Well, Happy New Year!

Welcome to the year of 2016. So this is the year that is the Sweet 16. Be all end all. So this is this year eh? I’ve been hearing that 2016 is gonna be that year! REALLY. Are we really gonna do this? No matter what? Ok. Not trying to throw shade in all. I often say that the New Year is a like a blank check. What are YOU gonna do with it? What are you going to file in a empty box marked “2016” when the year is over? Better get started now. And guess what, 2016 will make you “vote”,  “leap” and “go for the Gold”.

We know its that time of the year that I think of various highlights that I come to mind in all. So for this, I’m going to list “16 things” that I want to see and don’t want to see in this Leap Year, Election Year, and Olympic Year of 2016.

Here is a that traditional blog yet again. So let me bust out my Crystal Ball. Nah, I’ll use my brain!

First Four I want to see in THAT YEAR OF 2016:

1) Heard that 2016 is that year that more jobs and pay might go up. If that’s the case, I want to see MORE African-Americans especially who have long waited degrees sitting at the house and actually want to work!

2) 2016 is THAT Leap Year. What to do for February 29th? Since its on a Monday that should be extra pay day. Or day off day. Whatever it is make your Leap Day meaningful for the next four years.

3) 2016 is THAT Election Year. Be ready to vote. Can you see that? I don’t care who you vote for, just go vote! Be aware of the changes.

4) If #BlackLivesMatter in 2015 was  important, then THAT MOVEMENT will matter even more in 2016. I would like to see those more who had enough of the cops shooting up unarmed black males and females to increase the pace of getting justice for those of Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and many others who felt that their loved ones shouldn’t been gunned down, or chocked to death. Or being responsible of being hanged in a jail cell after being arrested.

Next Four I DON’T WANT To See:

5)  I don’t want anyone of the non-black race thinks that when anything is “all black this and that” is racist. Even if it is #AllBlackLivesMatter. Or #EveryBlackLifeMattters or #MyBlackLifeMatters. Or something like #MyBlackLifeReallyDoesMatter. Even if the Black History Month Celebration and founding 90 years in making in February!

6) I don’t want to see nor hear about those on Social Media whining about game requests. If you see the requests you don’t have to take it. No need to get mad at the folks to get a scene online! Even though that Facebook is handling their business for it.

7) I don’t want to see folks alike (especially black folks) getting mad about a news report getting passed up. Even if certain countries don’t get prayed up. ENOUGH!

8) I don’t want to hear all these ANTI-CHURCH folks saying that ALL churches is all about the money! B.S. I’m assuming that all those bars, clubs, venues are about money too. RIGHT?

Back to the things I want to see:

9) Use THAT YEAR OF 2016 to get more Alumni back in their schools and colleges to support!

10) USE THAT YEAR of 2016 to get better insurance for you, your families in order to be insured! Medical, Dental, Vision, no Co-Pays, etc! And that goes for the already insured!

11) USE THAT YEAR of 2016 to receive more accolades, and honors that YOU have worked for!

12) USE THAT YEAR of 2016 for donations that you always wanted to do!

And a mix of want and don’t want to see:

13) THIS MUST BE THE YEAR that Credit Checks must be officially abolished! No more B.S. on this subject! And that goes for the jobs applicants, or anything that is job related that can be discriminatory. Especially when it comes to blacks!

14) Want to see in 2016: Better Innovation of work. We already have the tools and talent to do it, but still.

15) Don’t want to see: No more watered down solutions of our black men and programs concerning violence, and race. If you aren’t helping or supporting the cause you proclaim to assist, then you’re hurting! Plain and simple.

Plus, if those you know who are planning a fuss of a Reunion or Gathering and staying that they are not going to come or they felt left out in a mean way, tell them either to don’t come, or to BUTT IN and speak up! AHEAD OF TIME! Don’t need no foolishness!

16) And the last thing on the list to see: More coloring for the grown folks! All the stores have them. With Coloring Pencils or pens or markers. Hang on your walls at home or work. Or have them gift wrapped. Folks, 2015 marked a comeback in which Coloring Books are now made for us grown folks (not children) who go though the motions of work, stress, some stupid social media post, or anything that harms our concentration channels like every day. So yes, make 2016 a part II when it comes to Adult Coloring Books!

Overall, let’s get it, folks!

Happy New Year!

Make it count.


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