So I literally came out of the cave and confess my cardinal sin of Introversion. Yes, I minus well give it up. No matter how I try. But it is what it is.

I have seen the videos on YouTube, from various Introvert Maniacs who have like me that went through all those questions of breaking out shells, to being “somewhat previously” anti-social, or the quiet same darn questions. Even excerpts from Susan Cain’s book of Quiet. Which I’ll start reading of course. Heard it’s a good book! Usually, I never question about those being loud. Maybe it’s that DNA  thing, I don’t know. Well, anyway. I know many won’t care about this subject, but I’ll ask this, what if you did care? What if you did care about those you pick on or nudge, or always call on or bug, about your son, daughter, fellow student or employee about their Introverted status? I didn’t say now, but IF?! Even if they are black introverted brothers and or sisters?

Even though parts of the introversion shell might be broken as many think, but its not completely shattered. “My shell” is not all the way broken, but has a dent in the armor. Or a chink.

That is the truth.There has been many talks about where we go and recharge after encountering the extroverted universe we call surroundings. We know what the are: the clubs, your stadiums, restaurants getaways, vacation, and so forth. Even jobs. But while in between in all of that, we Introverted folks do need to take a break and chill, reform our powers and try again for the next phase to be. Me on the other hand, I reform my charging powers per say, buy going to state forests in Wisconsin. Mostly, its Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee. Yes black folks do this. It’s been up since 2007 and still it’s a new gem that is along Milwaukee’s Lakeshore. When I go either in the Summer/Fall or Winter/Spring, I go to chill. Try to forget about of what was and focus. Plus it’s good for the health stuff. Also, I go to Havenwoods State Forest another State Park, and the same goes for Lakeshore.

Sometimes I have the music turned up to 11, no matter what is on my playlist, and just soak it in.  No matter if it’s Michael Jackson, or the now deceased David Bowie (rest in peace) or Janet, or whomever is on my playlist, that also charges up my ideas and thoughts. Oh yes, nothing is wrong by cranking up the tunes in a safe manner by using the MP3 or the CPU.  And yes, I usually go out. Not in the manner of speaking always. Usually I go and sit and listen. Plain and simple. And when a simple convo happens, it happens. And if it doesn’t it doesn’t. That’s how the world works, I guess.

So again, this is like the new old rediscovered but sometimes trying subject that needs to have that playing field like everyone else. We’re in the offices everyday. We’re looking for work, or most of us looking for work EVERYDAY! We try to get into the clubs, organizations, groups, and also form our own stuff EVERYDAY! Speaking of organizations, I realize that January again, is the month of the following organizations of the Divine 9: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Zeta Phi Beta, Delta Sigma Theta and also Phi Beta Sigma. Once again, Divine 9 Salute to all of them for the Founder’s Day Month. But I have a question: How many in this group or groups are in the Divine 9 (either Fraternity or Sorority) that are Introverts? Even though that there might be some external objectives of social service, but whom are doing the external side of things for the Divine 9 are Introverts? Real Introverts to the core. Not the fake side, but pure real Introverts, who was being talked about not being all social, or flanked like to get drawned up because they got picked on, or so on? No matter if they come from good families? Or good Churches? You know what I’m talking about! And this goes for those who are in other groups like Alumni Associations or Block Watch Groups? And others?

Again just asking.

We all like in my last blog I commented, have to continue to learn. And again for those who are “somewhat worried” about us Introverted Brothers and Sisters, whom are always in the hotseat to be randomly selected, yes you can pray for us. Even the black introverted brothers like me. Matter of fact, there needs to be a All Black Introvert Webpage somewhere. Can that happen?

But conversely, we’ll pray for you extroverts! That can be done in sound or silence. And in groups or in solitude.





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