For all of us got this love for Cecil The Lion, look I get it. But where is the same love about black folks in America getting killed by those in blue and have badges, and for no apparent reason?!

Just ponder and think about this:


Like I said, I get it! I get it. But I’m also asking those who are Animal Activists, and those who got love for Lions, where is your outrage when Sandra Bland was getting arrest inappropriately in a traffic stop in Texas? Where was your outrage when the likes of Steve Harvey’s Radio Show and Tom Joyner Morning Show disappeared from the airwaves in Milwaukee? And speaking of that, where is YOUR outrage when the City of Milwaukee itself has reached about 91 homicides this summer?! Anyone taking pointers on that? Go ahead. Try it!

It’s funny though that with all the major madness in the world going on, folks had to pick on the darn dentist in Minnesota (who did a crime in Wisconsin), is picking on him all because of an assassination of Cecil The Lion. Have I heard of Cecil The Lion? Nope. I’ve heard of Samson the Gorilla. Gertie The Duck. MGM’s Leo the Lion. Hank The Dog of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Oh wow, society!

OK, Animal Lovers. I get it. But still, think about what I said here!

And that goes double for so-called Milwaukee Lion too!


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