A Double Take on Constitution Day: Kim Davis and the 112 Milwaukee Homicides.

Posted: September 17, 2015 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Black Wisconsin, Midwest African American Commentary, Milwaukee Concerns
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I had alot to think about. Mainly with two subjects that I’m willing to write. And I’ve been saving it like crazy! For this, I’m going to put up two subjects here. Look at the title, and I’m going to work via today is the day that we start with a document called: WE THE PEOPLE! So yes, it’s Constitution Day in America. But I’m not going to comment about the Constitution overall.

First  Take: Kim Davis.

Let me bust this open right now!  I don’t care what religion anyone follows, or any side of political viewpoint or any other whatever, what Kim Davis did was wrong! This chick, whomever she is, didin’t issue out marriage licences to those whom are apart of the LGBT community in Kentucky. And I’m glad she went to jail for it. Technically, it’s because of her religous viewpoint of the whole Same Sex Marriage thing. The same where folks interject the “One Man, One Woman” thing. WE KNOW! Speaking of Public Servants: She should know better! On many occassions, I have blogged about me being a Election Inspector. Which is a public service gig. Even though it’s not a regular everyday thing, but it is a public servant gig. As of 2016 next year, I will enter my 10th anniversary as a poll worker. And in my almost 10 years working as a poll worker, I didn’t turn no one away based on their sexual preference. The Gay and Lesbian folks are voters too. And they deserve the right to vote just as everyone else. Where as those who want to be married in a sense with same sex marriage has a right as well. Look I’m saying this as a Christian, that does NOT want to judge, that does not want to assume that those do that are just wrong. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t have a problem with anyone who is apart of the LGBTIQA whatever community! Heck, if I were a public clerk handing out marriage licenses like clockwork to ANYONE who follows the traditional marriage, or the unique same sex marriage, I would do it. Not because it’s a right. But a job. That’s what this is. A JOB! So technically this woman, who proclaims herself as a good Christian woman with beliefs of marriage, here is what the memes are saying:

Talk about being hypocritical minded. Perhaps?

Second Take: 112 Homicides in Milwaukee.

Read that again: 112 Homicides in Milwaukee. About 25 years ago, at the end of 1990, Milwaukee had about 160 homicides IN TOTAL in that one year. I was in the Middle School years when all that went down, and thing is I didn’t remember it as much. But based on the recent history as I summarized in my previous blog story regarding this, it’s kind of apparent that the “sins of the past” is haunting Milwaukee in 2015. And I’m not just talking about the effects of segregation. Homicides is what is being discussed then and now concerning the population of Milwaukee.

And I know that this rate of homicides is indeed high. It was high in 1990 and it’s near high in 2015. My question is WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT?! Instead of going on  Facebook and blubbering comments like everyday. Blubbering the comment section in the Newspapers in all, and not doing a darn thing about it! Oh yeah we can do all the marches from MIlwaukee to Chicago and many parts of the country, which is fine. But will those marches will be a lighting rod impact in getting things done? Talk to me folks. Especially here in Milwaukee with the 112 (apparent now plus) homicides we are facing. And yes we got the resources but are we utilizing the resources without all those minded of hypocritical, getting out with the woulda shoulda coulda commentary. And I’m talking about the thing that many are just targeting: the church. But also, the community centers, the recreation centers, and ALL (and I mean ALL) the Fraternities and Sororities. No matter if it’s Delta Sigma Theta, or now soon to be the 52 year old Iota Phi Theta Fraternity. Or any other organization that up and running since last night or last week, you all need to be onboard, NOW!  And plus, you don’t have to be in a well known organization just to get involved. Start your own.

I know what you’re thinking. Well that great. We know we need programs here. We’ve got them. But know this, and this is for my biblical, church going members who WANT to get out and engage: just remember, there were no programs when Jesus was around. Jesus went out in the world he didn’t stay in with all he did. Somebody say amen on that one! I think we need to be more out than within. Now I know that we hear again, of course we are doing this. But I have to ask, who is being out, and who is being still on the sidelines? And, WHO is still being told that you can’t due to a crooked past or slippery present? And who is still being told no because you belong to a church that refuses homeless folks? Even the folks who don’t go and attend stuff as much and being told no? Come on now don’t speak at once! In regarding to the 112 plus homicides: Milwaukee it’s time to get it together! Never mind our political views or who’s going to come and save the music scene of Lil’ Boosie. This is bigger than him. He’s not from here, we are! We are the taxpayers, investors here and We need to get ourselves committed in full force to let those know that we do not tolerate any kind of violence in our streets. Stop being afraid and stop being petrified at times and protect of what YOU (yes YOU the citizens of the city) needs to have everytime. If there are those who had enough of the homicides, it’s time to stand up.

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