This is not a good start to the month of October.

For this, I know it’s the beginning of seeing the Halloween Decorations outside the houses full of ghosts and goblins. Maybe devils, and witches and black cats. Even someone like werewolves. Or Headless Horsemen. Or technically dressing up in pink or purple in which the month of October is Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness.

But as the month was about to begin, ANOTHER COLLEGE SHOOTING! This time in the state of Oregon in an area of Douglas County in a college of Umpqua Community College. And by now, it’s all because of wasting out or shooting up those whom believe in God in three persons. Or those whom happen to be Christians. Now, there were 9 folks in that college were shot ALL BECAUSE of their beliefs in Christianity. I know that It’s not one of the countries where that act of violence takes place. We know the countries and regions. But with all of this started with a question about someone’s religious practice and the shooter who was asking that, said in a comment that “you all are going to meet God real quick.” Then as we know: gun shots rang out. Killing the students and one Administrator on a college campus! REALLY!

Just because they are Christians?!

And the dude that killed them, turned the weapons on himself and he died before surrendering to the authorities. Stop me if you heard this one before in a similar fashion. The dude that did the damage, was probably one of those students, who was “shy”, didn’t have any friends, had trouble to be social, didn’t have a girlfriend, or probably grew up in a family that was sheltered. Or whatever enviroment he grew up in, there is no way in hell dudes like him didn’t deserve to shoot up those folks in a freaking college all because of their religious preference of Christians.

CALLOUT: So now folks who ask are Christians get killed on American soil ? REALLY?!!!!

And for the record: #YesImAChristian. Under the umbrella of the United Methodist Church. For 25 years as a confirmed member. And I don’t use that as a weapon against those to drive down the throats. But I use my actions of service to create that positive motive. Want to know, ask me! And plus, I’m not one of those who use the hypocritical mindset on darn near everything!!!!!!!!! I don’t!

CALLOUT: Take notes non-Christians and former goers. Be warned, I see non-church going folks act fools as well! By the way, I will go in on my next about this same subject!

And don’t come at me on any platform (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) like “oh they deserved to die like that.” REALLY?!! Similar to the Emanuel AME Church Shooting, we didn’t know their names! We didn’t know what they liked and disliked. Their favorite ball teams, or workplaces, or what they want to do when leaving college or promotions. WE DON’T KNOW SQUAT!

President Obama boastfully and frustrate fully commented about the mass shootings. Say what you want about Obama. And don’t come out about him and Chicago. This story is not about Chicago! This is about a community college in freaking Oregon. The same Oregon that had one guy shooting up a theater in Portland during a Batman Movie. Wanna go there? Check the books from 2012. And according to the President, this is like the 15th mass shooting this year alone! And still the debate of Gun Control in the hands of those who got this mental illness really needs to be examined promptly!

As far as him talking about our thoughts and prayers are not enough. I’ll go on a limb here: he’s got a point. Now he didn’t say that prayers don’t work. He said that it’s not enough. Long time ago, one of my deceased church members once said in church that “when are we are going to get up off our knees and start doing something?” This was about over 10 years ago. And yes there are those like to see or comment responses of prayers on a receipt of paper that it actually worked. Like, really? Are we really going there like in 2015? Seriously that’s like asking about if you really worked 15 hours in one day for a school. Oh, and show me the proof! I said years ago, on the Spot Blog here, that some prayers can’t be scripted. They can’t. The prayers that I go though can’t be scripted because they deserve not to be written on paper all to see. And I also said that you will never see them on Facebook or anywhere else in the Social Media Atmosphere! Nope. Don’t think so.

And yes, in the coming days, President Obama will go to Oregon to pay respects. And many or some will not like the idea. Too bad antagonists! Then after he leaves Oregon, and goes back to Washington to do work, and someone with mental illness will have a firearm or several weapons to use to kill, HERE WE GO AGAIN! And we’ll be asking the questions like, what is going to take to get it straight about those with guns and mental illness per say to get this studied and tapped into real discussions?

Frankly, I don’t care what side of the aisle anyone is on. I don’t if you are FOR the Guns or AGAINST the guns. But knowing this, accountability is so needed when going to the issues of guns! Even if the issue of guns is on the campus of schools and colleges in this country!


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