I know many around the world are mourning the victims that are either being remembered and also those who are being treated with injuries. Once again, Paris France is on the spotlight with the acts of concerns with the hit of Terrorism in the country.

Yes folks, it’s the second time in almost 10 months that the city was a target. This attack was yet again all of ISIS’ fault that caused this stir. But the real question is: Why Paris AGAIN? I’m going to say it twice: Why, Paris AGAIN? Some say it’s an act of War according to the French President. Some say it’s once again an act of Religion that continues to harbor the triggers of these acts. Are the folks saying that ALL religion is behind this? Or just this act in theory? Don’t always assume that Religion overall is always the enemy. With me coming from a United Methodist Church Background that is under the Christianity umbrella, I don’t shove no hate down the throat against anyone. That would be like me using a holy oil on someone that doesn’t want it.

The attacks on Paris per say is like attacking those who didn’t deserve to be attacked. Yes, Americans. France is our oldest ally. After all, it was France that backed us in the Revolutionary War against Great Britain in making America it’s own country. Yes we know. They even backed the country in which 9/11 attacks happened. We know. And yes many here in America had to switch on our Social Media Profile pics with the French Flag Overlay in support of the Paris France Citizens that were affected of the recent attacks.

Now I want to say that having a Hashtag and turning your profile pic in supporting Paris is OK. To those questioning that in a negative manner, I guess you don’t have a clue. Many of the folks who have done this, either have a family member or members that are living in Paris, working in Paris, or even spending education time in Paris for their Universities or Colleges. What is the HATE against that? I’m on my Facebook news feeds yet again, and I had to peep at some attitudes about those supporting the Paris thing, and not supporting the communities, or Kenya. Speaking of Kenya, that is where Barack Obama’s Father is from as we all know. But however for Kenya, as many “so-called conscious” folks knows, they had an attack in which over 100 plus of the citizens had perished earlier THIS YEAR IN APRIL! Probably killed. And when word got out for that, OH HERE THEY COME! They had to bust out the commentary about, “Oh you care about Paris, but forgot about Kenya or Beirut, or folks just forgot about Mizzou’s problem of racism.” REALLY?! For all you so-called conscious folks on the social media, be aware that death does not take a holiday. And to quote Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, “There are no vacations for The Undertaker.” When you woke up this morning, no matter when you woke up about whatever time zone you wake up to, did anyone of us in America knew about Kenya’s problem? Nope! What about those in Paris that knew about Milwaukee’s problems. Does the Paris Community¬†know about our problems of Segregation, unemployment among black, health problems in all? HELL NO! This is just as bad facing terrorism as much as facing gang activity in the hood! Come on folks! And just to think, we’ve been here before. Think back to 9/11. That one morning that we all felt when those towers collapsed, and guess who was one of our supporters when the country was hit? France. What city in France? Paris. Yes, we know that Bush set it up in a sense that he knew those of a Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein that was on the sidelines cheering that we got sucker punched on that Tuesday Morning. The assassinations of MLK, JFK, RFK were bigger news back then that rocked the country to its core! And yes, my conscious black people, I know about 9/11/1801 when our black people were pictured with being hanged from a tree! I KNOW!!!!! All I had to do is to watch the pic on the most common Social Media Platform: Facebook.

CALLOUT: I have a question, where is the real story/references about 9/11/1801?!!!! I want footnotes, summaries, ACTUAL INFORMATION, and also real references that this actually happened. NO BS MEMES! NONE OF THAT! If those probably pulled that to just make folks read that on Social Media without any backup information, YOU HAVE FAILED! I’m not part of that young crowd readers without backup. I am a Seasoned Vet that wants the full detailed information! Challenges are being sent right now!

But on the support of Paris though. Yes there are those who are going to say, “You support a country that you see on TV but never support your own community.” Hmmmmm….I would like to agree with that, but partially I don’t. You never know that someone or anyone would support the Paris Community, and THEIR OWN at the same darn time! Just like the whole Trayvon Martin thing. But Americans, especially some black folks probably forgotten that what happened to Trayvon could happen in your community! The same with the killings in Beirut and Kenya, could be the same of some incident in the countryside where nothing happens. But could happen! I saw some pictures of those in Paris on Facebook that read: Black Lives Matter. Even supporting the I Can’t Breathe moniker. And this movement that some criticize about in this country, is being also talked about and supported in other countries like France.

Hell, there is racism in Europe. Anyone who felt that the #BLM movement is a farce? Watch it.

Finally, let me comment this. I’m not going to say it in French, but English.¬†To the citizens of Paris, France. We hear you. You’ve been hurt. Rattled with violence. Shaken with pain. And had to start thinking about those that you lost in ways of saying farewells. Importantly, it is with this I say that you must rise up. And you will indeed rise up. No matter what ISIS or any other group that deals with terrorism thinks! Be up on your game. We know how us Americans felt on 9/11 and other events of terrorism that harbored the country, and yet our communities. So yes, Paris. There are those in the country and well as other countries will stand with you in prayer. (Even some of you might not like it, but still!) And we hope you will pray for the communities in America that don’t get enough footage about a school racked with racism, or communities in the African Decent areas are being target by the police. High Unemployment among African-American Men and etc.

Paris, Beirut, Kenya, and all other countries or cities being harmed with this terrorism thing: It’s real now. The struggle continues!


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