My Take: Straight Outta Compton is a hit! And plus, I gotta call out some Social Media folks who want to skip church or important matters for a movie!

Posted: August 20, 2015 in #BlackLivesMatter, African American Stories and Viewpoints, Black Music, Black stories that all should know and realize, Commentary by all means, Controversial Factors, Reality Rap
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N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton.

N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man, I gotta comment about this on two fronts: If many have not seen Straight Outta Compton, never mind those who actually saw it first, but if you actually saw the flick, it’s a hit. It’s really number one with a bullet! Per unintended. After seeing the flick TODAY, August 20th, 2015. In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. In the AMC Theaters, at 11:50AM in the morning close to 12:00 CST, I got my chance to see the flick that is still killing the box office. Oh, yeah. You had to think, 11:50AM in the Morning! Why not. I paid my $5.06, about $13.00 of Popcorn and Water, I was straight. Then off to the movie I went. Keep in mind, this was around 11:50 in the AM!

For those who still haven’t seen it, this is what I won’t do: I will not post anything that is leaked here! My thing is you (for those who are over 18) MUST see it for yourself. No matter the theater, time or location. But I can say this to comment about Straight Outta Compton: ITS A HIT! But just to keep it PC here, there were times in the flick that the main members had to through based on structure, struggle, and something concerning the actions of the judicial laws, and fairness for musicians. That is only what I’ll say here! Nothing else. Don’t be in a rush to see the movie. Prioritize your time and effort to see it.

Speaking of that:

Now, since the movie has come out and those are so excited about that the biopic is on the screen. I had to read something that was so stupid to a point. Now usually, Facebook is the most source of things now and one of the comments on TheGrio’s Facebook page, someone said that many should skip church and go see Straight Outta Compton to see the truth in what’s going on. And oh yeah, there are those or that one guy had to talk about the charlatans about the church and etc.

Can I just be straight here?

Many folks today, TODAY are not very prioritized. They are not. That’s like saying “I’ll skip my daughter’s recital at her school to go to a strip club to see “Ms Ebonie Skillz” dance on stripper poles”. Hold up, for those who think this way, you would ACTUALLY just to go to a strip club than your kid’s recital? What is so important or special going to a Strip Club over something that is considered important, or almost important than filling in as a greeter for your church? Not judging but more like condemning. That will be like when Football Season starts, there will something like this on Sundays: And Ministers, Bishops, Pastors Associates, in all, you know this very well: “I can’t come to church today because……..I’ll be busy with a project.” Or this: “I can’t come to church because I gotta get home to make sure my Widescreen is set to for the football game after 12:00pm! 

You know you can record your games on DVR’s and having Smartphone apps that will save the day! Jeez!

For all those rushing to see Straight Outta Compton on a Sunday during worship time, or any other important time, if you feel that seeing that movie is far more important than assisting your church job or your important matter, then that is acting foolish! This might hurt, but the folks who would do that would act upon in a foolish manner! Now If you are a church going person, that wants to do the worship first, and then plans to go to the dinner, movie or somewhat of an activity after that, then I’m not talking to you. You’re doing something right. That’s prioritizing.

What is also prioritizing: actual preplanning! If you can’t plan, you suck. Really you will suck if you don’t have a plan B. I tell folks all the time that you must have a plan B! Period.

If there were a rule of not seeing Straight Outta Compton for any reason, I would put it like this:

  • If you are Under the age of 18, and still in High School (YOUNG BLOGGERS), you can’t EVER see Straight Outta Compton until you get really grown.
  • If you have been popping out babies and have no job to raise them, you can’t see Straight Outta Compton.
  • If you lose your job because you got fired based on your job performance, you can’t see Straight Outta Compton.
  • If you don’t have any money, don’t even think about seeing Straight Outta Compton!
  • If you don’t have some support for your family and it does involve being single or married, you don’t get to see Straight Outta Compton! And that includes paying your bills!
  • If you haven’t been voting in ANY Election (I’M GOING THERE!) YOU DON’T GET TO SEE STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON!
  • If you haven’t volunteered, donated to a cause, or even step into a freaking Church to help out a Pastor, NO SOC for you!
  • If you haven’t tutored a child, or a teen, or a struggling College student in the previous semester, no SOC for you!
  • Or if you haven’t use your Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Meekrat, Blog, to help push further for a cause that matters, (i.e. #BlackLivesMatter) don’t even think about seeing Straight Outta Compton!
  • Or if you one of those folks who can’t wait to get those Air Jordans, or the IPhone, or that Back to School fun thing for your Son or Daughter, and this is to the grown folks who have to stand in line: NO STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON!

Now I know that, here it is: that’s harsh! I know. Have I done these things or any of the above things? In an opposite: Yes. And yes, like many others who actually will see it regardless. And unlike those on Facebook that have a backwards mentality that skipping Divine Time or a important needy thing to see a movie, I will show them that there is another way, and it’s not a serious as it is. And today, I just proved it that you can plan, and organize without any worries.

Don’t worry dwellers, the movie just came out, and there are many more days for you to check it out.



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