So, there are those who hate Red Cups. What is the REAL argument?

Posted: November 11, 2015 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Christianity, Commentary by all means, Holiday, Mature Commentary
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I gotta say this. I know it’s Veterans Day, and by the way, shout out to the Vets that served. The real ones that really served. As always, your services to this nation is always blessed and appreciated. Many of us who say Thank you for your service is not saying it out of spite. It’s really out of respect. Even if we don’t agree with the rules of war or killing people. Or making that decision. BUT: I thank you regardless out of respect.

OK now on to the matter at hand:

This creepy red cup that some or many of the Christians are mad at. Really Christians?!!! You’re mad at a red cup. This one? Seriously?!!! From one Christian to another might be having their feelings hurt OVER A RED CUP from Starbucks, quit your whiny attitudes and shut up! What is up with the real deal with these red cups? Are you mad because YOUR designs didn’t get the cut? Come on y’all it’s just a freaking RED CUP! If you are so offended by a RED CUP, then why don’t you get a job and ACTUALLY design a cup that fits you?!

Matter of fact, why didn’t you whom are offended write to Starbucks personally and ask them to design a Red Cup differently? Oh, I’m sorry it’s too late. It’s been a bad day. Your bills are due. WOW! Your kids are about to ask those why questions. The colleges of Missouri and now Howard University are being targeted for Racism against black students, some Veterans are Homeless, families need food and clothing, you got fired, your credit score is not up to par for a job in discriminatory manner, ¬†your givings are way behind, and you’re mad at a RED CUP! Oh give me a break!

I’ll give those something to cry about. Literally!

For some of you Christians who hate this, you’re giving Christians like me a bad rap with this so-called hypocritical mindset of a drinking RED CUP! I bought a Red Flask from Starbucks years ago, and the flask had the (RED) symbol on it in support of World Aids Day in December. There was no fallout from that! Why? It was for a cause. This RED CUP that many of you are mad at, means nothing to be mad at!

Get it together folks. And mean to ask again: what is the real argument? Oh that’s right, the War On Christmas. The war on Jesus. The war on that time of the year when we have to tell the good news of John 3:16. The war on the greatest holiday of all time! And the war when either Santa, or our parents, or us, have to buy gifts for the kids and family. Yes, I think that is sinking in!


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