about what we were taught in school, BUT what is being taught at home, church, community centers and mainly with the adults who are NOT teaching, nor reteaching? Somebody better say Amen! Another alert: The black networks of BET, TVOne, Aspire, Centric, Bounce, and many others will still continue whether we like it or not. And of course you can make your choices to watch or not. But remember why they were put there in the first place! Man, I had a church member who once recited a Marcus Garvey like poem called “Hey Black Child.” Don’t play me. I maybe as American as they come, but when it comes to my Afrocentric side of reference, I cannot NOR EVER overshadow that EVER! That goes for the white folks and black folks! Gotta Keep it 100, right?

Second Dance on the card: The Water issues in Flint Michigan.

I want to direct my attention to Flint Michigan. Yes, America is praying for you. We have heard and seen your concerns about your water issues, and as a Great Lakes Resident, I feel you. 23 years ago in Milwaukee, we had the almost same problem as you guys are going through. We had the Cryptosporidium Outbreak, or The Milwaukee Outbreak in which our water was poisoned in making us sick. We like you had to rely on water bottles, and plus we had to boil our water to keep it fresh without getting sick. It happened between March and April of 1993. I was a High School Sophomore when this happened. I don’t know what Gov. Snyder had tried to do to prevent this, but like Scott Walker, he’s not doing a good job. And also, for you guys, this was under the radar for two years?!! REALLY?!! If this was under the radar for 2 years, why wasn’t it reported back then? And what was the hold up for the decisions back then in order this is to prevent from happening? Oh yes, you are angry and had the right to be. Lake Michigan is our good resource and like many good resources it needs to be maintained in ship shape. Again, we were like this 23 years ago. So I get it.

So yes, Flint Michigan Residents, you probably need new upgrades to maintain the cleaning of your water supply. On the real: Get on your Governor’s case. Your mayor’s case and demand UPGRADES for your water supply. Conduct tests! All the time. This is a safety hazard that should not be on the necks all the time.

And on the final dance card: Yes, you can boycott oscars.

It seems that the Oscar buzz of African-Americans have been the norm every time. The last couple of years as we know, #OscarsSoWhite. Go ahead and say it. We know what  it is. Throughout history of the Oscars only 31 winners of the trophy have been African-American. From Hattie McDaniel to Octavia Spencer. And who can forget Three-6-Mafia winning a Oscar of “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” Even though the live performance was indeed edited. And who can forget last year “Glory” won for best song from a soundtrack via Selma. So far, not bad? Well not really satisfied. The now supposed tobe nominations of the Oscars of 2016 were about 49 represented, but none of them were black. NOT ONE! So now, from Whoopi to Jada no matter whom is in the middle, it’s still the same but upgraded talk of the town. We know it’s old news. But it’s also a reminder. Yes, I do know that the President of the Academy Awards is African-American. And the host of this year’s Oscars, is Chris Rock. Oh, boy. Yes, Chris Rock has been chosen to host this year’s Oscars, but there are those whom are suggesting that he should drop it out of protest. Or there are those whom are saying that he should continue to do it and bring the discussion to the platform in why some or many are making the mark not to attend. Will Smith made his declaration by stating that “Diversity is America’s Superpower.” But he also commented that it’s not living up to the hype. This hype of Hollywood shutting out the black folks of not getting oscar is as much to think that the New England Patriots may not make it to the Super Bowl. Again, it’s not just the assumption of thinking, but more of a reality that could be a fact coming.

So yeah, it’s an ongoing struggle. If I were one of those whom are looking at those should have been nominated, then yes I might have egg on my face. And begin to ask, what could I have done to nominate these talented actors and actresses? What could have I done to have this to be? And how? The mark has missed badly. And it’s not the first time. But next time, there should be more targets to hit than missed. And many are saying that it’s not just the statue. They are right. But it’s something that is bigger than the Oscar Gold Trophy. Way bigger. And that long conquering monster needs to be tamed. And tamed PROMPTLY!



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