Sagittarius folks:  STAND UP!

The Bow Arrow Shooting, Centaur Thinking, Thoroughbred Running Sagnation is still in the building. Now again this blog is all about the Sagittarius Army in full force. Not to disrespect the other zodiacs, but it’s the 9th house running the game, of course.

First, Happy Birthday to all of my Sagittarius Readers. Even if you have a day in November or December. Plus also, as of December 5th, it’s number 39 for me. Good news. But the bad news: It’s the end of my 30’s. Yes, it’s a confession that I have to accept.

Yes, I am at the age in which that Martin Luther King Jr, was assassinated at 39 years old in 1968. However as part of his age, he was active doing his thing and not sitting down on the sidelines that the parade is going by during the era of Civil Rights. Just a thought: How many 39 year olds TODAY are active in improving their communities? Just asking!

Now,  let’s talk more of December 5th. As usual yes, it’s the day I was born, but however, it’s also a day that one of the best Rock and Roll Artists was also born on that day: Little Richard. The real reason why rock and roll exists. There are other rockers and musicians like Keri Hilson and Michel’le also born on the 5th. Get this: my Birthday Rocks! Actually the “December 5th Rocks” moniker actually can mean anything. It can rock, it can roll, it can relax. Or whatever. The 5th Day of December is also a Day of Confidence. Yes, at times and most of the time, I am a confident guy in all what I do.

December 5th does rock. It rocks just as any other day on the calendar. And also I hope your Sagittarius Birthdays rocked or will rock in your own way of course until December 21st. It’s all about celebrating the life started. Cheesey as it is, but still it’s your day that God has chosen for you!

With all the shootings recently that wrecked our communities with turmoils and violence, and terrorism and black lives being shot and killed by the police, and all this “pre-political” drama about not letting Muslims in the building out of the words of Donald Trump, which was out of bounds, guess what: Still celebrate your birthdays. Celebrate your birthdays for those you missed so badly. Celebrate your day of joy, jovial, peace, with strangers whom probably have the same birthday as you do (ala Birthday Twins). Celebrate your born day, or your (excuse me young bloggers) naked day or birthday suit day in which that you can help another person that is going through the dumps! Tell them that it’s going to be alright. Celebrate for you in all what you do. Not to copy anyone else, but just do you!

So with that, I’m still rocking the 5th of December at 39. No question. And when the rocking is over for another year, I’ll get prepared for the next to begin the…..40’s.

Furthermore: Stay jovial, strong and confident with intelligence, Sagittarians!  Keep those bows and arrows on lock. All day and everyday!






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