I have to say that all this Introvert things have really opened up my eyes. And my mind. Again, I’m looking at the videos of those whom are Black Introverts and the thing is: I’m digging this notion of the Introverted Mindset via the personality. Yes, this is a real deal that I’m an introvert, and I know it’s boring and not that no one cares. But however it may care to those who are indeed introveted related individuals or groups.

But yes, like me, there are BLACK INTROVERTS. And for all of the BLACK INTROVERTS that are always being targeted for not talking, or being anti-social, or being not relaxing, always up in the mind and no action, well guess what: It’s not our fault. Maybe it’s our X or Y Chromosomes that we were born with that made up this way and it has realized that it’s something we have to accept. I don’t know. For you Extroverts that do the asking or targeting, hey now. Cut us a break. We’re not all on the communication levels like you.

Speaking of that: I have watched 3 videos that are black introverted related and I must say that they are all VERY VERY interesting:


Here is a second video that got me saying, yes! This was so spot on. Got me almost saying hallelujah in testimonies!


A male point of view of the Introversion:


And here is a bonus video clip that featured the “Rise of the Introverts” that was on CBS This Morning in 2012. Plus, a guy that I voted for twice is in a category of Introversion. Many will miss this introvert for real after this year is over:


Yes, the first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama was mentioned in this clip is apart of the introversion universe. I know it’s about  4 years ago, but after seeing this, is so refreshing.

As a summary of all of this, I’m glad that I’m seeing this up close. And with the truth. Even though it’s painful for some, but for many its realization that this Introverted or Introversion thing in anyone is so real. And a mention about jobs. Yes there are jobs that are “introverted related” in this extroverted society. Maybe I’ll look for one for my boosting my bank account! Just do a search of “Introvert Jobs” and you’ll get your answer. For some: here are the ideas that might be useful for Introvert Job Seekers.

So yes, we’re out here. Doing us living plus breathing. Plus thinking all the time.


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