A Double Take: Presidential candidates need to take serious notes of the #blacklivesmatter movement. And about that milwaukee bikers accident thing….

Posted: August 12, 2015 in #BlackLivesMatter, #blacktwitter, African American Stories and Viewpoints, Milwaukee African American Commentary, Wisconsin African American Commentary
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First Take: Let it begin.

I assume that every American in the country is taking notes of the Presidential Candidates to be, either the highly Republican choices of 16 to the Democrats ratio of 5. We know this. It’s been racking up for a while to do one thing: Either continue the path that President Obama set with his plans already in tact, or try to dismantle his policies and to go back to the era where the Republicans did before and spent American money, and going to debt. But there has been one X-Factor that ALL of them must be on watch for, and it’s a needed attention:

The attention of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Yeah, that movement. The movement that has been and still is gaining notice. You can’t deny it. This black lives matter movement is getting very serious and mostly, the Presidential Candidates NEED TO TAKE NOTICE NOW! For far too long, yes we the African-American Race of folks had our concerns (at a Maximum) that does not get heard, or talked about. And of course, we should be vocal about them all the time! We should be very vocal about this matter. And I know that the other side, and those who somewhat oppose the latter of Black Lives Matter, need to realize it’s not just making noise in front of the likes of Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley. Or even going on Scott Walker’s Social Media Page and flashing #BLACKLIVESMATTER all over it. It’s really about the activism that goes on with it. From the good, bad and downright ugly. All of this resurgence has been on the vocal front of the 1 year Anniversary of the death of Michael Brown Jr, whom was killed by the former cop, Darren Wilson who still has hiding places somewhere not to be shown. Yeah I said it! Even after a year, there are folks who are still defending him just because he did his job. REALLY?!. Plus that and the recent death of Sandra Bland, the issue of Black Lives Matter is not going out like a lamb.

Oh, yes. There are those, and those whom are black, are going to say “well All Lives Matter.” They can just shut their mouths now. I have a question about that: Do All Lives Really Matter? I mean do they really? Did lives mattered 70 years ago, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What about 9/11 with about 3,000 of everyday citizens that was killed in the old WTC? Oh, explain that Americans that care that All Lives Matter! Now I know that I can’t compare the two, but here it’s like the 9/11 was more of an International/National concern, than a Black Lives Concern. And for the record, there were about 12 African American NY Firefighters that died in saving lives on 9/11, and I ask: did their lives mattered being black? Just asking.

More recently, we all saw this:

And this:

By the way, this woman who was one of the first to interupt Bernie Sanders used to be on the side of Sarah Palin. And is an outspoken Christian and etc, etc etc, plus black. I’m sure many know by now…..Plus a former Tea Party supporter. Yes, there are Black Tea Party folks which stick to the wrong side of history per say.

Now I know many are sick and tired of this whole Black Lives Matter thing. Look here, when you or anyone that hears about those being wrongfully denied, or killed, or discriminated of any manner, and they are black, you know darn well that this is the part of the BLM movement that does matter. And the attention does not matter who you are! Everyone is going to hear it, no matter if it’s Donald Trump, Ben Carson (who really needs to WAKE UP!), Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and the other Republican Candidates. And yes this does goes the same with the Democratic/Independent party contenders also! This does not mean that the ideal matter of Black Lives Matter is going to be a mush. And it shouldn’t be! And IT BETTER NOT BE!

Second Take: This made the Milwaukee News recently. And I’m sure that you may have seen it. (Just a side note, Graphic words are included, be advised)

Now many around America had to be like SERIOUSLY! What has Milwaukee done now? Even this made the “Worldstar” Headlines on their website. Yes, this same motorcycle footage in Milwaukee recently, made the controversial and reactionary, Worldstar website. Now many have been looking at it in shock and awe. Mainly with the Milwaukee Cop swerving back and forth in the squad car. From my perspective, and I’m going to say this, both sides are a fault! Let me tell you why this is. When a Cop Car is swerving back and forth like that, with the lights flashing, it’s a sign that the officer is trying to get whatever emergency or response in route and he (assuming it’s a he) was trying to pass. Which somewhat caused one of the bikers to loose control. BUT here is the other thing and question: WHY DID NOT one of the bikers, OR SEVERAL BIKERS did not pull over?!

Folks, when squad cars, or Ambulances, or Fire Trucks, turn on their lights with the sirens blaring, you need to pull your butts over and let them pass! That is the law! I don’t care if you are a biker, trucker, the UPS Guy, FedEX Driver, or the up and coming Uber Church Van Driver, or any other driver, when you hear the siren, PULL OVER! Why is that so hard for folks who got a Class D or M, Licence? No matter if you are a Milwaukee Biker or an Out of Towner Biker, when the sirens blare, pull over and stop!

If some of the bikers actually done that there wouldn’t be no accident and mainly, none of the bikers wouldn’t get out and cuss at the officer and attempting to go postal. That would get you in the slammer! Don’t do that.

Driving must be restored with common sense!  And the same common sense MUST be planted in every single mind now!


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