Oh yes. There was one thing to take from the old year of 2015: Adult Coloring Books.

Yep you read right. Adult coloring books, are now the hottest and the best thing going today. Of course we grown folks have the experience of coloring overall. But in this era of smartphones, social media and many of the factors of technology there is nothing greater then bringing back and old school tool of creative imagination of a coloring book. Like many others, I too have decided to purchase to coloring books over the Christmas Holiday, and guess what? The talent spoke for itself. Already I have finished about 2 or 3 pages, and a couple of printouts that I found online that are very interesting to finish and view. Now there is no right way or wrong way to do this. All you have to do is pick out a picture from a book, or website to print out and just start coloring! Very simple right? Not too hard. Not too easy. But very very simple. In addition to this, yes there is an app for that. Try downloading an app called Colorfy. This app is so cool. Now there maybe a fee to pay for this in order to coloring the pictures of your choice, however it does have a a free option in order for you to pick a picture, and just simply color. Now to talk about what I’m saying, let me show you:


Oh and here’s another. A keyword from the Sagittarius dictionary:


And another in which that every American must do without any excuses!


So yes adults. Even though it’s been a long time, a real long time that us grown folks have been in. Many of us have been attacked because when we first colored our books or pages of being to sloppy or whatever. Guess what folks, those days are over! Those first grade teachers or preschool teachers that accused that act are long gone.

Use the coloring of now, grownfolks to get to a point that it can actually go!

Also use the coloring to relax. Especially for us who work those long hours, the pain, the hate, the misunderstanding in which they or some don’t get. The break up, and others. No matter your gender, background, economic status, activism or semi-activsm. Or no activism. Or because your power of womanism. Or because……you get the idea! Go ahead and color for the heck it!

Oh, get used to see more coloring pics on this blog. This is only a start.


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