I’m assuming that today in America, that the country celebrated another Dr. King Holiday. You do realize that it’s been 30 years since 1986 that the first Dr. King Holiday was even lifted off the ground. This wasn’t by highlight, it took a lot of dedicated unsung and well known folks that got this done, and it’s here once again.

This year I’ve done my own reflecting on why this day matters as much as every holiday matters on the calendar. First, we call throw out all the misconceptions of him being a Republican, or whatever. Second we call throw out all the misconceptions of him being a communist or some evil guy. Third, for those WHOM ARE NOT BLACK: can we PLEASE stop with the one liners from the speeches! The same ol’ you know what. And with that, can any of you go back and re-read the ENTIRE SPEECH of “I Have A Dream?” And also re-read all those other speeches that many of you probably didn’t read? Like Beyond Vietnam, Where Do We Go From Here? and many others? Dr. King wasn’t about the dream only. But there were many, many, many components that the speeches and words went along with action. Ooops, did I say “action?” And that goes for the extros and intros.

Many like today, we’ve reread about the speeches and how to re-give back to the communities. Which is fine. Now, if we are all about that TODAY, what about tomorrow? I know, we all go back to work and school. But in the middle of all of this, what can be done to continue to do the humanity thing while we are at the stores waiting for Straight Outta Compton on DVD? Yeah I said it! About getting the deals if your team didn’t make the playoffs. I’ll confess about the Packers later on. What about that app, that gadget, that dabbing stuff, Robin Jeans, or them shoes you peaking on Facebook, or matter of fact, worrying about the individual whom is always in the background not saying a word of hello, or being too loud and obnoxious? Or always trolling like stupid brat on Facebook about small stuff like bandwagon fan perps. I know I’m not the only guilt party that might do this. Let’s be real!

Ideas: Give back to your Alumni. Give back to your non-profits. Give back to voting drives. Give back to important causes of health, vision, dental, foods, shelter, church fundraisers, scholarships, and plus ANTI-Violence. Even Anti-Anything that is against race, creed, class, gender, religion, as we all know very, very, well. Even Anti – Black Lives that have always, currently and still will Matter. Yes, I just went there.

So what about it folks? Are we talking? Are we hashtaging? OR are we doing?

Speaking of the struggle: that still continues, I’m assuming that many have viewed this footage of this actress:


Yep. You heard it from Jada Pinkett Smith. Whom made a statement about not attending this year’s Oscars. For those who are somewhat against that: know this. It’s her right and prerogative  for not attending the show that usually don’t show moments that features more of the African-Americans not winning the Oscar Trophy. Now there has been this so-called “butt hurt” comments in which it she is saying this out of line, out of context and whole other stuff. Really? In the year of 2016? ON MLK DAY? Maybe the issue here is bigger than Jada. Bigger than Will. Bigger than Spike Lee. And bigger than the original Aunt Viv Janet Hubert explaining her liberties at Jada. Yeah, I heard what she said. Plus still have those bitter feelings about Will not becoming a star that he is now. Look, I’ve heard that commentary stuff since the second half of 1993! When there was a switch of actresses playing Aunt Viv.

What this really is, is nothing more of talented folks being passed up. Another reason why the NAACP Image Awards will be coming on. And like before, this will be featured of showing us, US as in Black folks being acknowledged. It’s been done before, like it’s not the first rodeo! Maybe if the execs per say actually watch the Image Awards, in which it will come out in Black History Month, per say, they probably won’t care. We know already that they won’t care about so and so who’s black and being this actor or actress or director or producer being recognized! We know! But what if they did, they might be like, “How did we miss this talent?” More on that later.

In conclusion, this is not to take away anyone’s ideas of Dr. King’s playbooks to actually say a speech. It’s more of actually ACT AND SERVE besides hearing and seeing I Have A Dream. Just to think that I’m 39 years old. The exact age that Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. I’ll repeat that again: 39. The exact age that Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. I’ll ask this on a fly:

How many 39 year olds TODAY that are active and leading (either from the front or the back) are in the struggle for civil rights?

How many 39 year olds today that are leading or supporting our communities in various areas?

How many 39 year olds today that are giving back to notable causes that can help empower those to be the best of  their ability no matter what they have in them?

How many 39 year olds TODAY Right now in the year of 2016 that are and will and not so maybe to take those to the polling places to vote, or to help those to register to vote at the polls? Come on now!

How many of my Brothers and Sisters in the Introvert Universe are 39 years old and making the difference that it’s fine to be introverts and using that gift as a voice and activism to say or comment that many of our extrovert brothers and sisters don’t see?

And also, how many of the 39 year olds today that are willing to pass generational stories of struggle and sacrifice to those of the 29 year olds, the 19 year old, or maybe a 9 year old that was given to them from 49, 59, 69, 0r 89 year olds? Whom mostly of the 50’s and 60’s and up still were alive when Dr. King was making moves?

We need this folks. No matter what you have in you.

So in conclusion again:  when this day of MLK is over. When all the recorded speeches have been stored. When the songs of Lift Every Voice and Sing and We Shall Overcome are sung for the last time today, when all the artwork or special art displays of King will be temporary stored until Black History Month, or any other Month: What’s next?

Indeed. We must continue to learn. The struggle continues!




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