America: if I or anyone in Wisconsin had to warn you, I did.

I’m sure by now that many of you had to read the huge news that the Govenor who liked to brag on 250,000 private sector jobs, slashing funds for Education, High Speed Rail, Union Busting, and many others have read that Scott Walker pulled out of the GOP race for the White House.


It seems that the faults of Scott Walker had caught up to him. And it caught up  to him VERY BADLY.

Speaking of which, how is it going Seattle? After the Packers stood up to the Seahawks at Lambeau FIeld, and finally caught up with a win than having another loss? Admit it! The loss was coming. Just saying!

However, in regards to Scott Walker vacating the premises and calling it quits on the Presidential Run. That was sweeter news to those he had disrespected in the State of Wisconsin.Yeah, there have been some sympathizers about him dropping out. Were those are the same folks who sympathize of him dropping out of Marquette? Walker in a recent poll had 1% in the ratings. While Donald Trump had like over 20% and still is in the top 3 with Ben Carson and Carly Fiona. I’ve said once and I’ll say it again, Scott Walker is not presidential material! NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL!  And the things he has done to damage Wisconsin’s good nature of being a “forward” state, he’s more worrisome than some guy name Lil’ Boosie. Really? Scott Walker is not Presidential Material and is NOT SO READY for Prime Time. Keep in mind, this is the same guy whom majority of Wisconsinites in the 50% Percentile, voted for him 3 times. The two regular elections in which the voters should have said no. And the recall from 2012. All of that plus the damage he has done and the bragging in the situations he commented and declared marital law on everything.

I would say that with Walker getting out of the race, is a small victory for the victims of Wisconsin. It is. But hopefully that small victory could lead to him getting out of the Governor’s Mansion in Madison. Also, attention Wisconsin Democrats: yeah all of you. From the, well we all know your names. Since you also have heard about the big news that Walker dropped out, this is your chance to TAME and revise your attack plans and draw up a new idea to get back at his ideas for the race in 2018. If Walker decides to run for the chair for the fourth time, many of you better be in the War Rooms plotting for battle under his debates. You need someone male or female to think like Walker, but in a more experienced way. You need to have someone that is FAR MORE EXPERIENCED than he is. And that means having more than a High School Diploma and dropping out of Marquette. Yeah I said it!

Who is that someone that can restore Wisconsin Values to the everyone that counts?

Better get started right now!

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