Three Way Dance Time: We all know how this goes by now. Before you actually do the Thanksgiving Trimmings, and Football, and Macy’s and many other Thanksgiving related, feel free to read up on these dances of me commenting about ISIS, Mali and the ongoing saga of getting justice for the late Dontre Hamilton. But like many other dances, there’s a twist.

First Dance on the card: ISIS is still in the convo.

It’s been about ISIS doing damage yet again. Not the in person, but also this group has a way of recruiting folks. If you have a Playstation at home somewhere in your kids’ rooms and if they have a chatting section in which they chat with their friends in all, you parents better check that. This was talked about on the news cycles. Part of this ISIS recruiting thing is through the wires. Even the likes of Social Media Groups. Which many of us know very well. Yeah, check those also. I had a former church member that said in a church sanctuary that ISIS is in America. How many “recruits” of ISIS were rounded up since the attack in the attempt to go join ISIS? How many? I’ll bet not much.

The reality of this: FEAR. When certain groups like ISIS or the KKK (yeah I said it) impose on the use of fear, it generated the thought of staying afraid. Staying afraid of this, needs to be conquered. Seriously! Already, the country of France laid the smackdown if you will on the areas in which ISIS had been doing the operating, and don’t expect the countries of Russia and of course the US to be included to get the nod also to assist the French to get to ISIS.

Second Dance: A black related news on Mali. 

While many of us were paying attention to France of what they were going through, an attack happened in the continent of Africa. Mali. And yes black folks it was spot on with the other networks like CNN, MSNBC and others. Why this you ask? We should know and not be surprised that this attack on the country would get our attention. Now folks, before we all go jumping through hoops like crazy, I need to ask this question:  Why do we care about Mali? I know many have cared about Paris. Why care about Mali? Why THE CARE about Mali? I’m not trying to mean in all, but when stuff like this happens it seems that many get together like real quick or in this case get mean and pissed on Social Media at certain groups or certain individuals that this happened and expressed all this boiling pissed off anger (yeah I said it) about news that matters to us being skipped over. Of course it’s making us angry, but we’re dealing with another tragedy, another country that many of us will probably never visit and yes, like many of us will forget about in the next two weeks and move forward to something else. Don’t tell me I’m wrong!  Of course we’ll go back to the normal routine about the Air Jordans, Iphones, that cool Facebook Page, Black Twitter starting a storm of intel and info, and many other black things we know and well and just forget about the incidents. Just to think that in the next 3 months, it will be Black History Month. Just wait. Yet again.

For news like this, and like Paris, it’s heartbreaking. It’s fear all over it. And yes many of us probably decked out our social media pics with the Red Black and Green assuming about the support. There I go again! If many of us are REALLY concerned about the Mali attacks as well as any attacks on the black race, and I’m saying to the black folks, what are we going to do about it?! Nevermind the other folks, what about us?!


And the final dance on the card: The Dontre Hamilton Saga ain’t over yet.

Last night at Red Arrow Park, many have gathered for the Milwaukee’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in which takes place before the holidays. Many have heard the Lincoln School for the Arts Choir sung the Christmas Carols in the opening acts for the ceremony. It was a well festive mood to the get spirits up. However like many others there were interruptions and concerns on those who kind of crashed the party in the same park. Well not much crashing but also want to have a reminder what happened last year in April of 2014. Now this is coming from protesters whom they remember DEEPLY that Dontre Hamilton was killed 14 times in the very same park where the Christmas Lighting had taken place. And of course it was led by Dontre’s Brother Nate, whom like he and many in his family is still hurting of the murder. Most of us know that now former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney was the one responsible of killing Dontre. In 2014, he was later fired from the force by Police Chief Ed Flynn, but in response it was a rally cry from the supporters of Manney to give him his job back. Manney got his job back doing desk duty until his resignation. Later on, the Feds were observing the case as well and concluded that Manney was not in the wrong of shooting Dontre Hamilton. Which caused more uproar from the Family unfairly. So now after 1 year since the shooting happened we see the same protesters or those in the spirit of those protesting came back to the same park and voiced their purpose and later on, hauled away in handcuffs. The group was called Coalition For Justice Now for all those in the conscious state of mind around Black Milwaukee and the Black NATION: Why was Nate Hamilton and those were hauled away in handcuffs? Permits. They have failed or didn’t show any permits to operate their protests on hand. That right there is like you’re not following the rules. Also another reason: Disturbance. Yep disturbance!

By now, the 6 members including Nate Hamilton were released on bail at 5:00am Friday Morning on November 20th. A statement from the Coalition was displayed on their Facebook Page in regarding the disturbances. Unapologetic, by the way. Plus they DID REALIZED that there were black students in the park when this happened.

Here my take on this: The family is still hurting. Period. They feel that the situation, the setting of Red Arrow Park, the investigations and overall substance was not correct nor fair! I will say that their act of protest should have been more viewed as better judgment of proper protocol. Sorry Coalition For Justice Fans and Members but that’s my point of view. That ball was dropped! However: their voices of protesting in general is a right. More importantly, the Family needs to review all of the red tape that has this on speed dial. So I’m looking at this on both sides. I feel sorry for the children who had to hear that. But then again when they grow up and see this footage in the next 20-30 years, they might be asking questions of why this Coalition group interrupted our singing. For the COJ, look cut the kids some slack! They didn’t hurt you all! But yes, when they get into that particular situation of being followed by the police or wrongfully accused, or having one of their members being buried because of the police, THEY WILL KNOW!

So in this conclusion, the struggle of Justice For Dontre Hamilton, still continues. No matter what season it is. Not just for Dontre, but anyone else in the country that had their black lives stripped or killed because of the hand of certain cops. We should know.

Do we?


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