It’s about that time again. Many of us Americans will be sitting around the TV with the games on (Go Packers!), folks will be finishing up with the cooking, and relatives and guests will come over for the food. Also phone calls, emails, and I think social media postings will pop up  with all the cooked food, and preps. No matter what happens on Thanksgiving yes, many will take the time to be thankful. Oh yeah, I started this blog thing portion on those old My Fox Milwaukee Blogs way back when, as many knows. Here on Stephen’s Spot, it doesn’t stop. By the way, this is one of my traditional blog posts I do each year.  So with this, it’s time to keep it simple to be thankful. Or just hashtag this: #BeThankful2015

If you have a church home, be thankful.

If you got insurance to go to the doctor, dentist or eye physician: Be thankful.

If you took in a movie with someone, or alone, be thankful you saw a movie.

If you haven’t found a doctor, still be thankful that you can still find one and get checked up for any other reason.

If you have a job that you really enjoy, be thankful.

If you prayed for someone or anyone, no matter what: BE THANKFUL!

If you have a Pastor that can lead your congregation to the best of the ability, be thankful.

If you support your Alumni Functions, be thankful.

If you got a TV, a Laptop, a Tablet or something to keep you occupied information wise, Be Thankful!

If you still support the core mission of Black Lives Matter, and I mean the core mission without all the BS that comes along under bad assumptions, yes, you can Be Thankful!

If you have a Caretaker mission of a loved one everyday while looking for work: Be Thankful.

If you are an activist that really supports the community right, and not just acting as one, still Be Thankful!

If you got your own business making cash on the side, Be Thankful!

If you are STILL SINGLE and no kids living your thing with all the bothersome BS of those thinking: BE THANKFUL!

If you are married with children, yes Be Thankful.

If you give honor to God and those around you, Be Thankful.

If you went to your class reunion this year or will attend a class reunion, even if it’s a milestone year, Be Thankful.

If you assisted with a Family Reunion, Be Thankful.

If you thanked a Veteran this year, with a green light bulb on your house, Be Thankful!

If you have someone in the Military now, that does the job in Uniform: Be Thankful.

If your car or truck still runs on good maintenance, Be Thankful.

If you are out looking for work everyday, Be Thankful.

If you still give back to your old Schools or Colleges, and you are on the Board of Directors for your Alumni, and you donate annually no matter what anyone says or thinks: BE THANKFUL!

If you still attend church every week, plus the days of choir rehearsal, giving needs, or bible study; while many condemn it as those who are about the money or the bishop or minister being called pulpit pimps, or the members being hypocritical of darn near everything, or “sister so and so” comes out with the dress on , or “brother man always in the back” doing God knows what, but you still do God’s work no matter what, and you stay around to help build up the church for the SOLE purpose of it: yes you need to Be Thankful!

If you have relatives that graduated this year and was part of the largest Graduating Classes or the surprising classes that had that one student that was the glue: Be Thankful!

If you have good neighbors that help out and know well: Be Thankful.

If you support black owned businesses and you support them RIGHT: Be Thankful.

If you take part in plays or concerts or alumni related events, Be Thankful.

If you have signed up to be a Election Inspector for 2016, Be Thankful. REALLY BE  THANKFUL!

If you voted or will vote in 2016 and in all Elections: Be Thankful.

If you like what I write here and one of the 16,000+ views that clicked on here and Tumblr, be thankful.

If you have a loved one that passed this year and it’s a different feeling of emptiness, and you’re at a point that it may not be a well oiled Thanksgiving Holiday, but it a point comes along and something new gets better and better for the survivors of the Family, yes you can “Be Thankful” for all of the memories that were, and the new memories to be.

If you still have goals or objectives: Be Thankful.

If you have Unsung Heroes and/or if you are an Unsung Hero, still Be Thankful!

If you have the day off from work on Thanksgiving and/or the day after: Be Thankful!

If you are reading this with your family and friends or on a break: Be Thankful!

If you still building for the future, Be Thankful!

And, if you are still here living and breathing: BE THANKFUL!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!




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