A Double Take before Halloween: Enough of the black faces crap (YET AGAIN) and what is up with the Iotas?

Posted: October 30, 2015 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Fraternity, Halloween, Holidays, Sorority
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I gotta get this in. BEFORE HALLOWEEN!

Now I know that many are gearing up for the costumes, the parties, the Haunted Hayrides, Dances, Trick-Or-Treating, or many other things that go bump in the night. Even listening to the songs of the Monster Mash or Thriller.

First take from the Crypt: Again: what is up with the black faces crap?

I know there is some goober in America that had to dress up in a black face acting if they are black. Oh wait, there are. Has anyone seen this mess on Facebook? In which a white dude a hoodie with Tea and Skittles plus acting if it’s Trayvon Martin. Are we on this BS again?! For all of those who think that this cool or to do the mimics, it’s all about poking fun at those who lost their lives for no reason because they looked suspcious! That’s how I see it. Oh they might bust out by saying that “It’s just Halloween!”. But you’re making fun of someone who lost their son!

It’s been like before, I know. But seriously, why is the black race always the punching bag when stuff like this ALWAYS happens?

There are going to be those yet again who don’t understand. And those who might say the “I have black friends” speech. If you really have black friends who might be offended, would you care? To those who like this. On Facebook, I saw a pic that displayed this and I want to show it here. Actually it’s from a video clip from youtube called “Cultures are not Costumes!”

And after reading about this whole thing, it’s becoming very apparent that the look-a-likes are just that: Wannabes. And the thing is it perpetuates that fabiric that is taking place now when it comes to the preverbial sensitive misunderstanding about one’s culture. Many are probably offended because they can relate to something that is really personal. Of course it is! We see it EVERYDAY! Not the usual every Halloween Season. I know that Halloween is all about the fun. About the Imaginary. About embracing the side of your haunting displays. About the Jack-O-Lanterns, the Draculas, The Bride of Frankensteins, The Wolfmans, the Gargoyles, The Skulls, The Haunted Houses, The Monster Mash, The Costume parties without feelings, The Simpsons doing their traditional Halloween Shows, the Michael Jackson repeats of Thriller, the Movies of Jason, Freddy, The Crow, Blade, Jonah Hex, and yes the time that Martin got scared crappless in 1992. We know that Halloween is all about the imaginary. Even getting Halloween Greeting cards. Speaking of that, where’s my Halloween Cards, darn it?!!!!!!

Now, to all those who are so, so religious: those who are so Holy that this is a sinful day to celebrate: it’s all in your head. I’m a Christian and yes, I do get in the fun of Halloween while doing the work of God in my community. But that’s another story to read on the grave vault. For you Blackface morons who just love to stick to the face of adversity, you really are hurting! How would the black folks feel if they went whiteface? Hmmmmm…………something to think about.

The second take from the crypt: What is or was up with the Iotas? Also known as the the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity?

Now I’m kinding of late on the scene, but there was a video that was displayed in which their Alpha Chapter was featured in which they have a comment for all those in the Divine 9 that made fun, or made jokes about them, in which they don’t exist. But after reading the comments and the summary of the story, it clearly states, or my inference that the Iota’s had to make noise. Not bad noise coming from them. But the noise in which the other guys had all those comments and those name calling things like “Iota who?” Or all the butt jokes about being the UPS Guys in their traditional Brown and Gold colors.

And by the way, I’m in no means of defending this Fraternity. You might want to “webcache” the site via google for this one.

OK. So many feel that the Iotas, the 1963 Formed Iota Phi Theta was on the hyper sensitive feelings that took stabs at the Alphas, the Ques, or others that given them the hot seat. BIG DEAL! Is that breaking news now?

Can I ask this question: Did any of you, in the Alphas, Phi Beta Sigmas, Omegas, or Kappas, ever met an Iota in your life? Be honest!

Or let me ask these “horrifying” questions:

  • Have any of you in the divine 9 ever invited any Iota member to your Fraternity/Sorority functions?
  • Have any of you went to school with an Iota Phi Theta Member? I’m not just talking about college!
  • Do any of you go to church with an Iota Phi Theta Member?
  • If the Divine 9 is supposed to be about the movement and to uplift and support each other, why always chewing them out?
  • Have any of you competed in a stepping competition to an Iota? AND LOST?!
  • Have any of you worked or work with someone who is an Iota Phi Theta Member? Either on the job, volunteer projects?
  • Are any of you related to a member of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity? BE HONEST!
  • Have any of you went to an Iota event. ever? If so, when?
  • Has anyone from the Iotas invited you to their events, meetings of community, or any other gathering?
  • I know some probably have asked about their building traditions. Have you really gone to their website and to read about it? Oh, and I’m sure you have a book by Lawrence Ross that details all of the Divine 9 groups! Yeah, that book. DUH!

Some of you need to get on board. Like TODAY!

I know that many are probably have said or had said that you got all these groups out here making jokes about who could go the hardest or those being left out of the parties, but yet you still got innocent black men, young black males and females going through unemployment, not being able to get checked, not being able to vote, can’t afford a home due to discrimination, and many other factors of concerns. Even being dragged out of a school desk by a deputy. And oh, you crack jokes about a fraternity that had been the butt jokes because they were founded in the 1960’s. Speaking of that, you do realize that next year, in 2016, it will mark 20 years since the Iotas were added to the NPHC? That should mean something. But to many of you, it probably won’t.

You guys talk about “Iota Who?”. What about “Alpha What?”, or “Kappa When?”, “Omega Why?” or “Phi Beta Sigma Where?” Uh-huh! Lecture that!

For you: the Iota Phi Theta: I know you’ve been on the receiving end of the jokes that floored you for so long. But it’s time to stand up. I’m not talking about beating up the Alphas, or the Sigmas or the Omegas or Kappas in a Street Fight. You guys have to stand up and let these folks know that yeah “so what we were the last to come”. But you’re still here!  52+ years strong like the centaur you guys are!

You are not dead yet! You still have to push the envelope. You still have to raise the bar!

That’s right I said it!

It needed to be said!

Maybe this video of yours that got taken down was probably a way to let those know…..they had it coming! It was a matter of time for it. Nevermind the so-called butt jokes. Because like any other groups, or Fraternities, or even Sororities, there is always someone that has to act a freaking fool. And some of YOU frats or soros know it!

Get it together, folks.


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