For the first “my take” of 2016, I’m going to comment about a recent, more like an old recurring record in which to define Black folks in America: The term of African-American.

For many years and generations, we black folks have been called N*ggers, Negro, Black, and of course the now not very controversial “African-American.” Now for all of my conscious, and some what “Negropean” angle black folks out there, listen up: you may not like the term “African-American” but you in a sense, ARE AFRICAN-AMERICAN!

Yes, many of us had not set foot on African Soil. Many of us never will. And many of us are just thinking to get started. And some have already did. Even some of us moved to Africa and never came back to America. The reason why I’m putting this up, there has been this refusal from the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symone, Lark Voorheis (aka Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell) and many others who somewhat reject the notion of being African-American. But just being “American”. Oh really. Let the lynch pin of those hate the black folks come now.

Yes, we African-Americans do recognize mostly of our Ancestors being shackled, branded, enslaved, bought, sold, and yes soldout/betrayed to the highest bidder, but yes on the other hand we made it. But STILL have to go with the struggle on. It seems that the term African-American serves as a bad word. Yes, we are Americans, but also descendants of Africans that gone through the pain and sacrifice and bloodline that still lingers.

When I see those accursed comments on Facebook from black folks who somewhat agree with them, I can’t help the fact they are being well drawn into being like that. Of course, that yes, black folks don’t always agree with everything. I get it. But for this, it seems that with this issue of being “Human”, or “American” like everyone else is a on going curse. Or on-going shaming. Yeah I said it!  And the other folks who chimed in whom are not black, no matter what country they are from (Canada, and others) had to review and comment about their previous family members with a Scottish -French heritage and etc. Um….Ok. But; Here is my question: What does that have to do with those being African-American or as I used to say way back when, “labeling things that are African-American?”

Answer: NOTHING!

We know that the world has to be connected in a new ideal sense. But however sometime we fail to check ourselves that at all times. This includes us as black folks. Or African-Decent. I don’t care if you grew up in the Civil Rights Era, or the Black Lives Matter Generation, or when you had Black Power, or telling those it’s a Black Thang You wouldn’t understand. We need to recheck ourselves, PERIOD!

I don’t care if you know or don’t know how to step like a frat brother or a sorority sister, by the way: Divine 9 shoutout to the Kappas, Zetas, Sigmas, Deltas and the AKA for those who are celebrating the Founder’s Days in January! Or I don’t care if you don’t play basketball, DJ, don’t have a big posterior or rap, or sing like Beyonce or Kem. I don’t care if you are black and gay and go to a BLACK CHURCH who might accept you being you. Or dab. Or whatever. I don’t care about that! But at the end of the day, or week or month, some black child or black teen or a young black adult is looking at you. Or trying to take notes on you.

Me, I do get those instances not to be or act or use African-American, but guess what? I gotta to be real with myself. Even using African-Ameican in various ideas. So therefore, I refuse to sellout, or to give in. Yes, I can celebrate things “American”. BUT NEVER FORGET things that are my heritage of African-Decent.

So what’s the excuse, African-Americans? We need to let go of this hate, or shaming of us! That is one if the reasons that certain folks that we know are taking notes per say, wanting us to fail miserably! Sound familiar?

For this: enough!



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