A Blog Letter To: The Fans of Back To The Future, and those who like Technology so, so, well.

Posted: October 21, 2015 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Commentary by all means, Editorial, Entertainment, Movies, Sci-Fi
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Well It’s here.

The day is here.

October 21st, 2015.

The actual day in a fictional sense that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went from 1985 to 2015. For you younger folks who probably weren’t around in 1985, we’re talking about Back To the Future II, the movie that had came out in 1989 that was set between 1985 and 2015. What was the main feature of this Sci-Fi flick was not just the infamous Delorian that was the instant time machine, but it was also the futuristic look in which what would the world be like in the year of 2015. Many of the things and technological stuff that was imagined in 2015, we’ve come full circle so far. Even with a black man in The White House. So with that, I happen write this blog letter.

Dear Fans of Back To The Future, and those who like Technology so, so well:

It’s me Stephen, a Black Blogger from Milwaukee, and a fan when it comes to technology.

Well, we made it!

We have MADE IT!!! We made to October 21st, 2015!

So……….what really happens now?

In the last 30 plus years, there has been so much advancement in when it comes to the inventions, and creators of technological advances. We’ve seen the advancement of Cell Phones, Transportation, Communication, Voicemail, Social Media, Household Appliances, and many others. We’ve seen the forms of Communication and others get a boost or a shot of inventions to get us going to connect with the world. And oh, yes, even if it involves 3D movies like Jaws. Well may not like Jaws.

The second sequel that many of us got us all futuristic heaven, is really on the game plan. So what actually worked and didn’t work? What was the real deal and what was so, well imaginary?

  • Hover Boards are still in progress of ideas, but still maybe a reality. Except for Swag-ways that are coming up.
  • Delorians are still around with the sway bars. But now, self driving cars.
  • Drones are in the house.  From news to the average consumers that might not get arrested.
  • Video Phone Communications on Flatscreens, Skype and Facetime. Even Video Conferencing. Speaking of that, I experienced that in 1995! And picked it up in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005!
  • Fingerprint Scanning for smartphones, medical, and other ID’s.
  • Foods that are made small, that could be cooked to feed about 10 people happened.
  • As far as the Cubs finally winning the World Series against the Miami………that’s remain to be seen.
  • The clothes like the Nike shoes is still in progress but the lacing part, remains to be seeing.
  • Remember when the characters were talking through the sunglasses? Google glass made that happen…..sort of.
  • A scene where the decedent of the Hill Valley Mayor, makes the cars of then, customizing them to more relevant cars that can fly. However, customizing cars are still around.
  • The Antiques in the store that had the old Apple Macintosh is now considered a throwback.
  • There are some restaurants that have a 80’s feel to it. Per say.
  • And a host of others that yet to be determined. Even if us Americans have to wait until 2045 for the 60th Anniversary of the movie.

Yes, we have came a long way, with all the techs. But like any other day, when the day is over, we’ll go back being the same of’ society in which for those feel that humanity is on the improvement. Even thought that this day is still on the fun side of remembering the thoughts of a future, but we presently have to realize that our progress of working on a future is presently in tact. So yes, we have a future to work on.  Not just the flying cars, or soon to be hover boards, or soon to be teams that finally catches the big championships. But the work of getting things straight still lingers. That is a future is worth fighting for!

So be blessed on this #BackToTheFuture Day. Who knows, maybe the next future project or future this or that, will be much greater to travel!




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