I’m about to go off on this blog topic.

For those who think that Black Lives Matters Matter is a racist organization that hates cops or hates those who are not like you in a sense of whatever: STOP!

For those who are black, that thinks that Black Lives Matter is racist in thinking it’s all separating folks left and right: CAN YOU PLEASE STOP YOUR ISH!

I told you I’m going off today. And many are going to learn today! Call this: the thought provoking of “If All Lives Really Matter”

  • If All Lives Really Matter as many of you think, why there are those who are still being treated like second class citizens in the freaking year of 2015?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are several folks who think that the church is full of hyprocites and all about the darn money every Sunday, and not enough “ministry” every week? Where as some churches are actually getting the idea and ACTUALLY follow through of their ministry in action? And still get misunderstood and hated on by those who don’t understand?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are certain folks that most us probably voted up, liked to redistrict registered voters from one district to another MAKING IT HARD for those who vote regularly?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , what is the purpose of cutting off those who need transportation to get from one job to another?(I.E. the state of Wisconsin cancelling High Speed Rail)
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are so many folks that are being discriminated because of a name, or an article of clothing ,or hairstyle (i.e. Shameka or Jamal and having on Afrocentric Garb) knowing it does mean a part of an heritage? Even for a job?!
  • If All Lives Really Matter , for example here in Milwaukee, why wasn’t any of our local news media DID NOT COVER the story regarding the visit of Minister Louis Farrakhan? He was here! And the only coverage that did the job were the Black Milwaukee Media.
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why are African-Americans at times have to go through various hurdles to get to the goal line, while everyone else gets the straight line treatment over everyone else?
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why there are certain “legacies” that have to stand in the way, and not enough of those who have been scrapping and clawing like crazy to get to the number one spot? Nepotism, perhaps?
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why is it so hard for many African-Americans to get the necessary medical coverage, while there are those who want just to rip it away like it’s highway robbery? Just to think about the Affordable Care Act.

Tell me I’m wrong!

And oh, if ALL LIVES REALLY MATTER: Why is the KKK STILL IN BUSINESS? SKINHEAD GROUPS STILL IN BUSINESS? Doing the same ol’ same ol’  even in 2015? Plus, don’t even think about commenting about the Original Black Panthers or founding of the NAACP.

The only reason why the Black Lives Matter thing is being hated on right now, because it’s working. The movement, the CORE MOVEMENT of the cause of Black Lives Matter is actually working! There are those in the country that are starting to realize and to wake up about there are real issues that black folks know very well when it comes to police brutality, and many other factors that are deemed a problem. We already know who, what, where, when, why, and how it happened. So many might ask, why is the tripping happening over and over again?

Haters from Bill O’Reilly, the right wing, and some black folks are just mad. Speaking of the black folks, I gotta say this in regarding the woman who was on the internet saying that a black girl was hurt or killed and the Black Lives Matter folks were called out because they didn’t do nothing about it. Look, I get where Peggy Hubbard is coming from. And I’ll give her due that she is a U.S. Navy Veteran. All respect to her. However, in regard to her viewpoint of Black Lives Matter and regarding the little girl that was affected, you really can’t hold the movement to that. You really can’t. And about the officers who were killed or shot recently, by black folks. Guess what? You can’t hold the movement to that either! Those black folks probably made a video of the rant (lack there of), got some hits online via the Right Wing Maniacs, and got on CNN or Fox News, or The Blaze and probably got paid some money just to fuel their fire for their ratings of the hate (HATE MIND YOU) of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Even for the upteenth time, Sheriff David Clarke had done the exact same thing…..again. But was put in check by Marc Lamont Hill on CNN!

Don’t believe me? Go check out those who have this “negropean/hypocritical minded” attitudes, whom believe that notion, and to somewhat fester up to all the so-called things that many might not be affected. THINK AGAIN! But yeah, there are those who will say it and try to think it’s dumb to get the concept up. Of course!

Yes, we know that every life matters. Of course we know. DUH!

However, as far as addressing the issues regarding the black race that started the human race, that never ends. And I’ll agree that Black Lives have always mattered. We still matter. We still matter regarding of us black folks in general! I’m not trying to throw shade to anyone else that is not black. It’s not all about you non-blacks. We need to have a voice and a table and a CEO Chair to address our issues. Of course we got that, but there are those who still don’t have that experience or training to guide the head of the table of our issues. Feel me?

Just like when the cops come to your house, clean it up! And still, the struggle continues.

That is all.


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